Plaza Palmeras

C/Anzuelo 60, Lanzarote 35510, Spain
8  / 10
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10 / 10
ALI i love you!!!!!

"Right here we go.Plaza Palmeras is the place to stay if you want to enjoy your holiday full stop.These people who complain about the basicness of the apartments baffle me,if you want 4 or 5 star then book and pay for 4 and 5 star.What plaza palmeras lacks they sure as hell make up for it in making sure you have a laugh.The bar staff Ali and Antonio well wat can i say,amazin guys,Ali i love you big man definitely see you again in august.The hill is slightly steep but who cares about a steep hill youre on holiday folks at the end of the day.Lanzarotte getting very expensive.Happy hour however is twice a day buy 1 drink get 1 free( sweet)karaoke at night and entertainment every nite.loved every minute of it.dont stand around the edge of the pool however as ali quite likes pushing people in..all in all a wonderful holiday and il definitely be back in august."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: get there
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks, Skiing

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9 / 10

"We have just got back from staying at the Plaza Palmeras Lanzarote! We stayed for 2 weeks from 18th Oct - 1st Nov 2009 and what can I say..What a fantastic time we had. The apartments are completely basic but nice, yes abit of rust here and there and some chips in the paint work but what do you expect for a 2 * !!we found our apartment great, no problems, cant fault it in anyway for a 2*. we had our 6 month old son, which they profided a travel cots which was great!! There was 16 adults and 4 children in our party, which between us we had 7 rooms and non of us had any problems. There were a few cases on ants in 2 rooms but were sorted by the maintenance man!! The whole complex was great!The maids are great too, they clean every day except a Saturday. we had out towels and sheets changed 4 times in our stay. The floors were cleaned everyday, all rubish picked up etc. The pool area was great, pool cleaned everyday. The pool was large which has a kids pool and a deep pool. The water is fresh which was extremily cold, but refreshing. The pool bar is just basic nothing special however the staff...well FANTASTIC!! Ali and Antonio!!wicked people. They were so nice. The prices a little expensive, however that is the same everywhere in Peurto del Carmen, so you cant blame them. They have a Happy Hour 4-5pm and 9-10pm which is 2-4-1!!You will always here Ali on the mic and bang on 4pm shouting 'HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR...HELLLLOOO ENGLAND, WALES, SCOTLAND, IRELAND...HELLLLLOOO 1 DRINK 1 DRINK FREE ---4-5 ..9-10 HELLLLOOO!!!the food at the pool bar is nice!breakfast a little over priced but nice!!they always put football on if theres a match you want to watch on sky, or x factor etc all you need to do is ask!!

The reception area is nice too!!recpetion staff lovely..the only problem was the security guard at night..he was a biggggg man!!he came storming to your apartment if any noise after 9pm!!!so watch out for him!!!

The only faults I can give is the sun beds are really uncomfy. They are plastic with no elastic support, however again what do you expect!!also you have to pay to watch tele (1euro for 40 mins), to rent fans, toaster, microwave etc!!

The weather was great..we had a few cloudy days but mostly clear skys in the 30's.Theres a nice breeze all the time which is good. Watch out for the moscitos i was hounded by them!!

Overall we found peurto del Carmen expensive. Meals, drinks etc are expensive. Average icecreams (mars,magnem) 2.50euro large cokes 4 euro, large beer 4 euro,meals on average 30-40 euros for 2 meals. however if you find the right places you get good deals. The whole strip is massive. The walk from the hotel to the strip is a 5 min downhill walk.If you turn right at the bottom you will find lots of family bars, clubs and restaurants best for the youngens...and the old town and harbou further down..if you turn left at the bottom you will find shops restaurants, mini golf etc. We prefered it to the left as we didnt get hounded by PR's. Also the beach is just off the strip which you have watersports etc!!

Overall Fantastic holiday. Would definatly not go self cateringagain untill the euro has gone back up...however when it does so we will definatly be going back to Plaza Palmeras!!!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Expensive however lovely!!
  • Activities: all the grill houses, bike riding and beaches
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Good value for money.

"I have been to the Plaza Palmeras 6 times now, and never been disappointed or had to make a complaint. I have had good friendly service, clean BASIC suitable accommadation and as its in a great location , albeit on a slight hill, i would recommend it to anyone. At the end of the day, these are 2 star apartments, not the Ritz, and if people expect more than they need to pay more!!!. All in all we had a great time at the Plaza Palmeras and will be returning in March."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10

"please forget the negative reviews and look fwd to ure holiday these apartments are first class and very clean cant fault anything about these apts good central location and a 5 min walk to shops and bars ,"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: brilliant

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7 / 10
Very good, but had its bad points......

"There was a lot of good points about this hotel like the pool bar staff. They were ALL very friendly, especially Ali!!! Hayley and Isabella. They made the holiday a lot more fun! The pool was a great size however was freshwater therefore it was cold, but was good when it was the midday heat. The entertainment was pretty good, there was karaoke at night, and reptile shows through the day. It was brilliant for kids! The was music from sky channels in the bar every night, which was usually open until about 1 am, food still being served for eating in or taking away until around 12. The bad points about the hotel however were the staff in the reception, were quite ignorant, and the security guard couldnt speak hardly any english and didnt smile the whole time we stayed. The bed sheets were "supposed" to be changed once a week but for us were not, and after complaining the first time they were changed was on the second last night and on the last night! On the last day we were not leaving the hotel until around 6pm, and were made to leave the room at 10am, meaning we had to sit in the heat all day, with no way of getting a shower, when we asked, we were told we had to pay 30 euros to keep the room for not even half a day! Overall the accomadation was not excellant, but the bar staff were all very helpful and friendly. The hotel was only a two or three minutes walk away from the mainstrip with all the main bars restaraunts and shops, there was a netto supermarket just around the corner from the hotel too."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Do Not Stay Here - Worse Than Prison!

"I stayed at this hotel from 16th July 2009 until 23rd July 2009 and it was the worst holiday that i have ever been on.

When my partner and I arrived at the hotel on the 16th, we checked in only to find that the receptionist was completely rude and advised that a pool view was not even requested. I showed the receptionist my paperwork stating that a pool or sea view had been requested although not guarranteed.

I fully understand that the request was not going to be guaranteed but the request was not even sent through to the hotel at all!!

This resulted to a bad start to our holiday and after insisting that our request was requested via Travel Republic, the receptionist placed us in room 78 which claimed to have a pool view.

We then took our belongings to the apartment 78 and it was the most filthy and disgusting sight i had seen.

The apartment was totally different as to the pictures which were shown in the brochure and websites. There was no similarities.

Room 78 is on a 3rd floor and the stairs on the way up were broken, the paint was chipped and stained and the wooden rails were completely corroded which meant that they crumbled when you held on to them.

The electric was appauling, live wires every where and you had to put your keyring into some kind of electrical box which tripped all of the electric and was very dangerous.

The rust on the fridge was unbelievable and there was mould and grime inside it, along side a chemical smell. The outside was covered in rust and dirt.

The floor was filthy, parts near the fridge had rust and it did not look like it had even been swept/mopped.

The bathroom was totally different to a brochure photo, the brochure photo portrayed a clean and modern 'walk in' shower and looked spotless whereas the real thing was a bath which was covered with thick rust and a shower which wasn't even hooked on to the wall safely. The tiles were mouldy and dirty and the floor also had not been cleaned. The toilet was totally stained in which i believe was stale urine.

The balcolny did not have a pool view and the actual balcolny was a green piece of metal which was unsightly and blocked any view at all unless you were 6 feet tall standing up. There was a carcus of a dead bird also and a lot of bird mess which covered 1/4 of the balcolny. A clothes horse was also filthy with rust and would have stained any clothes if you put them on there, if it managed to stand up long enough!

The cupboards in the kitchen were rotton and i also found ants on the worktops.

I spent 9 euros on purchasing a telephone card from the hotel to call Travel Republic in the UK which did not even work so this cost me further money which i had saved to enjoy myself on my holiday.

I spoke to a lady at Travel Republic who advised that she was going to do something about the situation and possibly arrange for myself and my boyfriend to be moved and that a member of the support team would be in touch. The problem was that we did not have any form of contact because there was no telephone in our apartment as stated in the description.

After this, i then telephone my mother at home and advised her of the situation. My mother advised that she would contact Travel Republic to resolve this because it would be easier and save our money. My mother had advised that Travel Republic had stated that we were meant to have been moved to a different complex by Monday 20th July. This did not happen and no attempt was made to even contact me to advise of any action taken; so we continued the holiday from this feeling quite unhappy and upset.

Because of this apartment, my partner and I did not unpack any thing from our suitcase and so we went back to the receptionist to ask to view another room if possible as we was not satisfied with the dirty room and it had not been prepared for some one to stay there.

We informed the lady at the reception that our room was not clean and that we wondered if there was some thing that could be done. The response was that we could wait until the next morning for the cleaners to clean the balcolny or we could have a look at another 2 apartments which were avaliable, room numbers 127 and 128.

We were pleased to look at another room and so we asked to take this option but we recieved a rude response; 'the rooms are all the same, i do not know what your problem is, you do not like my complex, you can leave the complex and go home'.

We found this very upsetting on our first day and after explaining that we did not have a problem at all the receptionist threw the keys at us and said 'do what you want then, they are all the same'.

We found that we preferred room 127 to any other so we decided to stay there. We then gathered our belongings from room 78 and handed back the keys at the reception where the staff was very angry and rude once again.

We moved our belongings yet again to room number 127 where we found it was slightly cleaner.

We were still very unhappy with the experience so far and already felt that the holiday was ruined.

In room 127, we found that a part of the balcolny above us was actually falling down and if the wind was to be very strong, it would easily have fallen which was very dangerous yet again. The bathroom was also not as stated in the brochure and the fridge did not work which made our milk curdle after 1 day only.

Electrical wires were loose every where and the socket in the bathroom was loose also in which i once got a slight shock from.

The view from the bedroom was awful as we had a skip just below our window and also one across the road which had recycling bins along side them. Due to these bins, my partner and i were to find that every morning without fail, we were woken up, once at around 4.00am and second at 6.15am by bin-men who were very loud. It was even louder because we had the windows open at night due to no air conditioning or a fan. On a few occasions, i did get out of bed to shut the window after being woken up and tried to go back to sleep but it was no use because it was still just as loud and disturbing.

Just outside of our bedroom also appeared to be a loading bay for all sorts of lorries such as the supermarket downstairs and local bars. It was also a drop-off and pick up point for coaches and when they were there, we were woken up to faces peering through our bedroom window because the coach was the same height so the tourists had a great time looking in!

I really enjoy visiting Puerto Del Carmen but this holiday was a holiday from hell.

I saved up my money for a long time to afford to go on this holiday and used a lot of holiday from work and i find myself leaving totally dissapointed and in need of another break.

I have up loaded some photos.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Self Catering, booked with Travel Republic
  • Advice: Puerto Del Carmen is Great, Great people and bars!
  • Activities: Lani's Tex-Mex and Sunset Beach!
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Excellent Apartments

"We are just back from Plaza Palmeras and really loved the apartments. We found the apartments were very clean and close enough to the bars and restaurants, there is a hill but it is not that bad.

Normally it takes me a day or two to feel secure in apartments abroad but I felt safe from the first day in Plaza Palmera.

The kitchen was very basic and only had a hob, no grill, oven or toaster. A toaster and microwave can be rented but to be honest I would have expect that to be part of the kitchen.

The pool area and bar were very nice and Ali the barman kept everyone entertained during the day. We never really bothered with the entertainment at night but there was entertainment on every night. The pool food was good but maybe a bit expensive.

Lanzarote was a great place and the bars and restaurants were very good, we ate out every night and never had a bad meal.

I would definately stay in Plaza Palmera again.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
Excellent location but has its bad points

"I contacted the Plaza Palmeras before our trip to request a room with a balcony, rather than a terrace. I had also read reviews where people experienced cockroaches so I thought being on a higher floor might prevent this. When we arrived I was pleased that we were given a room on the second floor opposite reception. Compared to other apartments we have stayed at the rooms were really small. To cut a long story short It didn't take long to notice that we had ants, not just on the floor but also on the worktops around the sink, this was before we had purchased any food. The fridge was really rusty on the outside and had a terrible chemical smell inside. The shower rail fell off the wall twice when the curtain was pulled along, and worse of all the shower came away from the wall when the water pressure was too much, so you had to shower in a trickle of water. Although it was supposed to be a self-catering apartment there was no toaster or microwave provided. We didn't end up buying any food to cook with anyway and prefered to eat out. We did buy a pint of milk that curdled in the fridge within 2 days.

The apartments are excellently located near to the main strip and beach. Everyone mentions the hill, but it is nothing, our 6 year old managed it numerous times during the day in 40 degree heat!

The reception staff are really friendly as are the bar staff. The best thing about the Plaza Palmeras is the pool area, very large and clean.

We have been to Puerto del Camen twice now and our favourite restaurant was Lani's Cantina without a doubt. It might be slightly more expensive than other places but you do pay for the quality. It was also good for a breakfast, 2.50 Euro!!

We will be returning to PDC next year but will book into the Cinco Plaza which is next door. It looked twice as nice!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Self Catering, booked with Sunset/Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
basic but good

"Just got back from a week at the plaza palmeras. we have been before about 5 years ago and we had a really good time. this time there were a few problems. with it only being 2 stars and having been before, we didnt expect much. having to pay for things like tosters etc didnt bother us becasue we ate out alot and as for paying for the tv, we didnt even use it coz we came on holiday to get away from that sort of thing. the main problem we had with the apartments was the rep. he seemed totally full of himself at the welcome meeting and told us he would be around all the time in case we needed anything or wanted to book tours etc. we didnt decide what tours we wanted to do untill the sunday (we arrived on thrusday) and when we asked if he could book something he just seemed really half arsed about it and said he would get back to us. which he never did. in the end we booked it ours selves. he didnt even come over to say that he couldnt do it. whenever we went to look for him in the office he was never there. when he was about he was either too busy in the pool or chatting up groups of girls. i was very disapointed at this considering last time we stayed here the rep couldnt have done enough for us.

the rooms are basic and always clean which is all you need on a holiday like that i think. it needs a bit of a referb as well but it didnt realy spoil the holiday. the pool bar staff are amazing. Antonio and Ali really made the resort lively. Ali would always comne over and have a chat with us and play jokes on us and other people in the resort which i though was really nice coz some people are really sour faced in those sorts of places it is clear that he loves his job.

overall i think its a good place to stay, its central to the main stretch of shops and bars/resuraunts and the beach which is great. if your looking for a good night out be aware of touts at the bottom of the hill buy centro atlantico, they seem to be everywhere and it kinda spoilt it for me because they really wouldnt take no for an answer.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: party del carmen
  • Activities: Emmas cantina in old habour and buddys bar. hire a car for sight seeing.,
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
One Of The Best Holidays Ever

"I came with 17 other people in my family and i had a great time the hotel was spottless and the appartments were quite big!! the hotel has a local supermarket just thruu a door down the bottom of the hotel also in the pool bar the bar staff ALI AND ANTONIO were amazing the best ever bar staff they were also really funny especially ALI we came out because a member of my family was doing the iron man and there is lots of bars to sit in and watch from but they also have stands the iron man is on once a year i think :P and is a really good day out , the pubs a really nice and i would advice the gallion for breakfast as they do really nice food and its really quick service the only thing about this holiday that anoyed me was when we was walking down to where all the bars and shops are they ask you to come in to there bar and you always end up going in the ones that dont ask you haha also for the girls there is a little jewlerry shop right next to the hanover and another supermarket and it is very cheap!!!!! i am so pleased to have picked this hotel and the whole holiday because i enjoyed every single minute of it i also went scuba diving and they come to the hotel to see if anybody would like to do and they also give you a free trial in the pool then it is a little expensive but very worth it and they also have a reptile show and live pig racing in the bar a very funny night that was we made freinds with lots of people too and ALI just made are holiday!!!!!!! xx love Ellie p.s please consider coming to this hotel you will really enjoy it !! :D xx"

  • Holiday details: May 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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10 / 10

"My boyfriend (25) and i (24) ABOUSOULTLY LOVED this holiday, we thought the hotel was immaculate and the rooms very spacious, however the bad points were the fact u had to pay to watch the t.v and a toaster was only avaiable to hire at a fee!!! but the bar staff made up for all of that ALI and ANTONIO are living ledgends and made our holiday! they were friendly, polite and very funny!

The main strip and beach is just down the hill and not far to walk at all! but on the way down dont forget to stop at spinakers (an irish bar above Netto) especially on the night of he drag artist!

We would defo go back and take the rest of the family even tho we did find the resort in generall quite expencive :(

  • Holiday details: May 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: hot during the day but breezey on the night!
  • Activities: The Mucky Duck (resturant)

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10 / 10
Just got back from our holiday at...

"Just got back from our holiday at Plaza Palmeras. It was great. The first night we got there we were welcomed really well by the receptionist. Didnt have to wait around at all. Oh the service at the airport was fast and welcoming too.

Our room was a great size and very clean. The only problem there was the huge cockroach in the bathtub but i suppose thats ecpected.

The beds were not very comfortable but we didnt mind that at all, still slept ok.

The bar area and restaurant were basic but again very clean and staff were extremely friendly.

The swimming pool was clean and a good size.

Out of the hotel the scenery was amazing. So bright and very very clean. So much to do. We went and had a ride on the camels which was amazing. Never forget that excursion.

Nightlife was great. Loved it at Paradise bar, staff such a laugh, music great and the drinks were buy 1round get 1 free all night. And Tropical Bar was good too. Huge screens with live shows. And also Niki Beach.

We ate out all through the holiday, the food was so nice. The chinese at the very bottom of our road was the best we have ever tasted and we have had some good chinese foods. And Lani's indian restaurant was the best. So much taste to the food and great taste in fact.

All the food I had was really tasty and I cant find ay complaints with any. The beach is also very nice and expecting black sands we did not get that. The sand was dark but not black as I thought it would be. Loads of space this time of year so we didnt have to worry about finding a sunbed.

I would def suggest going to Cafe La Orla. It was so amazing, Bar, restaurant overlooking the sea. With sunbeds and a huge bed which you can relax on as long as you please and get your drinks brought to u at anytime.

The prices were rather expensive, even though for us to hire out a convertable silver tigra for 24 hours was only 30 pounds. Which was fantastic, if you drive I would def say hire out a car, you can drive anywhere and see a lot. Its so worth it. Its just wierd as you have to drive on the opposite side of the road. Its mad.

The problem is that you must be 25 to drive over there at most rent a car shops, but there is was as you come down the bottom of the hill leavin the hotel, turn left and keep walking till you come to a rent a car shop and there you can hire a car if yor 21.

Wwe drove to Arrecife, which is mainland Spain. Its so much cheaper to buy your gifts there or your food shopping for your room. If your not driving then you can get a bus to take you there and pick you up and its not costy at all.

The holiday overall was amazing and we are definatly going back. We hope to move over there sometime in the future. Loved it that much.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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