Bodrum Holiday Resort & Spa

Icmeler Koyu Kizil Agac Mevki Bodrum Merkez, Bodrum 48400, Turkey
6.5  / 10
Average rating (106 reviews)
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9 / 10
After reading various reviews of this...

"After reading various reviews of this hotel on various websites I'm wondering if it was the same hotel I went to.

The accommodation we had was one the apartments at the top end of the site. The bedroom was of a high standard with modern built in wardrobes, a very comfortable bed and a dressing table. The air conditioning was a blessing as the temperature reached over 30 deg C every day for the fortnight. Also every bedroom had a free safe.

The living area was bit more outdated but every thing was clean and tidy. Only 2 English TV channels, BBC World and Euro News but who goes on holiday to watch TV. The fridge does contain 4 complementary bottles of water when you arrive but we just refilled the bottles from the dispensers in the bars and restaurants.

There were separate rooms for the shower and toilet, the shower was a bit on the small side but otherwise no complaints.

You did have to walk a steep hill to get to the apartment from the main pool and restaurant but as has already been mentioned you could use the lift in the lobby if you really wanted. Personally I was glad of the exercise! With all the swimming as well this was the first time I lost weight on holiday!

And that’s not because I didn't eat and drink a lot because I did. The food was excellent, plenty of choice with a wide range of meat and vegetable dishes, a fish option, barbecued food and more bread and salad varieties then you could shake a stick out. Desserts perhaps weren't so good but then I've never found decent desserts at any foreign hotel I've been to. At breakfast the chefs cooked omlettes, fried eggs and pancakes outside. Very nice they were too. And my wife developed a crush on the 'Omlette Man' as he became known!

All the staff we encountered were friendly and helpful. From the lad who handed out the beach towels to the hotel receptionists I couldn't say a bad word about any of them.

A special shout out has to go to the two lads in the pool bar. It’s quite amusing to hear a Turkish guy greet you with "Albright mate" in an attempt at a Cockney accent!

I must praise the Animation team as well. Personally we don't go in for the pool games and at other resorts I've been to you begin to dread the Animation team coming round and pestering you. Here they asked you, might have a quick chat with you but then if you said 'no' they just walked away with pushing the matter. All again were very friendly and just helped to create a positive image. We did see a couple of the evening shows they did in the amphitheatre and they were great entertainment. They really do work incredibly hard.

Plus if anyone knows what the song is they do the dance to at the end of the show (and after the 12pm pool game) please let me know, I can't find it anywhere on the Internet.

The main pool could get a bit crowded but if you prefer to get away from the noise, the sea front was always quiet and a lot cooler. The top pool also always had loungers free whenever we went to it.

Its true the hotel is a little isolated but the Dolmus' (mini buses) are so cheap and frequent its not a problem getting into Bodrum town

The one thing that did perhaps slightly spoil the holiday was the behaviour of some of the guests. And not just the Germans, British as well. We did encounter some pushing in at the restaurant and when waiting to be served at the bar. And a complete lack of thank you's or danke's when letting someone through a door. One particular German lad decided he had to get the last few chips remaining by pushing in front of me and scooping every last one up with his hands. I was very tempted to take a couple of chips off his plate and shove them up his nose.

We also had the misfortune to watch the England - Paraguay game on a big screen in one of the meeting rooms in the main building. It really does make you feel embarrassed to be English sometimes when you see yobbish behaviour in a foreign country, and not just from young lads, men in their 40's and 50's.

However that didn't spoil what was a fantastic holiday. We will definitely go back some time in the future.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
We visited this hotel last year and...

"We visited this hotel last year and had a great time. We had rooms in the hotel side and therefore asked for these again this year. Thomas Cook assured us we would get these when we booked them, however after a 6 hour delay at Gatwick we arrived at the hotel at 3 in the morning to be allocated rooms in the old block.

These rooms are by no stretch of the imagination 4 star. We complained to the Thomas cook rep and were told that Thomas Cook don’t have any rooms in the new block. Well why did they take our booking then?!

Having said that the hotel is great. The staff are extremely friendly especially the bar staff at the pool bar. The entertainment all day is very good, although sometimes not brilliant at night times, but it's very cheap to go into the town if you want to.

We met up with a number of other families that came to this hotel last year so I think that gives it a good recommendation.

  • Holiday details: May 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
Went to Belizia in June 2005 and wow...

"Went to Belizia in June 2005 and wow what a holiday. We arrived at 2am checked in and got bell boy service to our room, woke up and wow what a view!

Our party consisted of 2 adults and 3 children aged 4,8 and 12 and they loved it so much they didn’t want to come home.

The staff are absolutely fantastic and the resort is spotlessly clean.

We did struggle in the main restaurant because it is mainly Turkish food I think? However there is other restaurants to choose from therefore there is something for everyone’s taste even families with little ones.

The night life is very low key however I think the have a bar in the amphitheatre now (if anyone knows please tell). Overall a first class luxurious holiday in fact we’ve just booked again last week and were returning the last week in July.

Tip of the day don’t walk up and down suicide hill go into reception and walk all the way to the back of the hotel and there is a lift which will take you from the reception area to the main buffet restaurant.

P.s. Dave and Kate if your reading this get in touch as we lost your address Gav and Lisa Newcastle.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
Mmm well from last review on this...

"Mmm well from last review on this hotel I guess the lady didn’t like it! We had a great holiday staff couldn’t do enough for you.

Yes I agree food was cold sometimes it was a big hotel and they are adding an extension to the dining room to cater for more people I just think this was teething problems at beginning of the season. It would have been a good idea for the hotel to put a microwave in the dinning area but there you go! If what was not served to you was of you liking you could go to other areas for burger chips pizzas etc also they had a good salad bar and dessert table.

There was plenty to do at this hotel mind getting to the areas where they were doing archery etc was other end of complex you had to be fit! The animation team was there to make you have a great time.

We made friends with some people and their kids we hardly saw them. Either with animation team swimming playing footie or even fishing!

I did thoroughly enjoy this hotel the rooms was very spacious clean and the beds I didn’t want to get out of was so comfy we wasn’t getting in till 3 every morning there was a disco till 2 am and always could have a drink in reception after, But there again we to old for discos the bar and the company we met made out holiday to! When you go abroad there will be things we don’t like this isn’t the UK this is a foreign country so just enjoy.

We went to Turgetreiues market which was brill i have stayed in this resort before and that resort I will give 10 out 10 for. Mind saying that the food in that hotel was luke warm to but did have micro waves.

Turkish people don’t eat their food too hot! Well all in all it was a great holiday and thanks to Gill Stee Mathew Carol Rhys Jackie Jean and Joan they made it more brilliant what a load nutters!

Just I don’t think I will go back to Belizia reason being too many steps and I aint getting any younger. If I knew they would put me in main building I definitely would return though so would be a good idea if you are deciding to go here ask for main building accommodation.

Just one last note, don’t ever let any reviews you see put you off they have done this to me over the years and when I did try out the hotels I found I really enjoyed. Everyone has different tastes.

  • Holiday details: May 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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6 / 10
Well, having read the reviews before...

"Well, having read the reviews before we went, I had some reservations as the choice of Belizia was made more by Thomas Cook than by ourselves. Our first choice had building works and we were "upgraded" to the Belizia, some upgrade!

In fairness, the room was lovely, we were in the main hotel and had a massive room with a sea view. (Most of my rating comes from the hotel room!)

We discovered that because it was the first week of the season, there were some teething problems, and mostly it appears that these issues have been raised before, i.e. Food not hot, fighting for tables, battling with German guests not to get pushed out of a queue.

Be warned, if you take up the offer of a "free" Turkish Bath then its not the whole Hamam style bath that you read about. My husband went and booked the "free" Turkish bath and at the end he was scrubbed and then massaged. An hour later a man came to find him by the pool and told him he owed 105 Turkish lira for the scrubbing and massage. When I raised this with Guest Relations, I was told our rep should have informed us of this. When raised with our rep, Rebecca (she must be worn out by now), the bill was cancelled and they are going to ensure everyone else is aware that you only get the sauna and the "rinse" not a proper Turkish bath by any means.

The mini bar in your room contains 4 bottles of water which are provided by the hotel, after that if you require bottled water in your mini bar then you have to pay for it. Odd really when you're supposed to be All Inclusive! Also be aware for any imported drinks - the cost of 3 Baileys drinks was 45 Turkish lira which equates to about £25!!! Definitely not cheap but the only alternatives were vodka, gin or lager.

Having spoken to other people that were on our flight and who were AI at other resorts, mostly they could drink imported/local drinks 24/7.

With hindsight, if it hadn't been for Lou & Mike (great couple from our home town!!) the holiday wouldn't have been great. Was definitely suited for children, although having "good morning" sung to us through speakers at 10am every day, or have the animation team run screaming round the pool with the activity for the hour.

The trip to Turgetreis market was fantastic experience and well worth haggling with the locals for a good price, picked up some genuine fake Diesel t-shirts and 4 genuine fake Gucci handbags for the bargain price of £2 each.

The rep on our return coach said that for a couple our age, (mid 30s) we would have been better in Gumbet which had more going on and the hotels are closer to the town. However the dolmus into Bodrum was only 1.50 Turkish lira and literally picks up right outside the hotel.

Let’s hope that the hotel improves as the season moves on, definitely wouldn’t go AI again at this hotel!

  • Holiday details: May 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
I went here with my family and it was...

"I went here with my family and it was our first holiday abroad. When my parents decided on the destination, I looked at the holiday brochure and was dreading going!

However, when we got there, it was amazing! The hotel was huge, with three swimming pools and its own private beach. Our apartment was on top of the hill right next to the top pool, and although it was a bit of a hike, it was worth it.

The apartment was fantastic and every member of staff said 'hello' to us and went of their way to be polite and friendly. The food was great and the restaurant was very spacious and lovely. Despite some of these reviews saying the food was cold, I never experienced that.

The staff made us feel extremely welcome and catered for our every need. The animation staff always made sure the kids were having fun, and with a sauna, gym, Turkish bath, three pools, restaurant, games room, amphitheatre, and beach, there was no time for children or adults to be bored.

The Bodrum market was fantastic, and the hotel isn't as isolated as it has been made out to be. For any ages, I would definitely recommend coming here, it was perfect. If we can afford to go another holiday again, we will definitely stay in this hotel, it was truly amazing.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
Good holiday! Good food nice staff...

"Good holiday! Good food nice staff but...

The resort is miles out of Bodrum in the middle of no where.

Good games room oh and Bodrum airport is rubbish.

Put it this way you need a new mortgage to eat there and tiny and there is loads of ignorant Germans they think they own the place we got them back though at footie overall a good visit.

Also don’t let the Germans ruin your holiday!!!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
The hotel was great, nice local food,...

"The hotel was great, nice local food, very friendly staff and as we were in early October sun loungers a-hoy!

Food was served indoors with a wide range of Turkish warm food, fresh salads, breads, yoghurts and desserts and also outdoors on the barbeque.

There were also two restaurants, the Italian, which to be honest wasn’t that good (no lasagne for one thing); the Turkish, which was really good, nice food freshly cooked on the barbeque, great waiters.

Burgers, pizza and so on were also served in the mid afternoon. Though we didn’t realise this until the end of our stay.

We had no problem with drinks either - frequently ordering 6 drinks at a time, and had no problem taking them to the rooms.

The hotel was out on it's own, away from Bodrum, however there was a mini-bus (Dolmus) to the town centre that came outside the hotel every few minutes for 19 hours of the day and cost around 60p per person.

Bad points of the hotel were the Mexican restaurant not being open during our stay and the hills, which weren’t much of a concern to most of our party, but the 80 year old grandmother wasn’t keen! I can't imagine it’d be suitable for people wheelchair bound either.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
Reading the comments I have read on...

"Reading the comments I have read on here I can't believe I have been to the same place as some of these people!

It was the best holiday ever! And I would definitely go again! 2 weeks in Club Belizia and I still wanted to stay for more!

The accommodation was fantastic, we had been 4 years previous to Club Belizia and had such a good time that time we returned this time. We thought we had walked into the wrong room, there were 4 of us and 6 beds and a sofa bed!! All very nice, air con in every room and TV. But to be honest to me TV is not important when you are on holiday, had it been a boring place it would have mattered! But it wasn’t!

The choice of where to drink was wide. There is a bar right by the pool, where in the day you can get drinks and return to the sunbed or sit at the bar(which i enjoyed!) or in the evenings you can sit at the bar or sit round tables around the pool. Then just up the steps there is the moonlight bar, which has Loads of seating, including comfy sofas!

There are two bars up there so when it gets busy you don’t have to wait too long. There’s the lobby bar which is at reception and there are lots of very comfy seating and that bar is open until 2 or 3 am I think. and then at the amphitheatre if you go to watch the evening entertainment or the kids disco. Oh and another one in the day by the aquapark! So you can never get thirsty.

The food, well breakfast from 7:30-10:30 there was a very wide range from fried eggs to cereal you can even toast your own bread. Lunch 12:20-2:30 (I think!) thats in the main restaurant but me and my friends I met there found there are two snack bars from 12-4 serving burgers, chips etc. and the snack bars are great places to sit at. And there you get waited on instead of getting your own. Dinner 7:30-10? dunno! but hot and cold food.

I can’t say I had cold food. as in not cooked. there is something for everyone and after all you are on holiday your not going to get the same as home! if you want English food stay at home! They serve ice creams from 11-5!! and you can have as many as you like! oh and there is even afternoon tea and biscuits at 4!!! a luxury for most! as if you need any more food! :P

As for the people, they were all SOOO friendly, I know some people might not like that! but people saying they were slow or not friendly is ridiculous! The barmen were very entertaining! Always making you laugh! They are all interested in you(everyone!) most speak good English. I enjoyed sitting at the bar the most!:) You got to know them it was fun.

The animation team were brilliant always doing stuff. kids club was on pretty much all day and then the mini disco at night. definitely plenty for kids to do! and in the day there is waterpolo, volleyball, darts etc. if you want to join in you can , no restrictions!

They have a great games room, with table tennis, table football, Pool, TV and cards and a fantastic spa most of which is free, even their own hairdresser(obviously you have to pay for)

The disco was from 12-3 great for teenagers and young adults not saying older people can't go! I loved it and it’s a great way to meet people. I couldn’t believe how many people i met. not just at the disco even from around the bar i met English (which I wanted to) and Turkish people! Which was great mixing with them too.

The holiday as a whole was FANTASTIC and i cant recommend it higher. I really really really didn’t want to come home!!!

Fabulous place!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
I really enjoyed it and it was...

"I really enjoyed it and it was definitely the best holiday I’ve encountered.

The staff were really friendly, however sometimes a bit too friendly for most peoples' liking, especially the "Animation Team" who put on some spectacular performances and organised fun activities for children and adults in and out of the pool.

The place was kept very clean and beautiful and the food was amazing with an astonishing variety to choose from (including dessert!)

I would recommend it to families and young or old couples looking for a romantic holiday!

Thank you to all the staff! Thomas Cook! And Alice P!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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3 / 10
Hotel was dirty, crowded, unfriendly...

"Hotel was dirty, crowded, unfriendly staff...the only thing going for the hotel is the beautiful scenery....but that’s about it.

I would never go there again and never recommend anyone to go there again!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2005, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Well what can I say after reading...

"Well what can I say after reading this was so not wanting to go on holiday but was glad I did.

The hotel is great. Food was ok but u could eat it something for everyone even the kids get their own space to eat just under the Turkish restaurant with the kids club as for that my 5 year old daughter loved it always something to do for her.

The hills are not that bad u just go in to the main building and use the lifts that take u to the reception. The water park is great only thing is it is a bit of a walk away but well worth it. Would go back and all the staff are so friendly.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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