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The Malia palace of Pithos, this was destroyed by an earthquake during the late bronze age and later rebuilt. The Malia palace of Pithos, this was destroyed by an earthquake during the late bronze age and later rebuilt.

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  • Nightlife according to 93% of travellers
  • Beach & Sun 89%
  • Food & Drink 80%
  • Outdoor Adventure 67%
  • Romance 67%

Malia is fast becoming Crete’s answer to Magaluf. Resting on a long sandy beach, the resort is highly popular with the 18-30 crowd seeking sun and fun in equal quantities. As such, it is a loud and busy place with a throbbing nightlife and no shortage of bars and clubs. Package holidays in Malia are often tailored to the young fun-seeker, but there are some quieter areas further along the beach and the town does boast a few sights worthy of exploration.

Just over 20 miles east of Heraklion, Malia is an ancient town with a rich history that dates back over 2,000 years. However, it is now quite clearly a clubber’s paradise. All along the golden coast you’ll find bars and clubs a plenty, and even on the beach bars line the sands and are happy to serve you refreshments as you lie in the sun. As holidays in Malia attract mainly a young crowd, there is plenty of watersports and fun activities, but if you get tired of the beach, nearby you can find Greece’s largest water park. For those looking for quieter package holiday deals, Malia is probably not the place, but it is ideal for clubbers wanting a change from Ibiza, Magaluf or Ayia Napa.

There are a few sights worth seeing if you can drag yourself away from the clubs and bars. The Palace of Malia is 2,000 years old and offers a flavour of ancient Greece, and the cobbled streets of the village are worth a wander down. In addition, there are plenty of shops in the resort and no shortage of places to eat, although most restaurants are tailored to the younger crowd. If the noise and rowdiness gets a bit much, you can always head to the far end of the beach, where you’ll find a less intensive atmosphere.

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