Club Armar

Yunus Nadi St No 20, Marmaris 48700, Turkey
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1 / 10
!! Horrible !!

"This hotel was absolutley disgusting. Before me and my partner got to the hotel we werespeakig to some turkish lads they asked us what hotel we are staying in, we said the "club aramar" they looked at us and we were confused. Me and my partner went in the hotel and the lobby was ok just like a ordinary hotel. The staff what cheked us into our room was was very nice and polite.

ROOM= When I first walked into the room my first words was "OH MY GOD" the room was utter disgust. There was dirty yellow pillows,rubbish all over the poorly unfitted carpet from the previous people in the room, dirty bed sheets and there was a horrid smell.

We never stayed in that hotel we complained and they through us out so we booked another hotel which was £210 out of our holiday spending money. We never saw the rest of the hotel as we was disgust by our room. Seriousley do not stay in this hotel !!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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3 / 10
wouldnt go back!!!!

"My family of three have just returned from the Club Armar, Marmaris and we would not recommend it to anyone. When we arrived we where informed we didnt have a allocated room and waited in the foyer for half an hour, we where then given a key to a room which was at the back in the trees which meant we mite as well of not had a balcony, the towels and bedding were dirty (obviously from the guests before). My two year old son was expected to sleep on a sofa until we complained twice and was given a old rusty cot, the food was discusting which meant we ate out every day. We went to the Adam and eve restaurant which was lovely both staff and food where spot on!.

The pools in the hotel where good for children we had no problems in that respect, the entertainment was poor as it was michael jackson every night (once youve seen it thats enough).

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Activities: good food:adam eve and september bar the water park is good.
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Please DONT stay here!

"Before I write my review I would like to say that my partner and I are in no way fussy and realised that we were not going to get an outstanding hotel for the price we paid (£600 each 2wks all inclusive) but I would like to share my experience so you do not waste any of your own money.

Food: cold and repetitive. The dishes in which the food is served are given to the dogs after each service and are not washed properly afterwards (you can actually see them doing it) hence why so many people suffered from food poisoning, including myself.

Drinks: Watered down (beer, spirits and wine) and are served in dirty, smelly cups which they don't clean before serving to someone else, hence why sop many people suffered from mouth ulcers. Tap water is used for ice cubes and the powdered orange juice at breakfast.

Room: Cleaned daily but on more than one occasion we were given stained sheets and towels (blood and faeces) which we took pictures of

Pool: Mostly clean but during my stay a child vomitted in the pool and the staff refused to clean it out till the following morning

Staff: Constantly on the phone whilst you are waiting to be served and refuse to serve you if you have complained about the hotel.

Entertainment: Same 3 acts every single night

During my stay 6 families, some with young children, were thrown out of the hotel for complaining. In total my partner and I spent an additional £1100 eating out and going on excursions to get out of the hotel. I have never complained about a hotel in my life as I realise that standards are different abroad but I have to let people know on this occasion as I wouldnt want anyone else to spend £2400 on the most horrendous hotel Ive ever know.

On my second day in the hotel 'Holidays from Hell' were kicked out for filming without notice - I am not joking!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Marmaris is a great resort for a cheap and cheerful holiday
  • Activities: Boat Trip and Jeep Safari
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"Upon reading the many bad reviews about Club Armar, i put them aside thinking that they were the usual moaning british holiday makers who expect everything for nothing. so we booked it, got a really good deal (so we thought), packed our bags and the 4 of us (me, my girlfriend, her brotherr and his missus) got on the plane.

Upon arrival, we walked into the reception and first impressions of the nice looking reception area are quite nice, the indoor pool looks great and clean. However, when we went to book in, there were no rooms available, but they offered to put us in 2 apartments accross the road for the night. we thought fair enough. When we got to the apartments, they were disgusting, our room smelt rotten and we wee forced to sleep on the couch in our friends room.

the next morning we marched over to the hotel and put in a complaint to our rep - which was a waste of time because he didnt speak a word of english and said he cannot do anything regarding our complaint and we must take it up when we get back to england.

Anyways we refused to move from reception until we got a room in the hotel. After an hour of waiting we got our rooms...I wouldnt put a dog in the rooms, the carpets were discusting, the bed lining had holes in and also one night my pillow case had blood on it! but hey it was a place to sleep.

Away from the rooms, the all inclusive part - the food is just aweful - chicken and chips every night and if it is something different like say pasta, it is tasteless. the deserts ie cakes are full of water and the fruit (water melon) is like powder. The locals call the armar resort "the chicken hut" and take the mick out of you when you say where you are from!

It states on the website and in the booking reciept about the hotel having a snack bar...this is not true, in all the other all inclusive resorts the snack bar is open all day - this one is open from 4 to half 4 and only sells this turkish pizza which isnt much cop.

when it comes to drink, i know all inclusive resorts have watered down drink but this hotel is rediculous - the vodka is water and that is pretty much all you can have vodka or beer, the rest is extra. also you are only allowed 2 drinks perr person so if buying for a table yuou have to go up in pairs. and if you have a few people who havent finished their drirnks on the table the barr staff refuse to serve you.

The staff are rude and need cheering up!

The only good points were that Turkey is cheap and you can afford to eat and drink out on a budget, also marmaris is a lovely place and people are very friendly.

The only good points about the hotel were the shop owner and the phtographer - they were a great laugh!

but honestly i have never written a review before and always laughed at the moaners who do but this place is just aweful!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
holiday ruined

"we choose this holiday last minuite for a weeks break dont go to this hotel the turkish calle d it the chicken factory we payed for all inclusive we ate out every day the food was discusting the hotel filthy mouse droppings flea bite not (mossies) the place needs to shut down everyone was complaining staff rude and surley entertainment what entertainment my 14 year old was bored every day there was nothing for her and others kids club ? plastic cups and plates not nice 4* star my backside just glad we are home at last glad we did not go for 2 weeks club Aramar club colditz

very un happy boro family

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: yes marmaris good some hotels very poor
  • Activities: british corner fantastic food service graet friendly to all

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4 / 10
Please don`t stay here!

"I stayed at the Armar with my partner and our three sons aged 15 , 12 , and 10 . We booked two rooms but on arrival were shown to a room with a double bed ,2 singles and a mattress on the floor , I complained very firmly and was given 2 rooms the next day but other people were not so fortunate and slept on the floor for the remainder of their holiday. The hotel itself is fairly clean and the rooms are reasonably comfortable but the choice of food is very limited mostly chicken nuggets , mini kebab pieces ,fish , portions of breaded chicken cut in half soup, salad ,rice and pasta . This may sound ok but most of the time it is cold as our room overlooked the dining area and I watched the food being layed out sometimes 45 minutes before the dining room opened. This was my third trip to Marmaris and was the least enjoyable as far as accomodation goes.I chose this Hotel for it`s 4 star rating but would be generous if I said it was a 3 Star with 1 Star food and service. Drinks are a joke!!!! all served in small plastic glasses , kids drinks flat and warm , as the bottle tops were left off and the staff serving the drinks are very, very rude. The spirits are so watered down I gave up drinking them and stuck to beer as it came from a Keg and was cold. don`t even remember feeling as if I had a drink once in two weeks. Plenty of other good hotels and food is cheap avoid this one please!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Activities: Water park,Jeep Safari,Pammukale,Ephesus,Boat trips,Quad bikes and plenty of good places to eat

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9 / 10
Fantastic holiday!!!

"Had great holiday!! Rooms clean and quite spacious with good air conditioning. Beds made daily and room cleaned. Plenty of variety of food, found something at every meal good to eat. Remember your in Turkey NOT Blackpool!!! Our favorite waiter was Orhan who is hardworking, friendly and polite. As were all the other waiters. The Head Waiter despite being busy is always ready with a friendly chat and happy to help. All the Managers went out of their way to help. The pools were very clean. It's the first time we've returned home without any of us having an ear infection. Met some lovely people who were also very happy with the hotel. It was like one big family!!! Made welcome by all staff including security guards, reception staff, photographer and shop owners. In fact the only people who were offensive were a few British who were shouting and swearing. Fortunately these were isolated incidents everyone else very happy. Excellent value for money!! 5*s See you all next year!!!Michelle, Martyn & Francesca"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Activities: Oscars bar good breakfast & chat!!! Boat trips great!!!
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"My family have just returned from 2 weeks of hell in club armar, Food was rotten not a thing for children the staff treat u shockin the manager OMG he smashed our camara up for takin a pic of him attacked my bfreind scrached me and pushed me 2 the floor 2 get my camara of me, Then threw about 20 of diffrent familys out of the hotel as well as my family. Moved us 2 club viva what a brilliant time we had there the staff was brill, The food was even better the drinks wasent watered down as they was in club armar. The rooms was lovely and clean and so was the pool not like club armar we all has a sore voice cause of club armars pool water we got up one mornin and there was a human poo in the pool water in armar it is the worst place i have ever stayed in. I have read all the reports befor i went and dint think it would be that bad, It was worse im not a moaner and never ever complaned about any holiday but im makin sure this hotel gets closed down PLEASE DONT GO IT IS REALLY BAD STAY AWAY FRM CLUB ARMAR. I need a holiday 2 get over that one we spent 17 hundred pound and we was all incluive on food and drink"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: really good
  • Activities: o yes on the beach
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Club Armar, Disaster made real

"A family hotel is a time defined by the British for sun, fun and indulgence. Only the first you will find at Club Armar although I’m sure they would charge for that if they could find a way.

Arrival, you will find reception staff who are hand picked. Hand picked not to speak English. The reasons for this are only too obvious when you are making plans to leave!

Transition however from reception to your room was smooth and efficient. The hotel you will learn is always dimly lit. But not to hide any unpleasantness, the hygiene standards are perfectly adequate. It’s dimly lit because the owners/managers are cheap, with the most budget of sensors on stairwells that almost switch on the lights before you reach the bottom.

But then you wake up and go for breakfast. Where you will be greeted by a good variety of salad, Turkish “hot dogs”, small chopped and fried pieces of potatoes, beans in a mild sauce and your choice of eggs, be in fried, omelette or sometimes boiled. There are the normal Turkish cereals, concentrate fruit juices or tea/coffee from the machine. But don’t worry if you sleep in and miss it, as you will have exactly the same mediocre breakfast every morning of your stay, with more understanding of its origin.

As you meander to the pool you will be greeted by the normal European mix, but there is a different tone to the pool, over just the normal manic kiddie screams. There is an underbelly of gossip. People complaining about throat, ear and eye infection. Possibly from the pool hygiene, possibly from the water or possibly from the unwashed laundry you’ll find in your room. Complaints stem from the food, to the bedding, the obnoxious manager, to the scams pulled by the kitchen and surrounding food establishments that they rent your hotel space too. Hotel guests being removed from their rooms because a member dares to question an aspect of the Hotel.

But you can escape the winging for a moment to venture for lunch. Once you have run the gauntlet up the black stairwell to the dinning room, much as Indian Jones may do you receive the reward of lunch. Surprisingly the salad remains. You can tell this by it’s appearance, the Turkish cheese and meat has been replaced with unlabeled bowls or guess work, chicken, something in a sauce and chips. But don’t you dare panic if you think you have missed a unique luncheon. You haven’t most of it will literally be back again tomorrow. You know this by looking at the bottom of the salad bowl.

When you venture out to the local Marmaris shops and restaurants you become a target. Mostly for the red band around your wrist. Although the “locals” don’t call it Club Armar, they call it Club Chicken. For reasons I never understood until the next day.

Retreating from the constant taunting of the knowledgeable you can be safe in the knowledge that there will be inevitably more sun and a relaxing evening meal awaits. The atmosphere in the dinning hall (I say this as it is reminiscent of my school days) would be described by an estate agent as a spacious cosy environment, worthy of setting the mood for the most romantic getaway. I would describe it as a room of mystery. Mostly because you have no idea what grotesque incarnations are going to be passed off as a meal. I can only assume they get away with this shambles because it is so poorly lit again that one wonders what the ceiling looks like. All be it, I now know where salad is sent when it no longer able to visually appeal. It is retired to the mixed salad bowl, cleverly disguised (for an imbecile) with oil, wilting lettuce, cucumber and tomato shreds. But it is delivered with service, they do this in front of you from the other bowls! Although all is not lost, there is a glimmer of hope to your evening meal, there is now a piece of crumbed fish. I say this as I assume that’s an appropriate verb for its presentation, recognisable only by the best of forensic scientists I would guess it is sardine. But never despair, some of the salad has now been replace by a desert, mostly because if it hadn’t they would not be a able to fill the counter. Now you have some brown blamange. Enjoy! Time and time again.

All is forgiven however by the evening entertainment, there is an eerie air of soberness. But there are reasons, soapy beer, odd tasting wine and local spirits that just can’t be right. All delivered in plastic glasses that are so old they slice your lips on contact. I would question the basic of hygiene practises when I note that they are all washed in the same foam, push in, pull out, hand cleaner. Having enough for one day I venture to my room, taking from interest one red wine from each of the three serving areas (normally only one is open at a time). Never have I seen a red wine served from the same plastic container that have utterly different textures. One with even a layer of grease on the surface. I assume that one was from one of the children using it to throw water from the pool earlier. One glass was almost digestible, the other was reminiscent of Boots best sun tan lotion.

Entertainment is not lacking either. I have never seen Karaoke used in mental self defence. You may get tempted by the Bingo, but with odds steeper than the national lottery and more expensive than a second mortgage you may dare to part with your money to break the monotony. You will only be spared for a matter of moments as that’s as long as it lasts. The mindless singing of those who are financially stuck within the confines of the hotel will howl on until midnight at which point I assume the management suffer one of their power outages. But why guests are still there is beyond me, as the alcohol stops at 11, and to make a last minute order beyond the size of those in your party will be met with a flat refusal.

Now it is dark, quiet and the population horse and sober. But that is not where the entertainment ends. I can guarantee a night of violent stomach cramps, excessive visits to the toilet and the realisation that the toilet role is not forthcoming from housekeeping. Despite speaking to housekeeping whilst they were visiting the rooms during the day, and then asking reception twice, it would appear that toilet roll is as scarce as a working light bulb. Liberating a toilet role from one of the public toilets will also be futile. As 200 rooms filled with 500 people have already had that revelation much before you.

But there is always a saviour to a hotel visit such as this, eat elsewhere and do as I did. Move hotel, although I gave Club Armar, 10 days of chances, only one of those involved my digestive tract.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Lovely place, if you like to eat and be the standard tourist.
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
chicken factory

"Where shall i start? We read the reviews which other people had put on here regarding Club Armar, but as so many people go to this hotel we asumed that it must have been the posh people who were expecting a little more for the 4 star than they got, HOW WRONG WAS WE? As not to put everyone off let me say a good thing about it first, the slides in the pool were good. now for the rest of it, i thought i would write it in a peom just to cheer myself up. ( ps MORE LIKE 1 STAR THAN 4 STAR )

We booked a late holiday, for 8 of us to go,

what we were expecting, well we just did not know,

we turned up at the hotel, our expectations were quiet high,

ready for a beer, as we were all so dry.

we went for our evening meal, not wanting for us to miss,

there sat before us, was chicken pasta and fish,

we were all so hungry, so we tried a little bit,

the looks were not decieving, it tasted like [--].

perhaps this was a one off, it all could get much better,

but who was we kiddin,just keep readin this letter,

we went for our breakfast, ready to tuck in,

oh those cold beans and tomatoes, really looked so grim.

we went down to the pool, and tried to find a bed,

you have more chance of findin lord lucan, standing on his head,

the kids went down the slides, they started to scream,

floatin in the water, layers of suntan cream.

we decided to quench our thirst, so we would have a beer,

nothing could go wrong with that, then i thought oh dear,

i stood there in amazement, my drink near my lips,

the drink had all gone rather quick, i took just two sips,

then there was the staff, who were so full of charm,

the way they were workin, i thought they had a broken arm,

i thought i saw one smile one day, but realised it was not so,

they only had one thing on their mind, when was it time to go,

we went for our second evening meal, we stood there with our dish,

to be greeted yet again, with chicken pasta and fish,

this time to be fair, the chichen was much fatter,

only cos the bloody thing was smoothered in batter,

now if you fancy a drink, one that dont give you a bad head,

try any from the bar, this has to be said,

we drank and drank through the night, oh we had no fear,

after all. who in the world can get drunk on that beer,

to sum up my review, on this holiday,

it is not a place i would recomend, anyone to stay,

but please dont let this put you off, if you want to go,

but all i can say when you get back..HEY I TOLD YOU SO,

Oh there was one other thing, which i found was fine,

the bus that was to take us back, thank god was on time.


  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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2 / 10
horrible dont go

"id read so many reviews before we went to club armar i was really dreading my holiday but i thought some english can exajurate ill see for myself when i get there how right the reviews are it was horrible from start to finish when we arrived checkin was good shown to our room which was clean and tidy arrived late so just made it for dinner oh my god there were three trays with meat and veg in 1 chicken and pasta in 1 and rice in the other that was it we were that hungry through travelling all day we decided to have the meat and veg it was disgusting it was cold ended up leaving it and going to the shop next door the meals were the same everyday nothing changed the drinks in the bar are watered down as so many have said a waiter told us it was to cut back on drunkeness but that dosnt help cos people go out and pay for drinks and still come back drunk making a lot of noise and fighting every night something happened with other guests through drink it was awful and the security there rubbish just stand by dont get involved and they only patrol outside the hotel not inside so they dont hear the shouting and arguing inside the hoteloutside the hotel marmaris is lovely go on the trips there well worth it and make your holiday if it hadnt been for the trips i dont no what wed have done this is my experience you go and see for yourself but dont say i didnt warn you"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"Club Armar

We have just returned from our annual holiday in Marmaris where we stayed at the Club Armar Hotel. Like most families we saved up for the holiday and looked forward to the good times and relaxing in a 4 star hotel during our stay. My wife, my 18 year old daughter and I arrived at the hotel and were allocated a small room at the rear of the hotel with only 2 single beds, we pointed out that we had paid for a room for three adults but were told that the hotel was over full and that this was all they had. After hours of complaining an OLD UNDERSIZED CAMP BED that frequently collapsed was squeezed into the room which I slept on for four days until following endless complaining a new room was issued complete with 3 single beds. Other guests were moved to self a catering accommodation down the street, stacked 4 in a room and in one instance we learnt that a group of 10 lads were all put in ONE room!

Having got a new room we learnt that there were not enough towels to go round all the guests of the hotel so even after endless complaining we were not given towels for 3 days then only two were allowed. You needed to ask for towels on a daily basis to allow you to shower. There were no pillow slips or sheets on the bed for 1 night as the hotel “did not have any clean ones”.

Toilet paper was best provided by stealing it for the reception toilet as asking for it could take hours.

The food in the hotel in the words of ONE OF THE MANAGERS WAS “[--]”! It consisted of chips, chicken nuggets, burgers, salad, cheese, water melon and cake repeated EVERY DAY!!! The cheese under the top layer was green with mould where it had been left while new was added on the top. The food is a standing joke in all the surrounding restaurants who capitalise on the fact that people need to eat so go out and buy food. The 2No restaurants nearest the hotel have a direct connection with the hotel and during the day different hotel staff can be seen working in them including the cook. This gives the hotel a win, win situation as you do not eat their food then pay to eat food in their restaurants! There are no snacks or ice creams available at this hotel at ANY time of the day other than a helping of dry cake dished out on a table at 5PM unless you pay for them.

The ALL INCLUSIVE drinks consisted of a small selection of tea or coffee, cheap soft drinks, larger, red and white vinegar/wine WATERED DOWN vodka or gin. I ordered a vodka on the rocks to taste it without a mixer, I would estimate that drink was around 70% water with just enough vodka to give a little taste when mixed with a soft drink. That was the FULL extent of the drinks allowed unless you paid for it in their restaurants of further afield. The hotel was that tight that you were only allowed two drinks per bar visit and the bar clock was set ten minutes fast to allow them to shut the bar early so that you had to leave and buy your drinks elsewhere.

Most of the staff were friendly other that a few white collar workers who thought they were gods. The young manager mentioned previously was an arrogant, egotistical man who loved to shout at guests telling them that HE ran the hotel and that if you did not like it TUFF! I witnesses several confrontations with the guests were he insulted them particularly young females and people just sick of his attitude towards them, even his own staff disliked him. The 4 number entertainment staff were a good set of lads who did their best on a shoestring budget to entertain the guests through the day and night. These 4 lads made the stay in the hotel tolerable but it would have been nice to have more professional shows.

The hotel has the potential and the facilities to offer 4star accommodation but due to the poor management, food and drink mentioned above I would not even consider the hotel to be a 2 STAR.

We ate out most days In order to feed and entertain my family over our two week stay at the hotel costing me around a THOUSAND pounds but it was better than eating and drinking the rubbish at the hotel!

I wish that I had read and taken advice from all the other bad reviews of this hotel prior to my holiday. I would not stop in this hotel ever again and warn any potential guest to alter their booking, do not book this hotel in the first place or take plenty of money!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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