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Marella Cruises has done it again with yet another line of cruises: the Discovery. As one of the biggest ships in its fleet, the Discovery comes with an impressive list of fun and entertaining activities, like an outdoor cinema, a rock climbing wall, a mini-golf course, a five-story atrium, and even an indoor pool so you can sit back and relax no matter the weather outside.

As a Marella Cruise, you can expect all of the hallmark items that come along with their commitment to cruising excellence, like a vibrant dining scene with a variety of options on-board, different bars, contemporary interiors, and spacious rooms that can even be altered to have a queen bed with a gorgeous view.

What sets the Discovery apart from the Explorer alternatives is that everything with the Discovery is completely all-inclusive. When it’s time to book your adventure, your drinks, dining, and more will all be part of the initial ticket. It’s the perfect way to holiday on a budget and stay on top of your finances if need be.

Ship history

The Marella Discovery is a former Royal Caribbean International Vision-class cruise ship that now sails under Marella Cruises today. Once known as the Splendour of the Seas by RCI, in April 2016, the ship was adopted by Thomason Cruises before its renaming to Marella Cruises in 2017. The Discovery is the first Marella Cruise based in Asia, with a homeport in Malaysia.

The Marella Discovery comes with 918 cabins, 7 bars, 7 restaurants, 9 lifts, 2 pools, and 11 decks. It is slightly smaller than the Explorer, but does come with more pool options for those looking to enjoy some quality swimming. The Discovery also has a variety of cabin arrangements, making it the most versatile option when compared to the Explorer.

The Discovery sails through South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean today.

Key details

  • Crew: 761 Passengers: 1830
  • Pools: 2 Spa
  • Launch Year: 1996
  • Registry: Bahamas
  • Cabins: 918
  • Decks: 11

About Marella Discovery


The Discovery comes with a variety of cabin options per traveller. There is the Decks 2/3 Inside Cabin, equipped with twin beds that can be squeezed into a queen. There is also a bunk bed situation in this kind of arrangement for larger parties that do not want to be separated. Try the Outside Cabin alternative, which come with a picture window or porthole.

If you’re feeling fancy, book a Balcony Cabin with features a large, floor to ceiling view that is breath-taking. These rooms also come with twins that can be pushed together for a queen result. There are even more options, like Decks 7/8 Inside Plus Cabin, Deluxe Cabins that fit up to 4 people with floor to ceiling windows, Single Inside Cabins for solo travellers that want to sleep by themselves, and a Junior Suite Cabin with Balcony and Premier Service.

Lastly, there are Family Suite layouts with views, as well as no views, that can accommodate families of all sizes while ensuring no one has to be split up. Cabins can be upgraded with a premiere service add-on that provides even more wait staff attention and special perks for a luxurious sailing experience.

All cabins come with air conditioning, hairdryers, flat screen TVs, wardrobe space, tea and coffee making machines, and a safe.


You have plenty of options when it comes to cruise destinations available with the Discovery. With over 31 routes, the Discovery provides some of the most versatile sailing options in existence right now.

Venture into Southeast Asia with the Colours of the Far East 2, covering Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and more, on a 14-night historic adventure that will expose you to some of the most cherished dining and sightseeing throughout the world. Ride an elephant and never look back.

Then there’s the Wonders of Asia 2 with stops in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and other hot spots in Southeast Asia that are incredibly popular tourist destinations throughout the world. Enjoy the sun, surf, sand, and colourful spices. There’s also the Secrets of Asia 1 with includes similar stops, plus Vietnam, that will really expose you to everything you might be missing in this portion of the world.

Make your way back to the Mediterranean on an Aegean Shores cruise, covering Greece, Crete, Santorini, Turkey, and more with the most beautiful aqua blue waters you will ever see in your life. There’s also the Heroes of the Mediterranean, with stops in Spain, Italy, Majorca, and Costa Del Sol as you venture through a Renaissance revival in a portion of the world known for its incredible sun and beaches.

For something really unique, try out the Journey to Arabia 1, covering India, Kerala, Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, and Taboos on a cruise type that is generally not available anywhere else in the world. Or even the Red Sea Voyage 1 with stops in Jordan and Egypt for a historical exploration that is only available in the Middle Eastern portion of our world.

Discovery carries a variety of Southeast Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cruise line options, with no Nordic or Caribbean lines available at this time.

food drink

Marella Cruises works hard to ensure that an eclectic spread of food is accessible on all of their ships. They know providing the same variety can be boring, which is why you have the option of the following:

  • Surf & Turf Steakhouse: This restaurant specialises in marbled steaks and meaty lobster tails that will fill your stomach in the best way possible. There’s also vegetarian options for the vegans and vegetarians of the world.
  • Sushi Bar: Looking to get your sushi on? Try out the Sushi Bar with spicy tuna rolls, salmon sashimi, seabags nigiri, and all other classic options that will really wow your taste buds.
  • Kora La: This pan-Asian restaurant carries traditional delicacies, like duck and watermelon salad. There’s also Indian spiced kind prawns, Indonesian curry, and a variety of other hot items with a contemporary twist.
  • Islands: Try out the big buffet spread at Islands, with show-cooking stations and on-hand chefs that make everything from omelettes to pasta dishes right before your very eyes.
  • Snack Shack: Need to grab a quick bite in-between your exploring? Try stopping at the Snack Shack equipped with items like bacon butties for breakfast, and sweet chilli chicken wings, mezzo salads, and more in the afternoon.
  • 47 Degrees: This main eatery aboard the Discovery is a stylish venue with blues and greens in its decoration to really help you feel like you are out-to-sea. Wear your best with floor to ceiling windows that will make you feel completely fabulous.

There is also the Gallery 47 Degrees, which is an Italian dining alternative that is more laid-back (you don’t need to make reservations). Plus the Glass House, where you can enjoy deli-style bits and freshly squeezed juices. By night, it’s a tapas-style laid-back casual atmosphere that is perfect for relaxed evenings.

things to-do

The Discovery is known for its interior design, saddled with a large atrium that connects everything together as the heart of the ship. Enjoy panoramic windows, glass lifts, and low-key entertainment that takes place at the centre throughout the day. If the weather isn’t great outside, the Discovery can handle it with a brand-new indoor pool that comes with a glass canopy roof, rows of comfortable loungers, and plenty of space for relaxation.

There’s even a jogging track for those wishing to burn some calories while taking in the views around them. If you’re wishing to get your swim on outside, there’s a main pool on the centre deck with plenty of space and activities to keep you and your kids entertained. And of course, we can’t forget to mention the entire mini golf course that is truly a victory for a cruise ship today.

For those with kids, there is a teen club called Hideout that features karaoke, pool tables, and more, perfect for helping your teens to meet others while on-board. By day, enjoy the Wall, a rock-climbing facility that will have all kids and teens excited to get their harnesses on. And, if you have babies, there’s even a Baby Centre, where you can feed and entertain your kids in private.

By night, sneak off to the Broadway Show Lounge, an 800-plus facility that features performances and professional displays that will make you feel like you are truly dining at a Broadway show. The next day, go shopping right inside the ship, at Broad Street Shops while you stroll along the designer and boutique shopping options.

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