Jasmine Beach

Gumbet Mah. Degirmenler Alti Bodrum Merkez, Gumbet 48400, Turkey
8  / 10
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1 / 10
jasmine beach apartmenta

"Well beer and food were double the price from down the street you have to pay extra for TV and air conditioning in your room nightly entertainment latest about 20 minutes to 30 minutes a night the rest of the time it was a laptop playing songs a the bar beach was dirty. Letter will go to Gumbert again but not here not recommended."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013
  • Advice: dont stay at jasmine beach apartments

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8 / 10
A pleasant surprise

" I've read some of the previous reviews about this Hotel and I'm wondering if I had been staying at the same Hotel ?????!!!

After having a very bad experience with another Turkish Hotel in the previous year, it was with a bit of apprehension that we travelled to the Jasmin Beach.We needn't have worried.

Yes there are few wee niggles, but we got what we paid for and the niggles didn't really spoil the experience too much.

It may have been a 4 star Hotel in it's prime , but in all honesty I would rate it now as maybe a 3-4 star.The buildings are a bit careworn and frayed around the edges, but oddly that added to it's charm.

I would recommend this Hotel to Families (even with young children), to Young couples and to older couples.

The Studios we got were very clean and surprisingly spacious and if you are going Self Catering , very well equipped.

How popular is it?

Well we met a lady who has been there 10 years on the trot. A family who have been there 4 years on the trot. A family who go regularly and now one of the daughter's takes her children there.A lady who knows all the staff and send them all Birthday cards ,every year!!A lady with 2 huge 24 and 25 year old lads, who live away from home, who insist on paying their own way and going their with their Mum to the Jasmin every year!!Need I say more??

The staff couldn't have been more helpful.The cleaners made a tremendous effort to clean our rooms daily clean and with 2 Teenagers, that wasn't always easy!Normally they changed the towels twice a week, but if you were polite and asked nicely, they would give you more towels.

The bar and poolside staff worked their socks off and some of the guys must have been duty for at least 12 hours a day.Yes, a few couldn't speak English, but they always tried to find one of the staff who could.

The pool area was well looked after, with plenty of beds and shades.

Breakfast was Typical Turkish fare, but you can pay for a Full English if you want one.Lunch and Evening meals were always well cooked and the poolside entertainment was of a reasonable quality and some of it very funny.

The Jasmin is situated about 4-5 minutes from the start of all the Cafe's and restaurants and about 10 minutes from the main bar area - we nick-named it their bar street.

This meant you could enjoy a good night and not be too disturbed by the youngers coming in a t 4-5am in the morning.

Sadly there were a few niggles, one of which was out of the control of all the Bars and Restaurants in Gumbet.

1.A lot of the regular Brits were shocked to find that Booze prices have shot up 40% in one year and most people (including us) weren't aware of this and hadn't budgeted for this.

2.The Hotel has a fixed rate of exchange and this never varied ( 2.75 lire to the pound),but in the town you could get 2.88 to 2.90 to the pound.It doesn't sound a lot, but multiply it by say, a 100 pounds, and the difference is big!

3.Very few place would exchange Travellers Cheques.«

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: 1.Be aware that the Poolside bar prices are more expensive than along the bay.2.Visit the institution that is "The Windy". It is a really busy Restaurant/Café not far from the Jasmin and we met people who had been there 3 or 4 times in a week.

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1 / 10

"Cats all over the hotel up on the bar in the restaurant and the smell was revolting,if you had a ground floor room the cats would be in,glad we had a room on top floor,will never be back in cat land."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10

"Just returned from a two week holiday at the jasmin beach and all i can say is i will not be rushing back, where do i start the rooms can only be described as filthy and in desperate need of modernisation there were four of us and when we arrived there was only one towel between us asked reception for some more it took then two days to get us a towel each. Entertainment staff were horrendus if you chose to go out at night rather than stay in the complex they would blank you the next day the pool was not clean you could not see the bottom of it most days plus there was an actual chlorine gas leek while we were there. Gumbet itself is lovely just dont stay at the jasmin beach this complex is not worthy of its three star rating there seem to be a lot of regulars there who think they own the place and have rights over the sunbeds though why anyone would want to go back is beyond me."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012
  • Advice: dont go.
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
It's ok (sort of)

"Currently staying at Jasmine Beach.

Nice location, easy access to both Gumbet and Bodrum.

A lot of exaggeration on some of the previous posts, with a couple of mischievous trolls added for good measure.

It doesn't suit everyone, granted eg the shop is pricey so shop next door at the Tropicana.

Also, it's full of Mancs in replica snirts watching Sky football so you may wish to eat or drink elsewhere on Sundays ans Monday evening.

Other than that, don't unpack when you get given one of the grotty rooms at the back on arrival but go straight or Reception and they'll change it for a decent one.

And the sauna staff will get the message and stop hassling ou after the third or fourth day.

We shall return to the area again one year but will try a different hotel where Manc football is not on the menu 24/7.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Robbed on the first and second day by Hotel Staff -(this place is a disgrace to Turkey)

"190 Turkish liras (£70) were stolen from our bag in the wardrobe in our room on the first day. We reported this to reception. The reception staff were unconcerned about this as if it was a regular thing. The next day we were in reception reporting it to our Rep who said it happened the week before to a family. He arranged for us to have a safe deposit box, so we went straight back to our room to get our money and valubles, when we arrived at our room the cleaners were there again ( they had already done our room that morning) one was at the door keeping nix and the other one had taken our bag out of the wardrobe had cut into it with a knife and had all our money in her hand, we had caught them red handed they were going to rob us again and this time they were going to take the lot. They threw our money back into the bag and made a run for it. we then went to reception to report it to the hotel and to our rep. the cleaners were dismissed (at least that is what the hotel manager and the welfare officer for Thompson Holidays had told us) The Thompson welfare officer advised us not to go to the police as we would have to pay for an interpreter and pay just to make a statement, and that nothing would happen anyway. The day I came back to England I read many other reviews on this site about people being robbed at this hotel, on every occasion it was by people with access to room keys (Hotel Staff). After this when all our valuables were now in a safe. The cleaners never came near to change the bed clean or bring us towels. So basically if they couldn`t rob you there was no need for them to bother. So we had to make a special request for them to change the bed. I would not recommend this hotel to my worst enemy"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
We're some people who reviewed where they staying at different hotel !

"This year was our ninth year and will be going back next year already looking at prices .please don't all go by the reports as all arnt very accurate ,firstly there is always someone to take your cases to any room you want ,there are cleaners around the apartments all day yes rooms are basic but to be honest all you do is sleep in them anyway bar staff are great hthese inclued Mami Samit ,Ismail always make you welcome and no you don't have to buy them drinks j.Just treat them how you'd want to be treat after all they are humans ! The pool was cloudy when we 1st got there but was soon sorted .The only proplem was the sunbeds and that was the other guests at hotel not the staffs fault,people were putting towels out at 7.30 pm before going out for the night and taking 10beds at a time and then know one using them until well in the afternoon one suggestion was to stack beds on night then you could only unstack after 8 in the morning ,hated the towel watch .(top pool) if you want to be waited on hand and foot don't go to this hotel , All proplems were sorted if we had any straight away, See you all next year xx"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Jet2holidays
  • Advice: Sort the sunbeds situation out !!
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
wouldnt go back if it was free!

"firstly being at the fourth floor wasnt a bad idea....at first! but being told that you had to carry youre own suitcase each weighing 20kg up them was a surprise, asking two women to carry that was appaling, the men had too come back and help, so theres one fault already!

booked studios, in the first one the door didnt lock sometimestimes and was an inch gap between the door and the doorframe, the fridge didnt cool, had to put in the freezer which was useless if needed a cold drink! no cleaning for ten days, at all! didnt see a maid at all! bathroom flooded everytime the shower got used! hair dryer cut after ten seconds and had a tag saying careful electric shocks! air con was £38 for ten days and leaked water all over the bed, then started spitting out dirty water! then stopped working after two days, did ring reception and complain but didnt get a response so customer care is clearly not regarded! lived out of suitcases as was too dirty to put clothes anywhere! studio two, bathroom was the same as first studio, kitchen utensils and cutlery was all oddd and dirty, one bed was rocking and no feet on, took four days to fix! sheets never got cleaned, thread bare.stains on over blanket,didnt unpack again, wrote clean me on table stool and dressing table on first day, was still there after ten days when we left! deliveries before six in the morning and after 12 at night which were very disturbing! coach at the rear of the studio, revved every now and again but never moved, balcony was filthy!

didnt go in pool for three days of the holiday as couldnt see your hands at hip length, requested it to get cleaned but no response! one family friend got an ear infection from the water but hotel would not take responsibility! pool side beens never emptied, fags butts everywhere! shop far too overpriced and no selection! music was blaring and the staff were rude and arrogant and drooled over young girls, leery towards alot of young girls! lock up young kids if go!!! infested with cats with fleas, couldnt trust cleaners, one cleaner got sacked for roobing a friend of ours! put suitcases against the door and was that scared!

saving all year to go and being disgusted, was debating to get the next flight home! also one family was the boss, they got what they wented when they wanted, louring the bar staff with drinks while working and bad mouthing off other holiday makers! extremely disapointed, please consider the reviews, wish i did before booking!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, booked with Thomson

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2 / 10
not good!

"went with young kids and parents and asked for adjoining rooms and not near the bar and music. when we got there at 3 in the morning they had no record of this and eventually we were put right opposite the hotel next door where loud music was played every day from about 10am to 12pm. we went down to the supermarket to get bits for the morning and just as my 5 year old went to say mind the hole i fell in the drain just outside the shop onto my heavily pregnant stomach!! no signs there to warn you at all. all the bloke behind the till did was say 'mind the hole'. told the rep the next day who wasn't that sympathetic either! my parents had to wait 3 days for their air conditioning to be fixed and would get the maintenance man coming in, then say he had to go to reception. waited an hour for him to come back. called reception and said it couldn't be fixed until the following day. would have been nice if they were told that! all our party got dodgy tummies which they kept having to get medication for. you couldn't see your feet in the pool by the bar, but two days before we left they took samples and all of a sudden it was very clean! the doctor here reckons all the ilnesses are linked to that, so be careful! can't fault our maid. she cleaned and changed the beds regularly and made a swan out of towels for my boys who loved it."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, booked with Thomas Cook

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2 / 10
horrendous please avoid

"visited July 12 for 10 nights with family and worst hotel I have ever stayed at. There is thumping music non stop all day into the early hours all around the site, when you finally get to sleep around 1 am you are woken every morning between 4am and 5 am by noisy drunks returning from night clubs. theft of towels around the pool area is common and management think it is funny !! you will be pestered non stop by on site turkish bath personel and photographers and the on site shop is very expensive. rooms are what can only be described as a bail hostel, cramped dark with a tiny balcony most facing a brick wall and very small, 3 single beds fill the room. everywhere you sit to eat or have a drink within 10 minutes you will be surrounded and often trapped in by chain smokers who all would fit in on the Jeremy Kyle show, women in football shirts and tattoos.

The complex itself can be best described as a council estate from the 1970,s with sunshine and the beach outside the comples is disgusting with sewage pipes emptying themselves along the litter strewn patch of grit. If you want a relaxing holiday avoid.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: book into another hotel

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6 / 10
nice holiday at Jasmine beach-value for money

"good location, we had good room at the back of hotel however still noisy as large groups of girls and boys. jASMINE BEACH is more for hen and stag groups and not for couples. Men are ignored at bar by some of the waiters, as they are too busy with the ladies wanting to be served.

Positives plenty of sunbeds and rooms are cleaned regularly, some entertainment on a night, missed the Turkish night as on the day we arrived and left.

Windy bay, Columbia and Minstral were good places to eat avoid Tempo as returned food very cold and waited ages.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
best holiday we have had for a long time

"we went to jasmin beach in june 2012 not expecting much with it only being a 3 star , we were really suprised at what we found , yes the rooms are very basic but who cares its not like you spend much time in them , the staff are fantastic , the food is fantastic , and the whole hotel is fun and friendly ,fantastic location and would advise the mistral steak house just on the beach great food very cheap we have a 12 year old son and he ate for free breakfast , lunch , and dinner , all in all the holiday was amazing and will defo be returning next year"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by Claire Harley

    " Windy Bay - excellent value for money and brilliant service, Red Dragon great food bit pricey "

  • by Hassan :)

    " Book a room at the back of the hotel! "

  • by Natalie Edge

    " tropicana bar at night and windybay steak house "

  • by Adelle Bentley

    " have the turkish bath as soon as you get there "

  • by Eleanor Borrowdale

    " more suited for hen and stag groups rather than couples "

  • by Salina Noakes

    " go to the parrot bar, uncle festers or the mistral for a good meal. kids under a certain age eat for free at these. "

  • by Boboz

    " If you really have to stay here ( and I would strongly advise against this) then get a safe deposit box on arrival before you... "

  • by Richard Dunstan

    " Take earplugs if you want to sleep before midnight "

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