Messonghi Beach Hotel

between the villages of Moraitika and Messonghi, Corfu 49100, Greece
5  / 10
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8 / 10
great hotel

"This hotel has everything,5 pools,4 restaurants,kids clubs,babysitting,kids disco,right on the beach,food is good wide choice although gets repetitive after two weeks,the only down side is entertainment in the evening,just a solo singer,need great improvement especially for English."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: pay extra for superior room
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Best holiday ever!

"My step daughter and i stayed for seven nights, sept 2012, We were a little worried the place may be too big, and although at meal times it could feel a little overbearing, we soon got used to it. As for everything else we think it was amazing. There are four different pools, so if you want some quiet relaxation, use a quiet pool, like we did on the first few days. Then we moved to the main central pool and thats when the fun began.Streching to music in the morning ,aquagym, volleyball, darts,waterpolo in the afternoon, salsa lessons on the pool side. What a time we had, we have never laughed as much for years thanks to the animation team, who we made good friends with! The staff at the hotel are overworked and deal with a lot of rude customers, so yes they were a little grumpy, but we always said please and thankyou with a smile, and if you can say it in Greek even better, and they soon warmed to us.The food was ok, plenty of choice, some things a little weired, but remember you are in Greece. We had full bellies every day and their dessersts were wonderfull, plenty of fruit too. The rooms were of a good basic standard, we had a fridge in ours, don,t know about aircon because we didn,t need it as it,s cooler in the evenings in sept, but we only showered and slept in our room so don,t know why everyone makes a big fuss about the rooms!Why no one has mentioned the night club on site i don,t know because that was absolutely fantastic! We had a great time and would go back asap!!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Try and learn a few Greek words,be polite to the staff and they will respond well to you!
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
holiday from hell

"O M G where do i start,all inclusive, no towel change all week, no bed change,no air con,they wanted 6 euros a day for a fan,no fridge,very poor choice of drinks and they watered down, food not fit for consumption,staff so rude, they charge for sunbeds on beach and waterside which is on the park pool,my friend had an accident while there and he was left on second floor room with stairs only (with a broken foot)i cried the whole time. it was that bad my friends said they will never go back to Corfu ever, we will, but definitely not to Messonghi beach slum, but please if you want any kind of holiday at all do not go here. best part of this holiday was when we was off the complex, but spent far more than expected to because of this."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, booked with Alpha Rooms
  • Advice: never going back

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5 / 10
Family Holiday

"Just returned from a week at this resort. We had really good weather and the rooms were not to bad except for the fact that all the extra beds were bunk beds and when you have children with you that are nearly 6ft this is not very good .The thing tha\t let this holiday down was the food. It was disgusting!!!!Even my little grandaughter said it was disgusting.All the desserts were covered in wasps and there were dogs and cats wandering around the dinning hall.The snacks were non existant.

If the food was edible it would have been a good holiday.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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3 / 10
Don't go!

"Except all what has already been said this hotel stopped treating mosquitos issues following the recent legislative change in Greece resulting in totally ruining your holiday despite using tons of repelents, candles etc. Bungalows (the only reasonable accommodation standard - believe me - tried 4 different types in that place)are mostly without air con but push hard to get the one with air con even for extra EUR 15/day as this is the only thing which will seriously improve your holiday. Agree that food and hotel standards were disgrace. Reception and cleaner staff helpfull but dining room and bar staff terrible. Beach there is great thoug - mostly sandy unlike rest of the island and is not totally cramped. Pools are also good and relatively clean. They have kids small aquapark pool, play room and train taking kids around on evenings. We stayed in August 2011. Some things were good but mostly too expensive for what you get. The hotel was apparently closed last year due to not paying their staff and I heard some rumours this might happen again this year for the same reasons."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Teletext-LowCost Holidays
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Not even worth looking at!

"Arrived monday 11/7/11 just in time to grab remaining remnanats of awful lunch. Room was so basic i wouldn't have put my dog in it. No air con, no fridge to keep water cold, only thing the maids did all week was make the bed and give you a toilet roll, room at no point throughout the week got cleaned. Later found out that all inclusive means nothing, ie, snack bar food has to be paid for, sunbeds on apparently private beach are to be paid for and not a lot of choice for all inc drinks(even fresh juice in your vodka was extra, instead you had to have a diluted excuse for Fanta). If you expect English company , forget it. The hotel was full of rude, arrogant, noisy Germans, Romanians, Serbians, French etc, who would all be up at the crack of dawn to nab the pathetic quota of sunbeds around the pool. 900 rooms, 50 sunbeds. Doesn't really add up does it? Its only saving grace was one or two of the staff being a bit friendly. We ate out every night and hired a jeep all week just to get away from the hotel as early as possible each day. Oh, and one night, we came back to find that the whole hotel had no water supply at all. The following night, a lorry was parked outside our room till 1am with a diesel pump pumping something away, and he was back again at 6am doing the same. There are some fabulous all inclusive hotels in Corfu, believe me, we have stayed in them. Unfortunately, we made a big mistake with this one. Advice is DON'T GO! IT IS A WASTE OF HARD EARNED MONEY!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Surrounding area has great beachside tavernas etc. Just get away from the hotel!

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3 / 10
Disappointing - costs more than you think

"Be careful when booking this hotel - standard rooms are extremely basic - no air conditioning, electric light coming away from ceiling, no fridge, shutters don't close properly, etc. Superior rooms are fine - air con, hairdryer, tv, fridge.

Food - not up to much, very repetitive and bland, carafe of wine with meal but all glasses are tumblers, no wine glasses, very often tables without cutlery and very few staff to provide replacement. Puddings - usually one dessert and one type of fruit.

Bars serve mostly from plastic cups. Mineral water only free by plastic cup from bars. Even all inclusive you need to buy bottles of mineral water for the room, beach grill serves food but has to be paid separately starting at 4 Euros, sun beds on beach are 3 Euros each. Drinks only until 11 and only spirits available local gin, brandy (not Metaxa), vodka and ouzo only until 11 p.m. Each person only allowed 2 drinks per visit to bar, so one person can't order drinks for whole family. Drinks in disco 5 Euro each plus. Safety deposit boxes in reception 20 Euro for week, 5 Euro returned as deposit.

Animation Staff try to sell bingo or lottery tickets 4 Euro each to win 20 prizes but they can't say what they are.

Majority of tourists here are Eastern European, French, German, very few British tourists.

Some staff, particularly reception staff very helpful and pleasant, but not nearly enough bar or restaurant staff so they work hard under difficult conditions and therefore don't have time to be very pleasant.

The hotel is well laid out with 4 or more pools plus children's pool(but hardly any sun loungers and at 6.30 a.m. most are taken with towels) and it's a shame that it could be so much better if there were more staff, more choice of food, and all inclusive actually meant all inclusive.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Bring plenty of Euro to pay for all the things that aren't included in the all inclusive and for meals out.
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"hi me and my mum and dad went here 1 year ago i think and as soon as we got there we had been given a wrong room which wasnt the hotels fault.. it was first choice and after we had got that sorted after a day or sorting it out and the momber of first choices staff being fired. we really ejoyed the service we recieved, staff very nice YOU ARE NOT TREATED like 2nd class citizens like some people have said... there is no wasps and things on food... the food was very nice and a good choice of food... we would recomend this hotel to anyone... there was a really nice lady who worked in the shop that talked english and we went to her sisters bar up the road and met the whole family and got the address which i am currently writing a letter to her now.. all staff are nice.. the only little problem we had was ants and the hotel give us ant killer for this problem like i say i would highly rcomend going and i will be again soon dont listen to all the comments that say its horrible....."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, bed breakfast and evening meal, Booked Independently
  • Advice: good

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1 / 10

"We went to messonghi beach after reading all the bad reveiws, i thought... well.. you cant please everyone, so i went with an open mind.

We arrived early on the saturday morning, and was left to find our own room on the riverside appartments, the staff were very rude, the food was awful, i wouldnt have given it to my dog. The rooms were ok, smelt of sewage all the time, and the shower was always leaking.

English people are treated like 2nd class citizens, if your not German, your not important which i was discgusted about.

It has nice pools, ok beach, but i would not reccommend this hotel to anyone.

It was the worst hotel in the world... DO NOT GO!!

I have complained to thomas cook & am hoping for some compensation, as a cheap holiday ended up costing us over £1200 to buy food every day as i refused to eat food that had flies and wasps crawling all over it!

Some people clearly like the hotel... but if you have standards of what you eat and where you sleep... youl hate messonghi beach!! Just ask the locals what they think.... when we told them where we were stayig they all gasped and said move hotels!!

Never again!!

If it wansnt for a small bar called the Island reasturant bar, we would have come home early! The food & drink here are excellent, and staff are lovely!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, Half Board, Booked Independently

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6 / 10
Messonghi Beach

"Me and my husband chose last minute to go here for our honeymoon as we didnt have a great deal of money to spend on a honeymoon but still wanted to go somewhere hot to chill out and have a good time away together.

We arrived at the hotel in the early hours of the morning and once we had checked in we were left to find our room which was in another building within the complex ourselves in the dark as there were no lights.

The food wasnt much to brag about.. it was basic for breakfast and if your not an egg lover like myself then i would save extra euros to eat out in the mornings.. " popeyes " which is just outside the complex to the right was the best place to get an english breakfast.

Dinner was " ok " but after a few days eating the same types of food ( meat stews, rice, potatos etc and german style salads ) it gets a bit to much

We didnt like the Beach grill food which was served during lunch hours and the prices were to high... €3.80 for a portion of chips.!!!

We decided to get beers etc from a supermarket just outside the complex as we got big bottles of local beer for €0.65 and kept them in our room fridge instead of paying €3.00 for a pint in the beach bar

There isnt much entertainment happening around and most bars were empty ( prob due to the time of year we went ) but there was one good place we went to a few times and had a good night out... Golden beach Bar... 1min away if you walk along the beach to the left.!

Overall it was an alright holiday but i wouldnt go back there again.. i would prefer to go to another part of greece

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, Half Board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: all of the above
  • Activities: no favourite resturant as they are all the same with basic fast food ( burger, chips, hotdogs etc )
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
enjoyable holiday

"After reading some of the reviews on this hotel I was a bit worried, however it turned out to be very enjoyable. My first impressions of the hotel were not good, it does need a lick of paint and new furnishings but I thought I would give it a chance and relax. I had my 14 year old daughter and her friend with me. We were shown to our room which had two beds and a camp bed in...very squashed and I was dreading spending two whole weeks in there, however when I complained to Danni the rep the next day she immediately got our room changed and I ended up with two rooms for no extra cost...very good service!! The rooms were very clean, fresh towels and sheets every day.

You had to be up bright and early to get a sunbed though as most people had put their towels out by 6.30am and the hotel was only half full!!! The pools and the grounds were lovely although the grass needed cutting badly.

The food was quite nice, always something to eat and my daughter is very fussy but her plate was always full. Thhe waiters are very friendly and will always say good morning etc

The entertainment was not up to much though...there are 7 pools and the only one they had entertainmnet during the day was the salt water pool by the beach, the other pools just have music playing which isnt very loud. The entertainment team consisted of a group of foreign students who all worked very very hard day and night. My daughter and her friend were always made very welcome by them and they made their holiday.

The drinks and ice creams in the local shop are very expensive but there are a few bars outside the hotel and supermarkets which are cheaper, it is a bit of a trek to get to though as the hotel grounds are soo big.

Theos boat trip is a MUST very enjoyable day

Overall I think this hotel is good for the price you pay, it they gave it a lick of pain and some new furninshings and perhaps got better entertainment id would be even better!!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10

"we arrived in our hotel room to discover that not only did it stink of cigarette smoke, that there was a wasps nest on the balcony.Reception quickly offered us the keys to another room which was thankfully smoke and wasp free. We were very happy with our room, clean, plenty of storage. The hotel grounds were pleasent enough, well kept grounds.Plenty of daytime activities. the beech was also lovely, clear calm sea.Get up early though to stake your claim for a sunbed.

Don't bother with breakfast, unless you like dry bread, and ultra strong coffee, oh and of course more wasps. Dinner was slightly better, the salad and feta cheese was fresh and lovely. the main course was very average, nothing was labelled so it was difficult to know if you were picking up fish or chicken. the beef tasted okay, quite tender but the liver had been cremated. the chips were strangley chewey. The mashed potato and pasta sauce tasted suspiciously out of a packet and add hot water.

Please please please vist Harry and George Bros(turn left on main street then cross over)we have made 2 best friends for life, two of the most sincere people that i have ever met.the music was brilliant too, everything from The Clash to My Chemical Romance. Best bar i have ever been to abroad. Also try 'Enjoy'snack/cafe/bar, plenty of choice, best prices i saw, food excellent, and the owner was a decent honest man. also Buddies has good atmosphere. Ever bar that we visited was well priced, friendly staff, good range of bars, not as many restaurants though.Definatly cheep enough to consider going self catering next time.

Corfu Town is very picturesque, architecture very similar to Venice. The (reps) boat trip and BBQ was a fab day out definatly book this trip, the captain is a hoot unless you don't like water and shaving foam fights then your in for a treat.

overall, the resort was brilliant and i will definatly return in the future. if the hotel can sort out the food and its staff (v rude)and the wasps then i would stay there again.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by darciegrace

    " try popeyes,and Enjoy they do lovely food and are great people ..Makhis bar is a must to visit. "

  • by Sami33

    " The blue lagoon is a definate must see. "

  • by evans

    " theos boat trip, little tavernas across the river which you can can get to by rowing boat for 1 euro "

  • by amielyd

    " The Island resturant Bar. Excellent food and staff! "

  • by painnz

    " Take boat trip (approx. EUR 20/pp) to Blue Lagoon and rent a car and explore - well worth the money! "

  • by mamma

    " Take a travel kettle so that you can take pot noodles to eat "

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