Diana Club Hotel

Sirinyer Mah. Kenan Evren Bulv. No:12, Marmaris 48700, Turkey
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2 / 10

"Food was poor covered in fly's. Everything meatballs. An place full of cats. Staff unfriendly especially woman on reception. Room not clean. Shower water overfills all over floor. No chair in room.pool closes at 6. Resort nice. Will not return to hotel."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013
  • Advice: turkish baths an trips
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Don't go to dirty Diana !

"If your thinking about going on holiday to this hotel then please read this review before booking as I don't want u to have the same problems we had where do I start ,firstly we arrived early hours of the morning to be put on the 4th floor we opened the bedroom window which was the room my 2 young kids were staying in,it was a straight drop with no barrier on the window we requested that we wanted a different room as when we booked we asked for ground floor they put us in a family room above the Diana bar which the music carried on till 4 in the morning with the music pounding trough the ceiling,next the bathroom,the shower never had any hot water it was just a hole in the floor with all cracked tiles,my partner was on the toilet turned round to get the toilet roll and the whole toilet came away and lifted off the floor the whole room was disgusting.The Restaurant,breakfast was cereals,hard bread,olives and meats ,and hard boiled eggs trust me if u threw it at somebody it will kill them,lunch was salad with flies,cold chips and nuggets and some days chicken,what was left over at lunch you would get at dinner,we has to eat out every night because it was so bad.The swimming pool wasn't. much better with all broken tiles and slats of wood sticking up and loads of rubbish just laying around and not to forget the dirty Russians that think they own the place.friends of ours had things go missing from out off there rooms they told the manager and he didn't care they said they would call the police and he said they won't do anything,nighttime they had no entertainment for the kids or for adults you had dinner from 7-9 and 9-10.30 round the pool for your dinks after 10.30 you had to pay for your drinks.ITS TRUE IT IS DIRTY DIANA IF YOUR NOT SURE ON MY REVIEW THEN PLEASE READ OTHER REVIEWS COS OTHER PEOPLE HAVE HAD THE SAME PROBLEMS'!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T GO TO DIRTY DIANA"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Stay away
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
thiefs in dirty diana ! dont waste your time here its dirty and dangerous

"we stayed for 1 week here recently {oct 2012} we arrived and was put on top floor when we already had asked for bottom floor as we have 2 young kids any how when in the room we opened a window that had a sheer drop so we refused the room then was moved to bottom floor then the room was dirty and the toilet moved and lifted off floor , they then closed a swimming pool half way through the week so we all had to sqeeze round anouther where the swimming pool was dirty and all the flooring was dangerouse and is awaiting a serious accident shortly to come , the hotel is so neglected and dirty is just not beleivable ! any how there was things starting to go missing from rooms i.e shoes / sandles / hair cutters / etc etc so when we asked the manager whats going on, he says dont be silly and thats it so we said we will call the police his reply was call who you want they wont do nothing , the location is good but the hotel needs knocking down and restarting with new management as there just taking peoples money and dont care less about anything ! p/s take plenty of toilet roll with you as the food is just as bad as the state of the hotel TRUST ME !"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012
  • Advice: dont go stay away
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"We arrived back home yesterday after staying at this hotel for 2 weeks and can honestly say this is the worst hotel ive ever stayed in. Booked the holiday a year before we went and it wasnt cheap. After booking read lots of awful reviews and thought it couldnt be as bad as the reviews said, it was worse! Arrived at the hotel too be told Thomas Cook had only sent proof of our booking that morning so there were no rooms available for us. 2adults+3young children. Other family members who booked with other travel companies and arrived at the same time as us were also told they didnt have rooms because their tour operators hadnt sent booking information for them either. Even though we all booked a year ago so this was a lie.

11 of us were all sent to a sister hotel the club palm down the road and given a room there. The room was up almost 8flights of stairs with no lift. 5suitcases+a pram was no fun transporting for 1night. We booked a family room and was given a tiny room with not enough beds, i asked for another bed but it never arrived so we had to sleep 3children in 1 bed. I will say the food was nice at the hotel for the 1 night. The next morning another party memeber went bck to the club Diana to see if our rooms were ready only to be greeted by another english party who were arriving also being told they didnt have rooms because the tour operater hadnt sent confirmation.

Eventually given our room we had to cart the suitcases back down the stairrs there was a minibus provided to take us bck to the Diana. The family room we was given was situated on the 4th floor of a derelict building that had an old reception was in darkness that looked like it hadnt been used years and now used for storing broken furniture. There were about 15stairs before you could access a lift (the lift was very unreliable)so again this was very akward to be a family block with 5suitcases+a pram. Arriving into our room the corridors were very dark with very poor lighting the lights had wires hanging out of the walls. Our corridors had marble floors but the other block had carpet halfway up the walls where it hadnt been cut. First impression of our room was very basic, bedding+towels were clean. although the maid come daily the sink was dirty and wasnt cleaned the whole time we was there so i cleaned this myself daily. The maid did try though by making us shapes out of the towels most days. There were 2single beds rather than a double. The hotel staff carried our cases and waited around for a tip but they wasnt having 1. After all the mess up of not having a room and finally being given a room we were settled about 4pm the day after arrival. Thinking things couldnt get any worse we went for food, i wouldnt have even given the food to my dog, we are not snobby people or fussy eaters but the food was horrendus for the money we spent. Boiled chicken pieces in water, dry pasta, tinned burgers. It was the same every night and dinner time the salad cart was the same every day and was coverd in flys dried up cucumber+tomato. Brekfast was the same every day 3choices of meats, cheese and eggs. The all-inclusive concept was never all at the same time so he pool bar would close when the lunch time bar in the restraunt opend so if you choose not to go for lunch youd have to trek to another block for a drink. Also the 3rd pool with a slide f you used this pool you could not use the all inclusive concept and had to buy drinks. The restraunt was over run by cats which was also very sickly. I approched the hotel manager about the food and said i had spent nearly 3000 pound for the muck he was serving and his reply was that the food was high standard and there were 650 people in the hotel so once the food had gone it had gone. It was always cold even though the trayys were on hotplates. The next day we did have fish served up for us but the day after was back to muck. That night we come to realise our hotel was situated above the diana bar the music went on until about 4am and the noise was so loud we just aswell have been sat in the club and we booked a family room. The children couldnt sleep, every night there was regular fighting. The main pool was full of russians i have no problem with different nationalitys other than the fact that they were all exremley arrogant, dirty dancing around the poolin very little whilst we were on a family hoilday. The hotel offers a free private beach this is a 10minute bus ride away but club diana forgot to mention they put a bus on 3times a day and only seats 15people at a time in a hotel with 650people in. The hotel entertainment in the day was only ever for the russians they put on darts, volleyball and darts but we didnt ojnce get asked to join in and the evening entertainment was crap. The only posotive i will say is the restraunt staff really were the nicest people very helpful and always very polite to us. We had a lovely holiday outside the hotel and Turkey is a beautiful country but on top of what i paid i ate out everyday as there was nothing for children and the food was appalingand had to pay for taxis to the beach because the free bus was full. The other thing i will say the hotel photographer pesters you all the time to take photos of you. This was the hotel from hell and certanley wasnt the relaxing 2week break i planned. The russians would push in front in all the ques and excpect to be served and 1 of the group waiting for coffee at brekfast had a russian man take the cup from her hand for himself take his coffee and walk off. The diana bar was a nice place to eat and we all had 1 free brekfast. I had my birthday there had a free cocktail and a lovely cake but the entertainment was very samey everynight when your room is above them and you hear every song. Please read this advice before you book because you wil be sissapointed!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Go to another hotel.

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1 / 10
Don't even think about it

"This place is hell on earth ! We only stayed for one night (thank god)as the hotel we were staying in for the rest of the holiday was overbooked. The rooms are dreadful and could be compared to police cells. The food is disgusting - I won't go into details as you can read the other reviews for that. The all inclusive board is a joke as you have to que for ages and then can only get one drink each time. I would have thought that in this day and age this hotel should not be allowed to stay open. Please stay away from this hotel as it could turn you off of Turkey for future holidays."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: There are proper hotels inthe area
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Better than the reviews.

"After booking Club Diane in marmaris i checked the reviews on various sites and was horrified at what i had just booked as most of the reviews were bad. But it just goes to show that you shouldn't trust everything you read, i had a wonderful time as did my boyfriend and the rest of my family. The people complaining about the lack of all inclusive and the bad service and things like that really need to realize that if you pay for a cheap holiday you get a cheap holiday. Ok so it wasn't the best hotel in the world but i didnt pay for that i paid for a place to stay that was clean and thats what i got and i paid for all inclusive meals for breakfast, lunch , dinner and even snacks at 4 o'clock! And hay guess what thats what i got. So if you have got yourself worried cos your reading these bad reviews then dont listen. I have only written this review because i feel compelled to calm those who have booked this hotel, you must remember that most people only write reviews if its a bad one. I had a great time and so did everyone i met at the hotel and when there was a slight problem (the light bulb blew) we told then and 10 mins later they were straight up and fixed it and not only that the man fixed the air conditioning that we didnt even realize was broken, apparently it could go to a higher setting. So dont go on holiday dreading what your about to find cos i ensure you that if you do that you will miss all the fun you could be having. Hope you enjoy!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
not 3 star more like 1and a bit star

"just come back with my husband and my 19 year old son and his friend (19) they both enjoyed the holiday but as for my husband and I, well what can a say had a excellent time met loads of lovely people but disappointed with hotel I would never stay in this hotel again, don’t get me wrong people who work there are lovely make you feel very welcome but i think hotel needs refurbishing the rooms are small, we arrived 12 midnight they took us to our rooms the one my son was in had a television and hot water in the shower, ours had no television and the water was cold I complained twice and still only had cold water in shower up until leaving, the all inclusive was a disgrace how they get away with it puzzles me as my dog wouldn’t eat that food, all inclusive drinks finish at 10,30 there was no entertainment in any of the bars, the managers of hotel was lovely, the Diana bar was the best it wasn’t in with all inclusive but would recommend that bar, Jason, Ozzy, Alex, Carlos, Ozzy and not for getting Billy they were fantastic and not for getting jimmy who worked in hotel he couldn’t do enough for you if it wasn’t 4 the Diana bar and the lovely people we met i would have paid to go to a near by hotel there was 3 parts to hotel and you didn’t know which bar was serving when, the menu you where given said choice of 2 hot meals veal, lamb chicken and fish we never saw any veal or lamb the full week we where there just chicken and fish, we had As for this hotel being rated as a 3 star I would only give it 1 1/2 stars, other all inclusive holidays I’ve been on have had there food and a choice of English food on, and the drink was form 12am till 12pm, I would not class this holiday as all inclusive more semi inclusive,"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: if you like salad and don't want allinclusive go

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3 / 10
Please don't go

"Me and my Hubby thought we would have a holiday here for a week without the kiss for the first time and how glad I was, salad for breakfast,dinner and supper, chicken and rice every night we only ate at hotel 3 evening meals and that was a struggle were not fussy but just couldn't eat it, there was burger and chips in the afternoon but that's it, the Walls are paper thin and balconys to close, we had Russians pinching clothes off our balcony which I got back with the help of 1 member of staff, the boy had it in his case and I was there when he pulled it out, it was our first time in turkey and would go back but certainly not to this hell hole, please if have booked try and change your hotel, we were there on the 10th till the 18th if July 2010 also the allinclusive drinks stop at 10.30pm then u have to pay, I'm so glad I didn't take the kids cause it would of cost a fortune eating out all the time with them, if u are going to turkey I would recommend the Rhodes trip it was really good"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
Avoid like the plague!!

"I love Turkey and have been loads so could not wait to get back and enjoy another 2 weeks away in the sun. What a total joke. This was a hell hole. Now im realistic i know that in Turkey that you can expect basic hotels. But even the most basic can be clean right? Wrong this hotel was so dirty that i ended up buying cleaning products and doing it myself. The noise lasts all day and all night i had an 8 year old with me who was exhausted with the lack of sleep. The food is awful. I would not advise any1 to eat at this hotel. I can honestly say this is the first time i have not got one good thing to say anout a hotel. I could not wait to leave!! The worst point by far for us though was that any time you try complain suddenly the staff dont speak english!!!"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont stay here!!!
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
very good value for money

"good value. great staff and management very helpfull with what we needed. nothing to much trouble. food a little the same although very nice. if any complaint would be other guests but people always complain about that. kids loved it and always lots to do! ignore other reviews and remember you make your holiday what it is!!"

  • Holiday details: May 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: yes

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4 / 10
18/30 noise and fights

"hotel is really 3 in one as you have to keep crossing the road to get from one bar to the other. when meals are served the bar on that side is open and then tou have to go across to the side when thats shut. The noise all day is horrendous and all through the night the residents are either fighting or swearing. there were 8 arrests in our bloock due unfortunately british people who simply couldnt hold their drink. The music can be heard from 100 yds away so if you get lost follow your ears. This is the first ever report i have ever done so believe me i am not a moaner!!!!!!!!!! as there is only one kitchen and restaurant serving 3 hotels be prepared also 4 toilets to cater or the masses. staff brilliant rooms good and manager attila dingal excellant. yes the name is right."

  • Holiday details: May 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: its a 18/30 becase of the noise

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10 / 10
the best hotel i ever been

"we booked the holiday for me my husband and 7 children , we went there and we really loved it , we read the feedback and we were so worried but when we get there it was fantastic ,most of the feedback was unfair , the rooms in the hotel was really nice and clean , they do the cleaning evey day , the pool is very nice and clean and there is about 4 pools so you can choose whereever to go , the foods is really nice and there is avariety so everyone will find something he likes , the services in the resturant and the bar is really unbelievable , they are really so quick to do the cleaning and preparing the tables no matter how buisy there are , they serve the breakfast from 7.30-10.00 , lunch 12.00-2.00, snackes 2.00-4.00, party food from 4.00-6.00 ,then dinner 7.00-9.00 , and the drink all kinds juice ,alkohol any drinks it is free all day up to 10.30 pm soyou eat and drink as much as you can , people are so friendly and very polite , and you feel so safe there , the children enjoy their time there because there is so many activities for the children and every evening there is afantastic show all of us really enjoy"

  • Holiday details: May 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: very nice

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  • by julie fleming

    " great value for money on boat trips "

  • by jackie 65

    " u must go to samdan resaurant.meal was delicious,staff briilliant. "

  • by Han

    " go on the jeep safari and meet lots of people! ENGLISH ONLY! haggle haggle haggle, half everything! "

  • by mooreangel12

    " 3 brothers, and diana restrant opps hotel,.. scooba diving and water sports on sea front "

  • by Sarah123

    " Go on Rhodes trip, and if it's summer months beware it's roasting hot "

  • by trinkets

    " It is really worth walking a little down the road to find the super market it has everything and make the most of the amazing... "

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