Top European City Destination Getaways This Winter

Top European City Destination Getaways This Winter

As winter looms on the horizon, and the days dwindle in daylight, we can’t help but look ahead to our next holiday getaway. Nothing is more satisfying than in the midst of the cold winter temperatures and blustering wind, to think of the pre-planned holiday we have selected as a respite from our busy and stressful lives.

Although top winter destinations are always changing, we are going to give you a list of our top European holiday getaways for the 2019 season. Secure the trip of a lifetime, starting this year:

1. Venice, Italy:

If you’re into festivals, street fairs, and grandiose celebrations, then add Venice, Italy to your wintertime destinations list. Playing host to one of Europe’s top tourist attractions, the Carnival of Venice takes place from February through March. If you want to take part, grab yourself a costume before you arrive. Aside from the festival, visiting Venice in the wintertime will actually give you time and space to take in your surroundings without the busy crowds.

2. Abisko, Sweden:

If cold temperatures and dark settings don’t bother you, the winter is a prime time to view the natural wonder that is the aurora borealis, right in Scandinavia. Abisko, Sweden is an internationally regarded destination as being one of the farthest north cities available to you in Europe. Known for its incredible and unhindered view of the Northern Lights, do note that the sun does not rise for weeks during its coldest periods.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark:

Also for those that don’t mind the winter season, Copenhagen is known for embracing the winter unlike any other European city. With cafes bustling with cozy patrons, warm fires, hot chocolate, and delicious soups, enjoy a variety of outside attractions that were built just for the winter-time. The Tivoli Amusement Park, Christiansborg Slot, and the Rosenborg Castle all remain open – with breathtaking views once dusted with snow.

4. Granada, Spain:

Do note: even the most southern beaches in Spain are still too cold for swimming in the wintertime. However, cities like Granada provide you with a variety of entertainment options, from skiing in nearby mountains, to strolling along the city streets (the city experiences a very mild and manageable winter). Plus, Spain is significantly cheaper and less crowded in the wintertime.

5. Reykjavik, Iceland:

Lastly, if you’re interested in immersing yourself in a culture that lives, breathes, and eats winter, consider visiting Iceland this year. Playing host to the Winter Lights Festival in February, pick from an abundance of winter sports, museums, and restaurants at your leisure. Warm up in hot, natural geothermal springs that provide for a rejuvenating spa experience.