Iberostar Festa Panorama Hotel

Chan Krun St, Nessebar 8230, Bulgaria
7.5  / 10
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8 / 10
It was dropped from a spacecraft!

"I for one was not looking forward to this holiday, it was chosen by my current wife and sister in law, it was in New Nessebar. I don't know why i wasn't, we got their at stupidoclock about 2.30am. The next morning before breakfast i stood on our balcony and was amazed with the view, it was amazing, we could see around the bay, taking in Sunny Beach all the way around to Vlas, about 6 miles i would think, and of course with the sun shining it looked great, all of my fears were slowly decreasing. We went for breakfast, which was uninspiring as was all of the food, bland, and if you like Brussel sprouts and mixed veg with your fried eggs and spam!!Later that day, after a session by the pool and a couple of swift sherberts we decided to go for a walk......Wow,it like a council estate with shops a handful of restaurants but only one bar that you could call a bar. Walk into Old Nessebar took about 15 minutes by the means of the main road or the promenade, and it was unbelievable, quaint shops, churches, cobbled stone streets, wonderful architecture, catch a bus the other way to Sunny Beach the No1 cost 1Lev (50p)it takes about 15 minutes, or walk around the beach to it, abot one hr. The reason i have marked the hotel so high is because of the staff, they were amazing, friendly, everything i didn't expect, particularly Nevina a really beautiful person in every way, and Haffi the egg lady, who must cook 200 eggs a day, omlette, sunny side up, over easy, she is Turkish who trained as a chemist.The waiters were really good except for one miserable one, but less said. To go here is fairly weird, a lot of the older Bulgarians who still liked the Communist existence they led, and then the vibrant younger people, but still respected their elders. A few words of caution, there are a lot of stalls selling news, water, alcohol, some of them are less than honest, one big guy served mt to a bottle of water which was 0.70 lev, i gave him 5 Lev, he gave me change for 1 Lev, i was lucky i wuestioned him, and he threw the 4 Lev on the counter, and random people will come up to you and ask he you have any English currency and offer you 2.5 Lev, our exchange rate is about 2.2 Lev, the issue is they give you Estonian currency which is worth zilch, and lot's of Russians with big cars, people say they run Sunny Beach. Don't let it put you off, once you get your head around that the food ain't that brilliant, the local beer blows you up and the whole place was randomly dropped by a spacecraft in between Old Nessebar and Sunny Beach you should enjoy it's identity, very Bulgarian and proud"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Half board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Keep an open mind, the warmth of the people is second to none
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
Could do better C -

"Have just returned from the hotel after spending a week there on a group holiday.

The hotel is clean and the rooms comfortable and that's about it on the plus side.

The staff are miserable and unfriendly, everything seems to much trouble . The food is interesting I ordered a mixed salad for lunch and got a bowl of shredded carrot and cabbage , it appears their salad selection consists of cucumber or tomato. If you can, go room only and eat out unless you like pork or chicken for dinner

The mini bar is filled whether you want it or not and if you dare put your own bottle of water in it gets chucked out into the room by the maid.

The pool was worryingly cloudy and was out of order one of the days.

Before going check there isn't an all night rave on the nearby beach , we were kept awake until 6am on the Friday & Saturday as the thumping carried to the hotel .

Whilst not the worst I stayed it won't be going back

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008

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7 / 10
W just got back from an amazing...

"W just got back from an amazing holiday at the festa panorama.

Good things:

-everywhere was very clean, good maid service every day

-friendly and helpful restaurent staff, wide range of food, not fully accomading for Brits though

-good location

-amazing spa and fitness centre

-good atmosphere outside in the pool area and bar

Not so goods things:

-unexpected and expensive drinks you have to pay for at dinner

-reception staff not very helpful and moody. One even had to interupt a computer game on his computer to serve us, which he was not pleased about

-day entertainment average, but evening entertainment was a disgrace

Overall a good holiday and would return

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
great holiday

"We have just returned from festa panorama in Bulgaria and really enjoyed it.

The hotel is lovely and can't fault it. As mentioned in other reviews the staff are not overly friendly however do warm a little when they get to know you. On the whole bulgarian people seemed to be a little funny but I think this is just their way also their English is not as good as you might find in other popular holiday destinations.

The food in the hotel is excellent value and i am a fussy eater!! They did mainly cater for the German guests but there always something for everyone and alot of choice. We planned to eat out a few nights but only ended up doing this once as food was so good!!

The hotel is in an ideal location in between sunny beach and old nessebar. Sunny beach is good for a really lively night out however we felt it was very commercialised and a little too 'british'! There are a few nice bars near the hotel which are perfect for having a nice night and there is a night bar in the hotel which is open late.

The beach is not great - very busy and sea full of seaweed. We were told that there was another beach about 15 mins away that was alot nicer but we did not go there. The pool is nice and did not stuggle too much to get a sunbed however I think it may be different in the busier months of July and August.

Overall we had a great holiday and would definately return to this resort and to this hotel. I would recommned to couples of any age and families.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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8 / 10
Hotel good staff not

"Hotel location, facilities, room cleanliness, maid service, food, and all public areas were excellent. The only down side were the staff who were extremely rude, especially the reception and restaurant staff with a few exceptions.

Extremely German location which is a plus with general standards..

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008

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6 / 10
jus got back from a weeks stay in the...

"jus got back from a weeks stay in the festa panorama the spa centre was excellent lovely indorr pool and jucuzzi.the weather was lovely and hot,and the bus stop to sunny beach/nessebar was jus in front of the hotel.the hotel its self was lovely but the saff wasnt very good english speaking.seemes to me liked they only catered for the germans and deutsch.the food was very spicy and consisted of veil spinnach cheese green beans so wasnt really my tastes.i would go back but in a few years."

  • Holiday details: May 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
Ideal Location

"Hotel was located in the perfect area, outside of the main resort of sunny beach, but within walking distance. Pool over looks the black sea & sunny beach.

Local draught beer cheep & very good!!

Aqua park was a nice day out, free bus picks up frequently right outside the hotel.

Staff very friendly & helpful, food was average. Most nights we ate out, but didn't mind as most restaurants were very cheap with good food.

Excursions offered were good value for money - Kahns Tent was absolutely brilliant, would recommend it as a must do.

Beware of pick-pockets & small chidren begging on the street.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2008

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10 / 10
Beautiful hotel, certainly return!

"Although we arrived at some unearthly hour of the morning after a flight delay, staff were on hand to welcome us warmly and show us to our room.

The room itself was immaculate, as was every inch of the hotel. For such a large place it was very quiet and really easy to relax (which was the main purpose of our holiday).

The old town was a 15 minute walk along an idyllic promenade. It is an absolute must to see, lots of intricate, winding routes, and I'm still not sure we saw it all!!

The staff at the hotel could not do enough to help, and although English was sometimes a little limited, with alot of humour from all involved, we always got what we asked for.

Food was varied, tasty, and more than adequate, with a good selection to choose from.

We enjoyed our holiday so much, we have booked for 2008 and can not wait to return.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007

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6 / 10
A Big Cattle Call

"We arrived at the Iberostar Hotel after traveling 6 + hrs on the hottest day Bulgaria had seen in 120 yrs. We were So excited to hop in the pool or Black Sea, but a bit of "run-around" detained us for several hours. Our accomodations were described as an "apt" that sleeps 4. What we got was a dble bed and pull out sofa with NO mattress. The poor chamber maid tried to use cushions of the sofa to make it bareable, but for $250 US, this wasn't what we were expecting. Once we described our problem to the front desk, they stated they were "out" of mattresses. Then they tried to move us to a 1st floor room with a broken window and curtains that wouldn't close. This room did have a thin pad over the pull out sofa. We asked if we could just move the mattress up to our original room. For some reason the Marketing Manager of the hotel did not like this suggestion and told us we were making this situation more difficult- It took the sweet chamber maid arguing with the manager to have him bring up said mattress. A simple solution turned out to be much more of a hassle than it needed to be- We felt that the staff couldn't care less and the manager was incredibly insulting! Overall the place was fine, if you like feeling like a bunch of cattle. I'm sure there are many other smaller hotels where you aren't made to feel like just a number-"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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8 / 10
Loved the hotel and location

"Hi, we stayed in this hotel and it was great. By our standards we are not talking a 4 star, but the rooms were very good, clean and a nice view. The staff on reception think they are above the guests, I think they get a big head because they are working for a four star hotel! Stay away from sunny beach, a cement jungle! Old Nessebar was beautiful, with lovely taverns and great shopping. It will feel like you cant spend your money everything is so cheap compared to here. Recommend silk scarves, leather bags and shoes, sunglasses, boutique wear etc. Would recommend B & B as eating outside the hotel if very cheap and plentiful. Recommend you see the old church at the top of town, unlike any I have every seen. I am going back in September for a week, loved it so much."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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8 / 10
lovely hotel great staff

"stayed a week at this hotel pool and sea view carpeted rooms all spotless, cleaned every day,but sometimes they would forget to replenish bathroom stock, breakfast buffet excellent staff very helpful and friendly, pool areas both inside and outside great spa terrific and very reasonable, location away from the hustle of sunny beach and a pleasant walk to nessabar old town well worth several visits reception bar and dining staff the most pleasant you will find anywhere even though some may have little English. a big difference between the price of drink between the hotel and the local pubs and restaurants, dinner menu limited and not really catering to our taste,but really cheap to eat out,a great holiday and we cant wait to go back again. Sylvia,Tony Ryan



  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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8 / 10
Great location away from the Bulgarian Blackpool!

"A great location away from hectic Sunny Beach- a hotel geared for the german guests that didn't matter- attentive staff despite their poor English- but my Bulgarian is very dire anyway- the food not top class by day 3 we were guessing would it be rabbit or veal stew?

not a hotel that caters for the vegetarians i am afraid-

easy trot to Old nessebar- reasonable choice of eating places nearby if the hotel restaurant has bored you-

Being the minority race there was quite a treat escaping the tattoed drunk lary Brits that swamp the resort of Sunny beach the Malaga of bulgaria- and us being the rare breed of quiet sedate brits enjoyed this hotel & it's gentle ambiance-

it was the early season that we stayed however it gave agood base of the bulgaria we hoped to explore-

The waitress etc were very friendly & non pushy- very polite & still getting their bearings in service & over service-

The hotel was spotless the cleanest hotel i have ever stayed in-

enjoy this 'spa' hotel & the extensive treatments that it offers in a great spa located in the basement- enjoy!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007

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