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Corfu, Greece
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10 / 10

"hi arrved back on sat really sad to be home 7 of us went 4 adults 3 children. we loved every min of this place the food was good breakfast ,lunch,dinner so much choice we had great rooms with double beds and put up beds for the kids . the veiws were out of this world amazing. we went to the beach bit steep but cought the beach bus ,we played darts and table tennis staff were great i cannot fault this place think some people are very picky. anyway we are home and fed up that we are we are going to come back to this hotel as loved it so much . so if your thinking of going here dont be put off by bad reviews as 4 adults and 3 kids cant all be wrong bill holiday wishing we were still there"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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4 / 10
A Hell Hole!!

"What a hell hole!!

Arrived at 4.30am - 5 people only 4 beds. Mini-bar was dirty and empty, nothing to drink until breakfast. Children's room was a room with no balcony, we could not contact them and they were completely isolated from us, when we asked to move we were told "fully booked" just pick up the telephone to talk to them, both phones were not connected. A live electrical plug was hanging out of the children's wall by the wires and the bath had a dirty brown stain in the bottom. Our room had mould in the wardrobe, a horrendous stench in the bathroom and we had to endure dirty smelly waste water coming up through the bathroom floor for 3 days. Let me tell you, you only get things done in this hotel if you complain loudly.

Food was sometimes undercooked, but alway covered in sauces and flies.

Staff were overworked and unhappy, never a smile.

Hazardous around the pool area, broken tiles and slippery. And a rat appeared at night by the pool.

Let me get this straight THIS IS NOT A 5* HOTEL!!

Be warned this hotel is being used as an overflow hotel by the Aqualand owners, so if you are not happy with your rooms, tough they are fully booked.

On the upside we met some really nice people dumped their by the Aqualand owners. So when you read other reviews of people complaining loudly it was us, wish we had the rooms of people who were happy with the hotel because we had a really miserable holiday.

This hotel could be nice but needs a lot of money spent on it...FAST!!

Advice if you have already booked, hire a car for your whole holiday and get out of there. If you are thinking of going to the Yaliscari Palace then... DON'T.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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6 / 10
three star at best

"Myself and my partner went to this hotel with an open mind. We had read the reviews beforhand and knew they were mixed. We usually choose a quiet location so this fitted the bill. When we first arrived, (6am due to 5 hour delay at the airport) all we wanted to do was get to bed. We found there was no water in our room so could not flush the loo or brush our teeth etc. There was dried on sick all over my pillow so could not use that. We were then woken by the cleaner knocking on the door at 10am. Things did get better after this though. The water came back on and the room was every day except Sundays. The food was rather disappointing as each meal tended to taste the same, be it lunch or dinner! The dining room was chaotic. The bright pink chairs made it look like a cafeteria and the noise levels were awful. The staff never seemed happy, a smile now and then might have been nice, with the possible exception of the pool barman. We hired a scooter for three days and got out and about to see the rest of the island and were so glad we did, well worth it. If we had not left the hotel we had have gone stir crazy."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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6 / 10
good job you dont believe all you read

"After booking to stay here, I read many reviews some good, but a lot that were very negative. So we went with my 17 yr old son and 14 yr old daughter expecting the worst. at the airport we waited one and a half hours for our luggage as 3 flights used the same carousel,eventually we were transferred by a very nice taxi driver to the yaliscari, on the way we seemed to be going up hills forever.

However we arrived and was helped to our room by the night porter who was very pleasant, as it is very steep around the hotel and if you are not very agile would think very carefully before going.

Our room was clean and cool with everything you needed, the maid comes in every day to change towels and sheets even arranging your pj`s on your bed.

The views were amazing to us worth every penny and the sunsets were just as spectacular.

The pool area was never crowded and you could play water polo or aquafit plus other activities such as dart,chess and table tennis. But please be careful it is very very slippy around the childrens pool quite a few people slipped and hurt and management didn`t seem to grasp the importance or danger. There are plenty of sunbeds but if you want a good spot then get up early.

The entertainment staff tried there best but the shows in the evening lacked imagination, but at least there were several lounges and seating areas to play cards, the all inclusive finishes at 11.

The Only really bad things were the smell which isnt constant but when it`s there its stomach churning. and the location is extremely hilly to walk down to the beach is absolutely hell as its very very steep. and going up to the bar and mini market is very good exercise.

we found a little bar and mini market up the road run by the most sweetest people who cannot do enough for you.

The food is very similar and caters more for the many german and ukraines but it is not awful as i was lead to believe and on most days enjoyed what we ate.

take a trip to corfu town well worth a visit and the aqua park is good value too.

On a whole there was more good points than bad and we realised it was not a 5 star hotel more like a 3. There were lots of people complaining, and to be fair some had good reason, but certain other people just complained all the time and nothing would ever be right for them.

As i said the smell and the location was our only qualm but we hired a car and got out to see the island which is what we wanted to do anyway,and not sit round the pool drinking all day!

For a normal average family who likes the sun and to relax, it was a wonderful holiday.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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6 / 10
Enjoyable but not quite what I expected

"I booked this through and paid with my CC vouchers for a family of 6 on an all inclusive basis.

It was advertised as 5 star when I booked it but noticed a week before travelling it had been downgraded to a 4 star.

Positive points

Dobbie and the other entertainers were excellent with the teens and kids. I travelled with one 12 year old, one 14 year old and 2 17 year olds (plus my other half). All enjoyed the Volleyball, water polo and other tournaments arranged by the team

Spiros was a lovely welcoming barman, always a friendly smile and a joke to share.

The views were fantastic and I was amazed as no extra charge was paid for them. My children had a 4 bedded room with balcony and it was very spacious and clean. The air con was very affective and the maid service was excellent. The rooms were cleaned regularly, fresh towels daily and even laid out my daughters Pyjamas for her.

The swimming pool was very large and accommodated all the guests. Most of the day was spent swimming too cool down.

The Beach bar served excellent food and the manager was very friendly, he offered us complimentary melon after our meal...although not included in the all inclusive is well worth a visit .....the kids loved the hot dogs (more like Giant Kebabs...yum) and I loved the freshly made pizza!

The atmosphere at the hotel was very good, a feeling of comaradery amongst the guests...although sometimes due to the isolation of the complex....alot of friendships were forged.

Very relaxing holiday, the teens all miss their friends and wanted to stay another week.

Now...the negatives

My bath flooded twice and was failed to be put right

The smell of sewage was overpowering at times

The food was very samey....the deserts all tasted the same

Flys everywhere in the dinning hall

Receptionist very surley when we had a problem with one of our party needing an emergency appendectomy.

No rep assigned to us. (no welcome pack or details of transfers, days out etc)

We had to pester reception for help locating a rep to request advice after our sons friend who had holidayed with us and was not allowed to fly home so soon after his surgery. We will need to take this up with as they will be horrified no rep was supporting us through this terrible time. In the end Tesco Travel Insurance helped out and flew the lads father out to him and he is waiting in Greece until he can fly with him home. This is something very basic....all we wanted was some reassurance and guidance and got a very curt reply from an unhelpful receptionist.

So there you have it an honest review

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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4 / 10
Please Dont Go!

"Just arrived back from the Yaliscari Palace, 3* hotel not 5* standards. We felt very isolated, location on top of mountainous region, nothing much outside hotel, we hired a car to see corfu town and shops/aqua park. We paid extra for sea view, we got a tree view, hotel were unhelpful, after 4 days room got changed, was not much better. Food ok, all invlusive finished at 11pm. Entertainment poor, no kids menu or choice for kids. Weather great, we would not go back to that hotel."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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1 / 10
Just returned 24 July 2007, what an...

"Just returned 24 July 2007, what an experience. Worst holiday ever! Been all over world on all inclusive basis this was the worst ever.

On arrival we went to put our belongings in safe we walked out of room with it under our arms! None of our doors locked so had to take our belongings everywhere.

They should sack the chef food dreadful. What wasn’t eaten lunch time disguised in evening as something else.

Entertainment by the staff they did try their hardest miming to songs not in co ordination that was the only funny part felt embarrassed for them.

They said nearest village was 10 mins away more like 45 mins. We hired scooter for all duration essential here, don’t book with hotel rip off.

First week we did 100 Euros for 50cc next week hired from near village 70 Euros 100cc they will drop bike off at reception. Bikes are safe if you are sensible not driving like mad men.

We spent a fortune which you shouldn’t if on all inclusive but need to here, it’s like escaping from Alcatraz.

What other people have said on this site saying it is good must be on another planet, you will find out yourselves.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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2 / 10
escape from alcatraz

"just back from two weeks of hell here. The Hotel is situated in the middle of nowhere,and believe me you would go mad if you had no trnsport to get away from the hotel. So a moped or car is a must. Dont book from the hotel though as you will get completly ripped off, is what happened to us first week. They charged 100 euros for one week 50cc scooter, here is telephone number to call [-] from your mobile they will deliver outside hotel for 70 euros for one week and 100cc. Petrol stations everywhere and so cheap we went all round the island saw the real Greece. The food was the worst we have ever had and we have been to lots of places everyone was complaining. What wasnt eaten lunch times was dressed as something else in the evenings. Snacks all day what a joke dry sandwiches and a few pasties. Entertainment was embarrasing to watch hotel staff on stage miming they couldnt get that right either. Quing for drinks in the evening. They say you can walk to nearest village it will take you 45 mins to 60 mins, in heat no joke. No where to walk so you must have transport. We spent £600 pounds so that says it all. On a good all inclusive you shouldnt have to spend hardly anything. Would i go back NEVER"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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7 / 10
Not long been back and already I have...

"Not long been back and already I have the holiday blues! I went with my sister and my parents for a week (2nd-9th July 2007), and believe me a week is not long enough!

The hotel is set in beautiful surroundings, with stunning views of clear turquoise waters. Being young I had worried that I would feel bored having read some of the previous reviews. However, we met other families, and the hotel staff were lovely- please say a big hello to Dobi, Spheta, the (entertainers) and Spiros, the pool bar man.

The only criticism I have is the hotel does need a bit of TLC in some areas, and updating, but when we went there it looked as if they were starting to modernise some stuff.

The entertainment at night was a laugh, and the entertainers will try and get you involved in what’s going on day and night, but are never too pushy to make you join in. After 11.00pm, you have to pay for your drinks, which is a pain but the trick is to que up around 10.40pm and stock up on drinks to last you the night.

It does do you good if you hire a car for a couple of days, to get around to see Corfu, and to go to aqua land!

After I finish college, I am taking a gap year and go back over and fingers crossed work over there for a year in the hotel doing bar work!

The holiday was fabulous, and I really do recommend it. What more could you want on holiday, lovely weather, beautiful surroundings, fabulous staff, hotel and food. And very pleasant people.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels2nd - 9th July 2007

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6 / 10
bring a peg for your nose.

"We stayed all-inclusive at the Yaliscari hotel in july,

First of all, its no 5 star, at best 3.5. The rooms are very tired, it seems they spent all the money on the lobby. The food is ok but anything worth having ran out quickly, long queues for coffee was annoying and the constant scrapping of chairs is not a sound to relax to.

There is always a smell of [--] in the air, some days worse than others.

Long queues for the bar and very weak beer, did not get so much as tipsy while we were there (not for the want of trying).

Entertainment staff were good, though the entertainment its self was'nt, also they don't work saturdays. Did see a rat crawling up the wall near the stage, which proved more interesting than the show.

While waiting for taxi on check-out day, all three receptionist were complaining about the English, something along the lines that we expect everyone to speak English and wont learn to speak any other language.

Nice views, nice pools and nice people expect 3 star and you wont be too disapointed.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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8 / 10
Just returned from this hotel on...

"Just returned from this hotel on Friday 13th July, had a fantastic time we both really enjoyed it here! We stayed here for 2 weeks all inclusive, hotel was beautiful it looked as though it had just been done up, couldn’t fault the place!

Our room was lovely had clean bedding and towels every day, room was spotless not a thing wrong with it. Only thing is we did not opt for a sea view room, and we wish we had now as the sea view rooms had a gorgeous view from them.

The couple of downfalls to the hotel was the location, it was very out the way with only a taverna and two mini-markets at the top of the very steep hill so we wouldn’t recommend it to people with walking difficulties or people who like to go out and about.

Another thing the choice of alcohol was very limited, and after 11pm the drinks were not classed as all inclusive and were very expensive.

The food choice was not the best as it was mainly catered for the Germans; the waiters could not get you out quick enough at meal times it was very rushed all the time in the restaurant.

There is a mini bus down to the beach and back up to the hotel everyday as it’s a long way down a very steep hill, the beach bars and restaurants were not all inclusive but the Yaliscari beach bar was quite cheap and lovely food.

Pools were lovely but be quick trying to get a sunbed otherwise there’s no umbrellas and you need them in the heat, most staff were pleasant not had a problem with anybody, entertainment was ok.

Overall we had a fantastic two weeks here will definitely go back, would recommend this place to anybody who wants a nice peaceful and relaxing holiday, views across the sea are fantastic especially the sunsets!!

Met some brilliant people in the hotel really enjoyed our holiday and will definitely return again one day!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Hotels4u

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4 / 10
I went to Yaliscari Palace last week...

"I went to Yaliscari Palace last week with my sister. We are young and got very bored.

There was only one shop and one bar in walking distance and to get to the beach was a nightmare and not even worth it.

When we first got there it was 11:45 at night, we went to the bar to order a drink as we was all inclusive. The response was very rude that we got, saying we had to pay as it was past eleven, like we was supposed to know.

When you walk into the hotel reception its very nice, but when we got into our room we was very disappointed that we had no TV, no air con, no balcony or sea view that we requested, and we didn’t even have covers on our bed just a sheet, the towels in the bathroom had toothpaste all over them, and in our week stay we got a bit of soap on our 3rd day.

We complained on our second day about our room and the staff said they was fully booked so they would sort all the problems out, on the third night they sent someone to sort the air conditioning out and that was all they sorted.

They was a few good qualities to the hotel, the bar staff apart from one was very helpful and the entertainers tried their best to keep you entertained, the receptions are nice and the food was very nice and I can’t normally eat abroad.

I hope I haven’t put anyone off, this is just my opinion, you might like it.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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