Las Torres Apartments

Avda de Montecarlo, Benidorm 03500, Spain
5.5  / 10
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Closest airport: Alicante (ALC) (30.5 miles)

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scary stay at these apartments

"We arrived at las torres, myself and my sister shared a two bed apartment at first we thought it was great, we thought we had better get a safety deposit box, we could not find the eldly guy at all, so we went out taking all our money and passports with us,but we were so un easy with this we got a taxi back, later,that cost us 10 euros, then 19 euros for box, there was no security at all the gates and the front was propt open,anybody could just walk in, every time we went out we dident know if the door would be kicked in or not, then to top it all off walking back on three differant night we were being followed, by a coulple of lads, we noticed it and stopped, so they stopt and we had to ask other people if we could walk up the hill with them, then a coach pulled up and out got about 50-60 lads oh my god, they must have trashed there rooms they were jumping in pool hanging over balconies, throwing the white plastic furniture over the balconies, swearing and sceaming all afternoon and night, so it was choice of who would kick you doors in the local muggers or this group of guys, never staying in that area again,it needs some security putting in place?"

  • Holiday details: Nov 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: security putting in place
1 / 10

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Does the job don't expect the Hilton

"We stayed here back in May on a stag do and for the price it did just the job it's NOT for familys of those wanting a nice quiet weekend is within walking distance of town but probably better at night to get taxi's back late at night unless you are in large groups. Investing in a safe is a MUST as two of the rooms got broken into and phones were taken and to be fair the owners couldn't have cared less.....despite this being a pretty poor start for a review I personally had no problems and as mentioned before for the price it really is somewhere to stash your stuff and get your head down at night.We always bought water from the shop across the road for brushing teeth etc etc but that's pretty standard procedure when abroad in places like this and big 5 litre bottles were very cheap,we always ate out so not sure how the cooking facilities were but others did and had no problems."

  • Holiday details: May 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
6 / 10

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Holiday from hell ....

"Hi all, NEVER GO TO THIS APARTMENT, worst 7 days of my life! ... Staff are vile, and love to flirt. I am a MARRIED woman, please don;t flirt with me!!! Swimming pool was tiny, sick everywhere, loud boys, i am so disappointed with this holiday. First holiday with the kids, daughter ended up crying with loud noise and spiders crawling around the bed. WORST hotel ever, never never never NEVER go to this apartment!"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2011, Breakfast Included, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Sleep in a bin
  • Good For: Beach
1 / 10

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Dont stay here!!!!! its a living hell!

"i have just come back from spending our first christmas in benidorm,for 2 weeks myself & my husband & my son and his girlfriend and my daughter whos 15 stayed at the los torres apartments.all i can say is DONT STAY AT THIS APARTMENTS!!! firstly there is no security at all day or night and the apartment block is unlocked always so any body can walk in,there was a man who sat at a desk but he left at 12.30pm came back at 16.00 then went home again at soon as he leaves the partys begin.this apartments are popular for groups of males on stag parties.the apartment is a good size with a massive balcony but the kitchen only has 2 rings to cook on and the saucepans they supply are so big you can only use one at a time,there is no microwave so we ended up having to eat out every night.the grounds are surpost to be lovely gardens with a great pool and sun loungers,there is no lovely gardens to sit in while your sunbathing infact there is one tree which you can see from your balcony but as theres no security people have been throwing sun chairs & mattress into the tree from there balcony,there is barb wire everywhere which makes it look like a prison.the pool was so small you could only get a couple of people in it together but while i stayed here it wasnt cleaned once,people kept throwing stuff into the pool eg:beer cans, clothes, rubbish,food,fag butts and it even had sick in it from someone that couldnt get back to there apartment quick enough.we went down to the pool one morning and it was discusting i went and asked the man on the desk if it was going to be cleaned and he replyed no! so the sick stayed there for the whole 2 weeks that we stay there,there is 2 lifts in the block and its only safe useing one of them while we was there so many people got stuck in the lifts and when they did open it was in between the apartments are at the top of a hill it is not good for someone with bad mobilty problems like myself who is in a wheel chair,i was told that it was a small hill DONT believe the people who say its only a small hill infact the locals called it cardic hill or heart attack hill as people have had a heart attack while trying to walk up the hill.we were told there was a pool bar and cafe there was no bar or cafe even the toilet thats in recption is always locked i got a quick view of the computer lounge as it was always locked and no one could use the computer.they only changed the towels and bed sheets once in 2 weeks i ended up washing them in the bath and drying them on the balcony.we also found that when we went out someone came into our room as we noticed things had been touched and moved around,one day we saw someone standing on our balcony as we were coming back to the apartment. as im disabled i ended up getting a mobilty scooter to get me around and we had to leave it in reception at night and we found people would knick stuff off of it even down to someone taking my tinsel i had on the scooter. all in all we love going to benidorm but when we have been before we have always stayed in hotels this was the first time we had gone in a apartment and all i can stay is DONT BOTHER STAYING AT THIS APARTMENTS! go and stay in a hotel its alot more safer and alot cleaner these apartments need to be ripped down and rebuilt.i ended up complaining everyday on the 2nd week as a stag group had arrived and there apartment was directly under ours,we were subjected to loud clubbing music all night till 6am so no one could sleep,they kept running up and down the floors banging on peoples doors,they threw stuff from there apartment over there balcony and they even ended up having a fight one night which resulted in them smashing there room up and then tried to smash the lift doors,it was horrible to lisen to this happening every night my young daughter was scared witless all the time.this place really should be shut down im so discusted with my last holiday to benidorm ive complained to the tour operater we booked with.this place may look cheaper to stay in than other hotels but please dont bother staying here you will be discusted with the apartments & its in hot spot for muggers & as there is no security anything can happen and it normally does. i will be returning to benidorm in a few months in fact we are sorting it out to move permantly there but i wont be returning to these apartments,honestly it might seem nice in the holiday books but its a dump & it looks like a prison i dont think there was anything good about these apartments oh apart from the day we went home if i had the money i would of moved to another hotel,while we were there i saw a few familys move to another hotel as it was so the end of the day its up to you were you stay if you visit benidorm but never stay here if you want a good hotel go to the rio park its brilliant!"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Dont stay at this apartments its unsafe and your walking into a living hell!
1 / 10

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holiday from hell

"This hotel was the worst we have ever been in, the hotel looks great from the outside its when you get inside you find out what your in for, we went self catering for 14 days when we got to our apartment we open the door and saw a dirty floor, looked liked some one had moped it with a dirty mop, there were holes and dents all over the apartment, the bed / settee was broken the slates were broken or out of place, we found out all we had to cook on was a two ringed hot plate, and a toaster, no cooker or microwave, not good when you are self catering ,( even in a caravan you get a bloody cooker and microwave) the kettle for making hot drinks was on you had to put on the hot plate and took for ever to boil, when we put the sauce pans on the hot plate to cook some thing you had to do 1 at a time because there wasnt enough room for two saucepans or 1 saucepan and a kettle, the toaster packed in and we had to ask for another one, the sink top had swollen with damp and smelt horrible there was damp every where, the bath room had a damp roof it was black and all around the ceiling and roof was black damp, the piping to the tiolet was loose and leaking and there were silver fish all over the wood work, on the balcony the table was split and the balcony kept flooding when it rained, we also had to keep complaining about the people above us as there were very noisey especially at 4 oclock in the morning dragging furniture and banging, we wont be going to this hotel again it is the worst we have ever been in our holiday was spoilt by this we had been looking forward to it so much too

we stayed out as much as possible was glad to leave never again

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, SELFCATERING, booked with TRAVEL REPUBLIC
  • Good For: Beach
1 / 10

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worst place i have ever stayed

"this was the worst apartments i have ever stayed in. i didnt expect much as it was so cheap but what we had to put up with was horrendous. to start with the rooms were disgusting, the bathroom was full of mould and the bedding or towels were never changed. a group of 64 men checked in which i did not originally have a problem with but after one day i changed my mind. they kicked god knows how many doors in and took over the whole building to the point that i had to pay to go and stay in another hotel because my children were so afraid. i went to speak to the manager (if you can call him that) who told me he was not prepared to do anything, when i returned on the day they left there had been fire extinguishers thrown in the childrens pool and glass smashed everywhere. my son ended up with a large piece of glass in his foot which was the only time the manager poppy actually wanted to help us. towels that were covered in blood thrown over the balcony and the both lifts full of blood and sick. all in all i would strongly recommend that anyone with children strongly think again when booking to stay here, ive heard of the saying pay cheap, pay twice but this was ridiculous!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: book elsewhere
1 / 10

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apartment from hell

"Rooms were basic but thats what you expect for the price, could have made do but it did not feel clean. The walls were filthy had to put cushions against it so that we wouldnt touch it. A £100 deposit was required to get the keys but we did get it back when leaving. There was no one mindin the reception the whole time we were there, the owner had to be phoned by the person in the shop if needed. There is no security at all the place is open all night, so not very safe. We had trouble with a group of young boys, one at each side of our room and they sat on the landing all night till at least 5-6 in the morning shouting, singing, jumping and banging on our door as well as others. We wer up all night every night of our stay and nothing could be done. On leaving we noticed the pool had beer cans, table legs, shoes and other rubbish in it with no one cleaning it. I would never recomend these apartments to anyone especially going with children sometimes we couldnt even sit at the pool for the rowdy groups. I would like to visit benidorm again but I would never go to them."

  • Holiday details: May 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: only use it to sleep and get ready
  • Good For: Beach
1 / 10

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nice large balcony

"This was a cheap holiday - Stayed 2 bed apartment March - no microwave just 2 halogen hobs and a little toaster (Hob kettle) Fridge/Freezer. Knew you had to pay 80 deposit on arrival it was written on the booking!

Arrived at the airport 5.30pm monarch coach waited another plane arrival 6.30 before coach transfer so got there at 9.15pm reception was waiting for us thank-fully - never did find the beuno vista apartments or wherever supposed to go for key out of hours. We went to apartment switched the lights on and they promptly blew fuse which kept blowing. Rang the emergency phone number rang engaged then switched off lost my money in the phone. Had to dine out and buy cuppa tea burger king which was awful - coffee good in mcdonalds' tho. Both just down road

The reception immediately fixed fuse when told. Also very pleasant and chatty. The tv is pay 30 cents 1/2 hour view. Beds ok - firm mattress but the settee was springy. The bar/shop was not open at all and as stated towels only changed once - arrived sun changed friday. This is on the door tho - laundry is offered but would not like to use machine on 11th floor. Weather was awful first week blew gale through door vents kitchen and pool water front door when raining. Thankfully although cold mornings and nights there was a heater on wheels and the sun came out. New terminal open at airport on return

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, Room Only, booked with Cosmos
  • Good For: Beach
8 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Fantasic Holiday

"Stayed at these apartments the last week of february 2011, wheather was 33 degrees. apartments were fantastic, balcony was massive, all applainces you need. Fantastic value for money and would defianatley go back. The porter was really helpful and chatty. The hill isnt as bad as other reviews made out. We were a party of 3 adults and 2 kids aged 4 and 7. I would highly recommend the yorkshire pride and vincents as places to eat.we will definately going back to stay at these apartments!!!"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2011, self catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Well worth a visit
  • Good For: Beach
10 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Be very careful at night!

"Just returned from these apartments, clean and spacious, very basic but hey so was the price so didn't expect luxury! Situated in a quiet part of the resort, after the hill you have to turn off down a side road, after a night out with my 72 year old mum a mugger tried to grab my bag!! i had to fight him off and he left empty handed, it was a terrifying experience though which left us very nervous. To be fair when the pubs heard about it we were always escorted home after that. But did hear the place was well known for it and it happened to lots of others too, shame really its bad for business, never carry a bag and be very vigilant at night!"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2011, Room Only, booked with Lowcost Holidays
  • Advice: Try to book apartments that are not in a quiet area
  • Good For: Beach
3 / 10

5 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Apartment was ransacked

"We stayed here over christmas 2010 and our apartment was ransacked by burglars. We were on the 11th floor - no security in the building whatsoever. We had to wait 8 terrifying hours in an unsecured room until the reception opened the following morning. Intruders left a kitchen knife on display on one of the beds - horrifying."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2010, Room Only, booked with
1 / 10

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clean & spacious, grear value

"just returned from las torres, found the apartment

clean and spacious, with a great balcony, rooms 1 & 2

floors 5 up to 11 got most of the sun,if the hill is a problem, the bus service

number 11 stops at just past the church. (turn left leaving the front door) on returning we asked to be let off at the supermarket ( mod coop) avenue montecarlo.

this is helpful for people with walking difficulties,

fare 1euro 25cents,if you need towels changed ask the

cleaning staff, towels changed weekly & bed linen.

if arriving after 8 pm, keys have to be collected from

the buena vista, a few minutes taxi ride,this needs to

be resolved,keys could be left at the downstairs pool bar which stays open until 10pm. we suggested this,and

it did happen for guests on the second week

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, self catering, Booked Independently
8 / 10

6 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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  • by MickeyMonk

    " The best food in Benidorm is the Yorkshire Pride on Calle Londres a couple of streets up the road. "

  • by kirsty267a

    " my favourite rest was one called four kings we went there a lot "

  • by tiddlywink

    " Coop type supermarket just up the road turn left out of Las Torres "

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