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6 / 10
food dire

"Just got back from a week at this hotel rooms nice and clean, staff very helpful,but had to queue everynight to get served more bar staff required and the chefs need to go on a course on how not to serve very very bland food and a poor selection aswell won,t be returning to this hotel."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: more bar staff and more choice of food

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8 / 10
lovely holiday

"We have just returned from a one week holiday at this hotel and I have to say I was dreading going after reading a lot of poor reviews. All I can say is I'm not sure what these people were expecting for 3*. Rooms were very clean and roomy enough. Towels seemed to be changed every other day and beds once in the week we were there. we had a family room which had a double bed and bunk beds. we had a TV with a few english channels. The air conditioning was briliant and we had ceiling fan too. We had a bath and over bath shower which was powerful enough and hot. We had a fair size balcony although it was at the back of the hotel so we had little sun on it although there was a nice view of the mountain. The food was lovely, some nights were better than others but there was alot of choice and plenty of it. The restaraunt staff are extremely efficient and have tables cleared in no time. The pool was beautiful, I have to say there is a lovely toddler pool but it's under trees so while it will shade your little ones from the hot sun it's also FREEZING!!!

Outside there is a lovely pool bar which normally only staffed by one person but they are speedy so a queue rairly formed but when it did it dispersed quickly. There are 2 outside food places a pizzeria which obviously has pizza but also pasta and a small bar too, the other hut had cheese and ham toasties, hot dogs, burgers, chips and salad. If you are all inclusive this is all included as well as popcorn, ice cream slush puppies etc.

There is a free bus frequently through the day which will take you to Palma Nova, where there is a lovely beach.

The entertainment team were good, there was a mini disco for the kids then the usual bingo followed by some sort of act.

Lots of activities run through the day including archery, pistol shooting, water aerobics.

Unfortunatley there are a few negatives but they are bearable, firstly like the pool bar the main bar only has 2 staff one serving and one glass collecting, one night the queue was 30+ deep!!! Not good but you can get 3 drinks per person at once which was what we did, that or get your drink from the pool bar and take it inside (pool bar staff are ultra efficient.)

There are 3 lifts in the hotel and they are SLOW and tiny, they say they hold 6.....that's if you have no luggage or anything at all in your hands. in one week I succesfully got the lift twice the rest I took the stairs, for a large hotel it is a bit of a joke.

Last niggle (and I am being very picky) was that you could only get tea and coffee in the restaraunt in the morning, it's a self serve machine but it's disconnected for lunch and supper. Silly niggle but some do like a tea or coffee after a meal (like me for instance) We did ask why it was disconnected at these times and we were told the Spanish don't take tea or coffee after meals only at breakfast. All of that said it was available all day from 10am-11pm at the main and pool bar, like I said I'm just being picky. Nobody seemed to queue but I thinks it's a British thing to wait patiently rather then push in. I would go back and I would reccommend it to a family on a budget.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Hotel is brilliant for families

"Just got back from an absolute fantastic 2 weeks, all inc in this hotel. Everything is done on a weeks rota, however the food is plentyful, unlike other comments the variety means you could have 2 different meals from the same menu. Staff work really hard and turn tables round quickly any spilages sorted out immediatly noticed. Drinks are local beer and cheap local spirits but they are quite drinkable. The pool attendant isnt always on the ball stopping kids pushing other kids in, however we had no problems even when the pool was full. Bedrooms / bathrooms towels and beds sorted daily.

Entertainment is ok and "Chocolateee" does extremly well in speaking 5 languages so all nationalities can take part. Kids clubs and activities are quite good most young kids really seemed to enjoy the kids club. The bus provided to palmanova is brill and free well worth the effort. there is a local bus service ( No. 46 ) stops outside the hotel and is circular route into palma only 1.25 euro per person. I would certainly HIGHLY recommend this hotel for all inc for families. Only small problem is the lifts which can only take about 5 people and there is only 3 lifts. You can spend 5 minutes at busy times trying to get in one but hey that is not a major issue.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: use the 89? steps to go into the town, it is quite big and has a beech

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1 / 10
Bad end to our holiday

"I can only comment on the food as we were sent here when our flight was delayed for nearly 8 hours. If I had had the misfortune to have booked this for a holiday I would have paid to dine elsewhere every night. The food was abysmal. "Beef Ragout" mmmm, sounds delicious? Hmm, well the beef looked and tasted like the canned beef stew I remember from years ago. I could only stomach a mouthful. There was also Spaghetti with what seemed like Carbonara sauce. The spag was so overcooked it slipped and slid off the fork. The sauce was as thin as water and the whole dish was completely lacking in taste or flavour. There were some kind of grey burgers which I didn't care to sample. The wine they served from the pool bar had a froth on the top like you get on beer. It had very little taste and was very weak. I was so grateful when the bus arrived to take us back to the airport at midnight. If you enjoy your food, my advice is to give the Belvedere a wide berth."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, emergency accommodation, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Eat out

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4 / 10
Food awful & mattress so unconfortable, won't be going back!!!

"We stayed 18-25 June 11 & the food is the worst ever i've had in an all inclusive 3* resort. Found hair on 4 occassions in my food (noticed it as serving it onto my plate), they replace new food into food warmer servers & then stir in the leftovers of old dish, this happened on many occassions with egg, rice, fish & chicken dishes!!! Restaurant serveries set up totally wrong & you get guests pushing infront of you to get soup & sauces. Your best bet is to go down as soon as restaurant opens then you know food is hot & fresh, otherwise by the time you get back to your table its stone cold. If you like carbs this hotel is for you, every meal there was pasta, spaghetti, rice, chips, very rearly they did veg without sauces & all mushed together & you could ring the water out of the carrots we had 1 night, it was obvioulsy frozen not fresh. Roast Butt was served 1 night, no idea what animal that is from. Pizzeria was awful, very sloppy & greasy you needed cutlery to eat it with. The mattress in our room was so uncomfortable & i could feel every spring (even my husband who could sleep on the floor said he got hip pain from the beds), we had 3 different mattresses sent to our room & all were the same & only option (after 3 days of going to reception & being told new mattress tomorrow, come back tomorrow), was to put blankets under sheets (oh & sheets were never changed the whole week we were there, because i had the same hole in the same place all week long). Another guest later told me that her mattress had like memory foam on it & i could've killed the receptionists for not sorting a better mattress out, we were on 1st floor & they were further up, so perhaps top floors have better mattresses. The aircon in our room was useless & yes we did have the patio door closed (which you have to do to get aircon to work), the ceiling fan did a better job at keeping us cool at night & only worked on the 1 high speed setting. The shower curtain rail always fell down as soon as the walls were wet with condensation & actually fell onto my wrist leaving a bruise 1 evening. The sunbeds we had to reserve i'm affraid to say as by just before lunch they were all taken. Some guests i have to say have no manners, i was queuing for the lifts & couldn't get in 1st lift as 2 guests already in it & i couldn't get me & my son in his pushchair in it too, so waited for next lift & this large woman pushed infront of me & straight in. So i told her excuse me there's is a queue & pushed infront of her & you have to push pushchairs across in lift so u can get in too & i unfortunately it went right into her stomach & again on getting out. Unfortunately you hav to be tough like this or you get walked all over. The entertainment was rubbish & didn't make any sense & that was not because of a language barrier & some of it was a bit close to the edge if u had kids. The pools were great though for the kids & my 10 & 3yr old spent all day in the jacuzzi pools & kiddie pool (although please be careful don't let any water get in your mouth, lots of babies/toddlers never wore swim nappies) & the entertainments team put inflatables in the kiddie pool for the kids to play with although it was hard to tell what belonged to someone because they were the same inflatables that you could buy from the shop onsite & the pool area was washed down every morning. The massages on site were good too i had a full body massage at €35 (definately required after sleeping on the mattresses), although i dare not ask what the "other massages" offered on the price list were! The bus to palma nova was a laugh too, you think you're the only few queuing but as soon as the bus turns up other guests appear from nowhere & push in, although we never had to wait for the next bus as full. Oh & beware if you have the delicious blue slush puppies it turns your poo green, & can be quite shocking for kids. We did complain whilst there so hopefully the problems i have mentioned will hav been sorted before any future guests reading this go. But sorry we won't be going back!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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7 / 10
Just what we wanted.

"Just back from a weeks break, and had a great time.

The negatives first, as mentioned in other reviews the entertainment is not great (is it ever though?) and there are quite a few staff that would/could not smile, but in a place that busy, would you?

There was the usual cultural differences of people being rude or pushing in etc, but ive seen much worse on previous holidays. To be honest, the most annoying people were the british families with screaming children, but they were the minority.

The food was the usual self service standard, but i did not go hungry on any day, and overall the quality was quite good, for a hotel buffet.

The pool was superb, by far the best of any hotel ive stayed in, my only gripe was that it seemed like everyone smoked, so there was no-where to hide from that.

The hotel was very clean and if there were problems with the room temperature before, there arent anymore. Every night we only needed the ceiling fan on the lowest speed to circilate some air, and the room stayed cool and fresh, although we were only on the 4th floor if that makes a difference.

There is not much to do in the local area, but we knew that in advance. The bus to Palma stops just outside the hotel and is regular and reliable, the more adventurous can actually walk to Palma along the marina, we did it once, but be warned it is a fair trek although pleasant enough.

I personally do not go to a hotel to be entertained for a week, but treat it as somewhere to eat, sleep and chill between daily activities, and this place was a superb "basecamp" in may opinion.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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10 / 10

"2 adults 2 kids

Just got back. What more could you ask for?

Entertainment is great for kids and good for adults.

plenty to do even more to eat and drink.

we will definitely be going back.

Book it!

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: hire a car

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6 / 10
an experience

"returned yesterday,weather great,food very repetitive but plentiful,thank goodness for free bus into palma nova.had bad experince with kids club,signed my kids in for an hour,went for a shower came downstairs fifteen minutes later to find my kids left unattended!!mini disco for kids half an hour a night,room very clean although bathroom window wouldnt open.beds made every day.queuing for meals only adhered to by british,,,"

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: hire car

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10 / 10

"it is realy good and i would recomend it to anyone very clean good activities good entertainment. local shops large pool jacuzzi and just amazing!

parrot show, tribute to michel jackson :)

best to go allinclusive!

rooms are large and spacious and drinks machines at the end of each floor x :)

FREE bus into palma nova every hour

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: A m a z i n g
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10

"My son and i spent one week all inclusive at the hotel belvedere in april 2010. the rooms were basic but clean, great view of the fire exit and car park. asked for a pool view, i guess if my son held on to my legs i could have dangled far enough off the balcony to catch a glimpse. stayed over the car park next to a villa with dog baring trhough the night and lots of noisy tooing and froing through the night. food ample, lots of salad and choice. although pepe guarded the restaurant with an attitude close to prison guard. My son is autistic and needed to eat in peace away from noise, one polite waiter gave his permission to leave the feeding trough (i mean restaraunt) whilst pepe hunted us down and made a huge scene, we were made to take our cereals and drinks up to our room on the 7th floor, and told to bring the plates down afterwards. It felt like getting 20 kilos of cocaine trhough customs. humiliated we spent the rest of the holiday terrified of pepes wrath, and all in all was a little dissappointed at the grumpy and morose attitude of the staff. anyway, only a week, home and wiser now. Happy holiday and beware....p p pepe has a p p people p p problem!"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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10 / 10

"i went to hotel belvidere in 2009,i went with my dad mum and my big sister i thought the entertaiment was good and the entertainment staff annalisa,fernando, david and junior were superb. so good were going back in 2010 so watch out the only down side was the scouse git daz was annoying (not realy) so hes following us back in 2010 my opinion i would go,

hope this reveiw helps you.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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8 / 10
Belvedere is O.K.

"On a tight budget this year we found the Belvedere was excellent value for the money we paid. Not the biggest choice of food but the quality was very good.Staff were very pleasant and helpful. Public transport into Palma was very cheap buses every 5mins or so but watch out for pickpockets when the bus is crowded and its standing room only. I was lucky I felt his hand in my pocket before he could get my wallet out. Entertainment wasn't that good but who cares you're on holiday.Would recommend it if you're not too fussy."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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  • by donna1811

    " If you like designer, you'll love Palma "

  • by NotJustASheep

    " Make use of the regular bus service to Palma (no 46 - 1.25 Euro's per person in 2011), or the free bus to Palma Nova and... "

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