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Marella Explorer 2 Overview

Marella Cruises is busy at work creating an updated and even more impressive version of the Explorer, to debut summer 2019. Although the cruise is not on the market yet, the company has released information and layouts that will let every traveller know what they can expect when this award-winning company announces their latest creation.

However, the biggest difference between the Explorer 2 and the Explorer is that the second version is designed for only adults. Without the kid’s activities, mini golf, and other kid-centric dining arrangements, the Explorer 2 can be described as the little sibling to the Explorer, still equipped with the classic Champneys Spa and the Indigo Bar. Slightly smaller than the predecessor, the 2 comes with 8 restaurants, 9 bars, 9 lifts, and 14 decks. Guests can take their luck to the casino, unwind at the gym in the morning, and have fun at clubs with personal DJs while they take time to travel or be with their significant other.

Ship history

The Explorer has had quite a few names in the past, first known as MV Galaxy with Celebrity Cruises, and later as Mein Schiff with TUI Cruises. In 2008, the ship was named the Celebrity Galaxy, and is now today known as the Marella Explorer.

Today, there is an Explorer, as well as an Explorer 2. The cruise line specialises in trips around the Caribbean, across the Atlantic, and through Scandinavia, as well as the Baltics. The Explorer 2 specialises specifically in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean at this time.

Key details

  • Crew: 780 Passengers: 1814
  • Pools: 1 Spa
  • Launch Year: 2019
  • Registry: Malta
  • Cabins: 907
  • Decks: 14

About Marella Explorer 2


The Explorer 2 is equipped with 907 cabins on-board, as well as 9 lifts to ensure easy traveling and movement throughout the ship. The ship comes with two different cabin designs and layouts to accommodate each traveller and what they would require:

  • Decks 8/9 Outside Cabin: The Explorer 2 Outside Cabins feature either a porthole or a picture window. The twin-sized beds, two in each room, can be squeezed together into a queen size depending if it is a couple or not. There is also a water closet, an en suite bathroom, and ample space that will definitely set it apart from the competition.
  • Deck 12 Balcony Cabin: If you want to admire the horizon from your own furnished balcony, then it’s worth considering this cabin arrangement. Made with large, spacious designs, the twin beds can fit together as a queen size if it is a couple traveling. The beds also convert into a double sofa bed, or extra fold-down beds. These cabins also come with en suite bathrooms and water closets, plus an even larger view of what lays outside.

All cabins come with a modern wood-based with white accent style, that makes them feel bright and spacious throughout the day. Solo sized cabins, up through family suits and luxury service, are available as well to accommodate any sized party traveling together.


So, where do you want to sail off to while you’re on one of the newest cruise ships in the game? Here are some of your destination options with the Explorer 2:

  • Treasures of the Mediterranean: Sail the open Mediterranean seas to Majorca, Sardinia, Corsica, Spain, and Italy as you go on the tasting and traveling adventure of a lifetime. See the beautiful historic sights while you dine at some of the world’s best establishments.
  • Mediterranean Medley: Visit Majorca, France, Spain, Italy, and France as you make your way through the Mediterranean’s best-kept secrets.
  • Mediterranean Gems: Hit the biggest locations along the Mediterranean, including Tarragona, Naples, Olbia, and more, while you feast your way through Europe’s most cherished historical gems.
  • Mediterranean Adventure: Hit all of the Mediterranean classics on a longer cruise that also adds in Monaco, Nice, Sicily, and other major destinations that are known for their sun and spices.
  • Adriatic Splendors: Make your way from Italy into Croatia, which is quickly becoming one of the most sought after beach and sailing destinations in the world.
  • Greek Getaway: Hop from Mykonos, to Crete, to Athens, and back to Italy on the trip of a lifetime.
  • Island Discovery: Specialise on Mediterranean islands, with Corsica, Piombino, Naples, Valletta, and more all added to the hot and beautiful itinerary.
  • Ocean Horizons: Sail the aqua blue Mediterranean waters of Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, the Grenadines, and more, covering both the Caribbean and the European waters of the world. This is a massive 18-day excursion you’ll never want to come back from.

Explorer 2 is planning on adding more routes and options in the coming months as they finally launch and rollout their highly anticipated cruise ship.

food drink

  • Latitude 53: A main waiter service restaurant with a beautiful ambience, as well as a gold and grey colour scheme, with floor to ceiling windows. Indulge in refined dining that comes with a special contemporary twist.
  • The Dining Club: This is a fine dining destination that has made its way onto a variety of magazines, known as the spot for “foodies” on-board. Try out French cuisine, like scallops with Champagne butter, as well as other classic French appetisers that will leave you feeling fuller and fancier than ever.
  • Vista: Located inside Latitude 53, enjoy this contemporary Italian menu that covers all regional classics, sourced straight from Italy.
  • The Market Place: Take your taste buds on an adventure around the world by sampling a little bit of everything in this buffet style restaurant. Choose between pastas, sushi, meats, salads, and more as you order specialise items from chefs waiting to cook it up right before your very eyes.

Don’t forget about the Indigo Bar, with flare demonstrations and cocktail-making sessions that also come with panoramic views. Be sure to bring the camera! Also try out the Atrium bar, that is best for pre-dinner drinks, the Aperitif, where champagne and Prosecco flow all night long, and the Indigo Club, equipped with a DJ booth.

things to-do

Wake up each morning and make your way to the Coffee Port, where you can satisfy all caffeine fixes with Lavazza coffee and sweet treats. Then, get your body ready for the on-board whirlpools that use hot water and jet streams to really help you unwind.

As for the drinking, there’s the Bar @ The Mediterranean, which is a quiet and secluded spot that is perfect for you and a significant other to gaze out into each other’s eyes. There is the Squid and Anchor modern take on a British watering hole, equipped with draught beers and some outside space to enjoy them. There is also a live band, quiz nights, and a couple of gaming machines to keep you entertained.

Don’t forget to book a seat at the Broadway Show Lounge, with new shows available every single night, as well as a waiter service so you can keep the drinks coming without missing any part of the show.

If you’re feeling lucky, make your way down to the Indigo Casino, where you can try your luck at card games and slot machines. By day, sit back on the deck in between sunbathing sessions, and have some drinks and snacks at the Shack. It comes with some of the best views throughout the ship.

And don’t worry: you can keep up with your fitness regime at the on-boat fitness centre.

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