Sunset Harbour Club Apartments

Pueblo Torviscas C/ Valencia 3, Tenerife 38660, Spain
8.5  / 10
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7 / 10
On arrival at reception, we were...

"On arrival at reception, we were greeted by friendly and courteous staff. We were given a room in Block A and went down a flight of stairs to reach it. The stench was appalling, like garbage that had been left out in the sun for too long. When we went into the apartment, we realised the air conditioning was not working and so telephoned reception to ask if they could fix it. The maintenance man arrived swiftly and fixed the problem, but then the smell in the room was so overpowering that we phoned reception again. They phoned back within a couple of minutes and offered to upgrade us to a one-bedroomed apartment in Block E.

The apartment in Block E was much much better. There was no air-conditioning unfortunately, but the view from the balcony was fantastic, looking out over the sea. It was wonderful at night, watching the sunset over the sea. We were directly above a bar, but it was not noisy and did not disturb us at all. The apartment itself was lovely and spacious. The bedroom was enormous and the kitchen and living area comfortable and well resourced. The bathroom was extremely dated and the jacuzzi facility on the bath was not working. In fact, you could not use the bath at all as the plug did not fit. The shower was good though and there were plenty of towels. These did not get changed every day, but there were plenty of spare ones in the cupboard and a washing line on the balcony so that you could freshen them up if you wished to.

The location of the apartments was good, directly opposite the beach and with plenty of bars and restaurants right on the doorstep. The staff were friendly and courteous and the apartment we ended up in spacious and clean. The apartments are quite dark inside but the balconies are large and comfortable.

The best thing about our accommodation was the view of the sea. The worst thing was the stench at the first apartment, but this was dealt with swiftly as we were moved.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Self Catering, booked with Sunterra

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10 / 10
Brilliant accommodation, rooms...

"Brilliant accommodation, rooms cleaned daily, clean towels every day.

Towels provided for the pool, nice clean pools 1 (one quiet) or 2 (children’s with pool toys and lilo's,) nice for the children who like a good time. Life guard on all day.

Plenty of sun lounges, umbrellas. Entertainment, quiz etc food very good.

Afternoon tea is served daily cream teas etc , friendly staff, a very safe place to walk about at night all in all a very nice place to holiday, top road access or bottom road with beach across the road.

  • Holiday details: May 2007, Room Only, Booked Independently

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9 / 10
We've just returned from 2 weeks in...

"We've just returned from 2 weeks in Sunset Harbour and it just keeps getting better!

We own 1 week in a Studio and we had another week in a 1 bed roomed apartment.

Since we went 2 years ago the apartments have been upgraded to include dishwashers, juicer, and new furnishings. Pure luxury!

We discovered how to get rid of those awful Club Class and Timeshare touts - listen to what they have to say and then tell them you only use cash and have NO credit cards - they won't want to know you!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Self Catering, booked with RCI

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8 / 10
We used the holiday review sites to...

"We used the holiday review sites to help us select a holiday resort and accommodation and so based on a variety of sites and what others had said about Sunset Harbour, we were not disappointed!

We could only book a studio apt, so it was quite small. But being just me, my partner and our 3yr old it was sufficient (although we would have had bigger had it been available!)

This site is owned by different "people" as it were i.e.: some apartments are privately owned and others are "time-share" or that idea - this is not a bad thing!! It made sense to us as where as normally accommodation can be a bit shabby around the edges - this was well kept i.e. clean, well maintained, nice pool etc.

There are 2 big pools and a baby pool area which had gates that could be locked so you could relax a bit and if slightly older kids i.e. 3 or 4 yrs plus they can jump in and out of the little pool without you having to be by their side like you would if they were in the big pools (the kids pool is quite chilly though!)

As the studio we booked was privately owned (we found out once we were there) it did not have all the gadgets and gizmos the "time-share" lot seem to have but then - but then I thought who needs a whacking great TV when the sun is shining or a dish-washer when the food is so cheap you can eat 3 (or more!) meals out a day!

The room we had was basic in the fact it had the normal 2 electric rings hob. We didn't need anything else as we didn't use it anyway! Our room had a microwave which was sufficed to warm toddler’s bedtime milk in so that was fine. Otherwise, the kitchen area seemed well equipped with pots pans plates etc but like I say we didn't care as we didn't need to use any of it anyway.

We had a small TV which was nice to keep up to date with the news, however, we did have to pay to use it, like pay-phone idea, but again we weren't bothered as we just chucked a couple of Euros in every now and then if we particularly wanted something on (not that we did often)

The beds were fine; we had 2 pillows supplied which suited us, although the blankets were a bit dated, they were ok.

The bathroom was clean and had bath shower loo sink & bidet, but could have done with re-tiling / re-grouting as the grout in some areas looked a bit sorry for itself, it was clean though which to my mind is more important than how modern it is, but I was a bit disappointed I suppose!

Overall the apt was fine for the purpose we required it for - it provided sufficient storage space for the 3 of us and was cleaned daily apart from a Sunday, the sheets were changed half way through the 2 weeks we were there and the towels were changed every other day.

We had a balcony overlooking the sea / restaurant below - yes there was singing in the evening but we were normally getting washed and changed so it was a bit of back-ground music but- she sang the same songs every night much to our amusement so we were all singing along by the end!

The complex itself was well maintained, the staff were all friendly and courteous and happy to help with any queries we had.

There is a washroom below the reception area where for 3 Euro you can do a load of washing which was handy. There are also tumble driers for a similar amount if required, but while we were there the weather was warm enough to dry the bits on the balcony airer - just bear in mind the washers are the American /old fashioned, the type that open at the top and so you have to go back to the machine part way through the cycle to add your fabric softener. Also I didn't find I got as a good a wash as I would with my machine at home so don't put anything in with a stain on that would normally be washed out at home as these machines won't get it out! (My son got ice-cream on his shirt which would normally come out in the wash at home with no stain treatment, it didn't come out)

There are a couple of bars in the complex but are generally frequented by the "sunset harbour regulars" which if you are happy to get stuck in and make friends is fine.

We ate at the pool restaurant (the one you can swim up to) the staff in here are lovely - the food however is a bit hit and miss. I ordered a "spaghetti Napolitano" (I expected fresh spaghetti & fresh tomato sauce) but instead was served a bowl of Heinz Spaghetti. After a giggle about this between myself & boyfriend I explained to the waiter this was not what I was expecting - he apologised profusely and provided me with something else (I think this experience may have been to do with their new Chef!) We couldn't be cross because the waiter there is just so nice!

Some people eat every night at the pool bar and really enjoy it so if you fancy it - then give it a go as everyone’s taste is different!!

We found that going out to eat was better:

For breakfast you have to go to Gillys Winking Frog (out the main exit, turn left and it’s on the left of the "mini-ASDA" – Gilly, cooks a great fry up for 3 Euro (£2.00 approx!) We couldn't refuse for that price so went there quite a few times - lovely food & lovely staff

Lunch- there was a really nice restaurant down on the beach (next door to MacDonald’s) which I think was called something like "Up & Under" its the only one next to McDonalds so you'll know the one - we had a couple of lunches there and the staff were very friendly and the food was nice too.

Evening meal - we ate at the Bahia Beach restaurant which is about 5 minutes walk from the complex (come out of complex, turn left past mini-Asda, down the slope, turn right and follow the seafront along were there are lots of restaurants) they normally have live music - very nice staff and we found the food to be well priced, good variety and tasty

Most meals seem to come with chips which is obviously all we eat over in England!

What we found was that overall the resort and complex were very peaceful, laid back and relaxed which is just what we needed and staff were so friendly towards us and our son (even if they did all give him a lollipop everywhere we went!)

There is a little shop next door to the complex called "mini-asda" its just a small grocery store where you can get food bits & bobs - the man who owns the shop is lovely and he will get you what ever you want if he hasn't got it in stock - he has a good supply of English products if you don't like Spanish stuff like tea-bags, jam, corned-beef, cheese etc. His prices are probably cheapest around but he is so nice and will do a deal for you on stuff and kept giving our little boy a lolly or a toy!

This particular area we found was quite geared up for the English, so English type pubs and lots of English speaking people - so if you don't mind a "home from home" type of feel then you will enjoy it here, it didn't bother us per-se but I was a bit disappointed it was so English as I enjoy the different foods etc that you experience on holiday as its different from being at home but this didn't spoil it for me I just thought it was a shame it was so English-ified!! (If you know what I mean)

The resort is clean and well looked after and for the time of yr we went (week before and during May half-term) it was as such that we could stretch out and have our own space i.e. wander to the beach / pool any time and get a lounger but not so quiet that you felt isolated..

We went to the Aqua-park, we found it to be very clean and well maintained - sun-loungers were 3.50 Euro per day. There is a dolphin show which was great - this is free but if you want to meet / touch & learn about the dolphins you can but this is 55 Euros per person, we didn't do this, this time but I might if we went again. There are lockers there but these are 6 Euros of which you only get 2 back and a "free" bag (which was 2 Euro in the shop so don't know if we had given the "free" bag back we would have been given 4 Euro back?)

Do not go to the water park without a packed lunch or a drink! That was the only thing we thought was really badly managed! There were 2 food huts and they were totally disorganised! People were queuing for 45 minutes to get food / drinks or ice creams! To add insult to injury to be honest the food was bad and over-priced! We ended up taking rolls and a bottle of water etc so we could eat when we wanted rather than queuing in the un shaded boiling heat! Make sure you take lots of sun cream and keep re-applying as you will def burn in the sun here as you are mostly exposed to the direct sunlight!

Like I said though otherwise its clean and well-maintained, the staff were mostly quite vigilant in the pools and one of the days we were there, a kid cut his foot and they cleared the baby pool immediately and searched it to find what had cut the boys foot but there was a life guard and a manager and they appeared to be vigilant rubbing there hands over the joins on the slide etc to see if there were any rough edges etc..

There is a free bus to the park but it was only about 6 Euro in a taxi and a 20 minute slow stroll back to the complex so really near!

The weather was overall pretty good - there were a couple of overcast days which was unfortunate but we still came home with deep suntans so were not disappointed.

The island seems to have a really large amount of English people living on it these days which really surprised me.

Finally, if you want a facial, massage, acrylic nails, pedicure etc then contact Kim at Revive Nail and Beauty Salon I had sculpted nails and a pedicure on the day after we arrived and what a great way to start the holiday! the girls who work there were really lovely and friendly and all English which I hadn't expected.

I hope this rather lengthy review helps you to make a decision about Sunset Harbour and the surrounding area - happy holiday!!

  • Holiday details: May 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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3 / 10
Booked through RCI points was looking...

"Booked through RCI points was looking forward to the advertised '5 star accommodation'.

One bed roomed apartment was certainly spacious but was really dark and dreary however, was pretty well appointed - massive fridge/freezer. Beds were really uncomfortable and hot water ran out quickly.

Day 2 we got stuck in the lift - luckily my granddaughter climbed the stairs otherwise she would've been in with us. Staff reacted quickly, however, I preferred to use the stairs for the remainder of the holiday.

Children's pool was dangerous, broken tiles cut my granddaughter's feet and another little girl had the same problem. For a 5 star rating, the pools were much worse than some 2/3 star places we have stayed in -refurbishment definitely needed.

Bar prices pretty reasonable and entertainment was in abundance on site in the evenings. Wasn't pestered by any Sunterra reps either which was a bonus!

Disappointing stay made worse when we left our luggage in the hotel luggage room after vacating room before 10 - flight not until 6 pm. Had a bag disappear which contained several changes of clothes including new Nike trainers and an expensive denim jacket of my granddaughter - age 4.

Unfortunately, the combination lock on the room was not in use and apparently anyone can go in as there isn't anyone monitoring the entrance. Was too late to report to the police by the time we found out it was missing as we had to leave to get our flight home.

Wouldn't stay there again - very disappointing accommodation.

  • Holiday details: May 2007, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
Complex was nice. Looked much better...

"Complex was nice. Looked much better than some others around but I wouldn’t personally say 10 out of 10.

44 Regency was nice and very friendly with good entertainment and lovely food likewise the pool cafe.

Having read the reviews I was very disappointed with the accommodation. A studio with 2 single beds. Dark and dreary. Paper thin walls and very uncomfortable single beds.

Small room looking very tired but then we got it last min quite cheap! I'd go back but only if I could upgrade.

Pool was lovely... cold in the main part but middle bit was warmer. Children’s splash pool was lethal though! Up to my 2 and a half year olds neck! I took him in the big pool instead.

All in all I’d say 5/10 for our room... but I know other accommodation was lots better.

And 8/10 for the rest of the resort. Good for a cheap last min getaway! Oh and if you are going with children I was in B block with ocean view, directly above an Italian Restaurant that had entertainment EVERY night until 11pm.

It was so loud we may as well have had the entertainment on our balcony! And one guy was REALLY bad. Ha ha...Spaniard trying to sing English songs and humming the words he didn’t know...made me chuckle and by the end of his show I knew the words he couldn’t say!

  • Holiday details: May 2007, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Wow what a holiday!! Been to Tenerife...

"Wow what a holiday!! Been to Tenerife many times but first time to Sunset Harbour, the complex is fabulous. Well located for all amenities but hidden away and once inside completely five star.

The apartments are well equipped, the pools are great and all resort staff polite and extremely helpful. The absolute gem though onsite is the Bar/Restaurant 44 Regent Street. The food is outstanding; the staff are helpful, funny and will always make sure that your time with them is outstanding.

The evening entertainment is so good that we didn’t leave the complex on any night, something we don’t usually do.

Caz, Dave and Stef you have a good formula, keep it up and we will definitely be back to sample it again...........well done

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
This was one of the most relaxing...

"This was one of the most relaxing chilled out holidays we have had and "No Regrets" about staying at Sunset Harbour.

Apartments were spotless and equipped with all mod cons! Home from Home.

The pool area again clean and relaxing atmosphere and great for the "Kids".

All staff were friendly and helpful, especially the staff at 44 Regent Street, made you feel so welcome.

The food was fantastic and entertainment brilliant. There was no need to venture outside the complex if you didn’t want to.

We had a fantastic holiday and would definitely go back even if only to have a drink with Caz, AJ and all at 44 Regent Street.

To sum this holiday up in one word "Supreme". See you soon.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007, Self Catering, booked with Sunterra

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7 / 10
My wife and I have stayed here twice,...

"My wife and I have stayed here twice, in 2005 summertime and October 2006, its location is excellent and the pools are great. The accommodation is good and clean and that’s the most important factor for us, there are four bars on the complex, two on the front which aren’t anything special, the pool bar does a nice bbq and is obviously convenient for snacks and drinks while enjoying the sun.

Our favourite place to spend time on site is at the bar Regent St, but we both thought it was much better the first year we visited. One of our food orders was wrong this time and in the end decided to self cater or eat out and just enjoy the daytime snacks and have an evening drink and some of the entertainment, which is firmly split in two. The week has three professional shows and the rest of the time is just the on site kiddy reps, so the standard varied, we really loved the Robbie show by Andy James, and saw the big man Nik in 2005, this time we came back and saw Robbie again (excellent!) and the beautiful singing voice of a lady called Chantele whom we had not heard of before, the problem this time seemed to be a lack of atmosphere before any show, but you will enjoy the professional shows but they are too short, we found ourselves thinking is that it?

Nearby is the Moonlight bar and the First and Last where you can also see some professional entertainment. Also check out Puerto Colon area very near too.

We would recommend this complex but suggest you take in nearby areas for meals and entertainment for improved variety.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
I have stayed in a few complexes in...

"I have stayed in a few complexes in Tenerife but my week away in the sunset harbour this year has by far been the best! The complex was clean, tidy and peaceful.

All staff members from the receptionists to bar staff and cleaners were very welcoming and friendly and always had a smile for you. There was things for people of all ages to do from wine tasting to table tennis, all run by Bradley the entertainment guy and kids club leader! His cocky, confident, annoying, incredible cute and loveable demeanor made the week all the better, he always had a smile on his face and you could guarantee he would make you laugh at least once a day even when you tried your best not to.

The entertainment was always worth a look and the 44 regent street one of the best places to eat! (Although the barbeque ever Wednesday night at the pool side bar is highly recommended.) Amazing food came with wonderful staff who could never do enough for you and could have a laugh and a giggle.

If you didn’t fancy the entertainment that was on then the pot bellied pig is great for a sing song just around the back, or the beach is only a five minute walk. After 11.30 it was all music off but there was plenty to do after hours and taxis came within minutes. Overall a brill week will definitely be visiting again. 10 out of 10.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006, Self Catering, booked with Not Specified

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10 / 10
Had a really great time at Sunset...

"Had a really great time at Sunset Harbour with my family. The resort was great, the rooms clean and tidy.

Usually we eat somewhere different every night when we are on holiday but we stayed on the complex and used 44 Regent Street for all our meals and entertainment. Dave, Stef, Anne and Caz have a great restaurant and bar, their staff team make every effort to accommodate everyone. The food is excellent and its great too see that it is 5 star, the same as the resort. So often not the case in other resorts.

We will definitely be back.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Self Catering, booked with RCI

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10 / 10
We had an awesome holiday here!...

"We had an awesome holiday here! Accommodation was fantastic and the food delicious! Weather was always excellent and my boyfriends best part of the holiday was the convenient pool bar!

We went to a nearby water park, watched a dolphin show, this was also very good but we found it very expensive! Definitely worthwhile doing though! I would recommend this hotel to everyone, it definitely has something for everybody!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Self Catering, booked with Not Specified

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