Melia Las Antillas

Autopista Sur, Carretera Las Morlas, Km 14, Varadero, Cuba
7  / 10
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10 / 10
A great place for a relaxing break

"My wife and I stayed at the hotel for 7 nights in January, unfortunately mostly with not good weather. The resort is a bit dated, but all in all is still good place to stay. All staff were very friendly and helpful and service was very good for Cuba. Our room 6614 was spacious and very clean, with minibar refilled every day with beers, water and drinks.

The food in my opinion is quite good and the buffet food was ok too, although nothing amazing but a week was enough. All the a la carte restaurants are fine; we adore the Italian where we went twice. Drinks ok, lovely mosquito from Roberto in lobby bar, by the pool they use plastic cups, a bit of a pain as so small. All the Canadians seemed to bring their own insulated cups and get them filled with coffee, beer or cocktails, great tip. Lots of loungers by the pool and beach and not too busy, beachfront hotel is magnificent with fabulous white soft sand where you could walk for miles.

We particularly liked all inclusive approach which gives a peace of mind when traveling with a reasonable budget. It is an excellent value for the money and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Upper floor in block 66
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
I have never left a review about a...

"I have never left a review about a holiday but after reading some of the reviews on this hotel I felt I had to as I think some people obviously just like to moan about everything!

We got married at Beaches in April 2005. The hotel was recommended by parents who had stayed there when the hotel first opened. Although the hotel could do with modernising the overall stay was fantastic and I would definitely go back.

The staff were friendly and very helpful, especially our wedding co-ordinator. She was amazing and everything we wanted she sorted.

The food was really good and the buffet had a great selection of dinners and sweets.

The beach was fabulous and the bar (huts) were great as they were not right on the beach spoiling the view (especially for our wedding pictures).

We upgraded our room and were pleased on arrival.

The gardens were well kept which helped as we got married in them before moving to the beach for more photos and our pictures are perfect.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2005, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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5 / 10
We visited Beaches Varadero in July...

"We visited Beaches Varadero in July 2005 for a friend's wedding. I expected a lot of luxury as it was supposed to be 4 star and had the Sandals name.

The resort itself was a disappointment. The rooms were basic and certainly no more than a 3 star. There was a lot of peeling paint.

The beach was OK but I have seen far better beaches elsewhere in Barbados & Mexico.

This was an all exclusive holiday including motorised watersports and diving but it was too rough to go out.

The food was pretty basic which I know you should expect from Cuba. Friday night was fantastic though with all you can eat lobster.

Drinks were all local drinks. Best food was in the steak restaurant which is where we had the wedding reception.

Make sure you take plenty of mozzie repellent. I got 16 bites in 10 mins the night I forgot it!

I didn't like Varadero at all. There is not much there other than hotels. There is a small shopping centre but that didn't have much and there is a local market which was pretty good for handicrafts.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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4 / 10
We, like most others who go to...

"We, like most others who go to Beaches/Sandals, went for our honeymoon. We chose Beaches Varadero because Cuba was a bit cheaper than the other Sandals resorts, yet looked just as fabulous in the brochure.

Unfortunately we were somewhat disappointed.

It didn't help that by the third day I had over 70 mosquito bites and hubby was burnt to a crisp despite constant factor 30 - we went in August, and it was SO hot, about 40 degrees on average, and we found it too hot to go out much during the day.

There was a massive thunderstorm almost every night which was quite nice but meant there weren't any romantic moonlit walks on the beach either!

The room was fairly average. We had paid for an upgraded 'concierge' room, but it was nothing special - there was a real problem with ants in absolutely everything, not to mention the mozzies! Air con was a saviour (but see below!), but the 'fully stocked in-room bar' was rather disappointing - 4 bottles of dodgy local spirits and a few soft drinks.

There was a main buffet restaurant where we ate most of the time, but the standard of food was average (mozzies everywhere in the restaurant). They went in for fish in a big way, and the included 'free' wine was absolutely awful! The staff were lovely though, and as helpful as possible. A couple of times there were local musicians who would play at your table which was nice.

The restaurants and bar weren't air conditioned (only areas with aircon are the gift shop and your room), so we didn't spend anywhere near as much time in the bar as we would have. The area around the pool was like a giant ashtray (fault of the Brits rather than the hotel I'm sure, but not too pleasant for non-smokers). Evening entertainment was exactly the same style cabaret as you'd get on any bucket & spade holiday.

Because of the situation in Cuba there isn't a great deal of opportunity to get out of the complex. We tried to hire a car but were told we'd have to wait several days and that it could be a bit dodgy as there's no guarantee of getting fuel, and there are laws requiring you to collect hitchhikers: we gave it a miss!

We did enjoy being away and relaxing after the stress of wedding organising, but overall were disappointed with the resort - this might have been largely due to our expectations being too high, but we assumed that all Sandals resorts were super-luxury.

At the end of our 7 nights we were so pleased that we hadn't stretched to a fortnight, and the other couples we had met who had another week to go all admitted they were jealous we were getting to go home!!!

If you do go to Cuba, you'll find the staff very helpful for the most part - partly because they are so desperate for tips. Apparently doctors earn about 40 dollars a month, so a dollar here and there goes a long way.

If you get a good deal, don't mind the heat and aren't looking for luxury then it would make a decent holiday, but if you're wanting something special then look elsewhere - sorry!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Kuoni

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8 / 10
Spectacular part of the world to...

"Spectacular part of the world to visit - loved every minute. Staff at the hotel were for the most part very helpful!

Be warned though the people of Cuba aren't as poor as some would like you to think - even the children know how to get those convertible peso's from your wallet. Havana is great for a one day visit but not much available to fill your time for any longer.

If your looking for the best beach in the world book a trip to Cayo Blanco - it is the whitest sand I've ever seen - but beware the food on CB - the thing that looks like beef - definitely isn't!

  • Holiday details: Dec 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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4 / 10
Having to book a last minute...

"Having to book a last minute replacement holiday due to our Hotel in Cancun, we settled on Beaches Varadero from The Virgin Website.

Myself and my girlfriend are easy going people who will generally get on, no matter the circumstances. I have never filed a complaint before but after 2 weeks at this hotel I am now filing my first.

Varadero is not the sort of place to go to immerse yourself in the culture of Cuba, their are very few places to go, especially walking distance. On the map given, their is app 50 hotel, 3 restaurants and 2 disco's separate from the hotels.

The hotel being advertised as a 4* fully inclusive luxury hotel was far from the mark.

The hotel is in need of a complete renovation, the grounds, although reasonably well kept have a large water feature/lake which needs a good clean.

The guttering is missing from large areas of the main build, when it rained we had a wall of water cascading down in front of our balcony.

It looks as though the gardeners are used on rainy days to do the decorating, they were there for a few days during our stay, dripping paint onto the floors, plants and furniture etc. Oh and leaving it.

Holes and cracks in the pavements and around the pool

Rotten and broken timber on bridge across pool.

Roof leaks to rear lobby, leaving tiled floor extremely slippery when wet.

Drinks at the pool and on the beach are served in low quality plastic cups ( the sort you would find in an office or sports centre for their water dispensers) These are left on the beach, by the pool and in the gardens, mainly due to them being blown off of tables etc. ( I except that for these areas plastic is better than glass, however the size and quality of the cups is poor)

The restaurants are of a poor quality, the food in the Arizona was exceptionally poor. The main restaurant where the buffet meals were served were generally ok, however after 1 week the food became a bit boring. The coffee is undrinkable ( tip, have coffee after breakfast at one of the bars )

Consider this, brussell sprouts in your salad with no sign of a tomato, lettuce only 2 times in a fortnight, tinned carrots and peas were regularly in salads

Service was generally ok, although lacking in parts

The beach bar doesn’t exist, instead you will find a shack ( a nice shack, but a shack none the less) in the bushes near the beach with 2 tables and 4 chairs if your lucky.

Their are no toilet facilities at the beach bar or on or near the beach

The beach is untidy

Shooting alley is a tin hut which is open for 1/2 an hour a day

Our room had mould on the ceiling and shower curtains also our linen always smelt musty and mouldy

Our fridge was not stocked until the 3rd day of our visit and it was not restocked on the following week at all

Coffee was not replaced regularly

Tea was available, but unless you can figure out how to make it with a coffee maker, then good luck.

The gym was outdated, towels were not always available, the clamps for holding the weights to the bars were missing.

Balcony doors were hard to open

Air conditioner leaked on too tiled floor, leaving surface slippery

Toilet worked sporadically

Ladies WC by pool had 1 wc blocked virtually throughout our stay and more often than not was devoid of loo paper.

The Cubans have created a currency for tourists called the Convertible Pesos, this is designed in my opinion to rip off the Tourist. Prices are generally set up to match western prices, well I don't mind paying a bit more as a Tourist to help the locals, however we seem to be paying 1000% more than they are.

We had a trip to Havana with lunch and evening meal, followed by the Tropicana show in the evening. This worked out at around £80.00 per person. The trip itself was ok, the food was ok, the show was ok, the price was not. I can go to the west end on a coach trip with meals and a show for the same kind of money and a much higher standard.

One women was charged £10.00 for a child T-shirt ( this is in a country where the average wage is supposed to be $15.00 a week)

Immigration control is a pain, we waited nearly 2 hours to get through immigration, and when we finally managed that we had to wait another hour for our luggage.

Sorry about the whinge, their is more, but to finish.

We went for a relaxing holiday, we got a relaxing holiday. Our issue is with the cost of the holiday coupled with the description on the web site and in the brochure. Go with an open mind, some things were being put right as we left. The staff and people are generally very nice and the weather was pretty good.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Virgin

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10 / 10
We had our wedding in this hotel and...

"We had our wedding in this hotel and it truly was a dream wedding. the staff were so friendly and the food was as good as it could be in Cuba we never went hungry.

We did tip the staff because they were fantastic and one member of staff who we gave a few dollars to each day must have seen us in our wedding outfits and the next day arrived at our table with a gift of an anklet made of sea shells for me and a key ring for my husband. For people who have nothing this really did touch my heart they are so grateful and so friendly.

I would recommend this hotel to everyone the entertainment was changed every night of our two week stay the piano bar was relaxing and enjoyable and I will go back. We also took the chance to swim with the dolphins this was an experience of a lifetime and was also very cheap. We toured Havana and through and through this really is a place to see.

The beach at the hotel is fantastic as was the whole experience there was even a man who played the saxophone each evening to let you know the restaurants were open and you were also serenaded as you ate. We will go back.

  • Holiday details: May 2004, All Inclusive, booked with Tradewinds

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8 / 10
Week of paradise

"Just returned from Beaches Varadero (22nd to 29th of November). We were truly blessed with 6 amazing days of awesome weather (just the last day blew as a cold front/tropical rain storm came through). This was a fantastic resort with some minor issues. First let me say that I am an extremely positive person by nature so you won't find any real belly aching here. With that said, this resort is more of a 4 star than a 4 and a half star.

Our arrival was flawless, filled out a short form and got our key immediately. However the front desk won't offer you the key to the room safe so ask for it up front. I didn't and had to return to get it. You must leave a 20 dollar U.S. deposit and it will be returned to you upon checkout. The front desk will also give you your beach towel coupon when you check in (you can pick up your towel at the pool side club house.).

I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the room. Quite large. I was on the second floor of the main building and I was also on the side which had the view of the construction site of the new resort being built. These construction guys work 24 hours a day, seven days a week but the noise never bothered me. The air conditioning is much louder anyway. The view of the construction site did not bother me either because I was only in the room for my afternoon nap or to sleep at night. Also I read the reviews and I never saw any ants in my room.

My fridge didn't work but I never asked them to fix it either. i'm sure they would have. The maids do a fab job of keeping the room in tip top shape so tip them or give them gifts. Everything is appreciated.

The grounds are breathtaking. This was my third trip to Cuba and these grounds were the best of all the other resorts I stayed at. Word of warning there are four or five bridges that take you to the pool/beach.

These bridges take you over the small lake which houses sharks and other fish. These bridges are kind of steep and posed some problems for some of the guests (or after too many cocktails). Don't fret, you can bypass the bridges completely by taking the trail around the lake on either side.

The pool rocks and the service is amazing. Now let me point out right here and right now that I am one of those guests that tip; and I tip well. So......I get flawless service. There are some guests who don't tip and so the staff isn't as quick to serve your every need. It's not rocket science guys, tip your waiters! I would show up at any bar and there would be people waiting for service, and I got my drinks before anyone else, then the guests would get surly and I would quickly answer "money talks, so back off".

Moving on, the beach is amazing. Clean, well kept, safe, with some of the most beautiful water animation team members ever! Cucko (that's his nickname) is the BEST! I took part in all of the beach sports and water sports (kayak, pedal boat, catamaran, banana boat, volleyball etc....) and had a lovely time. By the way, if you get the opportunity to watch Willie play volleyball, take it. He is the most beautiful creature our lord ever sculpted. Such a babe!

The resort animators are a little blasé but never rude. If you ask them for something, they will always help. Just don't expect them to try to get people to participate, they call out the events on the mike and wait for you to show up. They just don't go to your chair and ask. Some guests prefer to be left alone so you'll love that aspect of it. Hernan (the beach towel guy) and Miguel (one the animators) are the best. By the way Miguel is also super hunky which is a pleasure on the eyes.

Around the pool you can play on life size chess boards or checker boards. There is also shuffleboard, pool volleyball, water polo, pool basketball. Tons of chairs around the pool and getting one is never a problem.

There are two jacuzzis. The smaller one is secluded and surrounded by greenery and it is the better of the two. The larger one is packed with people and you know how these all inclusive trips are, right? Some people don't know how to drink liquor. So we sit in this large jacuzzi looking to relax or maybe have a little conversation with another guest and there is always a few really loud, obnoxious, unpleasant drunkards who haven't figured out that they are not alone on this planet. No biggie, you just get out of the jacuzzi and leave. That's my approach.

Now the food. I did not go to any of the restaurants that you have to reserve. Here's why, I can't be told what time to eat when I am on vacation. I'll eat when I show up. So the buffet and the snack bar were fine for me. No real massive kudos to give the food but it's all edible and there is a great variety. Try to sit in Camilo's section for supper. He is " da bomb ". He makes a great after dinner coffee (with a little something something in it).

For breakfast visit Arturo and have one of his omelettes....delish. The waffle is also recommended. The down side is the morning coffee. Like dishwater! Do yourself a favor and skip coffee at the buffet restaurant and head over to the pool side bar when it opens (10 or 11 am) and have a cuban coffee made by the gorgeous Robe (pronounced Robbie). It's the perfect jolt early in the morning.

But, by far I really enjoyed the snack bar (Arizona Ranch). You get your food hot and fresh. The burgers are the best. But the pizza is a pretty close second. You can also get pork chops, chicken, hot dogs, fries, sandwiches etc... at this snack bar.

Evening shows are hit and miss. Every second night there is a professional dance troupe that comes to the Beaches resort and perform real shows. These are must sees with great costumes, live music, singing and dancing. The nights that the dance troupe is not performing are those nights when some audience members have to volunteer to go onstage and make fools of themselves. These shows are childish and boring (mostly) but it is kind of nice to see the animation team onstage (especially Miguel). The shows start at 9:45 and last about an hour.

The hotel disco is all right for those nights you don't want to go off the resort and enjoy the real entertainment of Varadero. But when you want to go out please hit the MAMBO CLUB. The most fun you'll have in a nightclub. The cab ride from the beaches hotel to the Mambo Club is 2 dollars US. The cover charge is 10 dollars U.S. but all of your drinks are included (we love an open bar). There is a live orchestra playing latin music and they even have two professional dancers who will lead dances that you can follow if you can't dance. I would usually arrive after the show at the resort so I'm not sure what time it opens but it closes at 2am. There are tons of taxis out front at closing so it's not a problem. The Arizona ranch is open late so if you're hungry when you get back from the Mambo club you can get a bite to eat.

You can also head all around varadero by taking the double decker bus.

It costs 2 US but your bus ticket is good for the entire day. You can get off at any stop and look around and then get back on the next bus with your ticket. Buses come around every hour and five minutes. No one will bother you, it's very safe.

Check out is at 1pm. My bus to the airport was at 7pm so I opted for late check out. You can go this route if rooms are available.

Thankfully there were. It costs 35 US for late check out but it's nice to have a room to shower or nap on the last day before the loooooong trip home.

I think that's everything. I invite you all to try the Beaches Varadero. It's great and I will return.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2003

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8 / 10
Wedding Trip Nov, 2003

"We just returned from a week at Beaches Varadero. We are untanned, English speaking Newfoundlanders who have never been on a Caribbean trip before. It was not the totally relaxing and hassle free trip we expected but it was most amazing. Here are a few tips on trip highlights, what to bring and advice.Highlights: Havana day trip for $67USD (interesting but request a good bus), Raulito and Ameli at the Arizona bar (great people), grounds at Beaches (impeccable), Scooters (great fun and great deal), omelettes and burgers (best food at Beaches), Arizona Restaurant (best overall food), safety (never a worry) and of course sun and beach.Bring: Large insulated mug for beer/drinks (small glasses at bar), long pants (for a-la-carte restaurants), magazines and Canadiana (hats, t-shirts, pins, etc for gifts to staff), 30 SPF (if you are green like me), $25USD (departure tax) and tip money (bar, wait and maid staff).Advice: Read other reviews before you go (very worthwhile), clear credit card for foreign travel (we forgot and paid $20USD to call bank), Beaches has only European 220 VAC electricity, you have to tip to poop at the airport, double-decker bus is usually full and only passes 1/hr, most food at Beaches is only "passable" but certainly edible and finally the front desk staff are somewhat indignant.Otherwise, enjoy. We did."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2003

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6 / 10
Honeymoon couple hit cuba

"(Visit 15-29th October 2003)Arrival: On arriving at the hotel we, along with the other 8 people on our coach, were met immediately by the staff, where we were offered sparkling wine. Some very swift form filling (2 mins), and our rooms were allocated. Everyone was upgraded without charge, due to availability. Our luggage was taken up for us and, from arrival at the hotel; we were in the room within 20 minutes.Arrival Advice: Ask on checking in for the key to the safe, and pay the $20 deposit, which you will get back when you leave.Rooms (4th floor, main building): A pleasant, spacious, if a little poorly maintained, with excellent views over the gardens and sea. Inviting balcony and large, comfortable bed.The room suited our needs and had all the necessary items, including cable TV, fridge, hairdryer, ample storage etc. A 'towel swan' sat on the bed, which raised an 'aaah'.Room Advice: If you are able to secure the 4th or 5th Floor of the main building, you will have the benefit of the 'Concierge Service' which allows you access to the concierge lounge on the 5th floor, a dedicated PC for e-mailing home, continental breakfast, rather than using the restaurant, queue jumping for booking at the A la carte restaurants and other benefits etc.Room Advice: You should note that, to the immediate right of Beaches, a new hotel is under construction. If you want views without large cranes ensure you are not allocated on the far left wing of the main building (who's baloney give a grand view of the work.) To be fair, you will not be disturbed by the sound though. The air conditioning hums louder than the noise from the workers on the adjacent site!Room Advice: Take ant powder. Even on the 4th floor these tiny little creatures found there way in. Despite having some material to plug the gaps in the double glazed door to the balcony, they just kept getting in. After the first week watching the few brave souls that made it as far as the bathroom held a certain entertainment value. Leave food or sweet drinks out at your peril!Staff/customer service: As this was our honeymoon, as noted clearly on our hotel ticket, we were assured a special meal, champagne, just married t-shirts etc, however after 3 days nothing had turned up. On enquiring we were promised it would be rectified. Sadly, 2 more visits to the front desk, 1 visit to the public relations desk and 2 visits to the Concierge lounge did little to sort the matter out. The day before we left profuse apologies were thrown around like....confetti...overall disappointing, given the effort from all the other staff, but a few t-shirts and meal are not what makes a honeymoon.The bar staff, waiters, gardeners and beach guards were all very courteous, friendly and eager to serve or offer assistance. Do not be put off by the front desk and its failure to co-ordinate one element of our trip. It must be said though; the front desk is the least helpful area of Beaches, as most people noted when we travelled back to the airport for our return flight.Staff advice: Tip, for sure, but do not litter your money around. A well-placed tip to a few of the more alert waiters and barmen will ensure you receive prompt service. Tip as if it is going out of fashion and it becomes so expected as to not warrant you any special attention.Food: If you read anything into what others have said about the food at Beaches, it will no doubt be that it comes down to personal expectations. If you have a low level of expectation you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised with the variety, taste and environment. If, like us and most of those we spoke to on our flight, you have average expectations, you will be a little disappointed that the food is hardly ever hot, and that you can expect to spend a few days popping to and from the nearest toilet during your stay. (Of the total of 10 people on our coach at Beaches including ourselves, 6 had suspect stomach-aches and general fluid movement for at least 2 days of their stay. If food is your thing, or you have a delicate stomach, pick a hotel that has guests singing from the rooftops about the food, not Beaches.)The A la Carte restaurants have a pleasant environment, and the service was superb. They simply could not do enough for you. As I mentioned before, our food expectations are only average, but sadly the food was no better than the main restaurant. I am quite easily pleased really, but lasagne with only layers of pasta and cheese sauce, without so much as a sniff of actual meat, left me wondering if the chef had been sampling a little too much of the free drinks on offer! On returning twice more the quality of food did not improve. If you could eat quality of service however I would have been a well-fed man!Food advice: At Reflections if you want hot food, go with omelette for breakfast, the pasta station at lunch and, well, just keep your fingers crossed for dinner. To stand any change of getting hot food from under the serving trays, pick from the back at the bottom, or wait until the kitchen staff top up the trays.Amenities: A pleasant pool, with ample room to sunbathe, although given the amount of pretty palm trees you may find - like we did - the sea breeze is almost zero. The beach, which is clean, attended upon by a few security guards, offers a nice breeze, so you can feel cool whilst soaking up the rays. The bar just set back from the beach offers plenty of liquid refreshment. There are other distractions noted in the travel brochures such as 2 pool tables, shuffleboard, a shooting range, water sports etc, all worth doing and all well maintained.Overall: If this were not a honeymoon but just a general holiday, I would have rated it as 4 stars, with only the food causing it lose the perfect feeling."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2003

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2 / 10
The food was awful

"I have one word of advice for prospective travellers to Cuba: Do not go to Beaches. The food is atrocious, and it is not a "Cuba" thing as I have stayed at various resorts in Cuba. The 3* star sol club cayo guillermo has much better food and service than the 4 plus Beaches.

Breezes is also a much better choice. Beaches food is inedible so we had to eat out our last three days there; the service is also terrible - front desk staff do not try to help their guests at all. The seafood selection was terrible and the a la cartes are not worth going to - we ripped up our reservations after the first two nights (the restaurants were not even close to being full - strange!) The beach is nice but it is wider and prettier closer to Breezes. Overall the place is not worth the money.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2003

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10 / 10
Beaches Was Awesome - october 4 - 11, 2003

"We got checked in with no problems. The room was amazing. Here's something that'll make you stay a little nicer: get two room keys/passes. The only way the electricity works in the room is if you slide your key into a mechanism at the front of your room (including the air conditioning). so, with two keys (ask for it, as they only assign one), you can leave your room, and be air conditioning it at the same time... this was great.


the food was okay some days, great other days.

we did deep sea fishing: you are out for six hours, and for lunch (and $20 each person), the host of your mini yacht will dive down in coral and pluck lobsters right out of the ocean, and cook it onboard for you.

the pool at the hotel was fabulous. there was topless tanning, as well as on the beach. but who cares? they are on vacation and can let loose i suppose. it was decent.

the staff everywhere were so nice. we befriended a few people.

as for the dining staff, the service is a heck of a lot quicker if you tip them. my husband and i reserved $50 at the beginning of the trip, and left $2 at breakfast, $2 at lunch, $2 at dinner. these people only make $45 a month, and there main source of income is the tipping.

for those sweetner lovers (like me), BRING SWEETNER. there isn't any.

at all.

the weather was hot hot hot. drink lots of water.

the buses are frequent and clean. don't take the trainy thing to town at the markets. they take forever and hurt your behind. hard to walk around once you arrive.

take the bus to calle 44 (44th street), which is where the free markets start. they are amazing. the quality is extremely good. all handmade, AND INEXPENSIVE.

well, the voltage is 220V. yes, i am one of those idiots who didn't think it was a big deal. i melted my curling iron. what was i thinking?

the answer is i wasn't thinking.

GET THE ROOM SAFE KEY AT THE FRONT DESK. For a $20 deposit, it's well worth it. You will get the $20 back once you return the key.

Well, all in all, it was a great trip. Met some amazing people, who we will be keeping in touch with.

Happy travels.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2003

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