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Place de l Eglise, Flaine 74300, France
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From bad to worse...

"I don't even know where to start this.. We got to the hotel after having to drag all out bags to the hotel as the coach can't drop you off outside. When we got into our room we had a lovely surprise... The walls were painted random colours of purple, there was stains all over the walls and the pillows were dirty. We went to complain at reception and the just sent the cleaner up (the best staff member there) she tried cleaning the walls and changes the bedding. We refused to unpack our bags. We got told by another member of staff the was no more rooms in the hotel available (even though a couple we spoke to had no one next door to them) I just think that was a lie as all the rooms sound the same. They said they had hair all over their bedding and balloons in the bedroom. The only good thing was the lunch on the first day... Everything else was terrible on the food, you don't get options so if you don't like it then you'll be hungry! The ski room is cramped and if you have more than 2 skis with you (which my boyfriend has 2 and I have 1) then don't try and get your boots on there. We had a meeting with the manager of the hotel ( which happened infront of all the reps and hotel staff by the main desk) to complain so she offered us.... Fizzy drinks and crisps!!! Joke! We kept complaining to crystal and finally got moved to the apartments up the road.... It's like a palace. Crystal have been good moving us etc but I feel sorry for them having to pretend that we are the first to complain about this horrible hotel. We would never stay there again... It needs to be updated or even better knocked down... Good luck to those going... The crystal staff have been great though. Save up more and get a better hotel. :s"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2012, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: , Skiing

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8 / 10
Fantastic holiday, fantastic food and fantastic staff

"Feb 2011- We came to Le Totem last year, stayed there this year and wil go back next year. I love Flaine and I think that Le Totem is a great place to stay. Yes Le Totem is basic, but the rooms we have stayed in have always been spotlessly clean and tidy and if there have been any problems they have been sorted immediately.

The hotel is only 10m from the main lift and is a real ski in- ski out hotel.

The food offered for breakfast and lunch is basic but plenty of it, but the evening meals are of a very high standard, serving high quality ingredients cooked to a high standard. although there is only a set 3 course evening meal, the staff are very happy to try and make changes for you if you don't want the food on offer.

All prices in ski resorts are high, this was made easier in Le Totem as all soft drinks and wine served at the table were free and the staff were quite happy for you to take a bottle of wine out of the restaurant with you up stairs to the bar.

To eat the same quality of food in an outside restaurant it would cost about £35 a head in England and much more in a ski resort (where they will charge £18 for a poor pizza).

There was not much snow around this year, but the piste bashers had done a wonderful job of ensuring that all the pistes remained open and all but one of the lifts were in use. Last year we came to Flaine and it snowed every day but our experience of skiing this year was no different.

All ski resorts are expensive and you have to expect to pay £4 for a hot chocolate or coffee, but most people go knowing that.

All the staff we spoke with could not have been more friendly and helpful if they tried (both the Langley and Crystal staff).

  • Holiday details: Feb 2011, Full Board, Booked Independently
  • Good For: , Skiing

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3 / 10
Totem - Best in Flaine?

"Not much atmosphere and alot of complaining by guests about Le Totum management. Good if you want great skiing and your children looked after; Le Totum had the best childcare I have come accross- the staff were great and put on a birthday party for my son. The hotel is right next to slopes for skiing; you could not get more conveience. The problem is Flaine is a concrete jungle of what looks like ex soviet accomodation blocks, however everything looks passible with snow on it. Residents are nice, staff lovely but everyone is a bit down because the prices of all purchases are rediculous- does not help euro/£ exchange rate. You end up sitting at the bar in Le Totum with a large whicky (£13) talking to the only two other people in the hotel who are similarly silly enough to pay these prices. No bar/foyer atmosphere what so ever; dissapointing for what could otherwise be a good family hotel. Previous british staff had gone home as they could not afford to work and live there. For >£1000 a head for my son and I, plus over £1000 spending, the holiday was definately not worth the money. Say it again though- best childcare I have ever come accross! I do not think the childcare staff received enough credit as they were Crystal staff in a non Crystal hotel, and I do not know if 2010/11 season will still be Crystal staff so worth checking. Flaine- Totum may be worth it if you lower your expectations and pay about 600/head.'Verbier' prices in a two star environment- they cannot justify that just because of good skiing!"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2009, Transfered, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: no
  • Good For: , Skiing

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9 / 10
Fantastic Family Holiday

"We have just returned from a weeks holday at the Totem in Flaine (1st week in Aril 2010).

The hotel was exactly what we needed. Right on the doorstep of the most fabulous pistes.No catching shuttle buses or anything, just out of the door onto the pistes. The childcare was second to none (we used Pepi Penguin for our 23 month old and Whizz Kids for our 7 year old). Whizz Kids stored ski equipment for our son, helped him get his boots on, transported him to his lesson and carried his skis. They collected him at the end, got him changed and took him for his dinner with all the other Whizz Kids (which was exactly what he wanted!)In the afternoon he could stay at whizz Kids where they could do all sorts of things such as craft, sledging, snowball fights etc, or he could come skiing with us. Pepi Penguin was equally as good. It was really well organised with all sorts of activities for the childen and plenty of ouside play in the snow! The childcare staff in the hotel were brilliant. I would recommend it without hesitation.

Although the hotel itself was basic ( we certainly wouldn't be able to afford 4 or 5 star that close to the piste!)it was very comfortable. Our bedroom was warm, had a beautiful view and a nice, modern up to date bathroom. The communal areas were great with big, comfy, leather sofas and a real fire at the bar end.

The food in the hotel was much more than 3 star. Breakfast was hearty, with fresh croissants, baguette, ham, cheese, boiled eggs, yoghurt, fruit, cereal etc. as much as you like. Lunch was also hearty. choice of 2 hot courses and plenty of salad available.Again, as much as you like, including wine and soft drinks. We were really surprised at the evening meal: 3 couses of really high quality gourmet food, with unlimited wine! Things like duck breast and beef fillet. The earlier childrens tea was just as good. High quality food, rather than 'chicken nougats and chips', although they would quite happily cook this for you if you wanted.

The only downside obout the restaurant was that it was carpeted, and the carpet obviously needed a clean. It could have done with being hoovered more often too. We were not too bothered by that, but it might offend some people.

As for Flaine, we fell in love with the resort. Despite the time of year, the snow was fantastic and it snowed on and off for the whole week. Despite this we were not affected by lift closures. We loved the runs, and my 7 year old was coming down lovely reds by the end of the week, despite being only his second week of skiing.

We enjoyed our holiday so much that we have booked again for New Year. We looked at other resorts, but couldn't seem to find anywhere as convenient as Flaine. It may not be as pretty as other resorts (I rather like the Bauhaus architecture), but because it is purpose built, everything is where you need it to be which is a big plus when you are trying to fit in as much skiing as possible.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, Full board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Must go
  • Good For: , Skiing

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7 / 10
Excellent value for money

"This hotel for sure needs redecorating...and I am sure that it will happen during the summer months.

The location is fantastic, and you put your skis on outside the door.

The staff are very courteous, and nothing was too much trouble for them.

Breakfast was great.

Lunch was great - everyday, and you can ski one half of the mountain, come back for lunch and then the other side.

Dinner was exceptional quality - and I have been around a bit...

and...this was everyday, no chef's night off.

Consider an apartment - but reconsider Le Totem and then add up the cost of dining out in Flaine...and you will soon see where I am coming from.

However check the weather conditions before booking - our week was exceptional weatherwise - but it got too warm at the end of the week, and it rained on our last day.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2010, full board, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Check the snow report before booking
  • Good For: , Skiing

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8 / 10
What a great holiday !

"This hotel is exactly what you need when out ski-ing all day - somewhere to eat, relax and sleep. The breakfast was busy - but thats because everyone wants to be out on the slopes before 10, lunch was quieter - 2 courses and 2 choices of hot lunch - free wine and soft drinks too, and dinner was fantastic. There isn't exactly a choice, but the waiters were happy to accomodate variety in the choice - ie swapping from the adult to the kids menu's. Doing the kids some chicken nuggets or chips if they really didn't want the kids choice - and even bringing a 2nd portion of food for our elder child who was still hungry after 1 meal. Again - free wine and soft are ok to take these to the bar area to finish after your meal....Great !

The reps and langley staff couldn't have done more for us, anything we asked for (extra pillows, new bulb in a lamp etc) was taken care of quickly. A stress free holiday, and loads of fantastic snow and ski-ing !

  • Holiday details: Feb 2010, full board, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Give it a whirl !!!
  • Good For: , Skiing

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8 / 10
very happy. excellent value

"Sorry! I don't normally write reviews, but I don't know what people have got to complain about. The hotel was great value. Food was excellent, it would have cost us a fortune if we had gone self catering. We were given full board. The hotel has a great location, ski school just outside. The drinks at the hotel were expensive, but no more than the surrounding cafe/bars.

Really enjoyed the holiday. People who complain have nothing better to do ( get a live ) be happy & enjoy life. We do, we travelled 8 adults & 7 children.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2010, full board, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Flaine is great. Good family resort
  • Good For: , Skiing

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8 / 10
Brilliant, and you will ENJOY

"We returned on the 6th feb 2010 . 5 professional adults and 2 7yr old children. We had a fabulous holiday and congratulations to Richard and Langleys who have obviously turned the hotel round from previous criticisms!

The Hotel is clean and rooms are warm with an abundance of hot water. Beds fresh clean and comfortable.

The resort itself is very practical and not wow to look at but we spent our days on the slopes and weren't looking for culture and buildings!

We were very very impressed with the food, by choice taste and presentation. The unlimited wine was an incredible bonus at our table both at lunch and dinner.

( Hot lunch - 2 choices on a buffet - Brill)

The snow was magnificient and there was a 50cm dump of snow on our last day. The conditions were great. Lovely big long lazy Blues, no lift queues, Some tough bits on the Reds if you want to be a bit risky!

Happy hour in the White Pub at 5pm where pints dropped in price from E6.50 to E3.50 .

I didn't book Kids club and used it when required and the staff were amazing. Esp Hannah!

If you are going to Le Totem FLaine. You will love it and like us look forward to heading back.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Ski Kings
  • Advice: Amazing value
  • Good For: , Skiing

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3 / 10
the real truth of Le Totem

"We have just returned from Flaine (23 Jan 2010). I read many of the reviews and am frankly amazed that anyone could think it worthy of more than a 3 or 4 out of 10 rating.

Read on for a correct and truthful report.

Crystal company ought to read this and make the improvements required.

Firstly the Hotel is very dated, almost in a time warp, its like going back to the 60's but without twiggy, scooters, beatles music and the 60's prices.

Crystal. WHY not spend some money on a quick refurb, paint and a little up to date bedroom furniture would not cost a fortune.

Looking back at previous reviews I see that in Mar 2009 someone reported on the mould on the bedroom walls and ceilings, there were 6 of us in our group and each of us had the same in our rooms, numbers 518, 520 and 521.

Crystal company out to have sorted this.

In Dec 2009 a review by lornalewin said rooms shabby and they are correct, Toaster broken, and it is still very poor, If you wanted toast you could do a red run while its browning! Drinks vending machine broken - still broken!!

I have already said a little about the bedrooms, let me carry on to say that yes they are dated but they are clean, there is plenty of hot water, beds are comfy.

Room can sometimes be cold with radiators not working and then the next minute too hot and there are no windows to open and let in any fresh air. The rooms have no main light just bedside lights, no TV and no mirror, most of the wall sockets for charging phones etc did not work. The hair dryer in the bathroom is not too brillant and its best to take your own, just find a socket that works!!

Our rooms were close to the main lift and the noise from this was unbelievable, best described as someone dragging furniture around,

Crystal why not have the lift serviced?

In the lounge area the seats are all very low back again 60's style and not too comfy. The two pool tables were out of order, the table football machine was out of order.

The prices are a disgrace, how can anyone justify nearly £4 for a hot chocolate, or £7.50 for a pint of beer or £1.60 for a small packet of crisps. With these sort of prices and profit margins the hotel should be a Palace!!

Some variety of food at breakfast would be nice and being in France a croissant would have been nice too. Coffee and water for tea only just warm. Also it can be a problem getting a table.

If Crystal were to buy 6 pop up toasters the toast queues would be gone, they only cost £10 each from Tescos!!

The food in the evenings was very nice but maybe a little too fancy for some people and the portions were maybe smallish. Top tip here, some of our group did not like the main meal so asked for the childrens meals which were more to our tastes.

The Staff were lovely and always smiling, I felt sorry for them working for Crystal in this Hotel as obviously Crystal do not value them or the Hotel.

The Crystal reps were very good.

The Hotel is well located and Flaine has some good slopes but the area offers nothing else whatsoever.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2010, Full board, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Take plenty of money - boy you will need it
  • Good For: , Skiing

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8 / 10
Don't agree with previous review...

"We were also there at Christmas and had a great time. The hotel is run by Swedish people who had only been there 2 weeks before us. Yes it was cold the 1st 2 nights but was warm after that. Our room was very warm and immaculately clean.Storage was really good, plenty of hot water. The food was fantastic but obviously European rather than UK. Unlimited wine. No Christmas decorations was I think an oversight since so much work had been done to set up the hotel. If people want the Christmas as at home, why go away?

We always bring a portable DVD player but we didn't use it. The skiing is potentially fantastic but Christmas week was mixed - it is early in the season. I would give full marks to the young people that worked in the hotel - they were lovely. The two Crystal guys were nothing special and were unreliable for anyone who hoped to ski with them. We would go to the hotel again in a heartbeat.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2009, Half -board, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: A small resort with big skiing.
  • Good For: , Skiing

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10 / 10
Absolutely fantastic!

"If you're a family group then you're going to love le Totem.

We've just come back from a fabulous week of skiing, eating and drinking with 6 adults and 4 children. The wizz kids club is a must as is the pygama evening club - the kids love it and you can eat in peace whilst they are royally entertained.

This year, Langleys (Swedish company, part of Thomsons) have taken over the hotel and the food is gourmet standard. If like us, you've grown used to the rather low budget sort of fare you normally associate with low cost skiing, you're in for a real surprise.

The staff were fantastic especially the kids people - they're all British (Crystal) as are the reps. The ski school were a little shouty but that's the ESF for you!

If you're looking for a quiet, romantic or lads week then look elsewhere because this place is completely family centric - it does what it says on the tin and is focussed on parents and children. We've skiied for the last 25 years and I can honestly say, you can't get better value than this when you've got children.

The weather and skiing were of course excellent if a little parky on occasion (-26C in the wind at the top one day).

Looking forward to next year at Flaine.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Family fantastic
  • Good For: , Skiing

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4 / 10
a complete nightmare!

"We stayed for Xmas. First I would like to say the Crystal Staff did a wonderful job and are all totally lovely and doing a great job. The kids Club fantastic... The Nursery fabulous just like a home nursery. I felt happy leaving my 8 months old she was very well looked after.

The hotel: shabby, management totally unorganised - unhelpful, cold restaurant am and pm (guesat ate in their coats) we copmplained and after 2 days they got electric heaters in, filthy dirty carpets. toaster broke down at breakfast, not kids menus at all esp none for babies...hotel staff walked around looking like they havent a clue.... unwelcoming bedrooms. We would have moved out if could have afforded to. Food well below standard for breakfast and lunch..... more like 2 star hotel. christmas was very un-christmas here and they only got a xmas tree 2 days before with pressure from many unhappy adults for the kids! no other decorations only the paper chains made from crystal staff at the kids club.

No TV in bedrooms, and def no wii like someone had written.. arcade all broken machines, drinks machine outside broken, bedrooms so small (but hot), front sliding electric doors to hotel broken.

would we return? not on your life! not even if someone paid us!! - positives: location excellent. Boot room at night cold so boots dont dry out.

Fire alarm went off on 2nd night at 3am - and manager didnt seem to have clue how to turn it off. Next morning the lift seemed to be out of action for another 2 days! - bit annoying to say least as we had buggy and had to walk to other end of hotel...Reception is not manned between 11 and 3pm daily for any queries you have to wait! I asked for kettle to do bottles and they looked at me as if i were crazy. (I did get one but it was filthy).. Microwave in dining room also broke down. The travel cot was a rock bed so i asked for decent mattress for a 8 month old which they did give me. I could go on and on. I met so many unhappy guests at the hotel i could not tell you. One Irish lady tried to book into another hotel but it was full. Not worth the money or the stress of your relationship!

Ski life passes are not necessary at €204 as you can put money on top up card and save yourselves a fortune if weather bad/learner..... which crystal failed to tell on coach before we arrived??

  • Holiday details: Dec 2009, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Dont stay here!
  • Good For: , Skiing

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  • by demanding family skier

    " Most mountain restaurants were good - probably avoid the one at the bottom of the Aup de Veran bubbl "

  • by Dodders

    " Great skiing for family "

  • by skinnydip

    " try a vodka sorbet at the Chez Daneil restuarant! "

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    " only ate out once at the brassiere and had excellent meal "

  • by Mat and Ellie

    " Good Value, Best skiing right on your door step. "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " fantastic skiing for internediate and beginners..doing the cascades blue run is a must! "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " good transfer time from airport, excellent resort for all "

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