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On arrival I thought I had misread...

"On arrival I thought I had misread the information. The hotel Yaliskari had been rated as 5 star so we assumed we had been dropped off at the wrong place. I recently stayed at a 5 star hotel in Dubai where attentive staff would spray cold water into your face to keep you cool whilst sunbathing.

After half an hour on a sun bed the only thing on my face was three wasps. Moving to the restaurant I was greeted by an infestation of flies. Having met with the wildlife I ventured to my room which was facing the road, the door would not close properly and so during the night I could hear people arriving and lorries clattering about, not that I could get much sleep as the mosquitos were now beginning to feast on us through the open patio window.

The shower was cold and the bath was just large enough for an umpalumpa. Undaunted we ventured down to the beach, half way down I was wishing I had brought my climbing ropes with me (It was steep) kept expecting to see Sherpa Tenzing coming the other way.

The only way I could enjoy my stay was to re-set my expectations to very low and soldier on. This could be a very nice hotel but not without a lot of work on the infrastructure.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Alpha Rooms

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This hotel is absolute rubbish not...

"This hotel is absolute rubbish not even a 1 star. Pools are freezing, beach is nice but a hard walk down past stinking sewerage. Absolutely no entertainment especially boring and dangerous for young children.

Inside what is meant to be kids club (but is full of gym equipment) the mirrored wall is smashed and has just been left like it. Walk through a doorway in kids club to find an unused indoor pool half full of stinking water and a dead rat. Any child could wander in as it is all unsupervised.

The worst place I have ever been. DO not go there!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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7 / 10
I have just returned from 7 days in...

"I have just returned from 7 days in the Yaliscari Palace, 2 adults and 3 children aged 14 & 6. The hotel is definitely not a five star, more like a 3 +, but then what do you really expect with the price you pay.

The staff are probably the most helpful people I have come across for a long, long time. The staff will go out of their way to help you for whatever reason. The hotel itself is clean and comfortable, but is lacking any kind of childrens entertainment, the childrens club is not utilised at all and any day activities were aimed at adults.

The short walk to the beach is actually a hike down a mountain... or so it feels on the way back up... you should definitely use the minibus provided and the driver is an absolute angel.

If you are wanting an 'out and about' holiday, do not under any circumstances go here, the nearest pub is a taxi ride away (no buses come into Yaliscaris) costing about 20 euro each way. Corfu town is about 20 mins in a taxi (50 euro return) or 12 euros by a minibus that comes once a day (although not on a Saturday!!!! or a Monday).

The 3 pools are immaculate and as this is where you will spend most of your day, the pool bar and it's waiter are a welcome addition. Try to get your drinks in early each night, after 11pm the all inclusive band stops and you will be charged a small fortune for anything purchased.

I would recommend hiring a car (reasonably charged) to get out and about exploring the beautiful island, or at least budget in for an awful lot of taxi rides! The hotel itself is going through a 6 month refurb... we were told that by April 08 a lot of things will have changed, not least its name... Golden View I think.

Overall I would recommend more for couples wanting a relaxing holiday or families who are wanting to hire a car and explore Corfu. Once again, Staff deserve a real big mention.....

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Argo Holidays

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Well, we arrived at the hotel early...

"Well, we arrived at the hotel early hours in the morning.

We booked two rooms, one for us, and one for the kids; we discovered the rooms were not together, so we had to wait until the next morning to sort the rooms out. Then the next morning we sorted a room out (A Family Room) they told us they didn't have any family rooms left when we booked.

The hotel is very isolated no bars or restaurants out of the complex, there were two supermarkets but up the hill. The beach was down a big steep hill, you had to get the hotel bus down there. The beach was sand but a very small area and very quiet.

The food was not great not enough choice for the kids.

I admit the staff are very helpful and polite they take finished plates as soon as they see them. The pool was great for the kids. The entertainment was more for the kids! But kept us entertained.

The entertainment didn't start until 22.15 each night which was late for the kids. The all inclusive drinks stopped at 23.00, which in my opinion was too early. The rooms were not up to standard, the dressing table was thick with dust, and the floor was sticky. We had to ask for a TV remote about 3 or 4 times before they gave us one. Yes beds were made everyday, clean towels and empty bins.

To be honest I would not rate this hotel a 5 star, I think it’s only about 2 or 3 maximum. I have been in 2 star hotels cleaner than this one.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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Worst hotel I have ever been in. We...

"Worst hotel I have ever been in. We arrived on a Friday night and I had 5 different rooms within the 1st hour; no plug sockets in rooms, two rooms smelt awful, finally ended up in a decent room but reported shower was broken on the first night which still had not been repaired when we left.

Food was no better than a 3 star, I had stopped in Majorca in May, no entertainment in hotel, miles away from Pelegos, if you wanted to go to Pelicos it was a half hour walk along a goat track.

The hotel could not exchange pounds for euros as for four days there was no money behind the reception. The price of drinks after 11pm were expensive and you had to wait in a line at the bar to get served waiting 10 mins at times. No waiter service for drinks, no chemist; nearest in Corfu Town infested with wasps!

Drinks at the Pool and behind hotel bar served in plastic cups, snacks behind pool bar where sausage rolls and ham sandwiches in dried bread, waiters where either Bulgarian or Polish and so were the entertainment people.

The worst experience I have ever had on holiday would not recommend this hotel to anybody

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with You Travel Through

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8 / 10
Went to this hotel with an open mind...

"Went to this hotel with an open mind having read the awful reports on Trip Advisor. In need of an emergency holiday I travelled with my 2 daughters aged 15 and 12.

It was the best trip I have ever made and the first without my husband who had to stay at home (poor thing). On arrival, we had an easy check in and got to our room, unpacked and went straight down to the pool! Sunshine, breathtaking views and a really comforting feel to the hotel.

OK some staff were miserable but Spiros and the restaurant original waiters were so lovely (George & especially Billy!). We soon settled in and I didn't feel awkward at all being on my own. The animation team were from Bulgaria and over the 2 weeks, got to know them really well - we loved them all but Dobi stood out as he seemed to make everyone feel special. Svetlos, Tordo, Teddy, and Ruby were always around too making you feel involved. I even played darts and water volleyball, and aqua aerobics Dobi style!

We met fantastic people and enjoyed our lunches and evening meals very much. The beach is in a small cove and is magical at night! We sat on a sunbed in the sea watching the moonlight dance on the sea. Steep hill though and a bit of a stink halfway up but well worth it (free minibus goes down all day everyday).

All in all great value if you are not picky or unlucky! Place wasn't the same when Dobi and svetlos left though and was glad we hadn't just arrived - they made our holiday - hope you are reading this Dobi! We had a great time and my girls have fantastic memories of laughter & fun (Richie the Irish Fireman from Paddington mainly!) and good friends made (Ash, Sam, Timmy & Marianna, Andy, Kate & the girls).

Went on an evening trip to Corfu town with a boat trip down the coast, we all enjoyed it. It’s not 5* but we enjoyed it - depends what you want out of a holiday.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Hotels 4 U

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8 / 10
I agree 100% with Cindy's review...

"I agree 100% with Cindy's review somewhere near this one, Cindy's is a very accurate description of what goes on at that hotel, we were all there together and Cindy's kids and my 2, Jasmin & Cherie, had a ball as did the adults. (Cindy please email us at the, lost your details, Eddie)

The staff are hard working (probably get paid peanuts) but they never complain and just get on with it. Big hellos to the following staff, Dobby, Spiros, Helen, the night porter and the minibus driver whose names we never discovered.

There are criticisms of the food but we could not fault it, lots of choice, lots of typical Greek meats, swordfish, Calamari, Tatsiki, lovely Greek desserts.

Although we went at peak time, the pools were never crowded and we could stay in there to 8pm.

Yes there is a smell from the sewage plant but it is not there every minute of every hour of every day, furthermore it is not restricted to just that hotel as I drove all over the island and that smell is evident all over the place as the sewage system in Greece would appear not to be up to it so I think it is unfair to criticise the hotel on that point.

The views from the hotel and the sunsets more than compensate for the inconveniences of the hotel, and yes it is in need of a bit of TLC but for the money that's paid it is good value and we are definitely going back next August (it's called the Golden View Hotel now by the way).

The beach is "the best on the island" according to my wife, who doesn't like commercialised "Blackpools with sun" type resorts, the 2 taverna's on the beach are very good serving excellent food and drinks and are very welcoming, the hotel has it's own sunbeds on the beach which are free to hotel guests.

So to summarise, read Cindy's review, very accurate, accept that it is not a 5 star hotel and go for it as if you go with an open mind you will enjoy your holiday.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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6 / 10
Before we went on our holiday we had...

"Before we went on our holiday we had a look at some of the comments previously posted about the Yaliscari Palace and it was fair to say we felt a little bit apprehensive as to what we would find.

We have just got back from a week at the hotel and, whilst it is most definitely not an English 5 star hotel, it is not that bad. At best it is an English 3 star hotel. We could understand why, if you had paid full price and were expecting a proper 5 star hotel you would be disappointed.

The hotel itself is ok, there is a nice lounge, and two pools. The restaurant is quite big (the chairs have to be seen to be believed - bright pink!) and the food is not too bad. When we were there, there was always plenty of food available, as well as self service beer in the restaurant, wine and soft drinks (don't go expecting large glasses of beer they don't seem to have them!).

Our room was cleaned on a daily basis, although some downsides were the smell (rotten sewage the result I suspect of dodgy Greek plumbing) the fact the bins were dragged too and cleaned outside our room religiously at 8am every single morning (we were ground floor) and the varying regularity of the hot (another loosely used term) water in the Shower.

The hotel staff were friendly, especially Helen the English receptionist and Spiros the barman. The entertainment staff were fun and up for a laugh and their sketch show (Sunday) is worth catching.

The all inclusive drinks run out at 11.00 (co-incidentally the entertainment starts at approximately 10.15) and afterwards the drinks are expensive.

Two things to be warned about, the hotel, whilst in a beautiful location is at the top of a steep hill and is quite isolated. So if you want to go out in the evenings you will need to get a taxi. For the day time there is a bus into Corfu town which runs from Pelekas (you can walk to Pelekas from the hotel - ask at reception for the hand drawn map).

The beach is at the bottom of a very steep hill, but the hotel put on a mini bus service which runs pretty much all day. Also the beach bar is not included in the all inclusive package.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Argo Holidays

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10 / 10
I find it hard to believe that the...

"I find it hard to believe that the other reviewers visited the same hotel as my family!

My husband and 2 children, aged 10 and 9, stayed at this hotel in August and had an amazing time.

We booked at the last minute, travelling 36 hrs after paying, so really did not expect too much for the price we paid. When we arrived at the hotel, we were more than relieved to walk into the beautiful air-conditioned reception area to be met by a friendly, English lady named Helen (she turned out to be the most helpful person with a great sense of humour). Our rooms were not quite ready as it was 12 noon and we were aware that rooms were available at 1pm, so were left our luggage and were given directions to the restaurant to begin our all-inclusive binge!

The restaurant was very pink (to the delight of our daughter) and we were impressed with the choice of food on offer. Salads of all kinds, cheeses, fresh bread, soup, large choice of hot meats, vegetables, chips, rice, pasta - I cannot see how anybody could not eat well, no matter how fussy they are! Every meal throughout our stay was of the same quality and variety. The waiting staff were on the ball with cleaning, the food and drink never run low and the general quality was fab!

We returned to the reception and were given the keys to our room on the 3rd floor. We were thrilled to have a room overlooking the smaller of the pools and what a view. To open the curtains to that sight in the morning was worth the money we paid alone. The room was cleaned every day, except Sunday with fresh bedding and towels. My daughter's PJs were arranged in a pattern each day which we loved. Air-conditioning, TV (with a remote control), phone and loads of storage - great!

The holiday just got better with the discovery that there was another larger pool, separate children's pool and a poolside bar. Snacks were on offer here throughout the day and were delicious (although the beautiful Corfu sun did manage to dry the sandwiches!). The choice of drinks was vast with cocktails for adults and children. A special mention has to be made to Spiros, the best barman in Greece - make sure you give him a huge tip.

We had seen the videos online showing the entertainment and were dreading it. Let me reassure you that although it was not exactly professional, the animation team are some of the nicest, hard-working people we have ever met and a huge part of the enjoyment of our holiday was down to these people. They made the best of the resources available and we were always entertained. Dobi's rendition of Figaro is a delight to behold. The guests at the hotel were British, German, Italian, Greek, French and Romanian, yet all were able to participate and enjoy - well done! We met some fantastic people, all nationalities mixed and at the end of our stay, there were tears flowing from all.

OK, so it's not 5*, but does anybody expect mints on their pillow for the price that you pay? The hotel needs a little TLC but you could see that improvements were constantly taking place. The location, although isolated, is beautiful. There are a couple of mini-markets within walking distance, and a taverna. The lovely beach is reached by regular minibus (whose driver is lovely and friendly and never complains even though he must do the same trip a million times!). If you want hustle and bustle then this is not the place to be, but if you want a totally relaxing holiday then you can't beat this location.

A good tip for those visiting the Aquapark (which is fab by the way) is that the hotel is owned by the same company and you are able to use your all-inclusive wristbands at the Aqualand Hotel (they have a poolside bar with snacks if you go next to the wave pool). Saves loads of money.

In all, a fantastic value holiday, fabulous staff, lovely hotel, fab food/drink. If you go, have a great time !

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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5 / 10
Have been staying in this hotel twice...

"Have been staying in this hotel twice a year for the last five years.

Booked eighteen days in June, was so disappointed with Thomson as they did not inform us that the hotel had been sold to the Aqua Land group. It was now all inclusive yet we paid more for half board. If we wanted to buy a drink ,the staff didn't know the prices, if they did we had to have the correct money as they didn't have any cash registers so hence couldn't give us any change.

The personal touch of this hotel disappeared before our eyes. Pot collectors and dish removers in the restaurant were a bit like WTS scheme from Eastern Europe, the three remaining original waiters George, Allison and Villie did their best to keep the standards up but where fighting a losing battle.

Thomson had lost their input into this hotel and only had ten rooms allocated for their guests. When we were there three half board guests upgraded to the Agios Gergios, which left us alone to pay for our drinks. After paying extortionate prices for the drinks we had no table to sit at the pool to watch the entertainment, so had to make do with sun beds and the floor for our drinks.

Not a lot of English people staying there, mostly Eastern Europeans who where delighted with the 'Holiday Experience' even the entertainment team were from Eastern Europe. Not that that was an issue if they had been any good. Perhaps our expectations were too high and we were used to better from this hotel but it's a different ownership and catering for a different cliental.

The hotel had some vast improvements decor and space wise so it might finish up an OK all inclusive hotel - cheap and cheerful if that's what people want. We didn't spend a lot of time in the hotel as we hired a scooter for the eighteen days, explored Corfu, went into Sinarades and had some proper Greek hospitality. All in all if I were to see this hotel advertised again under its new name of Sunny View and it was a good deal I would give it a go and not compare it with how it used to be. There is no booking reference on the Thomson web site for it anymore this year or next so I am wondering if they have pulled out and directing customers to other more cost effective parts of Europe.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Half Board, booked with Thomson

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1 / 10
The hotel is not even worthy of a 3...

"The hotel is not even worthy of a 3 star rating never mind 5 star.

The reasons are as follows:-

1 - The constant smell through out the hotel of human sewage as there is a sewage plant less than 100ft from the hotel.

2 - With a few exceptions 90% of the staff are csec/ Kosovo/ Bulgarian supposedly trainees (we found out from them they there on work experience).

3 - Unsafe flooring around the pool areas (there were more than 20 people including staff who fell over & hurt themselves to one degree or another in 2 weeks). The children’s pool has lumps of concrete missing out of the bottom & kids were stubbing & cutting there toes.

4 - A complete absence of a hotel accident book except in one instance where the injured person was going to call the local police when it mysteriously appeared.

5 - A whole collection of pond dwelling insects in the main pool all alive & well. Meaning they are not cleaning the pool properly.

6 - Our room had a crack which ran the entire length of 3 of the walls of which I could put my finger in. A toilet & bathroom that has not seen bleach or lime scale remover in an eon. Air conditioning that was thick with black fungus. We were first given a room 008 that had black rising damp 4 feet up its walls and water running down it which we refused to even walk into.

7 - A water tank on the roof for toilets that was full with the rotting corpses of dead birds.

8 - A complete shortage of drinking glasses in the restaurant 70% of the time. ourselves & many other people continually had to send any available glasses back to be cleaned as they were filthy. The same applied to the cutlery (particularly forks).

9 - Despite my advising yourselves my son was 6ft tall his camp bed was less than 5ft long. Please notice I said camp bed not bed!!

10 - No phone in the room (hardly a 5 star requirement).

11 - So called free sun beds on the hotels section of beach are charged for??

That is enough for now (There is more). I will be seeking full compensation for the holiday cost.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Just returned from the Yaliscari...

"Just returned from the Yaliscari Palace had a fantastic holiday there. Wouldn’t actually class this hotel as 5* however ideal for a family with its relaxed environment and friendly atmosphere.

The animation team put in 100% effort. A big hi to Dobi Toto Suetlio Rumi Fafi Tedy who kept us entertained with daily competitions and various sports, such as water aerobics throughout the day and dancing throughout the night.

The food was very nice, Greek salads delicious. In addition there was a wide variety to choose from at each meal, no children’s section. However my six year old always found something she liked, especially the puddings! Thumbs up!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, booked with You Travel

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