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7 / 10
I visited Turkey this year with my...

"I visited Turkey this year with my parents and younger sister. We were impressed with the efficiency of all the staff and the cleanliness of the hotel. The entertainment was fantastic (Danny, Harris, Artem, Humdi and all the rest of the team), both day and night. The animation team were great and could be very persuasive in getting you involved in daytime activities! (but did sometimes accept no as an answer).

They also made an effort to get to know you and ran a trip twice a week to bar street in Marmaris for older teenagers and adults. The staff were all very friendly. Being a 16 year old I was warned about the men out there before I went. They aren’t a huge problem.

You just have to be prepared to be asked out many times but if you say no, they do accept that! One piece of advice- if you go shopping, you must haggle! Don’t let them rip you off, but also don’t rip them off! They are only trying to make a living!

Although us English are very polite, unfortunately many of the Russians are not. They don’t tend to obey rules and they never queue! (Especially when waiting for lifts and also when queuing for food at dinner time). One last thing, one of the dancers is almost identical to Jason off Coronation Street- so look out for him if you are planning on staying at Marmaris Palace.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
Arrival- Staff at reception very...

"Arrival- Staff at reception very friendly and helpful. Porters take your cases to the rooms. Rooms are spacious and efficient. The bathroom is brilliant. Spot on shower (better than you get at home). Always cleaned daily, bedding changed and fancy shapes are made from the towels. There is a small fridge which contains bottles of water on arrival.

Food and drink- The restaurant has a range of food but tends to be suited for foreigners. Gets very busy so best to eat early or late. It is like the M25 rush hour. Kids are thought of at lunchtime as there is a children’s restaurant outside (near where the dartboard is located).

Noticed some pushing in the restaurant during our first week. Snack bar was ok and served hot dogs, burgers, pizza and chips. There was a wide range of drinks available. The beer is Tuborg (it's Tuborg time). Staff were always pleasant at the bars. We tried two of the a la carte restaurants (Turkish and Italian). Didn't understand what all the dishes were so the waiter suggested a mixed serving which literally involved the whole menu being dished up.

Bless the little lady who always tops your glass up with water. We thought our bodies were going to be drowned with water. Entertainment, during the day the entertainment was brilliant. The Turkish dwarf was marvellous. Atiom was fantastic at holding the darts. You can purchase their t-shirt and trousers for a small charge, well worth it. The club dance 'shake your tail feather' from the blues brothers will get you moving every time it is played. At night there is the mini disco at 9:00 and at 10:00 the evening show. The shows were fantastic and amazing. These two events were held at the amphitheatre.

Trips- don't book through the rep. There is two men down by the beach. See them. Much cheaper. I recommend the Dalyan boat trip and the jeep safari (it is not rough on off road but is a great laugh). Make sure you purchase water guns for this as they are not provided.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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2 / 10
not 5* at best 2*

"we have just returned for a two week holiday in turkey at the marmaris palace (this morning at 2am). we had booked with travel republic the week before we traveled and every thing seemed fine and the whole family 2adults and 2 children were looking forward to the experience. we landed in turkey at 21.30 and by the time every thing was sorted out we didn,t get to the hotel till 23.30( this was a quick transfer some other passengers had a 3hour bus journey after all the hotel bus stops). our first impressions of the hotel lobby was it needed a update. the staff on the reception were abrupt . we went to our room which was supposed to be in the hotel it self but was four blocks away in a so called twin villa. we were lead to believe it would be ample room for a family of four it was not it had a small double bed ( iam am 6' 3" ) and two camp type beds and no room between them , the room was very small and no room to put our cases or unpack the ward robe was a bar in the entrance with a curtain over the front.a broken chair was in the corner and a broken picture on the wall , the decor was dated and not that clean and looked like it needed a good decorate ,we went straight back to reception and were told that was the room we had booked and that was that . by this time it was 1am so went back to our very small room and tried to get to sleep with the noise from some bar near by adding to my grief .next day we went to reception to complain again only to be told by one staff member "what do you want me to do about it " . i asked to See the manager she was no help either . i asked to be put thought to our club med rep , it turned out yo be a nice English lady called una , she came to meet us later the same day and we told her our plight , she under stood and had the same complaint on a several occasions and had managed to more rooms or even hotels in the past .i was note prepared to pay any more money to be moved and said i was happy to be sent home and have a full refund this did not go down well. over the next three days we waited and waited .only to be told we could transfer to the club turban at a cost of nearly £600 and a £300 early room vacation fee . i said no way send me home . after an hour or so we were told we could move at no extra charge the next day . at last our holiday could begin. the food in the marmaris palace was only OK nothing special and as for the flies and wasps they were every where crawling over every bit of food . the seating areas were so cramped you sat close together that when the person got up be hind you you face ended up in you own food it was that bad . the main pool was very noisy and very crowded . we opted for the smaller pool which was more child friendly ,and we met a nice lady (Jane) and her daughter mother and niece . she to had some room problems with the hotel and had moved rooms and was put in to the hotel itself which she said was much better . so all in all if you do go to the marmaris palace insist on a family room in the hotel nothing else will do believe me and don,t expect to much for your hard earned money THIS IS NOT A 5* HOTEL as it is advertised in many brochure and on web sites it's more like a poor 3* . thanks again to una you saved us"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006

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9 / 10
I went to the Marmaris Palace with...

"I went to the Marmaris Palace with friends for 2 weeks and I really enjoyed it!

The only regret I have is taking a night flight as the transfer to the hotel must have had some pretty good views as you travel through the mountains. We did see a shooting star on the way back though!

On arrival the hotel looks great and it is. It has marble flooring all the way through which I would advise to be careful with as I did fall on the stairs- sober! At first, we did find it to be boring as we couldn't communicate too well with the staff and with the first part of the holiday outside of British school holidays I think there must have been only one or two other English speaking families there. It was worth it, tough, as we got to know the staff as they were willing to improve their English and it didn't take long to overcome the barriers.

I do recommend using the lifts on your way up (until you get used to it) as it is all hills from the poolside and then plenty of stairs to keep you fit inside.

The staff were great. At first, I think it may have been because we were 'real English, from England', as Arton, one of the cute barmen pointed out, we were treated like royalty. Nothing was too much for them. They learnt what we drank, where we liked to sit in the dining rooms even to the point of knowing where we would be and at what time. I think this is because they did work long hours and for days on end without a break it seemed. At busy meal times, one waiter always used to snag us a table even though others had been waiting longer!

It was hard to get into the swing of things as not much is really advertised so you really need to look around and just get yourselves involved. It's pretty relaxed like that. The kids club you do need to track but once your kid's are in you can then find out times and activities from a rota type thing in the clubhouse which is near the children’s swimming pool and well shaded by trees. There's a lot of trees!

It took us a couple of days to find the entertainment but when we found it we found that there was a mini disco for kids about 9 to 9.30 then family entertainment from 10. I would really recommend this as it is hilarious and also try to include the audience as much as possible. I entered a 'Miss Marmaris Palace' contest (I came last!) and its just good for a laugh doing things like draw your dream man whilst blindfolded and singing with an ice cube in your mouth. Also, if the entertainment team have been drinking the night before, they tend to like doing acts where they dress up as women. After the entertainment has finished you can either relax at the pool or beach bar or if you prefer indoors there is the reception bar. For the livelier they do have a soundproofed disco on the ground floor.

During the day for young adults and up (some activities are ideal for children and families), you have outdoor ice skating, parasailing, boat trips, snorkeling, swimming, aqua aerobics and there is also a spa where I advise taking a Turkish bath within the first couple of days of your visit as it helps cleanse your skin and prolongs your tan, but this is only for young adults and would recommend checking age restrictions, but children are allowed to go in with you as it is a public area and the staff do try to keep them amused.

Shopping is great. Its cheap and cheerful and would recommend Icmeler and Marmaris (both a max of 20 mins walk, or you can use dolmus' or water taxis') as they both have good markets and shops. Don't just buy from the first shops you come to, especially in Marmaris, as prices tend to get cheaper the further you venture. Just be wary of some shopkeepers. They will try anything to get you to buy from their stalls/store. I got tricked into buying 10 t-shirts that I didn't want, but I managed to sell them and make a profit when I returned home, so it wasn't too bad.

Overall, it is a fabulous holiday once you get into it, and you will come away with some fabulous memories. I cried when I left as I had made some really good friends (other guests and staff) and had some brilliant times. I never wanted to leave. I hope you all have as much fun as I did. Happy holidays!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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4 / 10
I am 15 years of age and this was my...

"I am 15 years of age and this was my first visit to turkey along with my friend, her mum and her mum's friend. It was supposed to be a nice relaxing all-girls, stress-free week in Marmaris.

On arrival, the staff were welcoming and we were taken to our room. We had 2 rooms next door to each other for the 2 adults and then me and my friend. Both rooms were ensuite with a small balcony. However, neither of the rooms were up to 4* standard. Although light and airy, there was no decor and the wardrobe space was very limited.

I feel obliged to warn anybody going to Marmaris, in particular Marmaris Palace and especially anybody travelling with teenagers, about the Turkish men.

Unfortunately they are extremely personal and, being blonde myself they tend to aim for the fairhead young women in an inappropriate and unprofessional manner. This lead to my friend and I, both teenagers and fairly fairheaded to feel very uncomfortable in particular the waiters and photographers presence.

There are signs up everywhere as you go through places like Marmaris and Icmeler saying 'No Hassle' - this puts into perspective how bad the Turkish men really are and Turkey knows they have a problem.

Marmaris itself is not much better. Especially in the heat it is very busy and the shop owners are very pushy and once again the men are much too personal.

I would advise anyone visiting this area of Turkey to go to Icmeler instead. It is much quieter, with pretty beaches. I have not stayed at a hotel in Icmeler but the people are much friendlier on an appropriate level and the men are absolutely fine.

The hotel has a continuous buffet for every meal, but as there are so many people staying in the hotel, the food is very bad quality and the variety is also poor.

The only people it would be suitable for would be young children as the entertainment is constant for that age and there is of course no harassment for that age group. There is more on offer for the younger children even though it doesn’t specify an age, as there should be plenty to do for all age groups.

The reason I have given this hotel its 4 marks would be for the location. It is stunning with the beach, pools, Turkish bath facilities (e.g. facial, hot stone massage etc), views and activities such as pedaloes, canoes and an ice skating rink.

However overall, I really would not recommend this hotel to anybody. I stayed there a week and although it was not all bad as my company was fantastic, the hotel itself was unacceptable.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
We just returned from Turkey after...

"We just returned from Turkey after booking a holiday last minute -literally booking Thurs. night to travel following Mon.

We chose Marmaris Palace based on other reviews and the "hotels" website. We wanted 5*AI on the basis that having been in Turkey on three previous occasions you have got to allow at least a 1* drop in ratings, i.e. you are lucky if a 5* there equates to a decent 3* here and also the food overall is obviously not of the same quality we are used to. The facilities described for children was what finalized our decision having two little girls aged 6 and almost 4.

We arrived late at night and were a little wary after two drop offs -hoping ours was somewhat better! We were suitably impressed by the entrance and the foyer. Staff were efficient but somewhat reserved / detached. We were taken to our "Twin Villa" and that’s where it all started to fall apart!

My 6 year old looked in amazement and said "Dad, are we all sleeping in here! My bedroom is bigger than this" - and the sad fact is she was right. The "villa" was an entrance flanked on one side by a bathroom (quite spacious considering, with lux bath and shower gel and Dove liquid soap dispenser provided! There was also a bath with over head shower.) The other side of hall was a build in "wardrobe" - if you could call a few shelves and a hanging rail covered by a naf curtain a wardrobe.

The bedroom was approx. 16' x 12' and had a double, a single and a camp bed in it, you could just walk between the beds and they completely filled the room. There was a sea view through the trees form the balcony which was crowded when the two plastic patio chairs were on it - the four of us could just about fit on the balcony together and that was with two of us having to stand as you would definitely not fit four chairs on it! The decor was dated and well due a refurb. Some of the balustrades (wooden) were coming apart at the joints and were borderline dangerous with small children, there were also some areas on the lower levels that had raised areas of four or five steps leading to the "bungalows" (which housed six "villas" each -three storeys of two) that had an exposed side without any rail or barrier - not good for small kids.

I have stayed in 2* and 3* self catering accommodation as a student that definitely equaled if not surpassed the actual living quarters of this "hotel".

We did ask to be moved to a family suite or adjoining rooms in main building but this was not possible - they did show us another "Villa" but this was even more dilapidated than the first one. The member of staff that showed us the second room - after asking him who assigns the star rating as this in our opinion was just about worthy of a three star, said he had worked in many hotels in Turkey and that though advertised as a hotel it is not a hotel it is a holiday village - so be warned, what you are getting is a glorified Butlins!

Looking around the rest of the "complex" you find it is impressive on first appearances but could definitely do with a total freshening up and modernisation of decor.

Saying all that, we decided not to move to an alternative hotel and give the place a chance- as yet we had not sampled any of the food or facilities.

This is where the place pulls itself out of disaster status! There is pretty much ongoing entertainment all day. The entertainments team co-ordinate poolside entertainment, aqua aerobics, kids club, mini disco, kids activities and for the most part the nightly show in amphitheatre (which is reasonable standard - but be warned if you have an aversion to transvestites some of them may not be for you! even poolside entertainment cannot seem to avoid them!)

My kids went into the kids club once that I left them to be supervised. My husband went back to our room and I returned to poolside. I did not have to sign them in, register any information or provide any details of where or how long I was going for. (I left sun lounger once to go to the loo and get a drink from the bar) I had told my daughters I would be back for them in one hour, after about 45 minutes the pair of them appeared unaccompanied at my side saying when they had come back earlier I was not there!

The girls in the club did not even know they had left! Luckily there really is no where they could disappear to unless the happened to wander off out a gate to main promenade (the 6 year old is quite sensible so would not do that but if you had kids with an adventurous spirit I would not be so sure!) Neither child can swim unaided so that would be a concern as there are a number of pool areas they would have to pass to return to where we had been sitting. Unlike other kids clubs on previous holidays I did not have to register the children, provide any information for them at all nor did I have to sign them in or out!

Having been to Turkey before I cannot fault the food provided - there was a huge array of salads and hot food being permanently replenished. Not to the standard you would expect in a good restaurant here never mind a 5* but to Turkish standards it was good. Restaurant staff very efficient and helpful. The only thing not included in the AI package is ice cream which is twice the price of it in a shop over there but about the same as it is here. As far as alcohol is concerned we did not really sample any of it, you generally never get imported alcohol included on an AI it is all local brew. Imported is available at a cost.

The girls had a wonderful time and loved the swimming pool and the little playground (swings a bit babyish for even the younger one) and kid’s club pool and mini slide. They loved the mini disco and the club dance which is performed at least three times a day so you cannot go home without knowing it.

I was very impressed with the on site medical facilities. My 6 year old got an acute ear and throat infection three days into the holiday and awoke screaming in pain. I took her down to the surgery (beside amphitheatre) at 2am to get contact details and the nurse was still there! The doctor took half an hour to get from the hospital, examined her and went off back to hospital to get her an antibiotic to start immediately. He would not take payment then and had calpol and throat spray in surgery by 10.30am. That night she awoke screaming again -back we go, she had injection, appointment made for Dr. for next morning and to cut a long story short she was under their care for three days or so and they could not have been nicer or more efficient. Overall cost in excess of £70 but well worth it for the peace of mind. Both nurse and doctor spoke perfect English as well as at least three other languages. (Russian and German amongst them).

For the children’s side of the holiday I would definitely go back (hopefully get better rooms next time if we do).

You do not need to leave the complex for anything, there is a little shop for crisps/sweets and pool inflatables etc, a jewelers, a clothes shop (a bit naf), a leather shop, a shop selling copies of designer leather bags, watches (Rolex, Chopard, Brietling, La Coste etc.), belts and shoes - and very good copies too! There is no pressure at all to buy - unlike out on the street!! Despite banners declaring "Respect to our Visitors - No Hassle" you cannot walk down the street with out being accosted every ten feet.

There is also a resident photographer who takes fantastic photos -let him take a few poolside ones without obligation and if you like them you can book him and he will take you to the pier, flowering trees etc for a photo shoot - we spent approx. £160 but have some stunning photos, particularly of the kids. We always threaten to go and have family photos done and never get around to it so these are definitely well worth the money!

Overall a relaxing and enjoyable holiday - I would definitely recommend it as a very good holiday village with basic accommodation - which in fairness was kept very clean with spotless sheets and towels changed frequently. The extra advantage was the health club and spa which was professionally run provided a huge variety of treatment at a fraction of the cost they are available at here.

The one downside to the pool etc. is of course the Russians and Germans - it is true what the other reviews have said- they start putting towels on beds at 6.30 in the morning and often leave beds for hours at a time but still leaving towels etc on them. Out of seven days we managed to get sun beds twice - once a poolside cleaner got out a few extra ones for us at about 10.30am and the second time approx 4pm when some people were leaving. The rest of the time we had to sit at patio tables and chairs! In the restaurant the Russians also have a tendency to ignore a queue system!

If you do not book your holiday from advertising stating 5*hotel or expecting a five star hotel you will not be disappointed (particularly if you have ever stayed in a 4 or 5 star hotel here as there is absolutely and definitely no comparison!) We would - for the children’s side of things- consider going back.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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10 / 10
the best hotel i want to go back....

"this hotel is the best !!!

i been to turkey twice this year in may and in june and stayed at marmaris palace.

The animation team is really good an friendly tha dance team from Ukranie is wery good as well, the food is great and you can always get something to eat and drink.

now im lookign for someone who filmed any of the shows (dance team and animation team )if you filmed and want share it to me please send me an e-mail./


  • Holiday details: Jul 2006

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10 / 10
We have just got back from 2 weeks at...

"We have just got back from 2 weeks at this hotel and have had an excellent time. I read many reviews before we went and saw that there were mixed opinions. We had a pretty bad start, not the fault of the hotel but the tour operator, but soon settled in. This is what I thought.

Arrival - Reception staff were a little abrupt on arrival but other than that were mainly friendly and spoke good English. There are staff on hand who will take your cases to your room.

Accommodation - We stayed in a family bungalow room and were fortunate to be close to the main hotel building. Some of the bungalows are situated a fair walk away so be sure to ask for one close to the main complex if you have any difficulty in walking any distance as some of them are slightly up hill too. The rooms are fairly basic, the furniture is a little dated and the bed linen and curtains are a little naff. However, it is very clean and the maids visit most days. We always seemed to have clean towels and plenty of loo roll! The room was also sprayed with mozzy spray while we were there. We took a mozzy plug in but we had only a few bites between us all.

Complex - We didn't walk around the whole complex but met people who were situated in bungalow rooms some way from the main building. It is very close to the beach and all activities etc are situated close to the hotel.

Entertainment - We found this excellent. The children with us (6 aged between 9 and 12), were kept busy all the time. There was plenty to do for all ages. From water polo to darts and football. There was entertainment around the main pool from 10 until 12, ending with club dance (which you will have perfected by the end of your holiday!). The team were also dressed up in various outfits, Danny and Jacob were the most hilarious!

In the morning you could play table tennis, water polo, and there was also a fun game around the pool. In the afternoon there was darts, boules, beach volley ball and football. On occasion there was also arm wrestling, chess and mini table tennis. The entertainment team - know as the 'animation team', were excellent. A special mention to Jacob, Sadat (who sadly left during our stay),Alex (Ukrainian) and Danny (the Turkish dwarf!), also Humdi (Chief of the team). They always took the time to stop and chat and never pressure you into taking part, although could be quite persuasive at times.

The evening entertainment was good too. The children’s entertainment started at 9 or 9.30 I think with a mini disco (our children were a bit too old for it). There was a show on in the amphitheatre every night starting at 10, it did say for adults but our children came with us and I personally think it was suitable for them. This was either put on by the animation team of by a group of Ukrainian dancers. I preferred the ones by the animation team but the dancers were also very good. The Rocky Horror Show and Stars in Their Eyes were my favourites. The evening entertainment also ended with the club dance (to the tune of Shake your Tailfeather from the Blues Brothers).

Food - I had never been all inclusive before so had nothing to compare it too and on the first day we caught the end of the sitting and were very disappointed. However, the following day things got better. The waiters were very friendly and very efficient at clearing the tables.

At breakfast you can expect fruit, salad, cold meats and cheese, fresh bread - which can be toasted and cereal. You can also have omelettes and fried eggs freshly cooked. You have to queue but is only usually for a few minutes. There is also tea, coffee, water and juice/fruit drinks.

Lunch was a wide variety of cold salads, meat and cheese and there was a choice of around 3-4 hot meat/fish dishes with either rice, cous cous, potatoes and veg. There was also something being cooked on the grill which was either fish, chicken, meatballs or sausage. Chips or wedges were also freshly cooked. There was also pasta and spaghetti with 4 different sauces and grated cheese. Soup is also available. Various fresh bread and butter were also available. There was also a pitta type bread with different fillings. There was also a wide range of sweet sticky puddings and fresh fruit. The bar was also open for soft drinks and alcohol. Fruit juices were available from a self serve pump.

From 2pm - 4pm everyday you can also get food at the beach bar. This was usually salad, wedges or chips, a pasta dish, and burgers or sausages or meatballs. No puddings though.

Dinner was much the same as lunch with a wide variety of salads, breads, and hot dishes. There would also be either fish, turkey, chicken or steak cooked on the grill each night. There was a very wide range of puddings, most were very syrupy and very sweet, very traditionally Turkish but all worth a try.

At midnight for half an hour there was soup and bread on offer. We had this most nights and it was a nice end to the evening.

I found the drinks were fine. Local spirits and beer were available and they were all good. Soft drinks included sprite, real coke, and Fanta. There were also fruit juices available and the kids favourites were to ask for a fruit cocktail. The barman usually mixed various juices and put in some colouring to make it look pretty!

Free ice cream was also available for the children on Wednesdays between 1.30 and 3. They could have as many as they wanted but could only get one at a time. We also had ice cream for pudding one night.

Overall I would say the food was very good. I did get a little fed up with seeing the same thing after about 10 days though. If you can afford to eat out a little I would suggest doing this a few times to break up the monotony.

Other - On Thursday night they have 'Turkish Night'. This includes a few extra Turkish dishes at dinner and the entertainment is traditional Turkish dancers and a belly dancer (Yosan, one of the animation team).

The Turkish like English money and you will get a better deal at the markets and shops if you are paying in sterling. You will also get a better rate in changing sterling over there rather than changing it here.

There is a market in Icmeler on Wednesday and in Marmaris on Thursday. We visited the Icmeler one and it took several hours to get around it. You can get some very good bargains and pick up some very good 'genuine fakes', but be prepared to be dragged into stalls for a look with 'no hassle'. Most of them will tell you it is 'cheaper than chips / Asda / Primark / Matalan or shoplifting!' The Turks also seem to have picked up many English colloquialisms like 'cheeky bugger', 'hey Blondie/ginger'(depending on hair colour), 'too bloody much', 'hey lady'. The market is definitely not for the timid and can be quite scary. But if you like your designer labels then this is the place for you. You can get 5 men t-shirts - Golce & Gabbana, diesel, FCUK, Ted Baker, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Dior and many more, all for a tenner! Lots of trainers, handbags and watches too. Take an empty suitcase if you can!

From the hotel you can take a pleasant walk to Icmeler along the sea front in about 20-30 minutes. To get to Marmaris you can take a taxi - if you haggle they will take you for 10 Lira (about £4). Alternatively you can get a 'Dolmus' to either resort. This is a minibus which will stop wherever you flag it down and drop you off wherever you ask it to, all for only 1.50 Lira per person. Sometimes there is standing room only and it can be a little scary but definitely worth it.

Lastly the only negative comment I have to make is that hotel has a large population of Russian and German guests and they can be very rude. I'm not sure they are used to queuing and like to push in, even in front of the kids. It didn't ruin my holiday at all though and you just have to learn to speak up!

So, to summarise I would thoroughly recommend this hotel and would definitely consider going back there myself sometime.

I'm sorry this was so long but I wanted to put down as much as I could while it was fresh in my mind. Sam

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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6 / 10
Nice place,too many russian people

"I just got home from Turkey.We stayed at this hotel for 7 days and I can really say that most of the days were really great!

I would say this hotel is not actually 5 * but rather 4*.The furniture is a little bit old, especially in the area of the reception and lobby bar.The staff was quite helpful,anyway everyday we saw sad and sulky faces.It seemed that they do not want to help you and wants to get rid of you as fast as they can.

The strange thing was that we had to pay for the safe 5 euros per day, also we had to pay a deposit for each beach towel 10 euros,but thats of course was okay.

The food was very steady, though the quality of the food was okay.The only thing which was anoying regarding the food was that if you go dining a little bit more later than 30min after that begining of it you could sometimes not find some of the dishes.

The pool area was really great, we liked all the pool games and evening shows.The animation I would say was really excellent.

To resume, we really enjoyed our holiday.The only thing which really got us down was that there were so many russian people,sometimes even during the show animators were talking russian.

The local disco was horrible.However we liked the Bar street.I would recommend Back Street and Craisy Daisy clubs.In the Back Street we find transvestites show quite interesting.The music was good,the place was nice,the entrance free.However drinks were rather costly but affordable.

So, I would recommend this hotel to people who like bustle and action and for those who do not fear crowd of russian poeple:)

However, there were a few who really were great persons!!;)

Greetings to all the animation team,the last night in Craisy Daisy was just awesome!! ;]

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006

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10 / 10
This was our first time in Turkey,...

"This was our first time in Turkey, family of 4, 44, 38, 12, 9.

This hotel really was first class, the food was fantastic so much choice different every day. The entertainment team were absolutely fantastic for kids and for us adults.

The pools and slides were brilliant and the shade from the surrounding trees were a blessing didn’t worry about the kids burning. The staff were brilliant anything you needed happy to help and loved all the children.

The hotel and room were spotless the staff seem to be endlessly cleaning, towels changed every day and room cleaned every day too. Rooms good and the beds so comfortable.

The location was brilliant, Icmeler a walk away and Marmaris 5 mins by car or taxis.

Sorry to go on but this was the best holiday we have ever had and that was all down to the hotel and staff. Anyone with children will love it and a good mix of nationalities. Definitely booking for next year. You will not be disappointed if you go to this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Broadway Travel

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4 / 10
Not great for adults

"A group of 7 adults spent a week here after a relaxing gulet cruise and had a bit of a culture shock.

Facilities were aimed at families and there were a lot of noisy and unruly children apparently unsupervised.

The main buffet was reminiscent of a 60s holiday camp and it was hard to get a seat and very noisy. We chose to spend extra in the A la carte restaurants or to eat out for six of seven days. The service and food at the Italian restaurant was excellent. The Turkish restaurant less good but better than main buffet. We never tried the Fish restaurant but the menu looked excellent.

The so called adult only pool areas were full of children. We chose to use the "posh' jetty during the day as it was quieter and less crowded. This was not all inclusive so we had to pay for drinks. The music here became unbearably loud later in the day and at the weekend it was very busy with locals.

We managed to make the most of the holiday but the resort was not really suitable for adults only. Most families seemed to be having a great time thogh.

Most of the staff were very helpful, friendly and attentive.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006

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10 / 10
Absolutely Fantastic

"This hotel was fabulous, from reading such a mixture of reviews I was a little worried but there was no need.

Pools and slides were fantastic and all in the shade which was brilliant for the kids.

The hotel and entertainment staff were brilliant and so helpful.

Food was wonderful and catered for all tastes and a great selection of vegetarian food too, and loads of variety everyday.

The grounds and rooms were absolutely spotless, rooms cleaned everyday and towels changed, beds were really comfortable. It was not noisy at night but maybe we had a good room location opposite the slides. Even though centrally air conditioned it was perfect temperature and not a mozzie in sight, they do spray the rooms regulary so didnt have to use my plug in.

There was a good mixture of nationalites and a good mixture of age groups plus families and couples.

This hotel has a really special feel to it, the hotel was nearly full but it didnt feel like it as there is so many places to relax the main pool had all the activities, the adult pool was much quieter and the lovely beach with cooling breezes from the sea.

You certainly will not be disappointed if you book this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006

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