Pueblo Caribe International Beach Resort

El Tirano Carretera Costanera, Margarita Island 6301, Venezuela
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3 / 10
Appling Hotel

"We visited the Pueblo Caribe as a party of 9 for 2 weeks in May 2008, and my whole party would agree with me, and 99% of the British guests at the hotel during our stay, when I say "DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL!!"

Maybe we were unlucky to be staying at a time when the hotel was undergoing MAJOR refurbishment work (this despite First Choices claims when they phoned to advise us of the closure of the main restaurant 9 HOURS before we were due to fly out, that it was only minor work), but this does not explain; the unbelievably rude staff (unless you are Venezuelan and then they cant do enough for you), the dirty pool (your swimwear WILL turn green), the lack of daytime entertainment (despite advertising a full daytime programme, and bear in mind there is NOTHING to do or see outside the hotel), the disgusting & dangerous beach, the hotel being overun with local school kids each weekend, the very poor quality and often cold food, I could go on but suffice it to say my complaint letter to First Choice ran to 4 pages.

To escape the hotel for a couple of days 2 of us did the trip to stay in the jungle and then visit Angel Falls this was FANTASTIC. A bit pricey at £250 each but you will not be disapointed.

We also took a jeep tour around the Island, anything to get away from the hotel, this was good but made us realise what a mistake booking the Pueblo Caribe was, as some hotels we saw looked excellent.

Please dont let my review put you off visiting Margarita I am sure some parts are well worth staying at but please, please, PLEASE DO NOT STAY AT THE PUEBLO CARIBE.

In my rating I have given 2 points for it being a base close enough to visit Angel Falls and 1 point because all my party made it home safe!!!!!

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
I visited this hotel with my partner...

"I visited this hotel with my partner with no prior knowledge of the area or any experience of a holiday so far away. We had basically booked this holiday because, at £1000 for both of us for two weeks, it seemed like a bargain. I have read many of the reviews on this website and have to say I can agree with the majority of the points made.

When we arrived we were shown to our room by a porter only to find that there was a massive puddle of water from the air conditioner. The porter did not speak any English and did not look at all surprised at the state of the room. We had actually paid extra for a sea view and were placed in the large block of the hotel. It took three trips to reception and an hour of waiting in a queue to see the rep (who was totally amazed by the fact that we had been placed in the large block as it seemed they had herded all the English into the smaller section of the hotel) before the puddle was cleaned and the air conditioner banged a few times by three very intimidating work men. Despite this the air conditioner still played up the entire holiday and the rep was like a ghost, she was very helpful when you could catch her but the only time you could was when she was in the hotel selling trips or picking up the people going on the trip.

I didn't really bother with the beach as I prefer the swimming pool. At the time we stayed the pool was clean and we witnessed the man cleaning it every day. In terms of the food, all the restaurants were open when we visited.

The food was very repetitive and I was put off by the fact that there seemed to be small ants everywhere. I can be quite picky with food and usually stick to the same thing however even something as basic as the bread was inedible as it was crawling with ants. I actually lost weight on this holiday!

Overall I think I would suggest that if you could get a very good deal for a week (two is just too long) then pueblo caribe should still be an option if you want to see Margarita. I would suggest paying for the sea view room as the other section seemed more like self-catering apartments around a smaller pool. We have since been to the Dominican Republic and have to say that we were ecstatic with our hotel and if we had gone there first we would probably have flown home early from Margarita! If you have prior knowledge of the Carribean, maybe exclude this from your choices.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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3 / 10
where to start, the pueblo caribe is...

"where to start, the pueblo caribe is NOT what anyone tells you it will be like! it´s classed as 2 star with lots to see and do and thats where the untruths begin! the hotel and rooms are very basic, there were at least 30 people here from our flight and at least one person in every couple has had serious diarrhea and or vomitting (me in my party) its not a nice experience on holiday, and our rep was not very helpful. Food is very very basic, I think i will eat just about anything, or at least try, but I struggled on days to eat anything other than bread and the toasties at the cascada bar!

when we arrived as many others have said, first impressions are terrible as you pull up outside as the coach cant make it in, we were also allocated a room in the cascada part, PB20 which was at the back of the complex, behind a large setting of palm trees which blocked any natural light getting in the big window, the door wouldnt shut or lock properly and the air conditioning unit kept sprouting water, but i was told this was normal and just rustic, thankfully we managed to change rooms the next day, PB39, still very basic, but a little brighter and in view of the pool.

we had letters before we came saying one of restaurants was closed and would open july 1st, this never happened so as a result we were left with one buffet restaurant to eat in, which had limited choices, not very clean and when your rep tells you to avoid most of the dishes when you become ill, leaves you with little choice. also the venezuelan military more or less took over the hotel for the first week and it was pretty frightening seeing them all over the place with all their guns and ammo strapped on, apparently a gun fell out at breakfast one morning and the whole place ducked for cover! we had not been informed that this would be happening.

the beach at pueblo caribe is lovely to look at, but treachourous to swim in (my own OH had to be rescued by 2 life guards the first day we went to the beach as there are serious undercurrents and whirlpools). the pool is not clean by any stretch of the imagination, my boyfriend was the one doing the hulk impersonation on the last day as he stepped out of the pool a bright green colour whatever chemicals

we did go to the ala carte also and the first week it was great, but then the second week it was fully booked all week so none of the english guests could book it, when we created a fuss they eventually agreed to put on a second sitting (which was advertised on the sheet of where to dine info they give but hadnt been in operation) but the second visit to the ala carte left alot to be desired. We had barely finished courses when the next were coming out, and when my main did come I had take about 3 mounthfuls when a bug crawled out from underneath my meal, the manager assured me this must have flown in from the beach, however it had no wings, it had crawled from my meal, i was horrified, they took my plate, left everyone else finish and then gave us desert, so i had no main meal!

the second week at one point we got a group of about 40 venezuelan kids on a school tour who's teachers were all staying at a different hotel, they broke into one of the girls rooms for fun, rep heard and did nothing, it took for them to literally riot one night around our pool and half the british folk get up, security would do nothing, the kids were peering in windows and trying every door, and eventually it was only when the british people asked for the police number the security stepped in about 5am and hearded them all to the reception area, they were all made leave the next day!

I dont want to put people off coming to margarita, the people are soooooo friendly and the island itself is fascinating, we´ve been on the sights tour, land cruiser, cubagua island and angels falls and i wouldnt have missed any of them, they were all fascinating and fabulous (and got us out of the complex for a couple of days).it really took alot of immodium to get some of us on the tours, everyone has been so ill, I've been to the doctors as my cramps and diarrhea were still going on when i got back for about a week.

I had good time here, purely because of what we made ourselves, I´m irish, few scottish folk and alot of english here (dutch families in same place also complaining re food and stomach problems) and made our own entertainment in the evenings!

I'm so glad to be back home, i did love the island and the tours and everything, but the hotel was a complete and utter nightmare.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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1 / 10
From the moment we stepped off the...

"From the moment we stepped off the plane our holiday was awful! We arrived late Saturday night at the airport to find we had to stand in a que for 4.5 hours with no air con or seats to get through immigration (only 1 desk was open) I was 6 months pregnant at the time and I wasn't allowed to sit down in the heat nor allowed to go through to the front of the que. We were put on a transfer bus to the hotel and as soon as we arrived on the main road (not in the hotel grounds) we were surrounded by locals trying to see what was in our bags and what jewellry we were wearing with no help from the hotel with our bags. We were checked into a 5th floor room (after searching for it for a good 20 minutes) we found that the lifts were out of order for most of the holiday and I had to climb at least 8 flights of stairs each time. We had no hot water for 9 days and each time we asked for it to be fixed or moved rooms we were refused as we were told the local people who were on holiday checking into the hotel came first. each time we were told to go back at 6pm to see if there were any rooms available. I had to shower in freezing cold water every day. The balcony to our room was infested in ants and other creepy crawleys so we couldnt sit out and the "free water" tanks tasted like they had washed onions in the water. The all inclusive food was disgusting it was left open to be crawling in flys (bearing in mind there was a rubbish stike on when we were there so the flys multiplied by the dozen) and the food was either cold or looked like something I wouldnt even feed to a dog.....which brings me onto my next point! the hotel was overrun with stray dogs and cats running around covered in flees that came in from the beach front which backed onto the hotel. They were even running around the food court area.

We were eventually moved to a different room only after I had to call back to the UK to get the local rep in Margarita called out to the hotel to argue with the manager to change are room who denied that we had ever complained infront of us which erupted into an argument. We were not allowed to be transfered to another hotel and we could not return home as there was only one flight a week onto the island. Once we were moved to the ground floor area we were put next to an open sewer drain that was uncovered because it was blocked and the stench was dreadful. The place was crawling in cockroaches so they decided to fumicate it without any warning and being 6 months pregnant we were so scared that the fumes would harm our baby we asked to be moved again but to no avail. On the last 2 days they closed 2 of the restaurants and left only one small snack bar open to feed the whole hotel so you can imagine it was a free for all and the locals didnt think twice about pushing me out the way pregnant or not! My partner approached the bar for a drink and half of the slate tiles fell off on his foot yet the hotel refused to acknowledge this.

We were given a complimentry meal at the hotel next door to make up for the 9 days without hot water only because the UK rep had been on the phone to complain but when we arrived at the hotel no one knew who we were or why we were there and to make things worse you are all made to wear bright orange wrist bands to clearly identify you as a tourist to the area so that if you dare step outside of the complex you risk the chance of being held up at gunpoint and robbed for everything you own and there is no british embassy there to help you get home! 7 people were heldu p for jewellry and passports whilst we were there.

I would never in a million years go back to Margarita or go with firstchoice again. They were usless when it came to helping us abroad and they ignored our letter of complaint when we got home. The holiday cost us almost £2000 and it was a complete disgrace and should not be recommended as a 3 star all inclusive holiday place.

Again when we returned to the airport we had to que up to get through visa/immigration control which took 2 hours and when we were at the front of the que they closed the desk until my partner kicked up a fuss saying that I was pregnant and would not be joining the back of another que to start all over agian so eventually they let us through but not before they had dogs and security people jumpingall over us to check we weren't carrying drugs in our luggage etc. Margarita should not be a tourist place even the couple infront of us at the airport said they paid to stay in a 5 star hotel and it was like being in a grotty BnB in Blackpool!

If you want to be ripped off and treated like a stray dog then Margarita is the palce to go!!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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10 / 10
I like most people found the hotel to...

"I like most people found the hotel to look rather run down as we approached but from leaving home to gettting to the hotel was about 14 hrs with airport waiting time so i was tired. We found the food to be fine as there were enough restaurants to look in if you did not like the food in the sol y mar you could go to the pasta bar and there is always something that you could eat, i never went hungry. I see if previous reviews people complaining re the staff being slow this is South America same as spain everything is Manyana. We never waited for drinks or plates to be removed as we can usually find the best staff at the beginning of the holiday just slip the $5.00 and you want for nothing i even had my drinks brought over to me by the swimming pool. Regarding the language by a phrase book and try some spanish phrases. South America is relatively new to tourism from England, the majority of the staff speak a small amount of English and you will find that they can help you with your spanish and would like to learn more of the english language as it would help them as well. The Coco Locos are a must they are a creamy coctail reminded me of the Dirty Banana Cocktail in Jamaica. Now please note this is a 2*+ which i recomend as a 3* this is not Jamaica or Cuba or Barbados so dont expect everything that you get in a different Country. Yes sometimes there may be a power cut and sometimes you may have no hot water the water is done by solar panels and everybody tries to shower before dinner so you may end without hot water if found showering approx 5.30 pm no problem 30 minutes later yes you would have a problem. This is a laid back relaxing hotel outside the side of the hotel is a local bar named Macanao's owned by Pretoriana my husband and I visited the bar some times as the staff would go there for a drink after work also he did bar b ques as well. When you walk along the road to the right at the front of the hotel by the beach there is a brit bar 10 mins walk which is owned by some people from Manchester if you visit take some P.G. Tips as they miss the P.G. El Tyrano is a sleepy fishing village as i have just mentioned there is not a lot of night life but if you want discos and more bars and restaurant you can get a cab from inside the hotel to take you to Playa El Agua for a few dollars about £3.00. There is a big supermarcado on the main road about 10 mins walk left from the side entrance and it is bigger than most big named supermarkets in the U.K. Every body makes their own oppinion when they get there i have visited many third world countries where you get a lot of hassle to buy things but on the beach you get the guys trying to sell sunglasses i bought my raybans and they are still going fine for about $20.00 or less but you must haggle but if you are not interested a polite No Gracias they will go away (no hard sell) if you are a dog lover you will find the dogs by the beach they are all friendly and will not bite and the one that looks like a jack russell with long legs loves burgers she is called luca with brown ears. I would have entered some photos but this forum does not support jpeg. And if this is a recommendation My husband and I are returning to M.I. Pueblo Caribe in June this Year. Adios Amigos."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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4 / 10
Well, I'm sure some people might have...

"Well, I'm sure some people might have had a great time at this resort and others a terrible experience; I could see both sides for sure. I wasn't impressed with the overall experience at Pueblo Caribe at all. We had a much better time off the resort than on it. Small things like running out of cutlery, dishes, TOWELS?? I mean, these things shouldn't happen.. the service was close to terrible. Waiting more than 5 mins for a drink, when there is only 1-2 people in front of you ordering a rum & coke or a glass of wine, those bartenders should be trained! Also it was very irritating waiting at the bar for a drink and having the servers bump into you so they could reach the straws for the drinks they were delivering. Common courtesy here.. even walking through the restaurants, YOU had to get out of the way of THEM so they could walk by you... this is ridiculous, they should be moving out of the way for you, not the other way around. We are the ones paying for this trip to enjoy ourselves, not worry about getting run over by the staff because they need to do something!

I agree that the housekeepers or maids were probably the best staff that resort had. I actually had one bartender get mad at me because I ordered 2 rum & cokes, a tequila sunrise & a beer. He said in his broken english "why are you ordering those drinks", like it was that difficult to make 3 kinds of drinks for one order.. and the worst part was he wasn't even making them, it was a different bartender!

I would maybe go back to Venezuela, but at least not for a long while.. and definitely not to this resort. I realize that my expectations were a little high going into the trip, but they fell way below par.

Overall I would give this resort a 2/5. From speaking to a couple while I was there, the same owner has just opened up a 4 star right beside it, so he has dulled down the service at Pueblo Caribe 3 star so that the other resort looks/seems better.

Suggestions for this resort?!

-Get enough cutlery, towels, dishes for all guests to enjoy

-Train your staff and teach them basic english (I don't know how many dumbfounded looks I received because they didn't understand any english!)

-Train your staff to be courteous and lose the rude attitudes

  • Holiday details: Feb 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Nolitours

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10 / 10
Having read some of the reviews me...

"Having read some of the reviews me and my boyfriend were a little apprehensive about what we might find - we needn't have been. When we arrived we found our room to be clean, spacious and comfortable. It was pretty basic but we had everything we needed. We woke in the morning to bright blue skies, birds singing and had the most amazing weather for the entire 2 weeks. The staff were friendly and helpful and our tour rep could not have done enough for us (including bringing me her own trainers so I could go horse riding).

We did 3 trips while we were there, horse riding, the jeep tour and a catamaran trip - they were all great and I would thoroughly recommend them. We also went diving - definitely worth it! The pearls are also really cheap out there so it is worth shopping around if you need anything.

The food was fine, no chips I'm afraid for those who wanted them but I was more than happy with that - lots of meat, fish, vegetables and salad and if that’s not for you then the smaller bar did sandwiches until 11pm.

Having been to Jamaica the year before I found Margarita a lot less intimidating and felt very safe walking around outside of the complex to explore some of the beaches.

Considering this was a 3 star resort (and you do need to bear that in mind) we had the best holiday we have ever had and I would highly recommend Pueblo Caribe....oh, and tipping the staff also goes a long way. Enjoy, I have no doubt that we will return.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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2 / 10
Where shall I start..? Upon arriving...

"Where shall I start..?

Upon arriving at the hotel our first impressions were not great due to the awkwardness of the hotel entrance, which was situated on a dirty side road adjacent to the local community.

Once in the hotel we checked in and proceeded to the room. This was pretty much as we had expected, basic but clean and tidy.

Dinner that night was not a pleasant experience! I had noticed plenty of staff walking around the buffet area but none were in a hurry to serve or clean up the dirty plates. At one sitting we had our soup bowls, main course dishes and dessert plates piled high on our table. Getting a drink or refill seemed to be a hit or miss affair also! Most of the time the only way to get anything done seemed to be to do the job yourself.

The problems with the staff continued during the day also; getting a drink from the pool bars consisted of pretty much helping yourself again. The soft drink bottles were all left out on top of the bar during the day for you to pretty much pour your own warm flat drink!

After a couple of days, we decided to speak with the rep and pretty much had to get in a queue of disgruntled guest whose problems appeared worse than ours; no electricity, no water, air-conditioning broken etc...

If you are planning to visit Margarita I would seriously consider using a different hotel to the Pueblo Caribe! Venezuela is a beautiful country and the trips to national parks and Angel Falls really are breathtaking.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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1 / 10
This place was a complete let down....

"This place was a complete let down.

Me and my boyfriend had a bad stomach nearly every day. The pillows were mouldy, the sink tap leaked (which was in the bedroom - so annoying when trying to sleep). There was mould all around the shower. We were infested with ants on 3 occasions during the week and half stay - we were meant to stay for 2 weeks but couldn’t handle the staff and horrible facilities any longer so moved hotels for the last 3 days.

Our apartment flooded one day when we were out and our stuff got flooded not only with water - but mixed with sewage - so alot of our items were ruined. The staff attempted to wash and dry some clothes - but some came back bleached and shrunk! The air con switch was hanging off the wall and the staff were quite rude and couldn’t understand us most of the time.

Me and my boyfriend couldn’t wish 2 weeks to go quick enough. Would never go there again if you paid us. What a waste of my life and money.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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8 / 10
After reading the reviews I was a...

"After reading the reviews I was a tiny bit apprehensive, especially as it was my boyfriends first time in the Caribbean but I needn’t have been it was great.

First impressions as you pull up to the hotel at night aren’t great, the front of the hotel is surrounded by shacks that the locals live in but we honestly never heard any noise or trouble from them.

The rooms were a bit of a shock as well very basic & the sink was in the bedroom, but the beds were so comfy & the shower worked well so really what more do you need??

The food is great, there is a marvellous choice, there are two main buffet restaurants one that always has someone making fresh pasta of your choice, the second always has someone carving roasts or making steaks/chops etc, the third is a sandwich bar, the fourth a burger & hotdog grill & the fifth is a snack bar on the beach that turns into an a la carte restaurant at night.

All of the above have bars minus the burger place & there is a late night disco on the beach attached to the hotel next door that we managed to use all inclusive although it wasn’t advertised as such...

There was evening entertainment but it wasn’t my type of thing so we used to sit around the smaller pool bar with the friends we had made out there.

I really would recommend this hotel, first impressions are a bit of a shock but when you get there dump your bags go to the bar, have a few drinks when you wake up the next morning you have glorious sunshine a beautiful blue sky & none of it will seem so bad.

Two word of warning about Margarita, if you have been to other places in the Caribbean this may disappoint, the Island to me seemed poorer than any of the others id visited & there was a refuge strike when we were out there so there was litter everywhere at the side of roads once you left the hotel, & to everyone we spoke to on trips etc that were in other hotels complained of stomach complaints & long queues at the bars, we had none of these at the Pueblo Caribe, so indefinitely give it a try :o) (I am not on commission).

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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9 / 10
This hotel was very nice. We did get...

"This hotel was very nice. We did get moved to Isla Caribe (****). But we used bars, swimming pools in Pueblo Caribe. It was over all very clean. The waiters and waitresses were mostly good, some were a bit against serving us because we were British....but some were very helpful! And we ended up giving big tips! Swimming pool was lovely! And most days we just stayed there all the time!

We did 2 trips. The dolphins were very good! It was a very good experience. After paying £250 in Florida, £30 was extremely cheap. We also did the land cruiser. This was very good. Especially liked the boat trip, I would recommend asking to eat oysters!

Anna Marie...are tour rep, was very good. When you wanted something, it would happen straight away. She was also a great help, and a lovely person.

The food was very nicer in Isla Caribe, Which you could use if you were staying in Pueblo Caribe, was so much nicer. The pre-booked place was very nice, and service was very instant.

Overall this was a lovely holiday! And would love to go back to Pueblo/ Isla Caribe.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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1 / 10
The food was horrendous, the food...

"The food was horrendous, the food that was supposed to be refrigerated had never seen sight of a fridge, there were flies crawling all over the food. I had food poisoning and my husband was ill too. We complained to the rep but he didn’t do anything about it.

There was no entertainment.

The whole complex was full of time shares which was not stated in the brochure so the people who stayed in the timeshare got preferential treatment.

The club rep was useless, didn’t know a thing about excursions or what to do on the island. The flight over was horrendous, no in flight entertainment and I didn’t feel safe on the plane.

Overall this was supposed to be my honeymoon and if anyone asked for a recommendation I would tell them not to bother.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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    " If you travel this far you HAVE to visit Angel Falls, breathtaking. "

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