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Key details

  • Crew 1100
  • Passengers 2758
  • Decks 13
  • Launch Year 1999
  • Registry Bahamas

Reviews summary

( 4 reviews)
  • 3 room
  • 2 pool
  • 1 service
  • 4 value
  • 5 food
  • 5 cleanliness

Carnival Triumph traveller reviews

Do not leave anything behind!

Reviewed Fri 13th of June 2014

"For my 40th Birthday my husband was kind enough to get a few other couples together and surprise me with a cruise to Cozumel. The ship was great and we had a fantastic time. Everything was top notch until it came to the end of our cruise. I left a hanging bag with two formal dresses (expensive) hanging in my cabin closet. I realized what I had done approximately 2 hours after disembarking (we were one of the first off) and immediately called Carnival to let them know of my error. I was told that they would contact me back and never heard from them via phone as promised. I ended up calling again a week later when the ship was about to get to port and I was then told that if they had not been located at that point then they probably would not find my dresses and that this was a lost and found issue. After a couple weeks I e-mailed them to get status and did not receive a response for over a week.

I finally received a response:

Thank you for getting in touch with us again.

We regret to learn that you were not pleased with the response from our Guest Care department. We certainly did not intend to make light of or disregard your concerns and I'm so sorry if we gave you that impression. Carnival has one central Lost & Found unit which receives everything turned in from all of our ships. Lost & Found files are generated by the guests' call and compared to the inventory that arrives from the ship. While we certainly empathize with your disappointment with our Lost and Found procedures and the fact that your dresses have yet not been turned in, we do have to be honest and inform you that ultimately, Carnival is not responsible for items left behind in your stateroom.

Nonetheless, we do our best to follow up on reports of missing items and have a procedure in place as a courtesy to our guest; we are very proud of the fact that on a monthly basis we match and return hundreds of items left behind to their rightful owner. Please know that all employees of Carnival Cruise Lines must maintain an unblemished record of honesty, courtesy, and professionalism in order to remain part of the Carnival Team.

Thank you again for choosing Carnival Cruise Lines. We hope you allow us an opportunity to welcome you back.

My response back to them:

I want to first explain to you that this is not a "lost and found" issue nor were my garments "misplaced". I left my garments hanging in my closet in my stateroom and as soon as I realized this (before they allowed any passengers for the next embarking on the ship) I contacted Carnival and explained to them what happened. If Janard or any other staff cannot locate my garments this is a theft issue not a lost and found problem. When you explain that Carnival is not responsible for lost and found items this does not apply to my situation since my garments were not lost.

It is amazing to me how Carnival can handle all of the passengers on a cruise ship for 5 days but fail to return items in a stateroom to their proper owner. If your Carnival Team has such an unblemished record of honesty as you state, then please have my items returned to me.

I have not heard back from anyone at Carnival in regards to my garments and where they are and it has been over two weeks. I can tell you that if my items are not returned I will make sure to go to every possible Internet venue, blog, site and news source that I can find to explain my situation, how it has been handled and that passengers need to be aware of theft on Carnival Cruises.

This is not acceptable and I will not stand by and watch this happen to me or any other of your passengers.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

After my response I received one other 2 weeks later:
Thank you for getting in touch with us again.

Please be assured the goodwill of our guests is very important to us and we are responsive to any problem that is brought to our attention. I’m so sorry you were disappointed with our previous response regarding our Lost & Found procedures.

While we understand your items were not lost or misplaced, that you left them behind, we place all those issue under our Lost & Found Department.

As of today, your dresses have not been located. Should it be found within 30 days of your return date, we will contact you to schedule delivery.

Thank you again for choosing Carnival Cruise Lines. We hope you allow us an opportunity to welcome you back.


I have obviously given up on getting my possessions back but want everyone to know that you do need to watch out for your items, if you leave it behind consider it lost.

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 13th of June 2014

Rating breakdown

  • 3 Room
  • 2 Pool
  • 1 Service
  • 4 Value
  • 5 Food
  • 5 Cleanliness

I should have looked closer at the ship'...

Reviewed Fri 9th of November 2007

"I should have looked closer at the ship's size and amenities. Carnival Triumph was a much smaller ship than the Sensation so the ride was much rockier, and my wife was queasy for 3 different days for the first time out of 5 cruises.

The food in their casual buffet venue, South Beach Cafe, was abysmal. The food was always overdone yet lukewarm and they were constantly running out of things. If you didn't get there during the first hour of opening you were out of luck. There was no other venue choices, nor specialty restaurants, which I would have gladly paid for had there been any.

The sauna had a broken bench that you would fall through and was never fixed although it was reported numerous times. My bathroom gets hotter than that sauna ever did and both the sauna and steam room smelled like old gym socks throughout the whole cruise. Nowhere on the ship was there hand sanitizer.

On the morning of debarkation, I ate breakfast in the main dining room, and halfway from Miami to Clearwater, FL I got extremely sick numerous times in the car, and remained sick for two days. I had Eggs Benedict and fortunately, no one else at my table did.

We all bought the "Soda Fountain" flat fee - unlimited soft drink special, but every time we went to a bar, if the bartenders saw the soda card they would serve you last, even if later arriving liquor purchasers came well after you did. If you were not buying gratuity generating alcohol then you were treated like a second class citizen.

Others like us had the same comments about this. TVs in the rooms and lounges did not work proper, even after they were reported.

In all, we feel that Carnival has really slipped in both quality and service and would never cruise with them again. It might possibly sour a first time cruiser from repeating if they used the Triumph their first time."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Fri 9th of November 2007

The very best money ever spent on a vaca...

Reviewed Tue 21st of November 2006

"The very best money ever spent on a vacation package: a Cruise . Because a package is what you're getting (except for the alcoholic beverages).

It's like floating around in an all inclusive resort and waking up on a different island on some days and just floating around on the ocean on other days. The service is often unsurpassed, compared to your average 5 star hotel.

We have cruised before, on Royal Caribbean, and we found ourselves comparing every so now and then. Royal Caribbean has a different crowd of people, your Holiday Inn type with lots of kids and your Hilton crowd more laid back.

We have two small kids and love spending time with them on vacation and thought that Carnival would fit more into that picture than Royal Caribbean. Error on our part. Carnival does have kids clubs, but our kids were not allowed to be in one club together due to their age difference, my eldest is 7 and my youngest is 5. We were told that that is their policy.

Secondly with most activities they expected you to drop off your kids and move on. We actually wanted to spend time with our kids, do the stuff they wanted to do together.

Their kids club catered more to the parents that preferred their vacation more adult like with good care for their kids; hairy chest contests on the lido deck with a cocktail in one hand and a limbo stick in the other, or with a cocktail in one hand and a the handle of a casino slot in the other. For each their own.

We did have an absolutely great time on board, we played mini golf with the kids, did the giant waterslide. We also visited the game room, which would be rated R for excessive violence for me, but we managed to speed them past the gory machines to the motorbikes and hockey table.

But mind you, you do not spend much time on board. Most of the time you are out exploring some beautiful tropical island, tell you more about that later. The food is really good on board. For Lunch I loved going to the New York Deli and have perfectly crafted sandwiches or just a simple bagel with salmon, we usually skipped the hot Lunch Buffet.

The kids had whatever they liked, more than enough choice there. We preferred the breakfast in the buffet style restaurant. The main restaurant was always too busy and whatever you ordered all came at once, so the kids had cereal with cold scrambled eggs, not good. The problem with the shortage of staff in the Main Restaurants applies to Dinner as well.

It was very obvious that they were understaffed and they seemed very rushed. Drinks are expensive on board, they also had a 15% service charge to the bill. Don't try and smuggle any alcohol on board cause it will get confiscated and returned to you after your trip.

My husband drinks a lot of soft, so he got a soft drink pass, which means you pay one price approx. $40 and you have unlimited soft drinks during your whole trip.

The kids preferred the juice and ice tea, which is complimentary (free). The cocktail were good, the alcohol of excellent quality. The shows at night were also very entertaining.

We visited Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Ocho Rios. Do not buy the excursions on board they are overpriced. I researched each destination and booked my excursions online and everything went great.

We went sailing in Cozumel, swam with the Stingrays in Grand Cayman, and went riding in the mountains on ATV's and then climbed the waterfalls in Ocho Rios.

I would wholeheartedly recommend a cruise to anyone, young and old."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Tue 21st of November 2006

Carnival Cruises are based on lots of fu...

Reviewed Wed 7th of June 2006

"Carnival Cruises are based on lots of fun for families with children and that’s exactly what you get. If you want something more sedate then Royal Caribbean would be better.

We sailed from Miami on the Triumph and the whole experience of getting on such an enormous ship is a spectacular experience. We visited Cozumel (Mexico), Grand Caymans and Jamaica.

Good points:
We were upgraded (without asking) to a room with a balcony and I would definitely recommend the balcony as a must for anyone as you spend a lot of time on it watching the world go by.

The room and bed (king size) was very comfortable, shower, toilet and air con all good. Food is 24hrs a day and ranges from pizza bars to gourmet dining, all is good.

Staff are friendly and the ship very clean it is like a floating hotel. There is a casino, video games arcade, theatre and so on.

Poor points:
Drinks are expensive and carry a 15% surcharge so beware. Excursions are very expensive and you are a captured audience. (You can go ashore and get a taxi to most venues at half the price).

The main deck has a Reggae band that is very loud but quieter places exist around the ships other decks.

All 3 swimming pools and water slide are 'salt water' this was very disappointing. Jacuzzis were not salt water.

Mexico and GC were great but the Jamaican’s were all over us for our money and very impolite.

Overall this is one of the best holidays that my children, wife and I have had, good quality American service and only very few grumbles.

We booked via Virgin Holidays who I must say didn’t live up to my expectations, all we got was an A4 itinerary. No info and the flights were poor, you can book direct with Carnival and choose your airline."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: Wed 7th of June 2006

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