A spectacular experience throughout, Constellation offers the impeccable service and exceptional amenities of a grand hotel, along with a voyage you'll never forget. This vessel features our AquaSpaSM, Michael's Club and Cova Caf

Key details

  • Cabins 1059
  • Crew 999
  • Passengers 2170
  • Decks 11
  • Launch Year 2002
  • Registry Malta

Reviews summary

Below average
( 7 reviews)
  • 5 room
  • 5 pool
  • 5 service
  • 3 value
  • 3 food
  • 5 cleanliness

Traveller reviews

Everythign But the Food up to Past Celebrity Standards


"12 Day Baltic Cruise May 20/13....Great Service and Accommodations on deck 8...Food a Big cuts of meat ( offered lamb shank two separate nights) no turf with the surf.....Buffet tired after 5 days at sea same old ....3 Star at Best....Looks like a lot of cost cutting in 2013.....We did not get what we paid for in the food dept....but other wise it was Good...and Room Excellent."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 10th of July 2013

Rating breakdown

  • 5 Room
  • 5 Pool
  • 5 Service
  • 3 Value
  • 3 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness



"Closure of rooms for private functions ( not for passengers)
Breakfast served up on a dity plate with previous food on.
Food display after 2 days still not cleaned and dirty food still there, and food still being served and making contact with old food.
Graturities set too high
Dining room staff always on edge quite often wrong food brought to table"

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sun 11th of October 2009

Book a suite or don't go


"Our usual family christmas 1st ever cruise avoid any miami airport it's a night mare
we cooked a Royal suite not cheap but wanted a large balcony and the outdoor jacuzzi as a treat this also give your priorty check in this work but the prioty check out does not happen hours and hours of miami customs again seen enough of them at the airport 3 hours at the airport and 3 hour getting off the ship.
Royal Suite was very nice and not at all tired apart from the jacuzzi that was a little tired and rusty
The bulter service was not as quoted as per brochure no help unpacking or packing just too understaffed not at all Rastie (the bulters fault)
the main restaurant is like a big canteen not at all what we are used to we opted to pay the extra $20 per person per night to eat in the goumet restaurant it was fantasic
dont pre pay your tips as all the tips go to main restaurant staff even if you don't use it
tip are another issue the last 3 nights on the run tip envelope are left in the cabin even though you have pre paid it's all very uncomfortable best tip on ship or you may feel like you have to tip yet again !

too many people do not stick to dress code,
too many people to sit by the pool

kids loved the facilities

we spent 70% time in cabin 20% in gourmet restaurant and 10% getting lost looking for our kids who were having a greta time

we have booked a Regent Seven Seas this Christmas Navigator any tips ! "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 8th of November 2008

This was our first cruise and was very d...


"This was our first cruise and was very disappointed! Food was invariably cold and not very imaginative. Dress code was never adhered to on formal nights and crew did absoloutley nothing about it. The pool was far too small for the amount of people on board and then you had the usual irritation of people putting towels down first thing in the morning. Entertainment was very poor and on the last evening we went to The Bar called The Edge of the Earth only to be told as there were not enough people in there they were not going to bother. We would love to cruise again because of the amazing countries we visited( but then Celebrity cant take any credit for that) but it will most definitely be an English ship as they actually know what vegetable are. "

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 30th of July 2008

This cruise around the Baltic capitals w...


"This cruise around the Baltic capitals was fab, was so worried about weather but most days was around 76 degrees. Ship was really gorgeous and the food was fantastic with practically any taste, diet or picky eater catered for. Staff were wonderful, helpful and always very very friendly. My husband raved about the shower in the bathrooms as he has restricted movement in his back so for him and me this shower was great.

Now for the downside. The entertainment or lack of it. The first show that was put on was fantastic, then most of the singers and dancers were put off the ship for what ever reason (Why could they not have been put off at the end of the cruise not the beginning). There were nights where an entertainer was bought into the theatre, pickpocket act, singer male, singer female, both with pianos, balancing act one night with a juggler, a lady with a violin, although very talented were a little boring but I suppose they were something to watch.

We had two nights where a film was shown in the theatre (don't ask why they were shown there as this ship has a cinema, although don't expect a film when you are a day at sea, I would have thought that was the best time, but obviously not). The films were Dr Zhivago Yes thats right the one that's shown every bank holiday and christmas on the TV.

As for others bars, Michael's bar, nice leather chairs, a lady singer with another piano, average age in here was around 65, was a little like the 'waiting for God scenario', The Edge this was not so bad, had a themed disco every night ie, bee gees, beatles etc never seen the DJ and we were told they could only play so many records due to the company having to pay royalties, never heard that one before. There was a guy singing who was very good, unfortunately I know which order of songs were coming next as it was the same everytime. There was a group on board who were fab, but if you were on late sitting you missed them, although when in port they played on the pool deck as we pulled away, as soon as we were out of ear shot of other cruise ships they disappeared. Karaoke night unfortunately the entertainment team member did not know how it worked and I presume is still reading the instructions.

I understand the Circus Solei were on this ship at the beginning of the season but had been off the ship for three months (still being advertised as on board), after complaining that they were not on board, steps are now being taken to ensure that they are no longer advertised.

Had a choice of talks we could listen to, a selection being, a retired army general on the wars in the Baltic States, the life and confessions of an American Advertising man and the best of all American cars of the fifties, complete with pictures and a talk by the Cruise Director, WOW. As for the entertainment team headed up by the Cruise Director, entertainment team members seen in 14 days, 3 always smartly turned out in navy blazers, grey flannels and shirt and tie, so that should have prepared us for what it was going to be like.

In conclusion all I can say is for the amount of hours that we were entertained by any of the ships 'entertainment team' or entertainment programme was very very little, so comparing hours actually worked, the dancers and entertainment team members hourly rate of pay must exceed greatly that of the Captain of the ship.

Just for your info my husband and I are in our early fifties, so not teenagers expecting a rave every night."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Thu 30th of August 2007

Having cruised with Celebrity before I e...


"Having cruised with Celebrity before I expected the accommodation to be first class and it was, our stateroom was the best we have had, and the stateroom attendant was excellent.

Room service was good as was the general service on the ship, good being the operative word though, definitely no better.

The food was very good with almost round the clock availability although one must bear in mind it is aimed at the American presence on board, so sweets are very sweet if you know what I mean.

Drinks I feel are always on the expensive side with Celebrity, a small beer working out about £3 and a bottle of wine in the restaurant about £25 but at least it keeps one sober.

The entertainment on board was something of a disappointment as the dancers left ship after the first port of call. We never found out why but it left a big hole in the evening’s entertainment although they did put other shows on.

The port itinerary was excellent, only three days at sea in a fortnights cruise. The ports of call were, Helsingborg, Rostock, Helsinki, St. Petersburgx2, Tallin, Riga, Klaipeda, and Copenhagenx2. All were interesting although Klaipeda needs more development.

With the exception of St. Petersburg we found our own way around, as the ship tours are always expensive and not as much fun as trying to read a map and speak the lingo.

A big disappointment was the fact that Constellation charged for the shuttle buses into port, something we have not encountered before and it wasn't just a couple of dollars either. 12 dollars per person.

All in all though a very enjoyable fortnight with the verdict being good but could do better."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Mon 3rd of September 2007

My partner and I, my two sisters and the...


"My partner and I, my two sisters and their partners all booked up to enjoy New Year's Eve on board the Constellation. This was my partner's and my first cruise although both my sisters had cruised before. We were heading off to the Caribbean for a 10 night cruise.

The first impressions were not good as arriving in Miami we had to hang around for a few hours until the coach took us to our hotel at Fort Lauderdale airport. The location of hotel could have been better as there was no where near to eat or walk around. The next day, again we had to hang around the hotel until eventually the coach came and picked us up - over an hour late to take us to the Constellation.

The ship was very impressive and our stateroom great - especially as we had booked one with a balcony. My sisters had both opted for a suite each and they were fantastic. The whole of the ship was kept immaculate, even diners had to disinfect their hands before going into any of the restaurants.

Although the service for the evening meal was excellent, the food was very disappointing. It looked fabulous but there was not a very good choice and also the food was always cold or luke warm at best. Apparently the kitchens are two decks below the restaurant so by the time it reaches the table is below room temperature.

With four days at sea, I was worried about there being not enough to do and unfortunately there wasn’t. The evening entertainment was terrible - although some of the shows were okay, there was not very much to do in the evenings once these were over. My sisters and I love dancing but the disco was club music aimed at 18 year olds (not many of them on the cruise) so was not suitable, other entertainment was string quartets - excellent but you can hardly dance to Mozart - or karaoke! There is a Casino which was packed every evening but it’s not what I want to do every night.

There was only two nights with dancing - New Year's Eve was great fun but I did expect to have streamers or fireworks or something special to celebrate the New Year although we were given a hat and a blower - it should have been better.

Also we were sent invites to a masquerade ball where we were expected to purchase a mask from their shops and wear something white. My group all purchased masks and purchased or made white outfits to find out that the ball was in fact the disco which again played club music from about 11pm onwards. I think the fact that no one was dancing should give the DJ a clue that it might not be the appropriate music.

Overall, the ship was clean and service excellent. Food disappointing and entertainment dreadful. I would not recommend this cruise if you want to party, but if you want to relax on and go to bed early this would be fine but I’m sure other cruise liners would probably do it better."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Sat 13th of January 2007

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