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Welcome to the world of NCL's brilliant Norwegian Sun. Imagine a private cruise designed just for you. What's your pleasure? French gourmet in a formal setting, or perhaps you'd prefer sushi in a more relaxed attire. Norwegian Sun was built expressly with Freestyle Cruising in mind, which means you'll enjoy real freedom of choice with nine distinct international restaurants, 12 bars and lounges, two adult swimming pools (one just for kids), five hot tubs, a wider array of accommodations, new activities and more crew to take care of you than ever before.

Key details

  • Crew 800
  • Passengers 1936
  • Decks 13
  • Launch Year 2001
  • Registry Bahamas

Reviews summary

2 reviews
  • 1 room
  • 3 pool
  • 1 service
  • 1 dining
  • 2 amenities
  • 1 food

Norwegian Sun traveller reviews

A truly awful experience on Norwegian Sun

Reviewed 26th November 2010

"We have just returned from the Baltic Capitals cruise on Norwegian Sun from 8th to 20th September. This was the worst cruise we have ever been on – by a long way! The ports of call were very good and most time spent off the vessel was enjoyable – unfortunately time spent on board ship was definitely not very enjoyable. My wife and I plus my sister and brother-in-law were celebrating my sister’s birthday on the 16th and their 45th wedding anniversary on the 11th. I had prebooked a birthday package surprise for my sister. After an efficient check in at Dover the trouble started as soon as we boarded the ship. Going straight to our cabins we found that my sister’s cabin had been decorated with balloons and chains - oops – WRONG DAY! There was a card wishing my brother-in-law a happy birthday – oops – WRONG PERSON! Obviously we went straight to Reception to complain about this and they eventually agreed to refund the cost as the surprise had been ruined. I checked my onboard account next day - no refund. Reception said they had refunded it to my brother-in-law – oops – WRONG PERSON AGAIN! He then gave me the cash only to find that they then refunded it to me so I returned the cash to him. This was the kind of inefficiency we found in all departments on board this vessel for the whole duration of the trip. To summarise the worst departments on board :- MAINTENANCE – the draught excluder round our cabin door was no good so at night, when the ship was moving we got the howl of the wind round our door – keeping us awake. RECEPTION/CUSTOMER SERVICES – birthday surprise as above. We asked for a coffee maker in our cabin and they wrote our cabin number (0114) on a list. That was the last we heard of that – never did get a coffee maker. KITCHEN – food was of a generally poor quality. It seemed they used cheap ingredients and a lot of the time did not cook them properly. Raw vegetables, uncooked pasta, semi-raw burgers and worst of all an almost raw pork chop from the barbecue! The self service Garden Café was, mostly, a scrum to get anything to eat or drink. I would recommend staying well away from this and eating all meals in the Seven Seas restaurant as there is very limited seating available and walking around the ship up 2 flights of stairs to a bar on deck 12 seemed to be the norm – very dangerous when you are carrying hot food and drinks without a tray – if you ask for a tray they just tell you it is not allowed. Also dirty cups and plates with unsanitary practices – kitchen staff were seen replenishing cup supplies and wiping the inside of cups with their bare hands – not very nice! LAUNDRY – stained pillow cases, sheets and towels. Threadbare towels with holes. Not very pleasant! I could go on all day with innumerable examples of bad practice. The management of this ship leaves a lot to be desired. They have allowed a “that will do” culture to thrive as nobody is checking the standards on board. The waiters, waitresses and cabin stewards try to look after the guests but the look on their faces as you point out another shortcoming says they know you are right but they cannot say anything which would risk their job. NCL management do not deserve such loyal staff! The only thing which seems to be on the mind of management is “how do I get more money out of these guests?” They charge for practically everything! There are only 2 restaurants (each serving the same menu) plus the self service scrum which do not incur an extra charge. Then there are the 5 – yes 5 – restaurants which do require extra payment. The ‘Le Bistro’ which I booked for an anniversary meal has a $20 surcharge but when you look at the menu there are items which then incur another $10 surcharge on top of that! Evening entertainment was of a reasonable though patchy standard but during the day there was very little to do unless you wanted to pay for various events around the ship. We opted out of the $12 per person per day recommended gratuity and tipped the people who gave us good service as we did not consider the service we had received overall to be high enough to warrant such a charge. This was the 8th cruise we have been on, having travelled on P&O, Princess, Holland America and even the Norwegian Dawn a few years ago, and have enjoyed them all. Had this been our first cruise it would also have been our last as we would have assumed that this was the accepted standard. Would we travel NCL again? NOT LIKELY ! ! ! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 24th November 2010
  • 1 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Dining
  • 2 Amenities
  • 1 Food

We started our cruise in Vancouver and w...

Reviewed 2nd January 2006

"We started our cruise in Vancouver and what a cruise it was, it was our fist cruise and one that we will never forget, we set sail at 6.30pm after settling in our state room the state room had a balcony which is a must if you are going on cruise to Alaska, the shear heart stopping scenery as you sit at your table first thing in the morning sipping your cup of tea made the price we paid for the upgrade which was only £150 each worth while, you sail for one night and one day while watching out for whales which are of abundance. The Norwegian sun as all the things you would expect on a cruise ship plenty of places to eat and drink they have an out of this world cafe on the top deck where you can eat from 6am till 12pm to you hearts content and two very good restaurants and a few more places to eat where you pay a small surcharge. The first place you stop at is Ketchikan a wonderful place it was the first stopping of place for the gold rush where men would stock up for the next stage of the adventure .we went to a Indian reservation where we watched the Indians make tom tom poles using tools passed down to them from generation to generation. That night after dinner we watched one of the best sunsets that we have ever seen. Next day we had arrived at junio the state capital of Alaska. When got of the ship we went up to mount robson by cable car and it only cost $10 for both of us what a nice change from being charged so much in the UK. We then set sail in the afternoon for one of the most awe inspiring sites in the world the sayer glacier we sailed past icebergs, don’t panic the where only small ones when you get to it the ship stops and slowly turns a round, a good tip is to go to the cafe on the top deck and sit at a table by the rail sit there drinking what ever your tipple is and wait for the ship to turn around you will get a better site of it than rushing to the front of the ship where all our us cousins are fighting for the best place to be, sitting there you have the perfect shot of the site . We then set sail for scaggway the last stop for the gold miners, when we got there it was 85 in the shade you would not think that Alaska got that hot when we got of the ship we walked to the small town of scaggway which still retains it old world charm we went in some shops and purchased some clothes at rock bottom prices, we then spent the rest of the day at a place could Haines, we went to a bald eagle reserve and went on the chikat lake on a boat where we basked in the sunshine for at least 2 hours, then back to the ship that night we set sail back to Vancouver. Our cruise was coming to an end, there was only one more stop and that was wrangle as it was raining that day we did not see the place we just chilled out reading and reflecting about the cruise we where on the next day our cruise came to an end it was all over. As we sat waiting at the airport we both looked at each other and said what a wonderful cruise it had been "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 2nd January 2006

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