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Paphos Castle was originally built to protect the harbour Paphos Castle was originally built to protect the harbour

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  • Food & Drink according to 85% of travellers
  • Beach & Sun 83%
  • Romance 82%
  • Sightseeing 83%
  • Relaxation 81%

For a culturally rich holiday with an abundance of sun and surf, Paphos in Cyprus is the place to go. Holidays in Paphos are great for those not that interested in the nightclubs and bars that adorn resorts such as Ayia Napa, but still want a bit of fun. Paphos used to be the island’s capital, and as such, it is full of ancient ruins. It also has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, some stunning beaches, which are much quieter than at other resorts, and holidays in Paphos are also ideal for those who love shopping.

Paphos is relatively new as a resort, but package holidays in Paphos are becoming increasingly common thanks to its newly built international airport. The entire area is an UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, and it doesn’t take long to realise why. Built on a hill, the town is split into two tiers, an upper and lower level. While the upper area contains all the boutiques and ample shopping opportunities, the lower town is filled with archaeological sites and ruins, including the magnificent underground Tomb of the Kings and the impressive Mosaics of Paphos that date back 1,500 years. The lower town is also where you will find the harbour, where the many tavernas are great places to eat, drink and relax.

While Paphos is less developed than other resorts, it still has plenty of large hotels that have all the amenities you’d expect from modern package holiday deals. The town also boasts some delightful beaches, which are often quieter and less packed than rival resorts. Undoubtedly, holidays in Paphos will become a lot more popular over the next few years, so if you are after a relaxing holiday, the best time to visit this Cypriot idyll is now.

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