Eri Sun Village Water Park

Hilltop overlooking Hersonissos, Crete 74100, Greece
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Go with an open mind

"We have just returned from a weeks all inclusive holiday at the Eri Palace and I have to say it was not as bad as some reports would lead you to believe. The "room" was more like a self catering apartment with cooking facilities, and a fridge. Two twin bedrooms plus one extra pulldown bed in the lobby area and a large bathroom which had a bath with overhead shower (there was no plug for the bath, but I found that the lid off a small can of shaving foam fitted perfectly!). The food was perfectly adequate. We could always find something decent to eat, plus there was always fresh salad and fruit. I will say that the term "all inclusive" is a slight exageration as food is not available all day long. There are no all day snacks. Breakfast is from 07.15 to 09.30, lunch is 12.00 'til 14.00 and dinner is 18.30 'til 21.00. Cake is available by the pool at 16.00. Drinks are available on a help yourself basis from around 10.00 'til 23.00 but the choice is very limited, lager type beer, wine, brandy ouzo or raki and soft drinks or coffee. My husband only drinks gin and tonic, so had to stick to soft drinks and coffee at the hotel. The coffee was pretty good though, compared to some I've suffered in other hotels.

The 3 swimming pools are fantastic although salt water, they were large and well maintained and the views from them were breathtaking. The hotel overlooks the lovely town of Hersonissos. This brings me to the downside of this hotel. It is literally halfway up the side of a small mountain! Everywhere is steep hill climbs or stairs and would be completely unsuitable for anyone who suffered breathing difficulties or who had any kind of mobility problem. You definitely have to be fit to walk back up the hill to the hotel and when its hot and you have been walking all day, it is a real killer! The taxis make a roaring profit by charging 5.00 euros to take you the 500 metres from the bottom of the hill to the hotel - we gladly paid this on a couple of occassions. Must say, by the end of the week my legs were beginning to tone up quite nicely!!

There is a daily bus service from the Eri Palace down to her sister hotel the Eri Beach where you can also use the all inclusive facilities. The Eri beach is literally on the beach and well worth a visit. Although we never sampled the food there, out of the 2 hotels, the Beach would be the one to choose.

All in all, we had a lovely holiday and would have no problems with staying at the Eri Palace. At the end of the day, for what we paid, it was very good value for money. We loved Hersonissos and will be going back.

8 / 10

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"Hotel is very poor no entertainment very little selection of food and drink very much cater for the germans. No sweet water pool and the sports equipment is very poor.staff are very rude and unhelpful and the rep was useless. never again"

2 / 10

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Relaxing place to go

"We had a brilliant time at Eri Palace. I travelled with my boyfriend, we are both 18 and wanted a relaxing holiday. The hotel grounds were large and the rooms were very clean. Had a few problems with ants in the room but nothing some bug spray wont solve!

Food was good, im a picky eater but always found something i liked and there was a large choice. The selection of alcoholic drinks are quite limited and i ended up buying my own from the supermarket and drinking that.

The only real thing that bothered me was the locations. It was on a huge hill and although this gave a great view from the pool it was quite a trek if you wanted to leave the hotel! Also not many of the hotel visitors or staff spoke english which could be seen as good or bad!

Overall we had a great time together! brilliant for relaxing and chilling out for a couple of weeks! I would definitly recommend it!

8 / 10

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Great vacation

"I had a beautiful 2 weeks in Eri Palace. Hotel occupies quite big area on the hill. There are 3 swimming pools. The biggest one with salty water and 1.8 m depth is placed highest. There is also 2 smaller pools, one for babies and one for children (from 70cm to 1,5m) also salty. From the pools, there is very beautiful seaview. Rooms are big and clean with TV and air condition, towels changed every day. the only minus is beacause some of them are very high on hill, and the way comes through tiring stairs. All Inclusive packet include 3 meals (breakfast 7.30-10.00, lunch 12.15-14.00, dinner 18.30-21.00), non-alcoholic drinks - something like coke and fanta, water, tea and coffee, and alcoholic - beer, rose and white wine, raki, ouzo, brandy.

AI bars are open at pools (10.00 - 18.00) and at the reception (10.00-23.00). There is also few computers at the reception with internet (4euro/hour). If you have your own laptop and cable you can connect to internet for free. Food was very good, and a lot to choose from.

The only minus is position on hill (tiring walk from the beach, or Limenas), and when I was, there was few groups of young boys - Dutch and English, who were always drunk, rude and very noisy.

Anyway I can recommend this hotel from whole heart.

8 / 10

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Do Not Go Here

"we arrived at the hotel ant my first impression was 'WOW' its gorgeous... but i didnt know how wrong i could actually be.... the first thing we notice was that there was no alcoholic drinks for adults and the gym and what the hotel called a 'games' room was a death trap for children with tiles sticking up from the floor and a big flood in the guest toilets!!!! Then we found that there was hardly any choice for dinner, then we found out from and overheard conversation of staff, that the food was RECYCLED!!! if there was any left over they kept it for a later meal or even the next day!!!!! The rooms were clean but the swimming pool, although it looks nice, many of the tourists became ill because it was not cleaned out regularly!!!

Also, the hotel is set on the side of a mountain with stairs everywhere with no ramps for disabled people and there are no lifts or escalators! Not very gd for elderly people!

If you have booked a holiday in the eri palace or eri beach i think you should seriously take a good look at the hotel you will be staying at and i would transfer to another hotel!

2 / 10

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"the hotel is very clean,the staff are helpful,spacious rooms,towels are changed daily,linen every third day,and the food was many choices to choose from.ideal location if you just want to relax and unwind.quiet and peaceful atmosphere but plenty of night-life down in the town which will cost 5 euro in a taxi."

10 / 10

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Overall I had a good Holiday, but...

"Overall I had a good Holiday, but don’t expect it to be a cheap Holiday because its All Inclusive, It won’t be!

If you are a fussy eater, have young children, or are elderly, this is not the holiday for you. Luckily I went away with a group of young 20 year olds, who used the hotel for sleeping, swimming and sunbathing!

We spent a few nights in the Hotel recovering from nights before in the reception, which was full of Germans. The bar was self service which closed at 11 and only served raki, ouzo, rum and lager (which was impossible to pour a descent drink).

The hotel was at the top of a mountain, so hiring your own transport the holiday is vital. We hired quads for a week in the middle of our 2 week break which set us back 20euros/day (Fully Comp with 200 excess).

We ventured to Malia nearly every other night where the alcohol runs freely, and drinks can be as little as a euro each with a free shot to get you in. Malia can be compared to Blackpool though and can be rough.

Hersonissos is a more pleasant night life, but there is not a lot of English, there is plenty Germans, Dutch, and Irish who don’t like the English.

Luckily our room was on the ground floor by the pool, which meant we could jump over our balcony wall and onto our lounger, this was lucky and some people had a 200m hike up hill to there room! I’m not exaggerating. The standard of our rooms was very good, and the cleaners were very friendly and turned up every day. A sore point was that just about every other day there would be a power cut which meant no air con, light, coffee machine, and soda machine.

We only paid £400 last minute for a fortnight All Incl. For the price I can’t complain, but would not pay anymore. I spent £600 -£700 in spending money for a single lad. The Hotel has the potential to be an excellent one, just needs to get rid of the management.

Overall I had a good holiday, but take my advice, and find somewhere else to stay.

5 / 10

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We arrived late at night to find a...

"We arrived late at night to find a very unhelpful chap behind reception, who offered no assistance in carrying our bags to our room. The room was a hike away at the top of a very steep hill, which would render it near inaccessible to the elderly traveller or a person with a disability.

The room itself was very clean and tidy and the maids were always polite and provided a good service. Rooms are equipped with fridges and air conditioning which is free during peak season otherwise 6Euro per day.

The food at the hotel is fair to poor, with the vast majority of it being overcooked and swimming in oil. Having said that we always managed to find something to eat at meal times but chose to eat out on several occasions. There is plenty of bread, cold meats, cheeses and salad to choose from if the flies don’t beat you to it!

Aside a handful of Brits, Italians, Poles and Russians the vast and overwhelming majority of the guests were loud and obnoxious Germans. Everything in the hotel is geared to them and the staff pander to their needs irrespective of others and in fact the staff seem as if it’s a major hassle to have the guests in the hotel at all!.

The hotel has 3 pools two of which have inclusive bars, they are generally well looked after and clean with loungers and parasols.

The Excursions supplied by our rep were very expensive and I advise you to shop around, or if you are brave do as I did and hire a car and do it yourself (I saved myself over 140 Euro)! If you chose this option again shop around as many of the advertised prices don’t include insurance or collision damage waiver (CDW). You should be able to pick up a small car (Seciento) for about 90Euro for three days, which will cost 25ish euro in fuel for the duration.

Hersonissos itself is a fairly lively resort but is very pleasant. All the main pubs and clubs are at one end so if that’s not your thing you can steer well clear. Also be aware that charges on the beach for loungers etc can be 8+euro per day!

Getting home is 5euro in a taxi from anywhere in the resort which unless your into hill walking and mountaineering i strongly advise especially during the heat of the day.

The hotel is generally overrated and if it wasn’t for the pools and the nice air conditioned rooms it would probably only scrape one star in UK.

Albeit we had a very nice holiday and saw a lot of the island and Hersonissos I strongly advise you DON'T use the Eri Palace.

3 / 10

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We arrived here in the middle of the...

"We arrived here in the middle of the night everything was deserted, little English spoken, we were just pointed in the direction we had to go with two small children, and when they say it is on a hill it is an under statement it is near the top of a massive mountain and it is very steep.

The rooms were ok, but when we got moved to a lower floor as a result of a injury and a wheelchair was needed, the smell was disgusting as it was under the restaurant and there was also rats running about on the corridor, when they were seen by the staff they were just stamped on in front of my children to our disgust.

The meals were disgusting very little choice and nothing for the kids, there were no snacks available if you missed the set meal times it was tough. The drinks were also very poor.

Some of the staff were helpful and they did try to help especially with the injury but it didn’t compensate for the rubbish hotel and facilities. You must be brave and very mobile to go to this hotel.

2 / 10

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This was the worst hotel I’ve ever...

"This was the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at, and I’m used to the conditions of camping, so that is saying something.

Arrived in the middle of the night and the old guy on reception was very rude and unhelpful and didn’t speak much English.

We found our room (at 4 in the morning) at the top of a mountain (nickname Everest!), thanks to 2 drunken and partly clothed English lads who made more sense than the reception guy.

The room itself was okay but basic, apart from the shower being broken and live wires sticking out in the bathroom.

Being the furthest room away from the facilities, it did have a fantastic view but was a 10 minute walk from food and drink!!

Luckily I hired a car before we went, through the Internet. £70 for 6 days (with air con). Bargain. You’re best off not hiring a car from the millions of hire agents in Hersonissos or in the hotel as they are much more expensive.

The food and service was absolutely rubbish. It was the same stuff every day, for every meal! I personally think it was reheated and given to us again. It was terrible.

There was a very poor choice of drinks and very low quality ones at that. The drinks were not available after 11pm (what happened to all inclusive!!) and we were told to go to bed after the bar had shut, when we were sitting on the terrace chatting with another couple, which was extremely rude and patronising.

There was an elderly couple that paid £2000 for 2 weeks at this hotel and had very little mobility because of the mountain, and did not leave the hotel due to this. Many fellow holiday makers and ourselves were very upset by this.

Hersonissos was a very nice and pleasant place. Eating out was cheap and cheerful (which we did regularly because of hotel food) the town was lively and people very friendly.

There was a port town (Agios Nikolaos – Ed) about half an hour drive on national road past Malia (I cant recall the name) which was lovely.

Overall I would recommend Crete and Hersonissos but I would only return to the Eri Palace if they paid me a hell of a lot of money! Needless to say, avoid this hotel at all costs.

Michael and Emma

1 / 10

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Food disgraceful, inclusive bar crap,...

"Food disgraceful, inclusive bar crap, beer warm, soft drinks tasted funny, local spirits are ouzo, raki and brandy. Location up a mountainside. Staff miserable. That is all that is really worth saying about the Eri Palace, but close by was the star beach that had everything.

And Hersonissos is a fantastic place. The locals very nice and you could hire a taxi anywhere in Hersonissos for 5 euros. The norm is to hire a quad bike or scooter to get around. Lots of really good restaurants and local tavernas that were really good value. Good night out in the temple bar, beware the bars are open till 6am.

Please just stay away from Eri Palace..

1 / 10

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We arrived at the Eri Palace Hotel in...

"We arrived at the Eri Palace Hotel in the evening of 25 May only to find it was shut!!!

The tour operator (Abbey Travel, London) hadn’t bothered to pass this information on to us and therefore we were 'stranded' with two young children.

After advice we contacted Eri Beach Hotel where surprisingly our booking had been transferred to without our knowledge!

The hotel had an excellent standard of food and hygiene, however, this hotel does not cater for the English market whatsoever. The hotel is 90% German, 8% Russian and perhaps 1-2% English. All animation and entertainment is in German and therefore our enjoyment at this hotel was rather limited.

1 / 10

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