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Marella Explorer Overview

The Marella Explorer, also referred to as just the Explorer, is a century-class cruise ship owned and operated by Marella Cruises. Following a multi-million-dollar makeover earlier this year with the new addition of the Indigo bar and a casino, the Marella Explorer is a cruise ship that truly has something for everyone on-board.

Equipped with 10 different restaurants and 10 different bars, like traveller favourites of Snack Shack and Kira La, the Explorer is constantly updating to offer new entertainment and dining options that keep travellers coming back for more. Newer spaces now available in 2018 include the Dining Club, a new casino, and more bars that offer a variety of dress codes and styles depending the person’s preference that day.

The Explorer is known for more than just 5-star dining, with the Sports & Family Deck, as well as the Champneys spa, where adults can wander off in luxury while their kids take part in the plethora of activities designed to keep them busy. Equipped with a pool, mini golf, hot whirlpools, and plenty of kids’ activities, it is impressively amazing all that can fit inside a moving cruise ship. Pick between two different styles of cabins, as well as a variety of food styles each night, to ensure your holiday perfectly suits your preferences. That’s what Marella always has in mind.

Ship history

The Explorer has had quite a few names in the past, first known as MV Glaxay with Celebrity Cruises, and later as Mein Schiff with TUI Cruises. In 2008, the ship was named the Celebrity Galaxy, and is now today known as the Marella Explorer.

Today, there is an Explorer, as well as an Explorer 2. The cruise line specialises in trips around the Caribbean, across the Atlantic, and through Scandinavia, as well as the Baltics.

Key details

  • Crew: 900 Passengers: 1924
  • Pools: 3 Spa Adults only options: Veranda
  • Launch Year: 2018
  • Registry: Valetta
  • Cabins: 962
  • Decks: 13

About Marella Explorer


The Marella Explorer is equipped with 962 cabins. In order to house that amount of cabins, the ship comes with 10 lifts to ensure easy flow and travel throughout the ship. Generally, the ship breaks down their cabins into two categories:

  • Balcony Cabin: This is a cabin made for the luxurious traveller. Found on Decks 9, 10, and 12, these cabins come with two beds that can turn into a queen size, as well as an en suite bathroom, a shower, and a personal water closet. Situated next to a personal balcony, these cabins offer incredible views right off the side of the ship that are peaceful, quiet, and perfect for those looking for a luxurious getaway.
  • Inside Cabins: Also spacious in size, these cabins come with two beds as well that can sandwich together for a queen sized bed. Also equipped with a water closet and shower, although these cabins don’t have the outdoor view, they offer some of the most spacious sailing accommodations available with any cruise line in the world today.

The Explorer has a variety of other room layouts designed to accommodate parties of all sizes, from solo travellers up through entire families.


So where can you sail off to while on the Marella Explorer? Consider the beauty and aqua blue waters of the Caribbean, setting sail on the Tropical Delights cruise line that covers everything from Aruba and Barbados, to St. George’s and St. Lucia. In total, make 7 different stops that all look like true postcards. Seven Shores, another similar Caribbean option, will also keep you warm and tan.

Or try the Transatlantic Homecoming, which goes from the Caribbean to Europe, adding on stops in France, Belgium, England, and more. There’s also the Baltic Discovery, including stops in England, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Russia, and Estonia – perfect for the history buffs. For just staying in Scandinavia, try Wonders of the Fjords with specialised stops all over Norway. There’s even a Midnight Sun Norway cruise that’s designed specifically to show you the solar wonders that can occur that close to the North Pole.

There’s also Legends of the Baltics, a Taste of the Fjords, the Baltic Explorer, the Lands of Fire & Ice, including major stops in Iceland and Norway, Cities and Ice, and lastly, Seeking the Northern Lights for those that are intent on sailing far and wide to see the natural colour formation that occurs in Northern winter months.

There is really something for everyone when on-board the Marella Explorer. Decide what kind of trip you want to take, and never look back.

food drink

In total, the Explorer comes with 10 different restaurants, as well as 10 different bars, for a variety of eating and dining destinations that will keep those on-board thoroughly entertained with new destinations every single evening. Some of the fan favourites include:

  • Latitude 53: A main waiter service restaurant with a beautiful ambience, as well as a gold and grey colour scheme, with floor to ceiling windows. Indulge in refined dining that comes with a special contemporary twist.
  • The Dining Club: This is a fine dining destination that has made its way onto a variety of magazines, known as the spot for “foodies” on-board. Try out French cuisine, like scallops with Champagne butter, as well as other classic French appetisers that will leave you feeling fuller and fancier than ever.
  • Umi Sushi: For those looking for an Asian twist, this brand new restaurant prepares rolls right in front of guests. For those that might not like raw food, there’s also dim sum on the menu, and special Asian treats that will leave your mouth wanting more.
  • Vista: Located inside Latitude 53, enjoy this contemporary Italian menu that covers all regional classics, sourced straight from Italy.
  • The Market Place: Take your taste buds on an adventure around the world by sampling a little bit of everything in this buffet style restaurant. Choose between pastas, sushi, meats, salads, and more as you order specialist items from chefs waiting to cook it up right before your very eyes.

There’s also oriental-style dining at Kora La, lobster and chicken at Surf & Turf Steakhouse, tapas at the Mediterranean, and easy favourites that can be grabbed at the Snack Shack while taking a break from the beautiful sun exposure.

things to-do

The Explorer excels at providing an equal number of things for both kids and adults to do on-board. In order for everyone to have fun, they need access to the activities that are right for them.


For the adults, there are 10 different bars that you can explore and indulge at throughout the day and the evening. Check out the new Indigo Bar, with flare demonstrations and cocktail-making sessions that immerse you in the art of alcohol. While walking to the bar’s edge, check out a panoramic view that really captures the beauty of coastal sailing. Or, try the Lounge, which has a colour changing wall and live music that will really get you moving into the later hours.

By day, lay back and unwind at Champneys spa, booking treatments like body wraps and massages, beauty salon appointments, facials, and more that will really help your body to let go of all intensity.


Nothing is more fun to kids than access to water games, pools, and even whirlpool baths that are available next to the ship’s main pool. There’s also a place called the Hideout, made with older teens in mind. There’s air hockey, comfortable seating, awesome views, and colourful hammocks that makes it easy for them to mix and mingle with other teens on-board.

Inside the Sports & Family Deck, enjoy private access to an entire mini golf course, that features views on the changing horizon your kids are never going to forget. When you’re all done, head to Scoops with the kids and each enjoy a big heaping helping of ice cream while the sun sets off in the distance.

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