From the Grand Foyer to The RMS Olympic specialty restaurant, Millennium is a splendid vessel. Luxury shows in every detail on every deck-- in wood and marble, etched glass and polished granite. Millenium class ships are premium in every sense and have been designed with refined elegance in mind. The attention to detail is apparent from the finest fabrics, leather, wood and marble, to the specially crafted furniture and original works of art.

Key details

  • Cabins 1079
  • Crew 975
  • Passengers 2138
  • Decks 11
  • Launch Year 2000
  • Registry Bahamas

Reviews summary

Really Poor
( 11 reviews)
  • 2 room
  • 1 pool
  • 1.5 service
  • 2 amenities
  • 2.5 value
  • 1.5 food
  • 1.5 cleanliness

Traveller reviews

Not what it says on the tin


"The on board comedian on our cruise, made a funny comment that some people travel 3000 miles to complain!
I, like the rest of the audience in the ships theater enjoyed the joke.
However, people who travel 3000 miles or more and who spend a lot of money on a holiday, expect to get a trouble free experience from the holiday providers.
Our holiday started with a beautiful 2 nights stay in the Conrad Centennial hotel (Executive class) in Singapore. The quality of the surroundings, the wonderful food and friendly staff prepared our mood for our cruise.
We have over 12 years experience of cruising, averaging one or two each year. We normally travel in a modest balcony state room.
This time, however, as it would be our last long distant trip, (I am 83 years old) we chose to travel on the Celebrity Millennium 5* ship in Concierge class, which promised “an experience designed for the traveler who settles in nicely to veranda staterooms where little details make a big difference.” We were told that “the attention to detail will amaze you, even as you sleep on the perfect pillow you've selected from our pillow menu. If personalized Concierge service, priority check-in and early disembarkation appeal to you, Concierge Class is your clear choice.”
Our first concern about our cruise came to us in the form of a letter at our Singapore hotel . It stated that our embarkation would be delayed due to a serious outbreak of gastrointestinal illness amongst a number of passengers on board.
The blame for the outbreak was placed on some passengers and the Asian ports the ship visits. During our cruise, we were reminded daily by the Captain, as if we were children to wash our hands after going to the bathroom and not to shake hands with anyone! Salt and pepper and other condiments were removed from our tables at dinner and lunch. If we required them, we had to call an unfortunate waiter to apply the pepper and salt when required.
In spite of what I considered extreme measures, a number of guests on our cruise were smitten with what appeared to be gastroenteritis. Our waiter told us that about 20 passengers were suffering. An unusually large number of people who we befriended on the cruise, including my wife, ended up with flu like symptoms. On returning home, my wife needed medical treatment. We have never experienced anything like this is any of our previous cruise voyages.
On going aboard, as part of the Concierge class, I looked forward to “priority check-in and express luggage delivery“ as promised, especially because of my age and a condition known as Spinal Stenosis which I suffer from. Priority check-in on cruises with other companies, meant priority check in. In fact on this occasion, we were issued with ticket number 25, which meant that 24 large groups were ahead of us. A very nice young officer, who saw my plight after waiting in a queue for over 30 minutes, let my wife and I through.
After waiting in our room for our luggage, I got a call to report to Deck 1 as there was a ‘problem’ with my luggage. On reporting there, I found myself in the company of about 30 other very angry passengers. In my case, ’security’ had found a scissors in my luggage, which would have to be confiscated. I explained that I needed that particular scissors as I had problems with my toe nails. My appeal was ignored and I was told that scissors were not allowed as “there are some dangerous people around”. Was I likely to stab someone I wondered? In fact, if I so wished, I had the opportunity to stab lots of people as we had been provided with knives and forks in our room.
No one was available to take my luggage up to my room. As a result, I had to haul my 20 kilo luggage all the way to my state room on level 8.
The next obstacle to a relaxing and enjoyable holiday came in the form of a ‘contraption ‘ on the veranda of our state room. The information we had received from Celebrity prior to our arrival states that “Concierge Class staterooms each have a private balcony, and are located in the most desirable locations of each ship. You will find all in-room features of our standard Staterooms, but with high-end furnishings and lots of extra touches that make them a little bit special”
However our stateroom had a dirty and rusting contraption which is used, I presume, to paint and/or for washing the ship which was blocking a full quarter of our balcony.
When I reported the presence of this to a very helpful young Guest Relations Officer named Raul, I was told that it was in our contract that we should expect such. I am well experienced in cruise travel and I understand that there are often structural aspects to a ship which can limit viewing to some extent. However, this was, in my opinion an ugly and dirty feature which did not, in my opinion, reflect the statement from Celebrity of “an experience designed for the traveler who settles in nicely to veranda staterooms where little details make a big difference”
To add insult to injury, we were offered, as an alternative to our Concierge class stateroom, an ordinary veranda state room on the 7th level, although we had paid for Concierge class. We decided to decline the ‘generous‘ offer.
There were other minor annoyances which I would not expect to find in any cruise liner, especially on a so called 5* ship. The wash basin in our room was chipped and the lining of the curtains were stained.
As practicing Catholics, we were disappointed that there were no opportunities for religious services, while there were Jewish services each Friday.
In spite of the difficulties which were faced , my wife and I decided to leave them behind us and enjoy our holiday.
We had a happy two weeks. We made many new friends and we have many wonderful memories of our visits ashore in Singapore, Thailand , Vietnam and Hong Kong. We cannot speak too highly of the staff on board, especially our cabin staff and our waiter, who were most helpful and hardworking.
We look forward to many more cruises.
However none of them will be with Celebrity Cruises. Not in a million years!


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 17th of April 2014

June 2013 - Deplorable conditions on the Millennium Seward, AK to Vancouver, BC


"Millennium 14.6.2013

We sailed the Celebrity Millennium 3 times prior to her refurbishing in April 2012. During these 3 sailings, she had become one of our favorite cruise ships. Based on that liking, and earlier pleasant sailings on the older Celebrity vessels Galaxy and Century, we assumed the Solstice class ships would be superior to the earlier Millennium class, thus we sailed a Mediterranean B2B in 2012 on the Solstice and booked our Asia B2B2B, Singapore to Vancouver, BC trip, for 2014 on the favored Millennium. Though the Solstice had not meet our expectations, we were extremely disappointed, when Celebrity suddenly eliminated one of Millennium’s scheduled Asia segments leaving us no choice other than to cancel our 2014 Asia trip, and replace it with comprehensive Europe sailings on a new Celebrity ship. Nonetheless, we targeted the same, originally offered Asia Millennium itinerary again for 2015 when Celebrity repeated its initial 2014 itinerary.
Luckily, the opportunity arose to choose our then still favorite Millennium for an ad hock stint to Alaska in June 2013, prior to the anticipated 46 day long Asia voyage in 2015. At first, we planned to sail her as a B2B, but after some consideration decided to stay for several days exploring Anchorage-Denali-and the Copper Valley area before returning south. Thus, we bit the bullet of repeated unpacking, luggage handling and additional checking in procedures by using a different cruise ship from Vancouver, BC Canada to Whittier, AK to book the Millennium for our return voyage from Seward, AK to Vancouver, BC Canada.
Upon returning home, we cancelled all bookings for our 2014 and 2015 Celebrity cruising, extremely grateful that we ‘survived’ the 7 day lasting trip just endured on the Millennium, our previously favorite cruise ship.
Below follows a somewhat detailed report with pictures delineating our experience and consequent disappointment.
Prior to ‘refurbishing’ in April 2012, the Millennium was a well-designed ship with good traffic flow, plenty open deck spaces, friendly and efficient crew, impeccable dining room personnel, the usual adequate dining room menu, ok lunch buffet selections (mediocre in the evening) and tasteful, warm decor throughout. She was in generally good condition, except for some cosmetic wear and tear plus minor blemishes, but, we assumed, was surely to rise like a phoenix from the ashes, after refurbishing , - to be even more beautiful and better than before since she was also to undergo the highly advertised enhancement of soliciting as part of the refurbishing process.
We arrived in Seward, AK port @ about 13:00 hours, anticipating that we would then be able to immediately go to our stateroom. The check in was fast, efficient and painless; so indeed, we were on board by 13:25 hours. We were greeted with the question, whether we would like to go to the buffet for lunch or to our stateroom first. Our choice was the stateroom to lie down after a few strenuous days of exciting exploration and adventures between Anchorage and Fairbanks and an early morning train departure.
Our ship’s escort leading the way to the stateroom found the hallway door to the rooms still closed, thus surmised the rooms may not be ready. By now it was 13:35 hours and we made our way to the reception desk asking for access to the room. At that time wheelchair bound, citing the need to lie down and having scheduled our boarding to co-inside with the customary access time to the stateroom.
The receptionist then called the International Customer Service Representative who introduced himself, grimacing a smile, as Steven De Winter; a curt, unpleasant, slimy chap who arrogantly stated that he had not yet released the announcement for stateroom occupancy. Therefore, we could not go to our stateroom until he announces that they are ready. Wheelchair bound, I pointed out, that I really would like to lie down, that it was now past 13:45 hours and customarily, staterooms are available at the latest @ 13.30 and room stewards likely moved on to getting checked-in luggage ready for stateroom delivery. His reply was, that Celebrity is a very special cruise line and does things much different than other cruise lines, but I would be welcome to go down to the sick-bay and lay down on a stretcher until he releases the rooms for occupancy.
Less than 3 minutes later, his loudspeaker announcement released all cabins.
The stateroom was as expected from previous sailings. The room steward introduced himself later that evening – checked in luggage arrived by mid afternoon. The lunch buffet featured the previously experienced luke warm, dried out “Paella” (in name only) and other standard buffet style fair including the heavily watered down lemonade.
Except for the “Paella-Welcome-Specialty”, the buffet choices remained more or less the same throughout the 7 day cruise. A circumstance particularly unpleasant as the main dining room was closed for lunch every day, except on the first sea-day and the last sea day, opening for the Brunch Buffet in which all daily breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet choices were lined up together, but now were presented among Ice sculptures and other colorful decorations.
Unfortunately, extraordinarily inattentive dining room personal failed to serve coffee or water, or juice until after one was seated for quite some time, almost having finished the first course of brunch. Moreover, very unpleasant, was the fact that no-one of the dining room waiters cleaned up the tables of those people who had left, or the used plates on our table. Thus, we were surrounded by seven tables, fully laden with dirty dishes up to and including our departure from the dining room. The personnel, largely Serbian, Slovenian and Croatian servers, avoided eye contact, and were certainly not inclined to clear tables; presumably, that was to be someone elses responsibility who was apparently not in attendance.
Dinner at the dining room had sufficient choices of well-prepared good quality food, we were served by some excellent waiters and some so, so – but still OK waiters in the “my time dining” section of the upper level.
Less pleasant was the bickering of some female waiters on the outer buffet deck, who among themselves discussed their misfortune, disappointment and unjust treatment experienced working on this ship, without any regard to nearby sitting guests who could not help overhearing their loud complaints while clearing tables with disgusted faces.
The ship itself is in desperate need of eliminating the obvious signs of neglect without subjecting on- board passengers to its upkeep, repairs and maintenance.
There were too many issues to mention: an example of some is:

Mint tea bag hunt,
Broken Solarium windows,
Missing top railing on upper aft decks,
Double loungers placed next to pool get constantly wet from water plashes
Loungers on upper decks remained unusable and tried together
Loungers were dirty and partly broken
Balconies added in recent ‘upgrading improvements’ are in part not covered and lack privacy

In the meantime complaints from outraged passengers on board the Millennium have escalated. Thus, without going into further details, as I am resenting the time already spent on the unpleasant task re-living the journey, I refer to the reviews of others and the complete failing of Celebrity’s Cruise Ship Millennium’s operational functions in Seward and Ketchikan , AK. were they prematurely disembarked all passengers.
Celebrity cancelled its remaining Alaska sailing season 2013 for the defunct Millennium, planning to maneuver her into dry dock for taking care of the desperately needed maintenance and repairs. Unfortunately, these obviously needed repairs had not been done prior to subjecting boarded and sailing passengers, including those booked for August/September, to despair, inconvenience and costly repercussions in addition to their now ruined holidays.
Well done, Celebrity – you are “truly special and do it very differently”, reverberating the statement of STEVEN DE WINTER, the on Board International Customer Relations Executive.


Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 3rd of September 2013



"This has been the worse ship I have ever been on in all my life the standard was none at all the food was cold and rubbish their was nuro virus on the ship passengers locked up in their cabins for days I was bit in my cabin that was fumigated I wanted to come home after 3 days on the ship It was the worst holiday I have ever had and expensive what a joke
Elaine and party"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 29th of August 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 1 Room
  • 1 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 1 Value
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Cleanliness

Celebrity Millenium Rip Off!!


"Having done 15 Cruises prior to this one (Hawai to Sydney)I feel able to share my honest opinion with you.
The ship itself had charm being a re vamped older variety - Unfortunately a lot of the staff / crew did not!! A lot of the service in the restaurants was lacking the zest and fun you get with the Phillipino's!! Thank goodness there was a sprinkling of them to boist our enjoyment!! Not least Fernando who met us from the lift every day with a wonderful smile and pleasing manner before a hand clense then breakfast.
All things were average apart from THE DRINKS!! My idea of a cruise is to settle down for an evening meal with an average bottle of Wine. The cost of the cheapest bottle being $25 - $27US. No house wine available!!
Relax on deck with a beer (NO WAY cheapest beer can 400cl $5US). Some drinks packages were available but still a RIP OFF!!
Obviously Celebrity Cruises know they have a captive audience and intend to make the most of it! Avoid them like the plague!!
Whilst talking of Plague we had the Novo Virus on board which luckily we managed to avoid. Bring back Thompson or Fred Olsen any day!!"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 29th of November 2012

Vancouver/ Alaska was great, shame about the cruise,what a dissapointment


"Where do I start. Celebrity messed up our booking and we ended up paying for their mess. We had to pay for an extra night in a hotel even though more than a year before we told them we had already booked a week in the Pan Pacific Hotel(wonderful). Our cabin was tired. the valence running around the bed was hanging off the whole cruise. I drew a circle in the dust on my bedside lamp on my first night, it is most likely still there. Our balcony was never cleaned, you could not see through the glass and the floor was never vacuumed
or washed.The furnishings in the room were knocked and had veneer missing, on the whole the cabin was in need of refurbishment and cleaning. And get rid of those stupid hangers in the wardrobe. New pillows are a must.We have cruised before (with P&O) and find we like to relax in our own cabin with a film on the telly. No chance here. I know we were sailing the North West Passage but even their in house tv was not available or Weak or no signal. WHY? They should be able to offer some old films for you to watch in your cabin but no, none. We spent an arm and leg on a drinks package(never done this before and will not again. If we wanted a drink we had to go to the bar with our card, the bar tender then had to rush off to another bar because not all bars could swipe your card. We had drinks in our mini bar but were not allowed them on our package,Why they were the same.We were also told that we could only have one drink per card at a time. So I run up to deck ten or wait twenty minutes for the lift, get two drinks which takes me half and hour. Go back to cabin, we drink them and then off I go again. What a farce. We had no way of making coffee or tea in our cabin so again if you want a drink off you go on your epic drinks journey. FOOD- the buffet was just a free for all which is like most other cruises but this one is slightly different, it takes twice as long because Joe public can not help themselves. They have to join the queue to be served over the counter. Even the toaster is out of bounds. Half the juice/hot water machines were not working properly so most mornings where ever you managed to get a seat you would maybe have to go around the whole area just to get your drink. Also it might be a good idea to get a cappuccino machine in EVERY bar or restaurant. Every night we were told sorry you will have to wait, we have to go the length of the ship for a coffee for you. There wa a definite language problem between staff and Joe public. Getting your waiter or waitress to understand you (God forbid that they were playing music in the background)was impossible. The only ones who seemed able to understand you were the Jamaican members of crew. Thank goodness we had a good server at dinner(Jasna)who not only understood but had a good sense of humor , possibly the only good point I can think of about this cruise. The food was boring after a couple of nights. ENTERTAINMENT- Most of it was rubbish, English people do not do American humor.This is why we like to watch telly in our room, but couldn't. Two groups played on our cruise,Sonic Wave headliners, were wonderful. Take note, need to take their note and chuck it over the side. The poor girl could not sing and had to mess with putting on or taking off glasses while trying to talk to audience and get her music ready for her 'favorite' tune which she had to read the words for. I am not a singer but I do know the words to my favorite tune or at least think I do.SHORE EXCURSIONS- we booked our own before the trip, it was cheaper. this was Alaska, lots of people offer the same trips, its easy. We saw bears and wales and mountains and wow it was wonderful, no thanks to Celebrity though. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 17th of September 2012

Rating breakdown

  • 2 Room
  • 2 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 2 Food
  • 2 Cleanliness

5 star? what a joke!!


"We have cruised 5 times before with Thompson, Royal Caribean and Princess Cruises and this is by far the worst. the ship was grubby, smelly, tatered and torn. not something you would expect, the staff were unhelpfull and rude! please bring back the philippenoes, the food was the same everyday and the buffet bar was shut by 6:30pm. entertainment was dreadfull, excursion were expensive to the point of being offensive! could bring myself to say anything good about this ship, and please dont get me started about the smell in the resteraunts. do yourselves a huge favour and book with princess cruises instead. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 19th of May 2010

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Room
  • 2 Amenities

May the Lord be with you..........


"If any ship ever needed a refit (and not forgetting a service), this one certainly does.
5 star cruising, a joke at the customer's expense.

If anything can go wrong, it will on this ship. Ask Celebrity what happened on Sunday 7th Dec 2008 whilst in the port of Sydney. Oh, how glad I was to leave!

I could list so many problems but very few positives,it may appear to be sour grapes, so I will just say Be-warned and check other people's comments in recent times.

I for one will never ever, ever travel with Celebrity again."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 5th of March 2009

When we first arrived on board we were d...


"When we first arrived on board we were delighted with the ship. The staff were very polite and helpful. The stateroom, although smaller than we expected was fine.

The shows were great to see, well worth watching. The ship was very quite after 11.30pm, in fact it is not the type of ship you want to be on if you like a lot of activities. The food was excellent.

However the ship soon got into difficulties, ie we run aground and ended up stranded in the port of Rome. From then on there was a total lack of communication from the staff. No one seemed to know what was going on. It seemed whoever we spoke to told us what we wanted to hear rather than giving us the correct information, headless chickens springs to mind. You may have gathered we are not at all happy. This was supposed to be a special 25th wedding anniversary, one will we will never forget, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 11th of July 2007

This cruise was booked as a Valentines s...


"This cruise was booked as a Valentines surprise for my wife, never been on a cruise before and knew nothing of Celebrity Cruises, just saw their ships in various ports around the world and thought they looked really posh, added to that my parents were already booked on it as well, so off we went.

What a fantastic holiday.... we took the Eastern Caribbean cruise from Fort Lauderdale for 7 nights and must say it was one of the best holiday experiences of our lives, and we have been to most parts of this world.

The ship was fantastic, the crew 5 star, entertainment was equal to London stage shows, the food was awesome and the ports of call were dream destinations.

We have already decided to meet up with the ship and take another cruise this year in the Med, and we are about to book another Caribbean cruise with Celebrity next March, if thats not praise enough, well then I dont know what is.

Fantastic Celebrity. Wish we found you 20 years ago. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 10th of March 2007

I would like to warn everyone who has an...


"I would like to warn everyone who has any inclinations of going on a cruise with Celebrity Cruises/Royal Caribbean. In September my husband and I went on our Honeymoon on the Millennium Celebrity Cruise.

We purchased our entire package from Celebrity and spent an extremely large amount of money on this Honeymoon - including the cruise itself, flights, food, drinks, and excursions.

We cruised 2 weeks on the Millennium without the pools, hot tubs, ball courts. Having worked in the travel industry in the past I had always wanted to go on a Celebrity cruise...what a BIG mistake that turned out to be.

The service was absolutely horrible, most of the crew members were unfriendly, cold and miserable - I do not understand how they managed to be employed in the Hospitality industry. We were shocked. The everyday activities were lame and the night life was minimal. I have been on cruises before and they have been quite lively.

I can not believe after spending the amount of money we did Celebrity just brushed us off. The letter they sent back was like a slap in the face. I believe no matter how much money is spent on a vacation no one should have to worry about safety of their possessions especially because it is their job, to safe keep their belongings.

I am absolutely flabbergasted and appalled with what has happened and especially the lack of professionalism of this cruise line.

Please I beg you to think twice before booking a vacation with Celebrity Cruiselines /Royal Caribbean.

Take care all. Thank you for reading my review and think hard before booking Celebrity Cruises/Royal Caribbean."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 19th of November 2006

Fantastic cruise. Food, accommodation a...


"Fantastic cruise. Food, accommodation and service excellent. The crew couldn't be more helpful, even down to sorting out a satellite link to show European football final on TV when asked.

Excursions were also first rate, every thing went like clockwork. No hanging around as all was organised well. Would recommend Celebrity.

The ports of call were fantastic. Started in Barcelona, first stop Villefrance for Monte Carlo, then Rome, Florence, Naples, Santorini, Athens, Dubrovnik and finally Venice overnight.

Shows were not to be missed, really had a wonderful time."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 14th of September 2006

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