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Zante 29100, Greece
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9 / 10
Very good!

"Myself (18) and my family, age ranging from 14 to my parents age of 37 visited this hotel for the first time in July 2012. Upon arrival, at midday we were greeted by no staff or managers and were told by our rep to sit and wait for our keys to our rooms. The reception is very bright, clean and looks the part, with a large projection TV, pool table, bar and massaging chairs, along with computers and WI-FI available at 5e per hour. After waiting nearly 2 hours in a scorching hot reception, we were shown to our room, which was clean, tidy and perfect size for three of us. The shower was very small (more like a wet room) however it was clean and the water was hot!!

Accommodation -

The air conditioning was not originally set up, and is a rip-off! 200euros for 2 rooms for 14 days, my dad did not have any of it! After asking them politely and kindly, he managed to get the price down to only 50euros per room for the 2 weeks!

Staff -

The staff at the Cavo d'Oro are amazing! Very polite and Steve and Spiros entertaining us with pre-drink (cocktails) before we headed out into town.Steve is Welsh and works with Spiros seasonally here at the hotel. If you visit, have a look for a red England shirt located behind the bar, that's ours!! haha :)

Location -

The location is fantastic! Only a 15 minute transfer from Zante airport and close to a wide range of bars and restaurants. The beach is roughly 10-15 minute walk away, with a supermarket connected to the hotel, in which the owners are a family who are very polite and kind! We didn't really eat the food at the hotel, only burgers and chips for lunch in which are freshly made and HOT, at reasonable prices! The alcohol was also reasonably prices, with a pint of Mythos working out at 2.50euros.

Facilities -

The facilities within this hotel are second to none, brilliant! Although our rooms were small, the balcony was clean and overlooked the pool/reception or gardens of the hotel. The pool is fairly large, with a pool bar/restaurant and a kids pool also sectioned off from the main one. The pool is VERY clean, with staff pouring buckets of chlorine into the pool every 4 hours!!! It did hurt your eyes if you went under the water, but this was the least of my worries. The sunbeds also, (free of charge) were comfy and there were plenty to go around for guests.

Overall -

This hotel is perfect for families! As an 18 year old, I was kind of hoping there were lots of people my age., wanting to party, however this is not the case here. Young people go to Laganas, which is roughly 10 minutes in a taxi from the quiet and beautiful location of Kalamaki. There are wide range of bars and restaurants in Kalamaki, however if you're looking for a party place, head to Laganas (me and friends are going next year) to find the clubs and better nightlife. Stray dogs and cats also wonder the area, however they are no bother and are more scared than you! The hotel is very clean and tidy, no mosquitoes or bugs and definitely no rats!!! Another point - DON'T BUY EXCURSIONS WITH THE REPS - THEY RIP YOU OFF!! Located 5 minutes from the hotel is a lady who sits at a stall who offers you water park tickets (which was amazing!), booze cruise (which was also good!) for the party people and other excursions such as; shipwrecked cove and turtle island!


  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently

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7 / 10
Kalamaki, before the holiday season

"At the Cavo D,oro Hotel the room was basic but acceptable, though the bathroom was not so clean, and the shower unit had no curtain, making it impossible to keep from saturating the room when showering. The swimming pool is good and has a section well suited for toddlers and small children. The staff are friendly and helpful. The beach is just a short walk from the Hotel. Right next to the Cavo D,oro is a very good supermarket, run by a lovely greek woman and her family. Opposite the Hotel is an excellent cocktail bar run by a very friendly Englishman, who serves up some pretty yummy cocktails! Because the season had not really started, Kalamaki was very quiet, though most shops and eating places were open for business. From Kalamaki, a walk along the beach is Laganas, a small place where there are plenty of shops and eateries. This is a place that caters for young adults, and comes alive at night with night clubs and cocktail bars etc. Zante is a harbour town 6 kilometers from Kalamaki, and has plenty of shops to browse in and lots of restaurants. Buses run regularly to and from Kalamaki, Laganas and other destinations.

The best restaurant in Kalamaki that we found was Zepos, situated almost on the beach along the road from the Hotel. The food and the service was very good, and inexpensive. Second best is Hera, a family run restaurant a little way down the road from the Cavo D,oro hotel, towards the Kalamaki main street.

Kalamaki itself has plenty of good shops in which to buy beach equipment and gifts, and lots of restaurants and bars, and a good water park for the children.

All in all, Kalamaki is a very nice place to enjoy a quiet, inexpensive holiday, but be prepared to walk a lot!

  • Holiday details: May 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Enjoy the simple things in life!
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks

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10 / 10
great hotel, kalamaki is quiet but very friendly

"after reading reviews about this hotel we wondered what hell hole we had booked , but to our surprise none of our fears were founded ,the rooms where spotless and the maids came in 6 days a week plus they always had a smile , our room was in g3 room 110 on the ground floor which had the sun on the balcony from the early hours to early evening,the pool area and pool bar was kept clean by the bar staff who never sat down,the restaurant at the front of the hotel was always welcoming ,and the food was good and very reasonably priced, the big breakfast is a must,georgias over the road is also excellent and the food is tasty,if your after a 24 hour party go to laganas, but if you want a relaxing holiday stay here.

the buses run till 10 at night and taxis are very cheap no more than 10 euros in general if you want to venture further afield. if you like kebabs try the gyros pittas ,they are very tasty .

i recommend the boat trip but try the half day cruise to smugglers cove ,because the full day trip is very tiring and when you have had enough you cant get off ,the last 2 hours is mind numbing,also take lots of food and drink as it is very expensive at the on board snack bar , overall a thoroughly enjoyable very relaxing break.


  • Holiday details: May 2011, self catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: get the cats away from the ground floor rooms, mosquito nets on the doors

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7 / 10
We Love Kalamaki

"Hi, having read the reviews prior to going, we were wishing we had chosen somewhere else,but that said,first impressions were very good,nice reception/bar area,Martina was very helpful,the apartment was 224 G2 block, over looking the supermarket + sea views was ok,the room cleaned on a regular basis,only problem was, the hot water was none existant except for 1 day in 14 days,otherwise it was tepid,we did report the problem from day one,kept telling them,and then just gave up after that,I boiled a kettle for a shave,and showered in tepid water,we went for the last 2 weeks of Oct,and a lot of the bars and restaurants were closed,we used the roof top restaurant,adjoining the hotel quite a few times,especially when we had the thunder storms,as it was nice and close to the room,Ellie & Dimitri were fantastic hosts,the food was excellent,also we must mention,Angelina & Nicos from the supermarket,they sell just about everything you could need if you self cater,and probably the best fresh rolls ever? we dined out most nights,each night at a different restaurant,and would say that we found it to be quite expensive compared to back home,as the euro doesn't go very far there,average main course + dessert + a beer/wine/soft drink etc,we were a party of 3,so allow 35 to 50 euros.+ side the portions can be large so skip the starters,or you will suffer as i did,also we didn't have a bad meal all very good, we didn't hire a vehicle this trip as we found the buses good,the beach was lovely,we didn't see any turtles,but all in all we enjoyed a good holiday,very relaxing,and would go back again,but more in season,+ also back to Cavo D'oro if they sort their hot water out,as it's a 3 star hotel,and hot water should be there last impression we had was how friendly and helpful everyone is,very refreshing,so well done Zante!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Zante,is lovely,nice people,fantastic scenary,will go back again,for sure.
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10

"i really really enjoyed staying at the cavo doro...its clean the rooms are'nt too small..the only thing that is small is the showers but aslong as u can clean yourself who cares...four of us went on this holiday as couples but would be suitable for all ages. We visited alot of bars in kalamaki but soon realized ours was the best..very modern n the barman richy was amazing! best cocktails on th island :D... if your going to greece u have 2 do a boat trip around the island it was fantastic never seen anything like it gorgeous water...the only downfall we had was that we was on the boat for 10 hours so take your own food and drink the prices were high. or book with a rep at your hotel they have faster boats lol. all in all great holiday and id recommend this hotel 2 anyone, only go to greece if you like the heat. aw p.s gorgeous food :D so go self catering, didnt find a resturant we didnt like x if you want night life just get a taxi into laganas its amazing down there!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: very hot but a beautiful island :)
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
Do Not Stay Here

"We also had room G103.

Having just read "Worst Apartments ever" I would agree with just about every point made regarding the fridge, electrics, Bathroom etc. On top of that, 2 days after arriving when we asked why we had no fresh towels we were told they were changed every 3 days. They were changed the following day but on the next 3 day interval they never appeared and we had to ask for them. To top it all we had a toilet which wouldn't flush away number 2's no matter how many attempts. Luckily with the assistance of the large Sauce pan full to the brim with water we were able to provide the extra flushing power needed. If it hadn't been for this we would have complained and in hindsight I wish we had but we decided to live with it.

The pool was also very cloudy and there was no way either of us were going in it. after the second day we'd had enough and headed instead to the Antonis Pool bar about 2 minutes walk away, which was like night and day in comparison.

I think what some people forget on this and other review sites is that you are reviewing the accommodation not the resort. Kalamaki is 10 out 10, the people are amazing and friendly, atmosphere relaxing and there are numerous bars and taverna's to suit everyone. So good in fact that it more than made up for the pathetic accommodation. and that’s just what it was, pathetic.

If you accept these standards then fair enough. Frankly I think Thomas Cook should drop this accommodation as its not in keeping with the standards you expect from such a big player in the Holiday business.

By all means everyone , Holiday in Kalamaki but DO NOT stay at Cavo D'oro.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: do not stay here
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
great accomodation

"very good accomodation we were in room 203 block g5 looking over the sea.great barman a lad called richie.there was 18 of us all familys with kids. i would not put any one off from going to this hotel i would tell them to go. if people wont 5 star then pay 5 star.enjoy"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: very good

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1 / 10
worst apartments ever

"We arrived to see a beautiful reception / bar area and we were allocated our room – G103. We headed off to find it and were shocked when we saw inside. It was so tiny. You could not open the fridge door all of the way as it banged on the end of the bed. I still have bruises on my legs from banging them on the edge of the bed whilst trying to get around the room. The bathroom was tiny too – the toilet seat was touching the wall and the shower cubicle was child size. The self catering facilities were downright dangerous. The only plug that you could use in the kitchen area for the toaster/kettle meant that the cable was stretched over the sink and the electrical appliance was balanced on the edge of the draining board. The room smelt foul, a cross between a sewage works and a urinal. The maid came in every other day to clean but the smell soon returned. Our balcony was ALWAYS in the shade so any wet beach items put out in the evenings would still be damp the next day. If you left the air con on for too long – ice cube built up in it and it rattled very noisily then when you turned it off – it would constantly drip. The bar would play loud music until between 1am and 2am and you could clearly hear it in the room and then at 7am each morning we were awoken by the cleaners accessing the cleaning/linen closet which was right next door to the room. The hotel in a perfect location for both the beach and the bars & restaurants but we would never return to Cavo Doro"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Love kalamaki but hated Cavo Doro
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Fab holiday...wish i was still there :)

"Just returned from 2 weeks staying at Cavo D'oro in Kalamaki, when we first arrived (myself and friend) we were very impressed by the front bar/reception area, very modern, clean and staff friendly! Our rooms were ready straight away and we were shown to our apartment which again we were impressed with, quite small and basic (but hey it Greece) they were very clean and had everything we would need for the two weeks! The only slight down point about the aprtments were the smell from the drains but you do actually get used to this after a while. Apartment was very clean and we had maid service 6 times per week. Pool area was lovely too :)

We went to the Oceanic Chill Out bar every night (this is just opposite Cavo D'oro) - its a great place to sit and watch the world go by whilst slowly getting tipsy trying to work your way through the cocktail menu....try the Lemon Cheesecake one mmmmmmmmmm!!!

We ate at a number of different places but also ended up going back to Georgio's as the food is very very tasty and good value for money! Breakfast at The Lighthouse was a real winner too.

Wish I was still there....hope this review helps make your mind up about the Cavo D'oro, I will definatley be going back.

Have fun x

  • Holiday details: May 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Great to chill, eat and drink too much!!

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8 / 10
friendly, clean enjoyable stay

"Just back after spending the first two weeks of October at this hotel.

Staff all very friendly at reception, pool bar & front bar.

Maid service very good 6 days a week & linen changed twice weekly.

Rooms we got were next to each other as i emailed hotel to request this

& was glad to find out on arrival that they were, we were in G3 block,

which had the gardens & pool view, sun shone on our balcony most of the

day & never heard any noise either couldn't ask for better.

Room only had fridge, toaster & kettle surprised at no sink in kitchen area

and not much storage space for your clothes in living area.

Booked trips with the rep to shipwreck, waterworld & St Nickelos Beach

they were all fantastic & well worth they money.

Went to the Greek night at Antonis Apartments on the Saturday night as

the one at our hotel on the Monday night was cancelled due to not enough people

buying tickets, it was brilliant my daughters had a great time joining in

with the greek dancers.

Weather was fantastic, only couple of days rain.

Front bar staff really friendly & a good laugh (Chris & Ally).

Thanks for giving myself & my 3 daughters a brilliant holiday

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
great location

"just returned from cavo doro. trying to keep it brief, great location and resort had everything we were looking for. plenty of places to eat and drink with zeppos by far the best for the evenings and the lighthouse for breakfast was good.Only 5 mins from the beach and a supermarket right outside the accommodation. Everyone very friendly around the resort, something to be proud of. The cavo Doro was very basic and would have been difficult to have cooked anything other than beans on toast due to lack of facilities and very little room. Bathroom also basic and simple with no window or vent but powerful handheld shower and always hot water. The smell from the sewage was disgusting in G1 block but it seemed to be throughout Kalamaki at times.Staff all very friendly with Yannis in the pool bar very entertaining. The pool could have been bigger and always looked very cloudy.We booked 4 months ago as a party of 4 adults so was upset to find that we were not given rooms even in the same block. reception said there wernt 2 available rooms together at the time of booking.!!Overall, would definately stay in Kalamaki again but probs not at the cavo Doro."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: lots of choice for food and drink but not night clubs
  • Activities: zeppos was great for us
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Holidaying in Zante

"Hi there,

Just got back from a two week holiday on the greek island of Zante and it has to be said Zante is great! We went as a four person party and stayed at the Cavo D'oro Hotel in the island resort of Kalamaki which we found to be overall statisfactory to our needs. The hotel itself is in a prime location, just a short walk from both the beach and Kalamaki main road (About a five minuet walk to each). It also has tourists shops just outside the hotel and an on-site supermarket which sells everything you could possibly need from food and drink to gifts and souveniers with extremely friendly and helpful staff. Down sides to the hotel are that if you are unfortunate enough to be placed in the G1 block you get a vile stench coming from the drains and all the noise from the bar entertainment. Also to use the pool and sunlounges surrounding the pool area, which is OK but is rather small, you have to purchase food or drink from the pool bar.

Kalamaki main road is a strip which is full of restuarants, bars and shops to choose from. We found the best place to eat whilst on the island was at Mermaids restuaraunt, found about half way down the road itslef. The food there is exellent and comes in such huge portions(so don't bother with any starters)It is also in huge plates that barely fit on the tables making it utter perfection. Also the service from the staff is not to be faulted at all. Jerry is the alltime best waiter in the universe, he puts sooooooo much effort into his job and into pleasing customers. Other staff there are also extremly friendly and can't do enough for you. Mermaids also holds a fantastic Greek night every Sunday evening which is not to be missed! !!TRY THIS FANTASTIC RESTUARANT OR MISS OUT!!

Other restuarants that we tried whist there included Hera (found on the same side road as the Cavo D'oro) which is also a nice place to eat if you like a quiet meal. We also tried a meal at the YoYo's restuarant which quite frankly was not up to standard so give this restuarant a miss.

Whilst there we tried a number of bars in Kalamaki including The Shamrock irish bar which is a nice place for a quiet drink. The P 'n' P bar is also a lively place to have a drink in with a great atmospher and fantastic staff. Down Under bar is also a great bar to have a drink in and also has a good club in there to. The best bar that we tried whist there though has to be Plus Soda!(Which is next to Mermaids) ... The staff are fantastic especially Zac! The hold karaoke most nights, Quiz nights and a Toga party in the week in which if you go dressed in a 'Toga' or bedsheet to me and you you will win a free Cocktail! ... You get some funny looks walking down the main road in a bedsheet but who cares? Your on holiday! Try it!!!

You'll find that alot of people on the island hire out Quad bikes which are fantastic! We hired our Quads from Kostas Rentals which can be found next to the Cavo D'oro the staff are amazingly helpful and nice to deal with. The rental of Quads there is very cheap, cheaper that anywhere else, and if you do experience problems such as a puncture which we did they don't fuss over it and will quickly exchange it for another Quad right away! Fantastic company!!!!

If your the type of person that likes to get out and about on holiday then the local buses run on-time but not regually. You have to make sure you get to the bus stop on time or you'll miss one of the only buses passing. Buses around the area run outside the Cavo D'oro and at the taxi rank. If you prefer taking taxis to place then you can find them at the top and bottom of the main road or passing buy. All taxis on the island have set rates for different locations but make sure you agree a price before get in one.

If you like going on trips to places then I strongly suggest you DO NOT BOOK TRIPS WITH CAVO GROSSO COMPANY!!! ... When we went on a turtle trip with them they were awful! When we got picked up at the pick up point we were squashed onto a double decker coach with not seats left so we along with other people had to stand. We had been promised when booking that it would be a luxury coach wth full air conditioning but it was more like a grotty old bus which was extremley stuffy with no air con. When we arrived at the trip we had to wait for around an hour before the trip began then half way through we were dropped off and left, not knowing where we were or what to do. Eventually when we got back to the coach we were told that to get back to our resorts we had to pay a further 5 euros on top of what we had payed for the trip! THIS COMPANY IS SUCH A RIP OFF AND ANYONE BOOKING WITH THEM IS IN FOR A ROUGH TIME SO DO NOT BOOK WITH CAVO GROSSO!!!! It's a lttiel more expensive but it's worth booking with your hoiday rep at your hotel!

If you like the night life then Laganas, which is the next resort down from Kalamaki is the place to be with many night clubs to choose from. LAGANAS IS PLACE TO BE FOR A PARTY!!!

After 7pm you are not allowed on some of Znate's beaches due to the turtles that lay thier eggs on the shore. Turtles are a protected species over in Zante so if you do go on the bech past 7 you will recieve a fine for it so don't! If you do want to see the turtles book on a trip to see them at sea - they are amazing don't miss out!

If you do go out at night put on a insect repellent - the best to use is Jungle Formular and if you do happen to get bitten just aply some sudocrem on the bites as it reduces redness and help stop itching!

Not alot else to say so if you are holidaying in Zante have a great holiday and remember to avoid Cavo Grosso and try out mermaids restuarant and Plus Soda bar! and don't forget to pack Jungle formular and sudocrem! Happy Holdiays!!!!! =D

Joanna xxx

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Love Zante - Great for 18-30 year olds would defo go back! Planning next trip now!
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by forty-something

    " Favourite Restuarants:- Lighthouse for breakfast or lunch, evenings Hera, Parthenon, Mermaids. "

  • by lukewilkes94

    " Barter the staff, be friendly to them and you will get cheaper services. Don't listen to the REP - they rip you off! "

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