Jasmine Court Hotel

Naci Talat Str, Kyrenia 10, Cyprus
5.5  / 10
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Closest airport: Ercan (ECN) (16.5 miles)

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Traveller reviews

Just back from staying at the Jasmine...

"Just back from staying at the Jasmine Court Hotel.

Can only agree with previous comments, rooms were clean and a good size. Manager and staff were very helpful. However, friends left 4 messages for us and we never got one.

Had two teenage boys with us who appeared bored and nothing much happening for them in the hotel. Overall I should say this is a 4 star hotel and the main focus was the casino.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Not Specified
7 / 10

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Faded Grandeur is how I would...

"Faded Grandeur is how I would describe the Jasmine Court Hotel. At one time it may have been fantastic but now it's a bit neglected and needs to have lots of money spent on it in restoration.

Our hotel room was a very good size but the carpets were filthy - same outside in the corridors. However, beds were clean and fresh and the towels were changed daily if you wanted. We had B&B and the breakfasts were very good so can't comment on the rest of the food. Pool was also good. Staff friendly.

Overall I'd say this is at maximum a 4 Star hotel not a luxurious 5 star as you would expect.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently
4 / 10

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An oasis of calm.

"We have just returned from a holiday at The Jasmine Court Hotel; like others we had read some very disappointing reviews after booking and were unsure what to expect. However we were very pleasantly surprised, the staff made us feel very welcome and always made an effort to speak to us, the pool area was lovely with lots of sunbeds (and towels), the breakfast buffet was extensive with a good choice of food and the rooms were large, clean and comfortable.

Yes, prices were high in the hotel but still cheaper than many bars in England and mini bars always charge over the odds. We saw the signs about not bringing your own food and drink into the hotel but were never stopped and enjoyed a night cap in our room.

A nice touch was free mineral water around the pool if you asked for a paper cup from the poolside bar.

All in all we found the hotel to be an oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle of Kyrenia and would certainly stay there again.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006
8 / 10

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Excellant in parts

"We are a family of 6 just returned from an enjoyable stay at jasmine court. I had read the reviews after booking and was a little concerned but I do not know what everyone is beefing about or perhaps the management has been reading this site!

o.k. by English standards not a 5 star hotel but we are not paying english 5 star prices.

Our rooms were vast clean tastefully decorated. We were given a king sized bed without requesting one. It is the first hotel that has taken our request to have the childrens rooms near ours seriously (sometimes we have been on another side of aroad from them)

The food was wonderful in quantity, variety and presentation, something for everyone and vegetarians do not worry.

the pool area is well cared for and the gardens kept pretty. There are a lot of different sitting areas by pool and sea and certainly at easter room for all.

The staff were polite and eager to please with the possible exception of some of the reception staffwho were frankly inconsistent and took a while to sort out problems. For example it tookover 24 hours to get a keycard which would open the childrens suite. I think theproblem is that English is not as widely spoken as other countries we have stayed and our Turkish is non existent.

We regularly picnicked on food and wine from the local supermarket using the mini-bar fridge for storage and no one seemed bothered. The notice forbidding this is well hidden at the back of the information folder and if I had not read it here I possibly would never had noticed.

On the downside....everything extra is expensive(food all over the area is pricey but very good)the mini bar is extortionate and the laundry service too expensive(there is a good big bath and a balconey to dry it on!!!)

The location is a mix of rundown towns building sites with some real jewels thrown in.St Hilarion and bellapaixare really something (both free for children as are all the historical sites) There are mountain walks and the scenery at the moment is green with an abundance of wild flowers.

The highlight for the children was a £20 each boat trip from the harbour at Kyrenia. We were out for over 5 hours sailing swimming fishing, a buffet lunch of freshly caught and cooked while we watched fish and chips was included as was tea and biscuits later. It was organised by a father and son team and they encouraged the children to snorkel fish walk the plank off the boat and even let them all have a go and steering the boat. A wonderful last day.

One thing i would change if I return (and I don't actually think the area warrants another visit)is i would not change much money to Lira a surprising ammount of places prefer to be paid inEnglish and you get a MUCH better deal paying inEnglis currency at the present.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006
8 / 10

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Beware of the Jasmin Court Cyprus

"We have booked into this Hotel on several occasions, rooms are fine and spacious,but gets noisy around the pool. On our last visit after new year, we visited during a religious festival period [we were not aware of this]. We booked in for a two week period with no problem, however after two nights we had a phone call at 11 pm, instructing us we had to leave the Hotel the following morning, it appears that a high rolling gambler needed our room! there was no opportunity for discussion with management because they hid behind closed doors! Most unsatisfactory, no compensation. Beware do not go to this Hotel if you want peace and quiet or the confidence that you will not be excluded if a "High roller" wants your room."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006
4 / 10

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I believe that this hotel is one of...

"I believe that this hotel is one of the best in Girne. The food is spectacular, the accommodation excellent and the entertainment excellent. They had a Turkish night once a week which was brilliant. The staff was very helpful and polite and was always there when you needed something.

The food was one of the highlights of the day. In the mornings there is a wide range of things to eat. this may be from pancakes to omelettes. You could also get freshly squeezed drinks for a cheap price. Breakfast is up to 11 am which is very good as you do not have to wake up early to eat and could have a lie in.

Dinner is also very elegant at Jasmine. It has many different varieties of food everyday. This is always a three course meal. As it is a buffet you could go and get more when you have finished. People above have stated that it is luke warm. I have to disagree with this statement as all of the food we had was hot!!

However if you did not want to eat at the hotel there were many places in Girne that you could go and eat.

There are excellent entertainment for children!!

People are complaining that the prices in Jasmine are too expensive. Well...you are going to a five star hotel!!! I mean it would not be right if it was not expensive.

The hotel pool was great!!! not to big and not too small. but I do recommend you take towels when going!!

And yes I do recommend this hotel to everyone as it is one of the best in North Cyprus!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, Full Board, booked with CTA
9 / 10

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Hotel was listed as a five star and...

"Hotel was listed as a five star and unlike many in the Med was truly at least four star on a European basis.

Excellent suite type rooms, first class food.

Car hire via Cyprus Paradise was very good with first class condition vehicles, unlike the usual junk.

People are exceptionally friendly, food in the towns is very good and cheap. No loud tourist, no drunks.

For a good relaxing holiday I cannot recommend it enough. So much so we are going back in March.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005, Half Board, booked with Cyprus Paradise
9 / 10

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Truly awful - anyone remotely...

"Truly awful - anyone remotely discerning would hate this place. If this is a five star hotel then I’m Kylie Minogue. The rooms are really nasty and tired. The carpets are cream - ( good choice for a hotel!) and badly stained in all the rooms and even worse in the central areas.

We felt exploited, the prices are ridiculous- you can hardly afford to get drunk. In fact it might me a good place to go for recovering alcoholics.

The place had really petty rules., there was never any sun loungers and you had to put towels down at 6 am to be in with a chance. Then one day ...the rules changed and you weren't allowed to leave towels over a certain length of time. They actually timed it. Pathetic.

A place to go if you like stained carpets, a furry swimming pool ( yes- really),petty rules, unhappy staff, no entertainment , exorbitant prices and repetitive food!

Go somewhere else!!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2005, Half Board, Booked Independently
1 / 10

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Don’t go. This is at best a 3 star...

"Don’t go. This is at best a 3 star hotel with 5+++ star prices. We stayed for what seemed like 2 long weeks and couldn’t wait to get home.

Food was ok but repetitive (half board) drinks were a rip off kids had a milkshake and it worked out £6, cheapest bottle of wine was £14 and you could pay £3 for same bottle in town. The room was ok, but badly marked carpets and in general need of refurb. Duty Manager was helpful but had only been there for short time and was getting some serious hassle from unhappy guests every time I saw him.

The beach was tiny ,there was no entertainment for the kids and the kids club was in a small hut in the grounds which was like a sauna inside. The holiday cost me £3000 and I feel ripped and will never return to Northern Cyprus again!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, Half Board, Booked Independently
2 / 10

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Certainly not a 5* hotel!

"The Jasmine Court Hotel may well have been a 5* hotel when it was built (whenever that was) but it certainly isn't now! It's more like 3* to 4*.

We stayed there in October 2004. One of the reasons we booked this hotel is because it was out of town, we thought the walk each time into town would be nice. Wrong! the walk (about 30 minutes) is along a busy main road with no pavements in places, also sections of the pavement suddenly drop about 2 feet. Also in places there is very little street lighting. Not a nice walk at all!!

We booked a room with a sea view but there wasn't any available when we arrived! This wasn't the hotels fault but we were given a larger suite with a partial sea view. Although this room was large it was "well worn round the edges" and dated. Stains on the carpet and furniture, dirty windows etc.

The pool area is very nice.

The food, I thought, was good and plenty of it.

Prices of drinks and wine with dinner are expensive. Why don't these places learn . . . . reduce the prices a little and more people will will buy the drinks!

I just can't understand why the rooms/suites are furnished with a large dining table and six chairs yet they stop you bringing food & drink into the hotel . . . . strange! We still brought drink in and nobody stopped us.

I wouldn't stay at this hotel again.

We were also very disappointed in Kyrenia town itself, in places it's a dump. The harbour area is it's saving grace.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005
4 / 10

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Anyone planning to stay at a 5 star...

"Anyone planning to stay at a 5 star hotel (unless they have booked all inclusive) should already know that they tend to be expensive unless they looked into it properly I would of imagined. I stayed at this hotel on a Bed and Breakfast basis and could not grumble about a thing.

The breakfast was lovely, so much to choose from there is no way you could possibly get bored of it, even if you were there for longer than a week. The staff greeted us every single morning with a 'hello how are you' and bent over backwards to get us what we asked for.

The rooms were absolutely amazing, very clean and massive and every one had a great view either over looking the sea or the wonderful hotel grounds! The bathroom was very clean and our linen didn’t smell of smoke in the slightest and was changed every single day anyway.

The restaurants around Kyrenia, near the Harbour and around the beaches were out of this world and so so cheap, I would definitely recommend half board so you can go and eat out and appreciate the wonderful food and views that the restaurants in the resort provide.

I would come back to northern Cyprus and the Jasmine Court hotel at the drop of a hat, one of the most enjoyable holidays I have ever had and would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Not Specified
9 / 10

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Better than expected after reading other reviews!

"We stayed at the Jasmine Court, booked through Cyprus Paradise. We had read several reviews AFTER our booking which all seemed to complain about the Jasmine Court, i.e. 'Watch out, the Gestapo are about!' from one reviewer.

We found these reviews unfair, the hotel is of very high standard compared to others in North Cyprus (we looked in the Dome - be careful....) and the reception area, despite another review being negative, was all marble / polished tables / comfortable seating, etc. Very efficient staff at reception and, throughout our stay, the staff were friendly and keen to please.

The only request we had made was for a double bed, however we were given twin beds upon arrival. A quick request to the reception soon sorted this out and, to be fair, it appears that our agent Cyprus Paradise had not passed on our request at all.

The room was large, to put it mildly, with a lovely sitting room area, a gigantic bedroom and a small bathroom - with one of the best showers we have ever had. The TV picked up several English channels, including BBC World and CNN. Some chap had complained about having to pay for the TV - you do, but only if you want to watch the porn! Quite frankly, I would expect that to be charged (though why you would want to watch some sex channel in Turkish is beyond me! Better to chase the wife around the massive bedroom....)

The gardens and pool area are lovely, tons of sunbeds (with very few being 'reserved' by towels), a swim up bar and the fountain is very pleasant to sit under, especially on the 'rocks' which are scattered in the shallows. The array of drinking areas is excellent, our only complaint being the excessive cost of drinks either at the bar or in the mini-bar in our room. The only drinks we bought were at 'happy hour' when it was 'Buy one, get one free'. This is a mistake in my opinion, the hotel would do better to lower their prices as more people would then use the facilities, however I doubt their marketing team have thought of this...

You are banned from bringing in your own food and drink, due to the fact that they want you to buy their stuff, however see my observations above. We too bought the odd bottle of wine into our room and had a nice drink on the balcony before going out, feeling very silly the next morning by having to smuggle the 'empties' out to a bin! However, if you use a bit of common sense and don't go mad, you won't find this 'rule' a major problem.

We only ate the once at the Jasmine Court in the evening, this was the 'buffet menu' and, although not as romantic to use a buffet, the cost was reasonable for the amount on offer - about £10.00 each for a 'eat as much as you like'. We didn't eat in the Fish restaurant for the old problem of cost - I refuse to pay nearly £40.00 for some King Prawns! But then the place was normally full and you could smell the food several hundred feet away - we maybe regret not trying this.

All in all, a nice hotel - but you have to be aware that you are in North Cyprus, which is still 'learning' the tourism trade. The rooms are kept very clean, you get fresh towels every day, bed changed and made every night, plus effective air conditioning in both sitting room and bedroom. We opted to pay £2.00 per day for a kettle (with coffee, tea and milk included) but then you get the room safe free of charge, which I would normally have to pay for in Spain. Swings and roundabouts...

I would recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a 'higher than average' hotel in this region.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005
4 / 10

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