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5 / 10
you get what you pay for and this does apply to this hotel

"We arrived about midnight and was given our room number and was told to follow the steps round to A9 room 245

As stated by others it was 110 steps to the block and then another 27 steps to our actual apartment.

TBF I had read that it was in a mountain and had lots of steps but really didn't expect that many.

The rooms are very dated and could do with some tlc but the beds were made every day, clean towels and floor cleaned each day, so can't fault the cleanliness.

The food was the same every day, and all I managed each morning was a bread roll and some bacon and scrambled egg (not the best)for lunch and dinner i usually had a few chips and would try some of the meat or soup, but I found that the food was very bland and had no taste. If this is the Portuguese way then fine, but it wasn't like this in the old town restaurants.

The eating area in the hotel again was very dated, but I found to be clean, and the pool area was kept pretty tidy, considering they didn't seem to have that many staff.

The staff were all pleasant and helpful

All in all not a place I would rush back to (the steps are really putting me off) but you don't get 5* for 2* prices. I paid £205 for 5 nights A/I which included my transfers and flights so the fact that I had to eat out most days didn't bother me too much.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2015, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
Lasted an hour

"We turned up and prayed it wasn't our hotel, walked into a dirty, stained and very smelly reception with ripped blinds and stained seating area, we had to wait an hour for our room so decided on some lunch....hmmmm, maybe I expect too much but all there was, was old salad, soggy pasta/spaghetti, chips....well soggy ones plus other stuff that my cat wouldn't eat.

After talking to a few guests, they said the food is much the same of an evening, they also said good luck with your room

We ate a few bread rolls as they looked ok

Anyway...got to our room....disgusting, was like a dark, dingy £5 a night bedsit, didn't even want to sit on the toilet seat

We have no idea where the nice pictures are from as they do show the true identity of the hotel

We literally lasted an hour....as went online and booked another hotel

Asked reception to book a taxi, very helpful lady.....but didn't question or even ask why we wanted to go elsewhere

So please please read the reviews ......as what you see is NOT what you get

  • Holiday details: Oct 2015
  • Advice: Don't go

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1 / 10
totally disgusting

"I have just returned tonight from these disgusting apartments .My friend and I who are in our 60's alto young 60's .We arrived at 12 midnight on 5th October and told by the chap at desk our room was number 167 up the stairs he didn't tell us it was 110 steps to our room .We managed it after a struggle with a case and hand luggage The doors to the rooms are not safe from break ins as we discovered for some residents on Thursday night .The dining hall was disgusting and food was diabolical that we ate out after paying for All Inclusive .Entertainment was Karaoke 2 nights in the week .We have been to Portugal for the last 10 years and this is one experience I will never forget .My advice is not to go and if you do don't say you were not warned its a holiday from hell"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, booked with fleetway

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3 / 10
holiday from hell

"have heard of holidays from hell but never experienced before,booked an all inclusive holiday for myself and 14 yr old son,with garden view,was given a map on how to find room,up 3 flights of stairs across a road then another flight of stairs,on arrival room looked clean although dark gloomy and basic,no garden view,overlooked a car park,with a bar on the left,immediately went to reception they were not happy and said i could only make a request for preference,but my actual booking was all inclusive with garden view,they reluctantly moved us,2nd room was bigger but still dark gloomy and tired but looked clean,we unpacked and went for a walk,on entering room that evening we were greeted with cockroaches,my biggest nightmare and fear,reception did not seem surprised,and went to get another key,i asked to be moved out of hotel,a lady in night dress came to see me and did try to ring other hotels,250 euros for one night ?

we reluctantly moved to another room much higher up,after much debate the next day we decided to stay,huge mistake.

What is all inclusive,buffet breakfast dinner and evening meal ? no for breakfast yes,lunch and dinner was select from menu which i initionally thought could be better,after all we all no all inclusive is just mass produced food,mostly edible,but there is always something you can eat,first evening meal no complaint,all down hill after that as far as i was concerned,my son felt differently,pizza burgers chips every night all freshly cooked,was violently ill after second evening meal which was suppose to be veal,asked for cake non available,other meals were awful spaghetti Bolognaise, tagitelle,again no cake produced something with apology best they could do!!! asked twice for fish not available,we were in portugal,huge fish supply, with all inclusive if you dont like a meal at least you can go back to buffet and select something else.

1st evening a duet group played,one night a parrot show which turned up 1 hr late performed for 15mins,another night a karaoke which started seting up at 10.20 only son and i in bar,nothing for family entertainment.

pool area the flying saucers for sunshade unsafe,swung around and hit you in the head,beds so old ive never seen anything like them,pool tiles were broken/loose plenty of cut feet,all inclusive finished at 11,

On a plus side for young people who just want a base ,it was basic and there was a bed,and im assuming they so drunk they didnt seen the cockroaches in room.

The bar /restaurant staff were lovely and friendly and they did the best they could,i think the views were lovely and place in prime location,the steps and hill into not a problem for me,but if they want good reviews and returning holiday makers they have alot of work to do,personally i dont class this accommodation as even self catering,i would say its a Portuguese condo complex,and empty rooms are just rented out,i would never go back nor recommend,thank god for restaurant staff is all i can say,was mainly our only companions and it was high season

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: i would not stay here
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
crap crap crap

"Do not even think about going to these appartments.filthy smelly old fashioned. If u live in filth at home these appartments are for you. 1400 hundred pounds i paid for 3 adults self catering.what a rip off.photos on internet are not even of these appartments.thank god we moved out to the new town or our holiday would have been ruined."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, SELF CATERING, booked with JET 2 .COM
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
If You're Fit, it's Fine - great restaurant

"Arriving after 11pm it looked incredibly dingy and deserted. After travelling all day we had looked forward to a nice drink in the hotel bar but were despondent to see we were the only ones there at 11:45. Still the bar staff were friendly enough and we did get our nightcap. The following day we sussed the bar's happy hour from 5pm-9pm which became a pleasant start to our evenings out in town.

The rooms were very basic - a bit grubby when we arrived but the cleaners came in most days. The lack of a kettle is deffo an issue for some of us English. The staff in reception were most unsympathetic in this respect.

If you have mobility problems then this is definitely not the place for you. Old Albufeira is low-lying compared to the surrounding hotels and after a few drinks or carrying some shopping, that hill is a killer (a taxi from town will cost you about €4.

On the third night we decided to try the site restaurant and we were very pleasantly surprised. Their cataplana is strongly recommended.

To sum up: Adequate, if basic, accomodation but great restaurant. Don't underestimate the hills though.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, booked with Purple Holidays
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
Still in the 1960s

"Stayed here May 2011, Self Catering, no kettle, no toaster, patio doors dont lock so you have to hire as safe €30, €20 returned on leaving. These apartments need a big refurb. Beds hard, pillows lumpy. Pool area nice but most of the sunbeds and parasols are rusty, then when you put a mattress on them for comfort after a while the pool guy comes and charges €1.50 per day per bed, right rip off. They do clean and change towels 6 days a week, the staff are friendly apart from the night porter who was not very helpful as checked in 10.30pm. The walk down to the old town is about 15 mins, and found this side of town streets dirty, (even named one, dog poo alley)Did not attempt walk back as would need inhaler in case of asthma attack as so steep, taxi €5. On last night people moved in below us and very noisy went on till 2am in morning, rang the local friendly night porter! who did nothing about it, after further 2 hours and numerous calls my daughter sorted them out. Been going to Albufaria for number of years now and always been happy with hotel or apartments, will not be staying here again."

  • Holiday details: May 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Stay on other side of town
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
Nightmare stairs

"We went in May 2011 arrived and had to climb 97 stairs to leave- needed oxygen tank, as ive not long had back op was escorted to a hovel ov a room- or cupboard, immediately asked to transfer after while they agreed , overall location not ideal, staff not very friendly made the most ov it but much better quality hotels out there"

  • Holiday details: May 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont go to jardim

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7 / 10
Good value nice location

"Studio overlooking pools basic but clean Walk to town very pleasant about 10 mins.Difficulties of steps and slopes ecxaggerated.Town and Old Town beautiful. Eating out is very reasonable.Recommend Ta bom and Three crowns in the old town.Will be going back to the Jardim."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: The supermarket is best used for essentials only .Cheaper to eat out
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
Cockroaches and worse

"I will never stay at this place again. I day before i was due to arrive i emailed Jardim. I asked if it would be possible to have an apertment with a balcony and preferably with a sea view. I arrived at about 1.00pm. I was given the keys and then told that the porter was at lunch. I opted to take my case to the apartment myself. I was dissapointed to discover that my apartment was on the ground floor and as such it did not have a balcony. I could just see the sea between two apartment blocks.

As soon as i opened the apartment doors i could smell a musty aroma. The decor and fittings were very dated but functional. I went back down to reception shortly afterwards. I was told that i had been given the keys to the wrong apartment, i had visons of being given the keys to a really nice apartment with a stunninjg sea view. It turned out that i should have been given the keys to the next door apartment. A day or so after my neighbours moved in next door they had to move out again because the electrics blew. I had the pleasure of listening to the workmen rectifying the fault for two days. Not only that but at the end of the block other workmen were busy each day with a demolishing hammer.

That first evening around midnight i woke up to a pinching sensation on my arm, i instinctively flicked whatever it was off, turned the light on but couldnt see anything. Went back to bed and woke up to a big bite mark on my leg. A couple of days later i started with severe diarrhea. A couple of nights before i was due to return home i had to visit the bathroom at 4.00am. I was shocked to see a large cockroach on the the floor, chased it and eventually killed it. I went back to the bathroom only to be met with a procession of smaller cockroaches around the bath. i didnt get back to sleep. I called into reception with the dead cockroach in a plastic bag. The lady on reception told me that all over Portugal at this time of the year the cockroaches come out.

She promised me that somebody would be sent out to spray the apartment that day. Surprise, surprise nobody arrived that day or the next. went home the following day.

As for the room service, i dont know why she bothered showing her face.As each day went by the level of dust in the apartment increased. On one occasion i was sat on the terrace when arrived. She was in and out in less than 5 minutes. I dont think that the twels were changed at all during my stay. The apartment came as part of a package holiday, i didnt pay a lot for the holiday but there was no excuse for the poor standard of hygiene control. I never cooked anything in the apartment, i only occasionally ate a bowl of cereal with milk. I ate out each day at my favourite trusted restaurant in the old town. The day after i returned home i had to visit my GP because of the ongoing diarrhea problem, a sample was taken and environmental health have today telephoned me to inform me that i have "Campylobacter"

They told me that it could take three weeks to make a full recovery. I have no doupt that other holidaymakers may have stayed at the "Jardim 1" at the same time as i did and may well have had a totally different experience to mine. I will remember my holiday for all the wrong reasons and i certainly will not be staying at the "Jardim 1" again

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, Room Only, booked with JET2.COM
  • Advice: Very nice beaches
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
If you have mobility problems, these apartments are not for you!!

"Having returned from these apartments on 21st May 2010. We arrived, checked in, given our key, a map on were our apartment was and told a mini bus would take us to our apartment. When asked why we needed a mini bus the receptionist informed us that the apartment was at the very back of the complex.This is a very large complex, up a hill/alot of stairs and the apartment blocks do not have any lifts.

As I have mobility problems, I asked if we could have a room on a low level. After explaining that "I know a low level was not requested when it was originaly booked" and "When it was booked I didn't know I would be having another opp" "There was no mention that the apartments don't have lifts and the amount of stairs and hills to climb to get to the rooms on the website" the receptionist reluctantly gave us a lower level apartment, without the spectacular view we would have had!! The apartments are very basic and our beds were the couches!! Around the pool, we needed to check the sun beds, a number of them are broken and dangerous.The matresses that you hire for the beds,are full of holes and spiders!! The showers at the pool did not work. Most of the staff at the pool bar were friendly enough they just didn't know what was on their menu. Rather than check they would say "We don't do them"!! There must be limited hot water for the apartments if you want a shower late(ish) 6-7pm, there wasn't any!! The water was ok of a morning as long as you were quick. Over all the apartments are not all they say they are, the web site lists irons and ironing boards. They don't do ironing boards and the irons were all hired out. There wasn't many people there either. They must only have one for hire so would recommend taking your own.Luckily we never spent to much time in the apartment or by the pool but at least the cleaners gave fresh towels each day. If you have mobility problems these apartments are not for you, even on a low level, as to go in to the centre is very hilly.

  • Holiday details: May 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Loved Alufeira, would go back just not to these apartments
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Excellent Pleasant Apartments

"After booking a late deal we decided to chance the Jardim based on various mixed reviews on this site and others and we were surprised at how good this place was. The complex is huge and i can understand why some people would be upset as if you were placed in an apartment at the back of the complex it would probably take 5-10 minutes to walk to the pool. We were lucky and had a studio with a fantastic sea view and really nice large terrace balcony. Yes the rooms are dated but if all you want is somewhere to sleep and maybe have a couple of drinks on the balcony its perfect. We ate out all week although managed to make use of the grill and microwave every now and then for breakfast. The pool was fairly relaxed although i imaging getting a sunlounger at the height of the season would be tough and they charged 1.50 for a mat per day which was fine as you did not have to use one.

One thing we noticed was the price of the food in the place was quite high, we managed to find a place down the road for much cheaper so my advice would be to take your own drinks or food. Other than that the only thing was the hill but portugal is very hilly anyway and we didnt find it an issue. The staff were friendly and the place was really nice. I would definately go back again given the chance if you just need a clean room to stay in.



  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by sue peerman

    " , 'old theatre' restaurant worth a visit live music while you eat. "

  • by adman_21

    " slide and splash was good fun, "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " Great resort, plenty of nice places to eat and drink - a bit pricey for food and drink sometimes "

  • by Christo

    " Site shop is rubbish. There's a better one 10 mins walk down towards town. "

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