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8 / 10
Great location, cosy and appropriately Venetian!

"It took us a little while to find the hotel as it's tucked away down a little alley, but once we were inside we were delighted! It's a really sweet hotel, we were left to get on with our holiday with no interruptions and the decor was warm, and appropriately Venetian! The breakfasts were nothing to write home about but it was nice to get out and about to explore on our own anyway. The hotel is round the corner from St Marks square and there are lots of little restaurants and bars nearby which are reasonably priced."

  • Holiday details: May 2006

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6 / 10
Wonderful location, tiny but comfortable rooms

"Room 402 is a nicely decorated although VERY small room - no where to really put luggage. Bed was small but comfortable. Very well air-conditioned - deliciously cold after the heat outside.

Charming balcony with table and chairs, and views over rooftops to Grand Canal glimpses. Bathroom was cramped but functional.

The hotel itself was pleasant with friendly staff.

Uninteresting breakfast buffet (in a rather cramped breakfast room) included in price (though not really worth the effort - we had breakfast out most mornings, despite having paid for breakfast at the hotel).

The hotel had a rooftop terrace with lovely views. The hotel staff said that they can arrange breakfast up on the terrace (we never did try that out).

The hotel's location is fabulous - only steps from St Marks Square and close to ferry stops.

No provision for internet access (internet cafe hidden on 1st floor of the bookshop across the street - good rates).

Very expensive for what you get although we suspect that's just Venice.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005

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8 / 10
So handy

"Hotel Firenzi is a little gem. Our stay in Venice was everything we hoped for, and Hotel Firenze was so handy on arrival. The waterbus stop from the airport is just beside it and made life easy for us. We had a lovely room with balcony and were supplied with complimentary soft drinks in our room. A nice touch. They were helpful and efficient and we could strongly recommend them for a medium priced hotel in Venice. A must on your 'to see' list is a vist to the Peggy Guggenheim Art Gallery - a bit out of the way to find but persevere. Get the waterbus no 82 or 1 and get off at Accademia stop, and follow the signs. It full of great modern Art, close-up and intimate."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2005

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10 / 10
Small but perfect

"We had a friendly reception by all staff. The rooms were small but the whole hotel and our room was very clean. we had excellent service throughout our 3 night stay. The balcony was such a bonus, even though it was snowing for some of our stay. Excellent location."

  • Holiday details: May 2005

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10 / 10
Excellent - Great base at an affordable price

"We stayed at the Albergo Firenze in December 2003. The hotel was literally a four minute walk from the Marco Polo airport water bus drop off point on the Venice waterfront.

A very nice, comfortable hotel that was centrally located within a couple of minutes walk from Piazza San Marco.

The rooms were small but comfortable, clean and decorated in typical Venetian style. The trip was a surprise for my mother and father-in-law and I e-mailed the hotel asking for a bottle of sparking wine to be placed in their room. This was arranged by the manager without a problem.

My in-laws also had a balcony room, an extra cost but worth it. However, our room was equally as nice with views across the Venice rooftops that were just as interesting and characterful.

There was a rooftop terrace that was a great viewpoint across this lovely city.

The staff were friendly and helpful and breakfast was in a very sweet dining room.

We will definitely return to Venice as the City is probably our most favourite city destinations in the world. We will book the Albergo Firenze again as it offers budget accommodation and in return gives excellent you quality, comfort and location. Recommended.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2005

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8 / 10
The wedding of the Year!

"Just realised we had not added to the thoughts of people who stayed at the Firenze. We would just like to say that our daughter and now son-in-law got married from the Hotel Firenze on 29 September 2003 and the hotelier and staff were absolutely marvellous. They made us so welcome and went out of their way to be extremely helpful. The Firenze was small, clean and very personable, the only fault was the light was not working on the roof terrace but other than that, we as a family had a most welcome stay and would disagree with previous comments. We would definitely stay again and thanks to all the staff once again for a very memorable stay. If the staff would like to reply we would love to hear from them via your website."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2004

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6 / 10
Great location

"Stayed at the Firenze for 3 nights in April 2004. We found it to be a very clean, perfectly adequate hotel in a fantastic location for window shopping - Prada, Versace, Louis Vuitton just metres away and of course San Marco about 30 seconds walk. The street was quite bustling during the day, but very quiet at night and we did not experience any of the "odours" other reviewers have mentioned.

The staff were polite, if a little reserved, and the breakfast was absolutely fine. We stayed with our children and they had a great time. Yes, the hotel is very "cosy", but this is not uncommon in many European cities, especially very expensive places such as Venice.

Having read some of the reviews, I was somewhat concerned before going but could not have been more pleased.

  • Holiday details: May 2004

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8 / 10
Nice little hotel

"Hotel Firenze deserves a decent review. Yes, it is tiny - the lobby is tiny, the dining room is tiny, the rooms are tiny, the lifts are tiny.

But every aspect if the hotel is welcoming, clean, well kept and attractive. The staff were very friendly and helpful, the breakfast lovely. Our room was small in the extreme, but beautilfully decorated with a wonderful view over the bustling street below. the hotel could not be better located - being a stone's throw from St Marcs Square and directly over the best shopping area in Venice. We spent a wonderful 2 days at he hotel and would definitely stay there again.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2003

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4 / 10
About the hotel

"Thought about giving it a 'Terrible' but for the location.

First the pros: Very easy to get to from the drop off point, off St. Marks Sq, where the water bus shuttle from the airport (Marco Polo) drops you off- over a bridge, round a corner, up the alley & your there. In a city where you walk everywhere- where your hotel is in relation to your stop, bus stop, train station etc. is very important-so it a lift (some hotels are located on a 3rd floor with very steep long flights of stairs & no porter e.g. Locanda Sturion). St. Marks Square around the corner.

Stayed in February 01 & enjoyed the stay & booked again for October '02.

The cons: October '02 was a dreadful stay & I will not stay there again.

Booked a room with a balcony. All the windows were open when we arrived which evidently was to cover up the stench of sewage emanating from the drain in the bathroom floor! Had to have the bathroom window open all the time. Complained to Terry (the owner) who claimed not to know about it- yet the cleaners obviously did because when we complained to them they said 'oh, it's Venice- Venice smells'. Now I have been to Venice four times & am familiar with a slight odour, sometimes, but we were 5 floors up! The cleaners ran water through the drain using the shower attachment & this we then did once a day to keep the smell at bay- cleaners also left air freshener.

Smell was not our only problem. It was still very warm in October, when we stayed there, but the heating was on & there was no option to have air conditioning. We were also at the top of the hotel (5th floor) & heat rises.

Mosquitos were very bad this summer, I've never been bitten before, but sleeping with the windows open to keep down the stench & cool the room led to mosquito bites. One morning, 4.30am, I awoke with terrible bites that I needed to soak in cold water to elevate the itching. When I looked in the bathroom mirror I had a Mosquito bite on my eye lid & it was VERY swollen! So at 4.30 in the morning I got dressed, thinking that I should seek medical attention & went down stairs to the concierge to ask for directions to an all night pharmacy or hospital. Going downstairs was not easy as all the lights in the halls where off & it was pitch dark! I felt my way down a flight of stairs & then to the lift where I had to feel around for the button. The concierge had obviously been sleeping & when I asked about a pharmacist he said no one would be open, I asked about a special book hotels are supposed to have which lists pharmacies which are open- he'd never heard of it. The concierge at the nearby 5* Bauer had the book but suggested I go to the hospital for treatment, which I did (20 minute walk). I was also told one pharmacist in Venice is always on call at night- you go to the shop & ring the bell. He looked it up in the book & told me where it was.

At 8am when we returned to the hotel, Terry did not seem to care that our having to open the windows for heat & stench had led to an early morning trip to hospital. She also claimed not to understand why all the lights in the hotel had been off- her concierge, however, said they were always off at that time of the morning. After this conversation the cleaners also left a can of Mosquito spray in our room.

The sheets were only changed once in four days & the floors were dirty when we arrived & never cleaned during our stay. Cleaners cupboard outside our room (cleaners started at about 6am)- early morning chatter over coffee & cigarettes in the hall outside our room, stairs made convienient seats! Had to negotiate our bags & suitcases around a cleaner who was sat on the stairs in the way when we checked out.

When we checked out Terry the Manageress/Owner dealt with me & never asked how my eye was, if the smell had gone etc... But, rather than give a discount for our troubles, she did manage to charge me more than the agreed price for our Friday & Saturday stay which I had not been informed of when I booked on the internet. She said 'I told you when we spoke on the telephone Madam..' yet we never spoke on the telephone & corresponded by email only! She did not seem to have an email proving the prices she was charging me but had, instead, written them in pen on an email! Needless to say I will never stay here again. One huge thumbs down. Terrible management- what a shame- it's a great location.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2002

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