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Warning....Do Not Come Here

"If you want to stay in the most rudest and ridiculously priced hotel in the world then you have found it here at El Faro.

Have a plate of chips that look like thay have been bought from Mc Donalds for the extortionate price of 10 Euros, and taste what looks like a pathetic attempt of a sandwich for 8 Euros.

Swim in the salty freezing swimming pool or take a dip in the jacuzzi which is just as freezing as the pool.

Asking directions from hotel reception was like asking for a kidney. If you like been shouted at like a child by the hotel manager then hotel El Faro is the place for you!

2 / 10

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Don't Go There!!!!!!

"Had it not been for the people i went with,the rude,unfriendly and unhelpful staff in this so called 5star hotel could have ruined my much needed break.The hotel itself was fairly clean but then it would be as there was only a handful of other guests staying there i don't suppose they have much repeat custom! It astounds me how Hotel El Faro received a 5star rating i have stayed at several 5star hotels and they can never do enough to make you feel welcome,this was NOT the case in Hotel El Faro they describe themselves as a spa retreat,there was a charge of 20euros for 15mins in the sauna,the jacuzzi was stone cold,if you,like we did, make the mistake of ordering food there, expect to pay 10euros for an extra small portion of fries,10 euros for a non-alcoholic cocktail made with concentrated not fresh juice.We asked for a menu with the prices but the staff said they didn't have one,after getting our order wrong 3 times for some of the sandwiches.we were promptly given a bill of 120euros for 3 plates of fries,a sandwich and drink each(we had a party of 8 ladies).The staff walked off while we put our complaint to them,after not getting anywhere we asked to see the manager,we waited around for over 30mins when he didn't arrive we told the staff we would be by the pool,he never did get back to us.Upon checking out we were forced to pay the full amount.At no time did we feel the hotel staff tried to make our stay there enjoyable.Please choose wisely."

2 / 10

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Maro..El Faro

"Uh-oh!! Not very impressive to say the least!

Staff- unfriendly, unapproachable.

Fine dining- no way! Over priced, dry & bland with child sized portions.

Amenities- available, but at a cost & sub-standard at that. As mentioned in other reviews cold jacuzzi & pool.

No maps given or local tourist info.

On a positive note- the rooms were clean and of a decent size, although the aircon in two rooms was broken!

Still, a great holiday- but only because of the company!!!


4 / 10

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Avoid this hotel at all costs!!

"Where do I start?

Reception staff were impolite, unhelpful, discourteous and downright rude!

Meals were expensive (I mean a small plate of chips for €10 Euros)!!

Considering this hotel is supposedly 5 Star, it lacked basic facilities one would expect. There were no tea/coffee facilities in the bedrooms, no iron etc, jacuzzi was cold, you had to pay for the sauna and to use other facilities.

I would definitely not go back to this hotel, I'd rather sleep in a field!

2 / 10

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Absolutely awful

"This hotel looked very pretty at first although the location is in the middle of nowhere and it is completely dead as far as atmosphere goes. The main problem with it is the attitude of the staff, especially the managers. They go out of their way to be arrogant, rude and unhelpful. They did not give us any help with directions or maps and most of them do not make the effort to try to speak English ( strange considering most of their clients were English).

The rates for food and drink are absolutely ridiculous - 10 euros for a small plate of chips and 10euros for a non alcoholic cocktail!

They did not have any up to date price list for any of the spa treatments and they charge 20 euros for 20mins use of the Turkish baths.

Definately not worthy of a 5 star hotel and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

To be honest Sardinia itself is not worth bothering with, there are far nicer places with much friendlier people.

2 / 10

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Horrible horrible place

"This hotel is no way a 5 star hotel.....the jacuzzi is freezing cold and you have to pay for the sauna & thermal baths. It is in a very remote area and you definitely need a car because there is nothing to do there...lucky for us we had a car. The staff were really unfriendly and not helpful at all...infact they were very rude. The food was ridulously priced....for a 5 star you always expect to pay a bit more but you always get the hospitality and service. We all did lunch there one day and we asked for some sandwiches and chips. They said they had no chips or any sandwiches and said they would do paninis...when the food arrived they gave us sandwiches with a bit of wet lettuce with some tomatoes....I have seen better sandwiches at a corner shop. Not only did we not get our paninis but we saw a guest who had chips. Finally we got some cheese toastie (well two very small slices of bread with a bit of melted cheese). Not the best but we were starving....also finally we got two plates of french fries. The fries were the same portion as you would get from MacDonalds regular fries. 3 Sandwiches, 4 toasties, some non-alcoholic drinks and 3 portions of fries came to 126 Euros = £85. They didn't have a menu to choose from and it felt like they made the prices up as they went along.

The hotel was meant to be a spa hotel, when we got there we asked for the list of treatments available. We were 8 girls and only 1 lady who did treatments but was not on site and only came in when asked.....none of the staff really knew much about the treatments and what they included. We spoke to a staff member regarding the facilities and how we had to pay for sauna and stream room and he said that alot of guests have complained about the exact same thing and even he disagreed with it. The hotel have choosen to ignore anything there guests have to say.

I think they taken advantage of the fact that the hotel is in the middle of nowhere and force the guest to pay ridiculous prices for rubbish service.....I wouldn't even give the hotel a 3 star rating. I have stayed at 3/4 &5 star hotels and they have been amazing compared to this place. To me a great hotel is one where you have friendly/ helpful staff, good food and a pleasant atmosphere but this place had none of the above, quite the opposite.

I would definitely not recommend this hotel to anyone. This place has put a bad taste in all our mouth and it really is important to read peoples reviews before booking hotels and I will definitely be doing that going forwards. The age group of us varied from early twenties to mid-30th.

Don't do it!!!!!!

2 / 10

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5 star - i think not!

"we stayed here for a ladies weekend break as it advertised itself as a 5 star spa hotel.

the staff spoke very little english , were very rude and unhelpful.

we had a car so we planned to do some driving, trying to get directions from the reception staff was a joke.

the cost of eating there is beyond expensive and because it is out in the sticks, on one occasion we had no choice. this was a lunchtime, we asked for a pricelist of the bar food, they could not understand us nor would they produce a pricelist, they got our sandwiches wrong 3 times and when they did come they were disgusting. to give you an idea, we paid £10 for 2 dried up sandwiches and a drink. because the bar staff couldn't understand us, they said the manager was coming but didn't turn up - so don't expect any customer care either. you had to pay to use the sauna and steam room 20 euros for 15 mins per person, again these prices were not advertised, you would need to ask. the swimming pool and the weak jacuzzi were freezing .

when we aired our concerns to the manager he was not interested and was just as rude, i'm not sure if they thought we were spanish( as the spanards invaded them many moons ago!), we were a group of young asian girls - maybe this could account for their rudeness. hotels.com rated them as a 5 star but their customer care and lack of amenities available to you as a guest( which you would expect of a spa hotel), were deceptive.

not for families or relaxing getaways, you need to speak italian well and have money to throw for tasteless food. would never go there again - please be warned! i have been on many holidays, some with my children, others with friends and this has been the worst overall hotel i have ever stayed at.


2 / 10

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nice but cold

"The hotel itself is beautiful and does the job perfectly. Very clean rooms, reception, poolside. The breakfast was one of the best highlights to this hotel (along with the vista of course) A car is really useful as it is in the middle of nowhere..and some fanastic beaches just down the road. Be prepared to pay for the bar. One pint of beer and one small wine came to 11 euros. Staff are helpful if you

give them a chance although some were quite off handish (mainly the managers come to think of it) Had a nice time here but wouldn't run back.

6 / 10

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Lovely and also very helpful

"We have just returned from a four day stay at El Faro in Aghero. I was originally worried after reading the last report but all I can say is the staff were so helpful and tried their best to please us.

We arrived at 11am expecting to leave our bags at the hotel as rooms are not available until after 2pm but we were told as it was ready we could check in immediately. Friendly porter arrived to carry our small bags and insisted on showing us to our room not in a pushy manner but a friendly way and wanted to make sure we were happy with our room. The room was large spacious and wow what a view. We had a sea view higher level room and it was worth the extra expense. The balcony was massive. Sunloungers, (new) table and chairs (slightly old) and armchairs (new). The hotel was very clean.

You would need a car if you wanted to get around unless you relied on the buses which are very infrequent. We hired a car at the airport and were glad not to have pre booked as that queue was huge whereas the other car hire booths were empty.

The hotel breakfast was nice, we didn't eat dinner in the hotel as we wanted to travel around but they were happy to recommend other places to eat. Although there were set menus for lunch the bar staff said they were happy to serve individual items off the menu if we wanted something light.

The swimming pools (2) were spotless, towels lovely and a helpful pool assistant. Drinks were available from bar for around pool but it is self service and no wonder when you see the expanse of the grounds. We had a late night flight so asked if we could check out a bit later or leave our bags somewhere and were told as our room wasn't needed that day we could have it as long as we wanted- we left a 5.30pm which was brilliant.

At the airport we spoke to others who had to check out of there hotel at 10am and couldn't leave cases anywhere. It gave us the benefit of a full day out as we went back at 5pm to pack.

we couldn't fault any of staff except for one dodgey aged "Mr Smoothy " bar man in the evening who charged us more for the drinks. The rest of the bar staff were lovely. The drinks were expensive but we only used the bar for a couple of nightcaps when returning in the evening.

The hotel does have a few health club facilities but these are seasonal and we were aware of this before booking as it is mentioned on nearly all hotel websites that the season starts out there from May/June. My Husband found it lovely to run outside and far more picturesque than a gym.

We visited the caves via car and then walked down all the steps- make sure you're fit !!!! as coming back up is hard work in the heat, otherwise go by boat. Who needs the gym open when you can walk this!!!!!

Couple of recommendations--

Try La Chalet on coast road to Alghero for cheap but lovely lunch- bit hidden but look for sign.Very friendly and helpful-especially as I'm vegetarian- they drew me pictures on what they could cook for me as they didn't speak English.

Find the locals hidden beach spots if you have a car as they are great and they have eating places and bars ,all small but cheap and good atmosphere.

We had a great stay , we were looking for a few days relaxing and de stressing and we certainly got that. Don't go to Alghero if you want nightclubs, lively nightlife and pubs. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed.

Loved it.

8 / 10

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Avoid this place!!!

"Where do i start?

from check in to check out we had a terrible time.

the staff were the rudest people i have ever encountered.

The reception staff were not a bit interested in helping us out. from simple requests like asking about buses to enquiring about the gym we were sneered at. they didnt direct us anywhere, we didnt know until the next morning where to go for breakfast.

i booked this hotel purely for the facilities but there are none - we were told the gym was off season (v strange).

the wellness centre turned out to be a few different types of massages.

the meals were ridiculously priced and we refused to eat there any evening. thought it was terrible not to have any bar menu available - all you had was lunch and dinner that were set menus - both €42 per person which was crazy.

because the hotel was so remote some guests had no choice but to eat at the hotel.

as for the rating, no way is this a 5 star hotel, the room was spotless and the views were spectacular but im afraid thats where it ended. no iron in the room, nor tea/coffee making facilities. these are basic things

we are not a fussy couple when it comes to hotels but we had greater expectations to what we received.

would not recommend

2 / 10

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