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  • Cabins 1507
  • Crew 1068
  • Passengers 2930
  • Decks 13
  • Launch Year 2007
  • Registry Italy

Costa Pacifica traveller reviews

To Istanbul

Reviewed Wed 15th of October 2014

"We are two seventy plus English pensioners who have done 10 plus cruises on several cruise lines. We picked this cruise because it was a good price and we hadn't used Costa before. We stayed one night in the Park Inn by Nice airport to avoid getting up at a ridiculous time, the hotel was excellent. We picked up our transfers at 12 o'clock at the airport and arrived at Savona port two hours later. Straight into chaos, firstly we had to sit on our coach for nearly an hour where we received a numbered card. Then on entering the terminal we met a huge crush of people which we found out was because they were embarking two ships, the Pacific and the Faviosa. We had to stand in the terminal - not enough seating- and wait for our number to be called. Another hour went by before our number came up, we then joined the queue for security and we all know what that's like. The fact that there was only two scanners for three thousand odd people might account for the slowness. By this time it was around four thirty when everybody was supposed to be getting the Emergency drill. All this time we only found one Costa staff giving out information as to what you were supposed to do. We eventually found our balcony cabin, we just enough time to pick up our life jackets in time for the re-scheduled emergency drill. Unlike other cruise ships which had many assembly points most of which were in lounges or at least indoors out of the weather. Costa split the passengers in half and packs them into the promenade deck, port and starboard. We stood for half an hour having the compulsory emergency lecture.
The accommodation was very good only one slight drawback was opening the balcony door, it took quite a lot of effort and would try to shut at the least opportunity. We accepted when we booked this cruise that it was an Italian ship and crew with the majority of passengers Italian and we have nothing against the Italians finding the majority very friendly, but I must say that long Italian announcements can translate into quite small English announcements. Most of the time we had no problems, a lot of the 'hotel' staff were from the usual mix of countries i.e. India, Philippines with a few far eastern countries and spoke good English. The cabin boy was excellent the cabin was kept spotless and the towels changed frequently. We also found that the supervisory staff on the 'hotel' side were very arrogant against the passengers.
Food! This was one of the biggest problems, Costa was there to make money and did this at every opportunity. After afternoon tea at five o'clock ALL free food and drink was cleared away , there was not even water out ( only in your own bathroom). There was no buffet dinner, you had to eat in the dining rooms, even here there was only purchased bottled was available at dinner. Unless you had an upper class of cabin you had to pay for room service, which had a limited menu. If you were hungry in the evening you could buy a simple pizza, or pay to eat in one of the expensive restaurants. There is a daily paper saying what's on, on the back is the meal times in the dining rooms. This is the same every day except one when they change dinner hour , the only problem was they didn't bring this to peoples notice this caused friction to quite a few passengers who hadn't religiously read all the small print and turned up at the usual time. You have to keep in mind that there is a strict rule about bringing food and drink aboard, not even water or pop.
There were plenty of activities, loads of exercise types, several dancing classes, a few quizzes and no matter where you went there was music of some type, it got to be a job to find somewhere quiet. I felt sympathy for the passengers in Inside cabins who looked for a comfortable chair to sit and read and be able to take a bit of fresh air. I admit my preference was for the quizzes, the two girls who did it on my cruise did an excellent job, having to speak four languages and still make it a pleasure. Apparently head quarters set the quizzes and there were times when i wondered where they got the answers from. The shows in the theater was fair, the ships company of dancers were very good, but some of the other acts to us came across third rate. The director of the shows (Cruise Director !!!) appears to think that if you mess about with the lighting it will improve the performance. This had a severe effect on the Magic show it was all done in semi darkness making it impossible to see the tricks. By continually flashing lights into the eyes of the audience it not only annoyed them but prevented them from seeing what was happening. Perhaps it was being English but I did not find the Comedian team at all funny ,in fact it demeaned the unfortunate passengers who were picked upon to take part in the act, we noticed several people walking out.
Our conclusions are that we will not be taking any more Costa cruises, we consider the extra costs of the other cruise lines are more than compensated by the more amenities

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 27th of September 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 2 Service
  • 2 Value
  • 2 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

Why do they sell and high end experience if you get a low end one

Reviewed Mon 8th of September 2014

"This has been the worst vacation I have ever had although the expectations were really high.
We were looking forward to going to the Norwegen fjords, escaping from the hot summer days and enjoying good food. Actually, we were promised that the food in the Costa Pacifica was amazing. To our disappointment, the food has been the worst I had payed for to dine out. I have to say I didn't have high expectations on the buffet for breakfast and lunch which was awful by the way, with thousands of people fighting to get a fried egg. In Celebrity, we fought for sushi. The main problem was dinner, I have been in other cruises like Carnival or Celebrity whose dinners were amazing, totally amazing. Costa dinners were horrible, totally disappointing, trying to offer well presented plates but with horrible execution and taste. I had to take out of my mouth some fish and meat because I could not bite or swallow it. This is how bad it was.

The entertainment was laughable. Each day was worse and on the nav days I was totally bored. I stopped going to the night shows because they kept bringing these two singers (couple) that I could not stand.
Out of 12 days, 4 were navigated days and I was disappointed to the cities they took us in beautiful Norway. The best stop was Lofoten Islands, the only memorable thing in the trip.
They didn't show any flexibility and you disembark the ship when they want, not when you want.

The most amazing thing is that they sell a high end experience and you get a low end experience. They compete with Pulmatur, not with MSC or Celebrity."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 6th of September 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Room
  • 3 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 3 Cleanliness

Costa Pacifica Cruise

Reviewed Mon 8th of February 2010

"We went on the Costa Pacifica for a week at the end of July/beginning of August 2009. The ship is fantastic if a little over the top. Very luxurious. The cabin was lovely, we were on deck 2 and had an outside cabin with a window. All the staff without exception were attentive, friendly and helpful. Dining - The evening dining was lovely, the food in 6 courses was varied, mostly posh cuisine but generally something for everyone and if you didn't like the main course there were basic alternatives such as chicken, pork or spaghetti bolognaise each night. We were told before we went that the dress code for the dining room was smart i.e. shirt and tie etc. and having teenagers were a bit wary of this as they didn't want to dress up. However people of all ages, not just children, wore a range of clothes from jeans and Tshirts, crop trousers, Collared Tshirts up to very dressy and variations in between. It seemed most things were acceptable which was a huge relief. Unfortunately there wasn't the facility of an evening buffet which it didn't state in the brochure only a small pizza bar which opened at 9.30pm and the dining times of 7pm or 9pm whichever sitting you had opted for were quite rigid, so if you didn't get back very early from an excursion or trip ashore it was a rush to get ready. There were two evening buffets on the nights in Tunis and Rome due to all trips returning at a late time which did help. The breakfast and lunch buffets were lovely and plenty of choice or you could go to the restaurant for waiter service. There was also 'afternoon tea' every day with lots of cakes and puddings to eat.
The ship itself had lots of bars with different themes and different things going on. Being the ship of music, it was very loud in most of the bars. The evening entertaiment in the theatre was brilliant and well worth going to but you need to get there about half an hour before it starts to get a decent seat although the view from the majority of seats was good anyway. You can sit in there and order drinks to be brought to you so you don't have to sit doing nothing whilst waiting for the show to start. The children's clubs seemed very well run and although our children didn't go, there always seemed loads of children in the club and in the Teenzone (also, in the kids amusement arcade, tucked at the back where we didn't find it straight away was a playstation 3 zone. Kids can sit in there and play on the playstations just by swiping their card, cost was roughly 5 euros for one hour and well worth it! Pools - The pools although small were never really packed as there were three of them and numerous jacuzzis and we never had a problem getting a sunbed as they were spread on several decks over the ship, there are no lifeguards, oh and if your child burns easily nobody seems to mind if they wear tshirts in the pool or on the water slide. Excursions - We didn't get told that you needed to have your knees and shoulders covered for excursions to Rome, having not boarded in time for the welcome meeting, so just a warning about this. You can't go into any of the churches if you don't have knees and shoulders covered. We booked some of our excursions online before leaving and the tickets were delivered to our cabin. You can book at the excursion desk though or interactive kiosks on board and there seemed to be plenty of space on all excursions. watch out for the Tunis trip - Souks, Medinas and Carthage though our guide took us to a carpet shop for an hour, a perfume shop for forty minutes, a quick whisk round the Medina being bombarded by people trying to get you to buy their goods, a jewellery shop which was very hard sell and then we only had 15 minutes in Carthage which was the main reason for us going. The drinks packages are well worth the money too especially the kids package and the wine/water package. We took the bottles of water back to our cabin and used them in there instead of being charged whenever they replaced the water in the cabin. Another tip. Don't use up the whole bottle waiting in the cabin when you get there then you don't get it replaced if you don't want to. All in all an excellent holiday, lovely stops in interesting ports and a beautiful, comfortable ship to use as a base and to relax and be pampered on. All of the ports we stopped in had loads to do, take taxis or buses though - beware of horse and carts, they are a rip-off."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 25th of August 2009

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