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Marella Discovery 2 Overview

The Marella Discovery 2 is the sister ship to the Marella Cruises Discovery, which is why their names are so similar. As they have done with the Explorer and the Explorer 2, Marella Cruises likes to offer a variety of options and amenities that spans over 2 ships so that all travellers are able to curate a trip that is perfect for them. With the Discovery 2, even more excitement has been added to the layout, like an outdoor cinema, technologically-based and interactive shows and experiences, and of course, the ever-popular indoor swimming pool in case it gets cold out.

Like the Discovery, the Discovery 2 is an all inclusive sailing package, which makes it affordable and in-line with budgets of all varieties. But, with this package, flights and tips are even included, which really means that travellers don’t have to worry about a thing once they put down for their reservation with the ship.

Otherwise, the Discovery 2 comes with all fan favourites, like a mini golf course, a massive atrium with floor to ceiling glass windows, award-winning bars and dining, a rooftop pool, and different cabin layouts with window access and spaciousness to accommodate parties of all shapes and sizes.

Ship history

The Marella Discovery 2 was the lead ship of the Vision Class of cruise ships originally operated by Royal Caribbean International. Firstly, known as the Legend of the Seas, the cruise ship was the most travelled ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet, with bases in Asia and Southeast Asia. Come June 2016, Royal Caribbean sold the Legend of the Seas to Thomson Cruises. When Thomson announced it would be renamed Marella Cruises, the ship was finally dubbed the Discovery 2 in October 2017.

The Marella Discovery 2 comes with 918 cabins, 7 bars, 7 restaurants, 9 lifts, 2 pools, and 11 decks. It is exactly the same size as the Marella Discovery.

Key details

  • Crew: 761 Passengers: 1830
  • Pools: 2 Spa
  • Launch Year: 1996
  • Registry: Bahamas
  • Cabins: 918
  • Decks: 11

About Marella Discovery 2


Although the Discovery 2 comes with a ton of different cabin styles and layouts depending the amount of people traveling in the party, the cabins can generally be broken down into two different styles:

  • Decks 2/3 Outside Cabin: These outside cabins have either a window or a porthole to ensure access to the beautiful views that pass by on a cruise ship. The twin beds can be left alone or squeezed together for a queen-sized bed if a couple is traveling. All rooms come with a water closet, shower, and a sitting area with a comfortable sofa.
  • Balcony Cabin: Located on deck 6, the balcony cabins come with twin-sized beds as well that can be pushed together for a queen sized sleeping arrangement. These rooms also come with showers and water closets, plus massive floor to ceiling views right outside the window.
    Additionally, there are Family Suite layouts with views, as well as no views, that can accommodate families of all sizes while ensuring no one has to be split up. Cabins can be upgraded with a premiere service add-on that provides even more wait staff attention and special perks for a luxurious sailing experience.

All cabins come with air conditioning, hairdryers, flat screen TVs, wardrobe space, tea and coffee making machines, and a safe.


Although the Discovery boasts over 31 routes throughout the world, the Discovery 2 has more of a refined sailing itinerary, with 8 cruise line specials available to you. These options include:

  • Pride of Panama: Sail to Jamaica, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Panama on a Central American immersion experience, under the hot and beautiful sun.
  • Cuban Fusion: Sail the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Mexico, and Jamaica on this spectacular historical Caribbean tour that centres on the beauty and grace of the nation of Cuba.
  • Exotic Explorer: Opt for a more laid back and secluded sailing experience through Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize on this cruise that really introduces you to the culture and uniqueness of Central America.
  • Transatlantic Voyage: Why settle for one region when you can have two? Start in Jamaica, Bermuda, and Turks and Caicos, making your way across the ocean to Portugal, Spain, Majorca, and Gibraltar. This is a massive 18-night cruise that will introduce you to two very different portions of the world.
  • Cosmopolitan Classics: Opt for a traditional, historical exploration tour that covers Monaco, Italy, Sardinia, Majorca, and Spain in a Renaissance filled experience.
  • Highlights of the Mediterranean: Sail the aqua blue Mediterranean waters that hug France, Spain, Majorca, Italy, and Corsica in this classic sun-kissed adventure.
  • Secrets of the Mediterranean: Explore the secret cultures and histories of Sardinia, Italy, Spain, and Majorca right from the Mediterranean.
  • Magic of Spain: Focus specifically on exploring Majorca, Portugal, Spain, and Costa Del Sol on this refined adventure that opens up the world of Spanish indulgence and entertainment.
    For cruises that sail Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East, see the Discovery.

food drink

Marella Cruises works hard to ensure that an eclectic spread of food is accessible on all of their ships. They know providing the same variety can become boring, which is why you have the option of the following:

  • Surf & Turf Steakhouse: Sink your teeth into award-winning flank steak, lobster, and other meats, sourced daily for your liking. There are even vegetarian options to keep everyone happy.
  • Sushi Bar: Enjoy classic sushi favourites, like spicy tuna and avocado rolls, along with sashimi and other Japanese delicacies.
  • Kora La: This new twist on modern Asian food presents you with everything from watermelon salad to slow-roasted duck, providing a more intricate menu than available at other restaurants onboard.
  • Islands: Who doesn’t love a good buffet? Enjoy slow cooked food, personal chef stations, and more as you make your way through every major cultural display of food.
  • Snack Shack: Grab breakfast sandwiches in the morning, wings in the afternoon, and ice cream in the evening from this easy access fast food stop. It’s a perfect place to grab a snack in-between meals, or while lounging by the pool.
  • 47 Degrees: Wear your Sunday best when dining at 47 Degrees, one of the prized restaurant establishments onboard. Characterised by blues and greens, feel the aura of deep-sea sailing while perusing a 5-star menu.

There is also the Gallery 47 Degrees; an Italian dining alternative that is more laid-back (you don’t need to make reservations). Plus the Glass House, where you can enjoy deli-style bits and freshly squeezed juices. By night, the tapas-style laid-back casual atmosphere makes it perfect for relaxed evenings.

things to-do

Unique to the Discovery 2, head on out to the open-air cinema, with classic movies and the latest box office pieces freely accessible to you. Buy some blankets, popcorn, and hot chocolate at the nearby bar that stays open through all features.

Ready to experience a Broadway-worthy show? The Broadway Show Lounge is an 800-seated auditorium that features shows from traveling professionals, including Beatz Interactive, high-tech dance pieces, LED light shows, and the list goes on. In total, the venue hosts over 11 shows on a rotating basis.

Head on over to Venue, a standout bar that is defined by it’s high-tech entertainment and LED screens not accessible on the Discovery. This bar hosts family-focused game shows and performances from virtual bands, as well as a new interactive show that’s made for children, taking place during the day to provide adults with some much-needed respite. By day, enjoy island drinks off the Deck Bar, which is a social and easy to access spot that makes your swimming and sun-filled day that much more enjoyable.

Don’t forget about the Atrium Bar, nestled inside the 6-story atrium with glass floors and windows everywhere. The best part about it is the infamous view. Once done, make your way to the Live Casino, which features blackjack tables, fruit machines, and slot machines that will inspire you to test your luck all through the night.

As for the parents with babies on board, the Discovery 2 is here for you. They host a kids’ club, where you under threes can take part in “Babytainment” classes that are completely free. Each class brings something different to the table, from nursery rhyme sing-alongs to baby ballet. Also educational, learn sign language and other tricks while in the classes.

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