Ourasol Apartments

Oliveira Martins Praia da Oura, Albufeira 8200, Portugal
2.5  / 10
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5 / 10
Smokers Paradise.

"This hotel was great value for money, not the best quality but it is in a great position and served our purpose well, it was only spoilt by the fact that people smoke in the rooms and corridors and the staff will not do anything about it as they are all smokers and if you sit in reception to read or use the internet you get free smoke from the staff who smoke every 15 minutes at the rear door which is left open and it fills the reception area, even after explaining what the problem is they just carry on."

  • Holiday details: May 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Great position but can be noisy as the accept hens and stags.
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Never Again

"Booked this hotel one month in advance from 18th until 27th August. As we had early flight arrived at hotel at 10am were told we could not book in until 3pm, which is fair enough. However when me and partner went back to check in we were left hanging around with extremely unhelpful and rude staff. Eventually at 8pm we were told hotel had overbooked and they had no room for us. As this was my boyfriend and my first holiday alone without our parents we were a bit unsure what to do. It seems they picked on us because we are young and they thought we would make less of a fuss. The staff we awful and unwilling to help until eventually at 10pm we were taken to another hotel which we stayed in for remainder of holiday. In the end the other hotel was much better although it was also a three star there was big difference. Would not recommend this hotel to anyone especially youngsters."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
Nice place but manager very rude

" Recently returned from staying at this apartment. Lovely location, very close to the beach, ideal for a girls holiday but wouldn't recommend it for families or couples. Rooms were nice but one of our rooms was situated on the forth floor and clearly there were sewage problems as there was a very strong smell coming from the bathroom and the kitchen tap.

Manager was very rude from the moment we arrived, we were not able to pay for the room with the debit card we booked on as they only accepted cash, when we questioned him about this he was very defensive and was very unfriendly for the rest of our stay. However 2 other staff who worked there were lovely and very helpful.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
Shortly after booking a two week...

"Shortly after booking a two week break, staying at the Ourasol apartments, I looked at the reviews on line. I thought "surely it can't be that bad" as the travel agents had assured me there had never been any complaints. I called the travel agents, raising my concerns about the reviews and was informed that a member of their team had visited in 2006 and they were of a high standard. WRONG!

I arrived at the Ourasol apartments with my boyfriend, and we were given the keys to our room. Yes, I also experienced the unsafe lift and dark corridors. On entering the apartment (cell) I burst in to tears. I can not describe what it looked like as I did not stay long enough to take it all in. All I can remember is two dirty beds at the end of the room and a window, no balcony.

We immediately went to reception and demanded a new room. We were given a one bedroom apartment which was 100 times better than the original room, but still awful.

The bedding which was supposed to be white was a nasty yellowish colour, the wardrobes were filthy and smelled terrible. They could not be used. The shower curtain was filthy, the base of the bath was filthy, the toilet seat was broken and the base of the toilet was disgusting. The toilet also leaked water on to the floor every time it was flushed. The ice in the fridge was so bad the fridge was warm.

Luckily, after reading the bad reviews on the apartments I had taken my own bed sheets and pillow covers. But the first day of our holiday was spent disinfecting the apartment and defrosting and cleaning the fridge.

Needless to say we never spent much time in these apartments. Also, the pool was filthy and had a dirty layer of filth on the top.

I am extremely disappointed with Thomas Cook/Orchid Travel. I envisaged that anything used by a reputable company would at least be hygienic.

Please do not go to these apartments.

However, I would recommend Albufeira for a relaxing holiday. While there I did see many beautiful apartments, just not Ourasol.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomas CookOrchid Travel

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3 / 10
I was extremely disappointed with...

"I was extremely disappointed with this hotel. It was recommended by First Choice and rated as 3* - it was the worst hotel I have ever stayed at and should be rated as 2*.

We asked the manager if we could change rooms, however it was the same size and decor as the first.

The lifts were dodgy with no proper doors - it was scary!

The decor was old-fashioned, the fridge was leaking, no air-conditioning, the kids slept in the lounge - it was small and cramped.

No English channels on TV, and the TV reception was very poor. It was very noisy - people chatting on the balcony, the garbage was collected about 2am...and seemed to be taking forever.

The pool is quite small and it was freezing, my children were scared to go in the pool, as some adults were playing table-tennis in there.

On the plus side, we were 5 minutes away to the beach and 10 mins to "The Strip" - you are spoilt for choice with the variety of restaurants there, we tried Indian, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and we didn't have one bad experience!

I would recommend staying in the "Old Town” with young children - where there's more entertainment in the evening and it has more character. Taxis are a good way to travel, we went to the Water Parks and Zoo Marine.

Make sure you have loads of sun cream, it was extremely hot in August 39C, which was great and you can pick up some bargains at the market in Quarteira.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Room Only, booked with First Choice

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1 / 10
We arrived at the apartments about...

"We arrived at the apartments about 9.30 in the evening; on first sight the foyer looked very clean. I had requested a low level floor as I do not like heights. Our apartment was on the top floor, 4th. It appeared clean, it had two windows, no balcony, felt very prison cell like. The bathroom was extremely smelly when the toilet was flushed, almost like everyone else’s smells were coming back up to you. No kettle in fact it took 5 days to acquire one.

We spent the next two days looking for another hotel as it was so noisy lots of teenagers, partying on balconies and all through the night, this was sold to us as family apartments, I would say 18-30 more like...

We were moved to another block as it was on ground level, this was the only plus to our next apartment, the young people all seemed to be housed in this particular block which I have renamed the GHETTO as it was no more and no less than that.

My holiday was supposed to be a rest, I have actually come home to rest as it was impossible to do this at the Ourasol Apts.

The best thing about the holiday were the other families who were staying there also.

The receptionists were extremely friendly and work really hard manning the reception and the bar single handedly.

The manager appeared to be very friendly until one day he came to the pool area and because there were lilos in the pool he proceeded to remove them ranting and raving and bursting one with his cigarette in front of all the children, never have I seen an atmosphere change so quickly the whole pool area was quiet and stunned for the next two days, he did apologise.

Lots of the children had to get medical treatment for earache, I would say the pool was not up to correct levels of chemicals most of the time you could not see the bottom. This was my first visit to Portugal, I found the Portugese people to be extremely friendly and the next time I visit Portugal, I will look more closely at the accommodation I will be staying in, Ourasol Appts had a 3 star rating and I have checked other apartments with the same rating in the same area, I am frankly shocked and surprised that this accommodation has been awarded this rating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My own rating would be a very guarded 1 star.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Self Catering, booked with Booked Independently through travelcare

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