Alize Hotel

Belcekiz Mevki Oludeniz Cad., Olu Deniz 48300, Turkey
8.5  / 10
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10 / 10
Great holiday

"Had a great 2 weeks holiday. Enjoyed all the meals. the animation team was very good. Ercon worked very hard to please all ages. Rooms spotless, staff great. Will be back next year."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2014, booked with sunseekers
  • Advice: just enjoy the surroundings
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
5th trip to the Alize

"just got back from our 5th visit to the Alize. The Hotel is in a good location for the strip and eateries in olu deniz. For October the weather was really warm except one day where it rained and stormed, but for the time of the year could not complain !

At the start of October there is bargains to be had as the resort is starting to get ready for closing for the winter. Only down is that the Hotel had let quite a lot of the staff go already, so the salon staff had pretty much gone and Erkan was pretty much on his own trying to entertain the guests in his own way. Erkan seems to think that its his last season at the Hotel, i think that might be a big mistake on the hotels part if they do not retain him, as he smooths the waters very well with guests who have gripes as well as being an entertainer he is a really good people person.

Main down of this time of year was the food in the hotel especially as its meant to be all inclusive. The adverts for the hotel should reflect that in October your getting whats left in in the fridge or freezer thats being cleared out at the end of season, as the food and quality was extremely poor, so much so, we ate out after the first two days. Lunches were ok, but evening meals were pretty bad to say the least. I could not believe that food wise it was the same hotel i stayed in in june, but as i have said put it down to end of season clear outs. I managed to get a good price for my stay but would have been very peed off if i had paid the price that some had and they were rightly somewhat fed up.

As alaways on the days the weather was good, the blue lagoon is the place to while away a sunny octobers day. Weather through the week was between 27 and 30 degrees and even on the day it rained was 24. Pretty good pick me up after our summer and before the winter. Shame the hotel will lose some repeat business down to the observations i have made, but we will be back next year, summer only this time though !!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
I just wanna go back!!!

"Just back from this hotel - a family of 4 (15 & 18 - one, a fussy eater). For anyone nervous of visiting Turkey, it’s a great place to go and this hotel lived upto our expectation's. Here's the summary...

1. The hotel is every bit as good as it looks, especially at night when the pool's lit up and you are sat at the bar enjoying a drink. The staff are exceptional, extremely curtious and usually quick to sort any issues. They work a 15 hour day, so be nice to them, it takes effort to be nice to us in 30 degree heat!

2. Entertainment - Urkan is a legend, water areobitics seems to be Brits only, but still fun. Watch out for the water polo though - they did try to throw a man into the nets during our last game.

3. Area in Olu Deniz - the hotel is ideally situated, just far enough away from the noisy bar's and only a 5 min walk to the beach. It's about 15 mins walk to the blue lagoon, but its worth the trip (I'd probably avoid going at mid-day as it's blooming hot and there's little shade).

4. Shopping in Turkey - less bother once they recognise you, but on the first couple of days the shop keepers will try to sell at every opportunity. Turkey has no copyright rules, so everything is a copy from DVD's to Hoddies and accessories for the ladies. The Turks are very proud of their fakes - one shop in Olu Deniz states - "we only sell genuine copies!!!" Ladies walking alone or in pairs will attract a lot of attention from the Bar's and street sellers. Don't step into a shop with a door unless you intend to buy. Its starts with a cup of tea then you end up poorer. Shops open around 8 am and close at Midnight or later.

5. Food & drink at the Alize - breakfast is always continental, dinner a choice of three meals and tea is always something to look forward to. My daughter lived off chicken and chips but other foods (like pizza is easily available and reasonably priced from the town). You'll drink circa £15 per day of liquids, so it's a no brainer, just go fully inclusive and save yourself the hassle. Inclusive drinks are served upto mid-night, although the bar run's onto 2 am. Food is available after lunch and evening meals. If you arrive late you can still get a burger until midnight.

6. Currency - take lots of sterling and change as needed. Trips, jewellery, clothing and DVD's can all be purchased in £'s, if you're inclusive at the hotel, that's most things covered. Local rates with no commission are the same as in the UK.

7. Trips - don't book via the reps. We used Seaside travel, who are the original excusion company in the town. They were there before Thompson and Thomas Cook arrived. But most of the companies seemed reasonable. I'd recommend you grab a number of leaflets and negiotated the best price for trip's you want with one provider. We did four trips with Seaside and enjoyed them all. 'Cotton castle' is a long day for anyone going, but is unique. The cheaper the trip the more creative your hosts to get you to spend money on extra's (heana tatoo's, photographs etc...). Ask if the trips includes any visits, one of ours, included a trip to a discount jewellery wholesaler (guys its worth knowing if you need to forget the visa card).

8. Day of arrival - carry £5 in one pound coins. £2 for the bus driver and £3 for the porter at the hotel.

9. Weather - Turkey is extremely hot (late 30's & early 40's) so be sensible about what you do, especially between 12 - 4. It's very easy to get sun burnt, so carry plenty of sun cream and after sun.

10. Bus's to near by towns are a three minute walk from the Hotel.

So the summary goes as follows:

Olu Deniz is a beautiful resort, compact, friendily and well aimed at the UK visitor. The Alize hotel, is as good as any in the town (Turkish 4* = UK 3*), it's staff, management and entertainment are better than you'll find in the UK and the Alize is definately value for money. Hospitality matters to the Turkish people. Yes the food could be more varied for breakfast and dinner, but you'll always find something to eat. This could be a holiday you and your family will want to do all over again - that's how we felt.

Phil (UK)

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Go see the turtles

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5 / 10

"4th tıme to turkey really love ıt BUT the food ın the alıza ıs just really poor ıt really lets a good place down ,come for one week all ın ,had to eat out every nıght ,eıther the food ıs horıble or ısnt even cooked .a real shame ,they not bothered even after complaınıng."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: br?ng a packed lunch
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10

"Great hotel, can't really fault it.

Food was of a good quality with a great selection to choose from each day, and a great variety throughout the week.

The pool area was nice, only issue would be a lack of sunbeds.

Rooms were sound, cleaned daily, enough space and with a controllable air-con.

Staff were all, polite, friendly and very helpful. The entertainment was also very well organised, with a wide variety of games throughout the daytime and shows in the evening to keep you busy and enjoy your time. The entertainers were great, very eager to get people involved without being too pushy, they were easy to get along with, very professional, friendly and polite, and most importantly put on great entertainment.

I would therefore highly recommend this hotel to anyone.


  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
£2k down the pan

"Holiday started ok then went down hill and hit the buffers in the end.

The rooms are nice and clean and attended daily cannot fault that. Lunch and evening meals are reasonable quality, continental breakfast is ok if being fair. Swimming pool area does not have enough sunbeds and this is dissapointing as its been the same for the past three visits and not adressed, also two of the four ladders into the pool were broken and removed but not replaced.

I was part of a party of 4 that had paid in excess of 2k for a 10 day stay for the all inclusive package, mostly older couples and families with young children staying for the first part. 5 days in a large wedding party of 50 came in and occupied a third of the hotel approximately, but totally took over the facilities of the hotel, especially the bar area which is small but meant to be used by all was totally taken over and the booze element of there "all inclusive" was caned to be polite. This resulted in drunken rowdyness through to 3am in the morning pretty much every night. Despite a significant number of guests making complaints to the hotel management, nothing was done, either the hotel staffs did not know how to cope or there was no care to the feelings of the majority of guests and the foul language being used in front of kids was acceptable to the hotel. As neither i nor members of my party wanted to confront or be confronted by abusive drunks, we went out most evenings and got to sleep as best we could on our return, not easy i might add.

If you are considering going check with your booking agent and seek assurances to ensure no large parties are booked in during the period of your stay. I and my party have stayed at the Alize several time and in the past had a relaxing stay, it may be a one off but not an experience we will likely take the risk of repeating again.

All in all i can confirm as the previous reviwer did, "Holidays of the many spoilt by the few" and a hotel management that did'nt appear to do nothing about it.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: take a pair of ear muffs perhaps ??
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Best time in years

"If your looking for a family holiday where us parents can also relax this is the place.

The staff there are very nice and are always happy to help and also make a great effort of providing daily activity's for adults and children, but just be warned about the water polo try not to sit along the centre of the pool as you might receive a flying ball landing in your drinks, this only lasts for 30 minutes or so and can be quite amusing.

Breakfast is served at 7am - 10am

Lunch I think is at 12pm - 1pm

Snack bar starts from 3pm - 5pm (Burgers, chips & ice cream)

Dinner is from 7pm to 10pm

I found the food acceptable the chiefs work very hard and try there best to vary the meals everyday and out of 7 days I was only disappointed with 1 of the them and that was a dinner.

A little while after dinner, parent rest time, there is a disco for the children which is held every night for an hour before or after a show like Turkish dancing which was very good. and then after to the climbing frame/slides and a field adjacent to the bar so you can keep an eye on them...brilliant.

MUST visit the Lagoon at Seahorse Beach club which is exclusive part for Alize tenants includes free shuttle bus. It was the sandiest and safest part of the Lagoon. My son loved it!

I found the peddle lows where hard work and the best way to see the Lagoon was in a Canoe great fun.

I recommend the horse riding through the hills to see the Lagoon from a high distance. We saw tortuous's and a snake on the way, oh! and take 10 Lira because there is a surprise at the end of the trip see it as a kind of donation as the original price of the trip is 12 Lira and the reps get a cut of that Boooo.

Overall this holiday ticked all the boxes for me, for value ,relaxation and the locals. I will be going back again in the future.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
fantastic the best hotel in olu deniz

"hi just thought i wud right a review about the aliza hotel well were do i begin the hotel is spotless very clean rooms cleaned every day pool clean u cud c the bottom of the pool at night it was that clean nothing is 2 much 4 the staff these guys work there socks off 2 keep the hotel spick and span the food was very good no problems att all everything is ther 4 a great holiday from the hotel 2 the beaches everything is clean 4 me thomas cook have got this one right execellent value 4 ur money the bar staff very friendley allways got a smile on ther faces and the managment aswell we saw the manager move 18 towels of the sun loungers so other people cud get 1 in the morning so well done 2 them 4 doing this urcon is a true gentleman he will do anything to help u and the entertainment was good aswell urcon pulled out all the stops to give u a good relaxing holiday well done urcon our rooms wer spacious and cleaned every day u can get a free bus down 2 the sea horse beach which is very nice aswell we eat out a couple of times at josephs in the town the food was very good i think it wud b fare 2 say this hotel is the best in oludeniz the hygiene is the best and we never saw any cockroaches in or near the hotel ther was no rubbish left lying around so we will b going back next year thats 4 sure so well done to the the staff and the manager the receptionist u ar all very polite people and we had a great time at the aliza again 100 out of 100 fantastic"

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: fetiye market the old ghost town hisaranou
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Great Holiday

"Just returned from this Hotel, Did not expect that much for the price we paid, but... This hotel , the staff and yes Erkan and DJ were just fantastic. Food was set out each day and fresh, topped up by the chefs always there for help and assistance, and a choice each day and night. I really do not know what some people want from their Hols, yes you were asked each night as you walked down the stip to eat at their restaurant but hey thats Business and this happens in most Countries !!! You only need to be polite and say " No Thank you" and no more asking !!. Hotel staff worked hard and kept the place spotless ! and yes plastic cups around the pool!!! Health and safety may be !!!!!.

Will be booking again next year, as what we paid we did not expect the value we had.

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Enjoy your Holiday as like me you work hard for it
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
my holiday

"i have just come back from the most fantastic 10 days holiday, the hotel is excellent, clean, the staff are very helpful the food is very tasty with a different menu each night all inclusive means what it says

the best is the entertainment elcon (not sure if you spell his name like that)he works so hard all day and night to makesure people enjoy there holiday, his shows are so funny and entertaining something for every age he even makes water arobics good, I cant wait to go back there, I went with a party of 27 of us and we all agree. great hotel great entertainment. denise lampton room 212

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: fantastic hotel\entertainment\place
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
great hotel

"Having never thought of writing a review about a holiday before, thought about time i did. just spent the last 10 days at the Alize and what a fantastic time we both had.Everything from the bar staff to the kitchen staff, nothing was too much trouble.The rooms were basic but cleaned every day and the food was a great variety every night. The pool was spotless and what can i say about the (customer relations officer) aka Erkan. He is an absolute workaholic. He and DJ look after everyone from the young children to the OAP from early in the morning to last thing at night, whether it aerobics in the pool in the morning to entertainment shows of a night. Just non stop throughout. Already looking to go back next year

Colette & Ricky

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Go and see for yourself
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
just what we wanted

"no problem getting sun beds and pool very clean.

food was just out of this world every day from 7am-11pm

rooms basic but very clean and fresh towels every day

all incl. drink was very good .and the barber shop was great with a massage to follow to make a great day. day & night erica [male] enternainer was very good he kept us all going and he was very help full on any problems.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: nice pace of life with no hassel
  • Good For: Beach, Skiing

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  • by Hanky98

    " round the corner their is a little kids club for the children "

  • by soulcalsaira

    " sky sports paragliding - great views from mount babadag, help! beach bar, kum sal, oh yes! bar, jose "

  • by Charlotte Lockley

    " go to fethiye market for a day on tuesday only. "

  • by NOSYRB

    " All local restaurants good "

  • by merlindeal

    " Visit the Sea Horse beach club and get there for free via the shuttle bus. "

  • by turkeytrotters

    " get out and about dont expect too much in the hotel late season. "

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