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2. Karagozler Mah. Pacarizburnu Mevki Fethiye Merkez, Fethiye 48300, Turkey
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we went on the 16th august this year,...

"we went on the 16th august this year, & had the best time of my life! the people that work there are lovely & its sucha peaceful area. really didnt want to leave on the day we came home, really could have stayed so much longger! you can not get bored here constantley having fun & games & the sun is amazing.

the rooms; are amazing also.

the food there is great a wide variety

easily a 10/10 holiday

absoulty loved every second


  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
10 / 10

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we enjoyed our 2 weeks at...

"we enjoyed our 2 weeks at letoonia,the food was exellent and varied (even for our 2 15 yr olds )the resort is stunning acros the bay from fethiye.the views are superb.beaches were man made and once in the sea ,lots of pebbles.plenty to do on dolphin beach during the day,windsurfing(take a lesson first)kayaks,dinghys and pedalo,s.the kids enjoyed the water slides .

on the downside;

book early if you want to eat in one of the special restaurants (turkish,fish and sushi )usually queuing at 8.30am

the russians,rude and ignore all signs not to reserve sunbeds etc.

the crickets!!until we got used to the constant background noise during the day i must admit it annoyed me a bit,but then we got used to it.

the rooster!!if you are in one of the higher blocks you may well be woken by a rooster at 5am,this then sets the dog barking but again we got used to it ,some people did,nt!

the steps!!again only if you are in a higher block but 168 steep steps to our room was hard work in 40 degrees plus.i would,nt reccomend to the elderly or infirm.the safest option would be ask to be housed in the hotel which is on ground level.

we ate out in fethyie several times and enjoyed the town and market area,the shuttle boat is handy (10ytl return each)

our teenage girls enjoyed the nightclub which is situated away from the apartments and we felt they were safe at all times.

the entertainment in the theatre was geared up for children but most nights there were singers around the main bar area.

overall we would go back again but specify a lower apartment.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
8 / 10

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Just came back july, brill complex...

"Just came back july, brill complex very safe for kids very clean, as they are always cleaning everywhere, food was in abundance, no-one could complain about that, entertainment was great at night,staff all very helpful and polite. Tcomplex is so stunning it like a paradise on its own and so well maintained,bungalows can be situated high up with a load of stairs so can be tyring after a day on the beach,but you can look forward to the air con in the rooms..would go back for sure, july was so hot so be aware !!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Select, booked with Thomas Cook
9 / 10

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Good value, very clean, nice sized...

"Good value, very clean, nice sized famiy room (although very high up) air con a bit noisy- our boys (7 and 4) loved the pools and slides and evening (especially the Turskish dances). Great slection of food and generally a nice feel to the complex - overall a great family holiday, and of course the fantastic Turkish sun!!!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Select, booked with On the beach.com
8 / 10

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This was the second visit my wife and...

"This was the second visit my wife and I have made to the Letoonia complex. Obviously, we enjoyed it first time round in 2007.

The good points remained as previously: superb scenery; clean environs; excellent food and choice; staff probably friendlier and more efficient than last time; restaurants to die for in terms of ambiance..here one is referring to the outlook from the Moonlight and the Dolphin fish restaurants. These two would be incomaparable for their views wherever they were located, and would have a price to reflect this.

We were aware of Russians, but this was early season and they were probably not yet as numerous as later in the season, so fortunately they were not a problem. They were not rude, just ill-educated in terms of etiquette...an absence of politeness, rather than deliberate. At least they were generally not fat, or tattooed.

Nowhere is perfect: amen to that.

We were given a central peninsula room, with wonderful views over to Fethiye. Problem number one..the 3 o'clock call to prayers eminating from across the bay. Hardly the hotel's fault. However, the loud music from the disco which seemed to commence each night at 11.30pm, and kept me awake, certainly was the hotel's fault. This was compounded by their Friday night beach party disco thingy which started at this same time, but was situated just off the main square and actually shook our windows' frames. Complaints to the reception quietened it somewhat, but not enough. Time for a room change, which was eventually successfully completed after the manager recognised me from last year, when I had complained about something then (I cannot recall what now!)

We were switched to a room on the opposite side of the peninsula, but unfortunately we could still hear the disco, albeit less loud.

Problem two: the beds. Hard as could be...orthopaedic mattress on top of board. Why do hotels continue this abomination? I had a back ache last year, but this time I asked for 3 duvets: two for underneath, and one for over the top. It helped.

Problem three: intestinal disorder. This was not a major problem when at the hotel, but merely a lurking discomfort, which I did not stop me enjoying the splendid food. However, I suffered badly the day after getting back, and then for a month afterwards until we finally identified that it was giardiasis. This can be caused by poor hygiene, but is even more likely to be caught from swimming in static water, where the organisms breed. This seems a more than possible explanation, given the enclosed nature of the bay.

I would contemplate returning, but would certainly choose off-season and would swim on the open side of the peninsula only. Sadly, the hotel is aiming at a lower class of clientelle, when with a little upgrading they could be charging much more and attract a better level of customer.

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
6 / 10

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We have just returned from this hotel...

"We have just returned from this hotel .

Overall View which is honest and up to date.

Check if you have booked the hotel or club rooms/bungalow rooms as they are called these are rooms normally inset on a block of four. If you have booked one of these rooms check were they haveput you as the resort is uphill to these rooms can be up to 70 steps to get to your room where as the hotel rooms are much easier.If you have a room in block F you are up the top of the resort and its along way up at night so take all off your gear with you for the day . The resort is located in a bay area its masive so expect alot of walking from one end of the beach to the main pool area by the hotel if you want the quieter pool. There is a train that runs along however this is hit and miss with times . The rooms are not five star and need updating basic but adequate.To get to Fethiye the nearest town is by boat which is 10 Turkish Lira return which can be expensive if you have a family of four or five as this can amount to around £20.00 for five.Also the local taxis are 25 Lira each way so its not cheap if you want to go off the complex. There is enough for one week but if I was there for two I would be going up the walls and would be booking trips. The Spa centre is expensive its all in Euros and this was the biggest complaint on the price of massages etc. Food is good two buffett restaurants and three ala carte which you have to book however you must get up early to book these as the tables are gone by 9.15am.Drinks all local brew there is smirnoff in the top bar but you have to ask the wine and beer is okay but the coktails are not great.Kids club only for 4-7 year olds and the security was not great as they do not take details of your child etc . Beaches are good and staff are good they look miserable as they are dealing with rude russians who push in and do not thank anyone . The resort has alot but hopefully this will decrease with more english arriving. This resort is great if you want a chill out and nothing else around unless you pay to go into town. The entertainment was okay usual shows at night with dancing and kids disco. I would rate this a four star purely on the standard of accomodation and maybe quality of drinks . Its very clean no mosquitos so go and experience the resort.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
7 / 10

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It is not a five star hotel..The...

"It is not a five star hotel..The bungalows are just the same as any travelodge in Engalnd ( a room and a toilet) with an A/c and a small fridge.There is no Kettles in the room and you have to climb down all the steps to the restaurant to get a morning tea. And to charge any of your gadgets you need to search for a socket and finally I manged to find one in the toilet where I am charging my camera and Ipod now. Room standards are basic and other facilities like swimming pools and animation team is brilliant. If you need to visit the town it is nealy 15 to 18 pound for taxy up and down..

Value for money for this holiday..Sorry..it is below average

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
4 / 10

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My partner and i have just returned...

"My partner and i have just returned from letoonia, and we loved every minute of it! We arrived at 3.30 am local time and were taken to our rooms asap and our baggage was there within 10 mins as promised! When we checked in we were informed that there were 1600 people staying at the hotel, we didnt realise that around 95 percent of these would be russian! It was our third stay at letoonia, and never before has the place been so over run by the russians! They were so rude, taking food onto the beach and leaving it there all day! we felt sorry for the staff as they had no respect for the hotel or other guests. they also felt the need to wear swimwear to dinner even though there were signs stating that this was not allowed in any of the 9 restaraunts. Apart from that, everything else was excellent, the food was amazing, always piping hot with an amazing selection for all, drinks were good with a good variety of choice. we found the staff to be very helpfull and friendly, the grounds were so well looked after and always kept so clean.There was always something to do, and we never got bored day or night, we are a young couple but there was always pleanty to do at night! Overall a brilliant holiday would definately recommend it to anybody of all age groups! 5 star at its best! : )"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
10 / 10

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

This was our second time (June 2007,...

"This was our second time (June 2007, then June 2008) in Letoonia. Last year was our honeymoon and it was like a dream.

We are from Turkey, so we booked independently. The management was very kind and sent us two plates full of fruits and champagnes. We were at bungalows and they are definitely better than hotel rooms. Much more quiet and very nice view through the window. We are 25 so it was OK to climb the letters, and ours was very close to the main road and the beach.

In our second time, they were nice to give one of the greatest rooms ever, at the midpoint of the peninsula, a 2 minutes walk to beach, 3 minutes walk to the main square (Agora).

There are approxiamtely 1700 people and 1550 of them are estimated to be Russians.

I'm sorry to say this but Russians staying here are very rude, from childs to adults. They occupy more sunbeds than they need. They take everything more than they need. Foods, drinks. They treat everybody like they own the place. They push up everybody on their way instead of politely asking them to move aside, they speak Russian to you and when they do not understand, yell at you (99% of them cannot speak even a word of English), they do not know to respect any queue and try to get the first in line when there are many people are waiting.

I have read the reviews here about the staff. I have talked to them. They are very nice people but they are sick of Russians.

When you learn to ignore Russians (I was shouting them "Sputnik" - first orbital satellite, Soviet-made when they shout at me needlesly) the place is incredibly beautiful with a great price/performance.

3 beaches, numerous pools (we are sea people so don't know much to say about pools), beautiful Mediterranean flora, GREAT-GREAT-GREAT FOOD! English-speaking staff (we are Turkish so it was not an issue for us), quiet beaches, free water sports (wind-surf etc), very funny animation staff, 80s-90s live music before and after the night show, a disco with a great view (the DJ was not so good, played Eminem style music all along), live music in nearly all restaurants with guitar, pan flute etc. and free transfer from/to the airport.

I recommend 100%. You will not regret.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
10 / 10

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Just got back from Club Letoonia...

"Just got back from Club Letoonia stayed in one of the bungalows. Do not go to this place if you want a grown ups holiday as the place is full of families with very young children who cry and scream throughout the mealtimes, older ones playing tag around the tables. Quite frankly we want to get away from kids on holiday, but our brochure did not mention that the resort would be a family friendly type, and we did choose the 2 weeks after half term. Dont get me wrong, the place is beautiful and staff are lovely and willing to help, food is plentiful and a good variety, but why do the Russians take platefuls to their rooms, spilling most of it on the floor and never clearing it up or letting the staff know. Also the best restaurant is the Moonlight, but the queues are lengthy (why dont they open it for longer, or open it earlier for young kids?) Inclusive is definitely not for me, I like more freedom, peace and quiet when I want it and nightlife for grown ups. If you have a young family and want safe beaches and activities etc then you will love it. By the way, you have to pay 10 Turkish lira return to use the boat, it is not free as the website says, and as we were promised by Kosmar. Also the drinks are not international brands unless the barman feels like giving it to you. Be careful not to get ripped off as we were in an Olu Deniz restaurant. But the market in Fethiye is great (cheap as chips!!!) and the Turkish people are lovely and friendly."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Kosmar
6 / 10

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My Husband and myself have just...

"My Husband and myself have just returned from the Letoonia.

The bad things first? The rooms are a bit shabby and dated, when the cleaners leave your room I think it is there policy not to lock the balcony door this happened every day to myself and relations staying at the Letoonia, I had a few items of clothing missing from my room all of them designer? I told the Manager but it seemed to fall on deaf ears so make sure the cleaners close your balcony door if not you can quote what has happened to me.

I was aware of the bungalows being a bit of a walk, so I asked my Travel agent to email the resort to ask if we could have a lower accommodation, no such luck, I needed to use my inhaller by the time I got to my room.

The good things

The resort is beautiful, and although the Manager was very un helpful, the rest of the staff were pleasant and polite.

The resort is keeped clean, I have never seen such clean pools, The choice of food was very good, I recommend the Fish Restaurant, and the moonlight restaurant.

I would return but would pay the extra to stay in the hotel as it is safer than the bungalows.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Discount Centre
8 / 10

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This was are 2nd visit in two years...

"This was are 2nd visit in two years to letoonia and i must agree the resort is set in the most outstanding grounds and the views are amazing.the food is very good freshly cooked in front of you and a amazing choice.the staff didnt seem as happy this year and the entertainment was the same as last year.13 of us went and if you like a good drinke at night you need to order your spirits and mixer seperately as the measures are very small and if you ask for doubles they put twice as much ice in.also the main gripe with everyone we spoke to was the boat taxi it has alwas been free but theyve decided to charge this year £4 return which is fine if only 1 of you but if theirs a few its cheaper per person to get a letoonia taxi about £12 return so if theirs 4 people it cheaper.all in all letoonia is a fantastic place but to be honest a little boring at night as after the show theirs nothing going on.apart from the disco which is down loads of steps and the toilet is at the top so alot of walking if you go their.but for a relaxing holiday with lots going on during the day sailing canoeing ect it is a excellent resort.

ps if your unfit or have walking diffulcties make sure you book lower ground apartments as alot of them are along way up and many steps.

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
9 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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