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This is the SuperLiner that introduced Spirit-class sailing and such innovations as the two-level promenade and the reservations-only supper club. Among her outstanding features is greater speed, which makes it possible for you to visit destinations that would take other ships 10 days or more. Also remarkable is that 80% of her staterooms have ocean views, and of those, 80% have balconies, so you can admire that panoramic scenery from the comfort of your own private stateroom.

Key details

  • Crew 930
  • Passengers 2124
  • Decks 12
  • Launch Year 2001
  • Registry Malta

Reviews summary

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Carnival Spirit traveller reviews

The ship was beautiful, the dining room ...

Reviewed 12th June 2007

"The ship was beautiful, the dining room staff and cabin staff excellent, the Carnival organisation appalling. We booked the back to back cruise based on the Carnival's marketing in Australia; however they were totally unprepared for such a large number of travellers taking advantage of the offer (over 350 Australians). They did not have the booking details of the second leg of the cruise when we checked in and so they were not able to guarantee that we would still be in the same cabin for the second leg of the journey In fact they did not even have us on their shipboard computer data base even though we had Carnival cruise line produced tickets. The shambles took several days and visits to the Purser's desk to sort out. Our dining preferences were ignored and we were allocated the late seating for dinner despite specifically requesting the early seating. This also took 3 days to sort out which meant we did not eat in the dining room until the third night of the cruise. Our complaints were addressed quickly once we requested a meeting with the Food and Beverage manager. The cruise director really did not fully understand the magnitude of the such a large number of guests doing back to back cruises. The meeting that was organised to hand out our new Sail and sign cards for the second leg of the cruise, and to advise us of the details for our day in Vancouver at the end of the first cruise was a shambles. We were late to dinner that evening because it did not occur to them that it might be a good idea to put the early seating guests through the processing procedures first. When we raised the matter with them, the shutters went up and we were very aware that she had absolutely no interest in our complaint. Embarkation was slow but we expected that with over 2000 guests joining the ship in Honolulu. What we did not expect was the poorly trained staff at the check in desks. They had been recruited locally and had never dealt with Carnival check in procedures before and had no idea of passport requirements, it was fine if you were from the USA but anywhere else caused them a problem. Disembarkation at tender ports was always slow, tedious and at times poorly organised by the pursers. The poor cruise director's staff who were trying to guide us to the boats had to bear the brunt of some very angry guests. This could have been avoided with better communication. I had to admire the way they kept their cool and went on trying to do their best in very arduous circumstances. The cleanliness of the ship was outstanding, the food selection and quality excellent, the waiting staff friendly, efficient and always polite, the stage productions spectacular and the onboard activities adequate. My overall rating of the cruise would have been much higher if the organisation in Carnival matched the other services and facilities on board. All things considered I would cruise again - just not with Carnival."

Holiday details

  • Travel date: 12th June 2007

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