Tsokkos Gardens Hotel

18 Athinas, Protaras 5311, Cyprus
7  / 10
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8 / 10
very good holiday

"We have just returned from this hotel and we had a lovely holiday.The hotel rooms were clean and tidy, mopped every day. we cannot fault the food it was lovely with so much choice .The staff were friendly and helpful.The pool was cleaned daily and well looked after.we will definitely go back to this hotel."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2015, booked with Olympic Holidays

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1 / 10
An awful hotel!

"The rooms were not clean!!the staff was rude. We expected more!The food was despicable!i would not suggest it as one of my favorites!!!you should change a lot!we paid a lot for this hotel.Beds also were dirty!we made our complaints but the management of this hotel is awful!!Unfortunately we had terrible vacation!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Nothing!

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1 / 10

"We have just returned back from a week all inclusive in the Tsokkos garden apartments, as usual we booked with thomas cook,

We booked this hotel on the recommendation from the agent in the shop that she had been and rated it so highly, along with it being the only Tomas cook hotel that offered a kids club from age 3 not 4 as most hotels do as we have a 3yr old daughter, previously we have booked the same sort of deal with Thomas cook and could not rate the hotel highly enough so assumed that this would be the same, big mistake,

We paid £1677.23 for 2 adults and 1child 7nights all inclusive, as mentioned we arrived during the staff strikes, upon arrival we found that the rooms had been made up but not cleaned, bed linen had holes and stains and floor was not cleaned. We arrived at 7pm meaning we were in time for the evening meal, the staff had struggled to accommodate meals for so many guests with so little staff which was fair enough but the food was like slop that night and had no kids option.

When other guests asked us if we had just arrived they all said request a hotel change it doesn't get any better strike or no strike, I wish I had of listened.

The following day the food did improve but that was it, the main reason I chose this hotel was the kids club, the club here was only open 4 days out of the 7 we tried to take our daughter along to it, no explanation to why. The kids club reps did not socialise around the pool with kids making themselves familiar with children, nor did they at the evening disco which lasts 20 mins from 8pm onwards, after that children are told repeatedly "go to your seats it's adults time" 8:30pm on a family holiday is not adult time whatsoever. The Thomas cook reps are the only redeeming factor of this hotel, it's a shame they are stuck working here.

I noticed on the second night a stain on my bed linen, the following days I did not notice it however the holes on the top blanket were still apparent, the floor had the previous guests hair on it and was obviously not being swept, I kept thinking maybe they will do it today until the 5th day I went in after the maid and noticed that the stain that was there the first day was still there, the sheets were never changed simply swapped around the beds! U went o reception to complain that after 5days of being there our room had not been cleaned sufficiently and was offered no apology just told to await another maid. The maid arrived within 5minutes and the bed was changed, however pillowcase stained were not!

The rubbish outside the hotel was disgusting and stank as did the hotel toilets overflowing with dirty toilet paper,

The hotel pool was beautiful and beds readily available.

The food was increasingly worse each night meaning we had to eat out 3 times, totally £100 euros extra we didn't expect to pay after paying so much for AI,

Thought the holiday I felt cheated and let down, I spoke to the Thomas cook rep Pete on the first day about my concerns and was assured things would improve, however each time I saw him after he would avoid me, meaning I was unable to take up further complaints, I wish I had been more forthright and requested a change of hotel (as I witnessed some people doing)

The wristband being cut off before we left was also a problem to us.

The transfer back to airport from hotel was horrific, 100 people on a coach in 40c heat with no air con and the driver selling water! The Thomas cook rep on board had an attitude and made it seem like we were all being unreasonable by requesting a new coach, beating in mind there were small children on board screaming because the heat was unbearable and having to purchase water that eventually ran out, we did get a new coach so don't really understand why she made such a problem over it.

I have been let down by Thomas cook and shall never book with them again, this hotel should be removed from their company and avoided at all costs.

The only good thing ws the weather,pool and the poor reps.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Choose a different hotel in the area, all tskokkos hotels close by were far nicer.
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
fantastic time cant wait to return

"my family and i have just returned and cannot wait to go back next year.At first i was worried after reading the reviews on the place but on arrival i was amazed the staff are so friendly speak great english the apartments are great and cleaned daily and the food was amazing plenty to choose from.We did book a self catering holiday but upgraded to all inclusive when we got there which saved us a fortune.The entertainment team are fantastic and cater for everyone.Cyprus is a beautiful place and we will be returning to tsokkos gardens next year."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10

"Hi, just don't know what people are complaining about. We stayed all incl. where as last year we were half board. Can't fault it, hopefully going again next year. Had no problems with staff, rooms or the food and I'm very fussy! We were pleasantly surprised to see the rooms had had a bit of a makeover, carpets gone and replaced with either tiles or lam. flooring, also basins were new as were the taps (quite upto date). Perhaps the wallpaper and curtains will be done for next year. Entertainment was good and quite funny at times.The food was good so much to choose from at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I think some people want it to be home from home but at the end of the day your rooms are just a base, not to sit and watch telly and look at the decor!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: just upto the decor in rooms
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10

"Beware some of the staff behind reception have an attitude.

I would not rate this above 3 star as food average if finicky you would be hard pressed to find something no real choice for kids and sweets where very poor tastless jelly or ice cream or choclate cake.My grandaughter actually dont like chips!!! or fried food in general. only veg offered to them was baked beans that was only 1 night. Rooms very clean but chairs in room needed a scrub as they are black at the top.

Beware if you have a late flight as there will be no evening as they check you out at 12 even if you have booked a late check out we paid for 7 evening meals and got 6 The nasty Man on recepyion said it was not his fault we missed our evening meal on the week before. {How did he expect us to get it we where flying to cypress }stayed at other Tsokkos hotels this was the worst one The cleaners where lovely the entertaiment was good the indoor pool was really cold and the toilets down there really smelly and dirty. as it was a bank holiday the hotel filled up with cypriots and there ws cups everywhere and plastic cups floating in the swimming pool and quite frankly we where ignored. as you take you last mouthful of food you plate is whisked away it seemed you where rushed through your meals. would not go back to this hotel!!!! thomas cook entertainment crew headedby Emma really work hard and are willing tolisten to your requests and ideas well done to them!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, bed breakfast and evening meal, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Stay Away!!!!

"Very old room. Old bed, dirty and old bath and toilet. THIS NOT A 4 STAR HOTEL EVEN 3. Stay away enen you get a cheap price. Long away from sea. Pool was dirty. Staff are not friendly. Old curtains and bed cover. TV in room was a brooken 14" tv! There are many better hotels in Cyprus Protaras with the same price. Room smells very bad."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Breakfast Included, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
a wonderful place to go!

"We arrived at the Tsokkos Gardens Hotel Apts at around 3.30 am, on arrival we were greated by a very kind and welcoming gentlemen at the reception desk. As this was our first time to Cyprus he gave us some infomation about what type of weather you should expect at the time of year, and lots of other helpful tips. We decided to go all inclusive because we had heard from friends that it can be quite expensive over all, he gave us our wrist bands and told us a little bit about them, he also mentioned the fact that if it's damaged you can replace it at the reception desk for just 2 euros, however if you loose it, you will be expected to pay 100 euros for it. Once he had told us everything we needed to know, he handed us 2 bottles of water, and told us where to go to get to our room. Next morning we ventured down to breakfast, which is a 2 minute walk away, the cafeteria it's self was very clean and there were lots of things to choose from for breakfast, from crossoints to waffles and a full try up to just fruit! we usually went down for breakfast at around half past 9 in the morning, as it starts at 7.30 and ends at 10.30, there are seats outside however we did notice that you needed to be down quite early as they were pretty busy, getting sunbeds was not a problem, even at 10 o'clock there were plenty free, however this will probally of been because it's not as busy in october as it is in june/july/august. The snack bar provided a large range of snacks, such as tosties, burgers, chips and hotdogs, and an endless supply of drinks! the staff behind the kiosk were very friendly as were happy to help you with anything you may of needed. At around half past 10 the morning activities start, this usually consists of aqua arobics, killer darts, killer pool, water vollyball, bowl and many more things. for lunch we had the choice either to go to the snack bar or go into the restauraunt for lunch, inside the restaurant there is always chips and either chicken nuggets or fish fingers, so don't worry if your little ones won't eat anything else! vegitarian meals were prepared seperatley and brought out to you if you asked for them. after lunch there are more activities to do, until around 4 o'clock as the entertainment team need to go get ready for the kids show at 8. the hotel apts were very clean and the bathroom was very spacious and tidy. we usually went down for dinner at around 7pm however it did open at 6.30pm, the choice of food was great, and there is a different theme every night. (oriental, itlaian, greek, mediterainian etc) and once again there is a 'kids corner' which has chips, beans, and then some sort of nugget, wether it be fish or chicken. the staff were very friendly and regardless to what people have said about them taking our plate and empty glasses away, that never happened to us! they would ask if we were finished before the just 'took it' after dinner we used to sit in the lobby until around 8pm as thats when the disco started. the lobby as 2 pool tables and some arcade machines. the childrens entertainment was fantastic, we couldn't rate it enough! enough my eldest 16 year old daugther got involved one night! the disco goes on for around 45 minutes, and then there is a 15 minute break, and then they sell bingo tickets, give out prizes from the day's activties, my son won killer darts and he wine bottle of wine for us! after that they do the 'head to head showdown' where a member of the audience competes against a member of the kids club team. then there is some sort of entertainment, when we were there, there was the following: cabere show, battle of the sexes game (where the whole audiance was involved) quiz night, live performances from local bands, and MY FAVOURITE a hypnotist. i decided i wanted to get hypnotized as i had seen people do it before and i was intriged. i can't remember much of it, but my daughter bought the dvd which the man was selling and showed me when i got home. it was very funny, i totally recomend doing it. your all inclusive package stops at 12 midnight and from then on you have to buy drinks, howver the music goes off at 12 anyway so many people chose to go the local pub just 2 minutes down the road were there was kareoke nights, and michel jackson impersonators. football matches were also shown there, so my son and husband would go down there, while my daughter and i would sip cocktails! the beach is literally 5 minutes down the road, it's just straight down as you come out of the hotel. i would seriously recomend going to Tsokkos Gardens because it is well worth the money and it lived up higher than it's expectations. we've just booked for next year! i hope this has helped you decide whether or not too go, but whatever you decide, HAVE A LOVELY HOLIDAY."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: perfect place for families! even if your children are old!

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8 / 10
Good but 10 days enough

"Me and my partner nhas just return from Tsokkos Gardens after 10 days half board.

The rooms were small but cleaned daily and clean towels everyday. The plumbing left a lot to be desired the sink was very slow, BUT saying that we reported the lights not working and within minuets the maintainace was in the room fixing it.

In the room was a kettle and hair dryer but as someone else said the coffee tea and milk was only left the 1st day. Loo rolls were replaced daily.

There is a fridge in the room which had to be paid for but a little tip if there are a group of you, you can use the same key to open the fridge in more than one room!

The pool was lovely and I did see it was checked and topped up with chemicals twice in the 10 days we were there. There was plenty of sunbeds and lots to do arround the pool if you wanted to do it. There was a quiz, killer pool, water polo, bowls, volyball and much more oh and fitness in the pool.

The food was great and a lot of choice, but felt it wrong we did not get a drink with our evening meal, we being half board had to pay for it with was an added expense. 1 night out of the 10 I would say the food was not brill (maybe chefs day off, it was a wednesday). The menu is worked out on a week rota so if there for 2 weeks it is repeated but there is plenty of choice to have something different. Breakfast I thought was also great but lacked fresh fruit, the orange and grapefriut was cut wrong and was more hassle to eat so tended not to bother. The yohurt was very nice. Coffe hit and miss sometimes ran out.

The area was good just far enough away from the noise but near enough to take a walk out. No free wifi in the hotel but just over the road in Station bar the wifi is free. Tv had to also be paid for not that you go on hols to watch tv anyway.

Outside balcony was great but would of been weary if I had youngsters with me as it was wobbly, also the rooms were in a time warp and needed modernising.

" lifts in the main hotel which was great, lower ground level was a laundary in which you could used there full sized iron, do your washing and drying too, also the hotel had a service to wash clothes priced by the item.

All in all the place was great and no real complaints, Also I had to buy sun cream but later heard the entertainers have loads and sometimes put a box of it on the stage for all to use. I wish I knew that before I bought more always good to ask they also had tioletries holiday makers had left them, shower gels etc.....

All very nice people except on waitress cant remember the name but you will know if you meet her! also watch your plates they do get taken whilst your still eating.

good holiday for price

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, half board, booked with Thomas Cook

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4 / 10
Tsokkos shocker

"just come back from tsokkos gardens 41 of us for a wedding on arrival after a 9 hour delay we where shocked to find that we had payed 3100 pounds to stay in a three star hotel which actually when we arrived was at most a one star apartment block behind the hotel with no facilities at all,everything was in the hotel on the other side,the pools where always surrounded by old towels burst lilos and general rubbish lying everywhere you looked, i spent most of my holiday cleaning up around our sunbeds just to make it more relaxing.

On the plus side the food was excellent in the hotel and the staff behind the bar to where very good especially Julie who looked after all our party superbly.The entertainment was good with Matt & Sammie really good with the kids and adults alike really getting stuck in and trying to involve all in the activities.But the dissapointing side was the age and state of the apartment block we where all housed in all the rooms where out of the ark and should have be ripped out and modernised about 15 years ago would not recommend to any one to go here because it is also quite out of the way of the main strip of protaras with a taxi cosating an average of ten euros a trip if you do use this place do go all inclusive.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: to far off the beaten track

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6 / 10
might go back

"just got back from tsokkos gardens .It was the first time we as a family have gone all inclusive .The hotel is exellent the food was very very good with a wide menu.The pools and pool area are clean and tidy and our rooms were cleaned every day .The hotel staff are warm and friendly and the service is good, BUT the beer and entertainment was appauling it was kids entertainment all night every night, it was like the kids tiger club at a britith holiday camp but worse. there was a young fellow and his dad trying to sing badly indetween bingo and open the box.As for the beer i know its only local brands but it was not even the same colour as the same brand in the local bars you could not drink it.I am not alone every body in our party and some other guests complained about it.Over all we had a great holiday it was just a shame they do something to the beer to save money we recon plus the entertainment, we would go back to protaras but not that hotel."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
great place

"just come back from tsokkos garden hotel and would recommend to anyone. im fussy to say the least and in terms of satifaction ill give this hotel a 9 out of 10, i go cyprus every year and stayed at many of the 4 5 star along the main strip of potaras but find them very boring during the day with no activities or pool games that kids and adults can join in. there was contant going ons around the pool with a great entertainments team, but other quiter pools if you wanted to relax. food was ok but with great snacks available all day. there are great restaurants within walking distance with mojitos and blue spice a must. will be booking this hotel on any further visits to cyprus."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: great fun

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  • by marilynreyneke

    " Little church on hill that was lit up in evening was worthwhile visiting. "

  • by Martin&Mel

    " Great sun and sandy beaches but expensive "

  • by mckendall

    " the walkway to Potaras is great and the zaffarnios cafe is great for a stopoff "

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