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7 / 10
dont take notice of the moaners

"just arrived back from aquarium apartments didnt know what to expect taking nitice of the bad reviews we were surprised and found them very good for the money you pay ,the staff in the office were freindly and helpful on entering the building we were sirprised to see 3 lifts not one as was described by someone and the heavy metal door on them is there for a reason safety.we found our room and it was very clean ,had everything you needed for self catering even a microwave ,by the way the safety deposit boxes are in the wardrobe not in the foyer as described by another the things in the foyer are letter boxes for the people who live there as it is residentiel aswell we had a lovely big balcony and even saw them filming benidorm as we overlooked the sol/pelicanos.we had a studio yes the sofa pulled out but the mattress on the pullout was memory foam very comfy,it was very quiet and didnt get disturbed at night just have to wait for breakages deposit 150 euros {bit steep but put that down to breakages in the past} to go back on card then we cracked it all in all very good value for money if you want buckingham palace and to be waited on spend your money and pay for it this is a selfcatering apartment we even had clean towels halfway thru the week sumone moaned about that too the safety depboxes are only euros per day well worth it and tv 15 euros for weekwith no deposits"

  • Holiday details: May 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: it is selfcatering so be prepared to cleanup abit
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
keys and deposit

"stayed at this place august 2011 for 4 nights.i picked keys up at office below,but had to drop them off at the evamar down the road as it was a sunday.deposit transaction never even got taken off my card.stayed there again,june 2012,this time picked up the keys at the evamar as it was a sunday, and paid the 150 euro deposit on card.when checking out the following sunday,took the keys back to where we picked them up,only to be told we cound not leave the keys there!then after being ranted at in spanish,just returned to the room and left the keys on the of writing the deposit has not been sure this time the room was flea ridden!and will not be returning for a third time"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently

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2 / 10
not to bad

"bit strange having to get your keys from a different hotel.also it had nobody on reception only next door through the day.night time only had a security guard.the swimming pool was very good.our room was clean but very dismul.overall we got what we paid for we only stayed a week,could not have stayed for 2.dont think i would go back."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, booked with Ebookers

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4 / 10
Benidorm is amazing-this apartment is grubby and cheap :)

"On September last year-i came to these apartments to stay-On my first foreign hoilday with my girl friend :)

Basically i didnt really know what to expect of the place, though was a little disappointed with the apartments :/. Arrived after a whole carry on-of missing the bus and had to pay a taxi-we where asked for a deposit, which i knew we would have to give-a place like this-you shouldnt have to pay a deposit to be honest, we where given the key etc and went to the room-

Furniture is dated and horrible! we where given two single beds? and were a couple! not so good!

Then again i never paid alot to stay here, as they say you get what you pay for and alot of us do forget that- and i now know the more i pay the better the hotel/apartment i will get- this was a cheap get away.

Pool-wasnt anything to talk about-it was a smallish pool and thats all i can say..

Keys-you get two, one for you room obviously-the other is for the door downstairs as it gets locked at night-time, took me a while to figure this out, as it was sometimes already opened for us.

Sleeping time didnt go well-as the spanish people next to us liked to party at terrible times! different matter 12ish to 1/2 after that its taken the [---]

The first night we didnt go anywhere e.g to pubs and that as we where very tired and just wanted to relax, they made it very hard for us!

So basically they were very quiet through the day and only made noise at inappropiate times!

This only happened for three nights or so-so the hoilday was fab after theses **** left ;) lol!

Me and my girl friend are a very young couple and she was easily scared.

a hoilday is what u make it-its cheap here for people who are here to party-and only using the rooms for sleeping and getting dressed-or for people who cant afford the luxury hoilday, il likely be back here as ive found and stayed in better places that are for me.

I came back to Benidorm after i stayed here and stay at buena vista-lovely hotel-but the hotel owner is crazy lol! also its abit out of the way and then july past i stayed in levante apartments! what an place-loved it!

Anyone who hasnt been to benidorm-you dont know what your missing


try to pay that little bit more and dont stay at grubby places-its not nice to be in that sort of enviroment-i dont know how people can enjoy themselfs in places like that..this places is fine and alot better than some of the places ive stayed in..:)

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Benidorm what a place! been to Benidorm quite a few times now-(hotels i recommend buena vista and levante club apartments/though buena vista is to out of the way!

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2 / 10
Worst Receptionist in Benidorm!

"Apartments where basic but clean didn't get room cleaned and stayed there for a week this was after complaining a couple times, worst part was the cheeky,arrogant woman on reception who demanded 150 euro cash on arrival! As we where leaving early morning we where told money would be sent back to us by postal order or cheque after 21 days as they don't pay back deposits until you vacate your apartment"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Self Catering, booked with
  • Advice: make sure you take additional money to cover the deposit

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1 / 10
2 stars? more like none!

"when we first arrived the room was hot and uncomfortable to stay in. When we had booked the room we was promised a television, safe to keep our possessions in and a bed, but to our disbelief we had to rent out a television for 27 euros just for a week! The safe was easy to break in but even the safe we had to pay 14 euros a week for a safe that a blind man could break into! the bed we was promised was nothing more than a sofa bed with a pull out bed underneath, the sheets we had to put on didn't get better they were not wasted properly as there were still marks on the sheets. When sat on the sofa me and my mum always got an itch and was always living with what seemed liked hundreds of mossys and a floor full of dust which did not help my asthma. when it came to sleeping at night we fount it extremely hard and wasn't able to sleep till 2 because of the loud noise from the stag and hen do's plus the 'beds' were as hard as rock! i advise you never go to this hotel ever it will save you so much money!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
we will be back

"we have just returned after spending a week in these apartments i must admit i was considering canceling my holiday due to the bad reviews i have read but i was pleasently suprised when we arrived the apartment was very clean and was well equiped we stayed on the 15th floor and had fabulous views the apartments are local to all restaurants a big market on tues and sun the beach is a 10 min walk the bar K and Gs across the road have two of the most helpful people i have come across they told us the best attractions and deals on trips and good restaurants to visit they served food at the bar that was really good and well priced highly recommended we had no problem getting our deposit back either it was a pain having to go to another hotel due to landing early hours for the keys but due to reviews i did know where to go we will be going back to these apartments"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: try get a high floor for views early morning walk on the beach
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
not bad at all

"just come back from a week at the Aquarium 11. We didn't know what to expect after reading all the bad reviews.But when we arrived we were pleasantly surprized with what we found. We only had a studio which was quite small but this was't a problem we had a settee with pull out bed.All bed linnen and towels spottlessly clean and changed midweek. The studio itself looked like it had been recentley refurbished with new bathroom and kitchen units equipped with doulble hob.microwave,coffee maker,fidge,kettle ,saucpans,crockery and every thing you need for basic usage. We found the staff very pleasant and when we had a slight problem it was sorted straight away.We had no problem with any noise at night or early hours in the morning and we were on a low level block. We would stay at these apartments again,but would make sure we had a day flight as we too had to collect our keys from the alpha apartments but we already new this so it wasn't a problem we just got dropped there on our transfer then got a taxi. No problem getting our deposit back. All I can say is if you pay for basic then expect basic not star"

  • Holiday details: May 2011, self catering, booked with JetlineTravel
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
simple get what you pay for.

"We 3 adults 1x child stopped for a week over the school holidays feb.

Like what has been said before if you arrive in the middle of the night you have a bit of a nightmare to get your keys.

We arrived in the day got the keys paid the 150euro never had a problem in getting it back.

We was on the 3rd floor had a great room with all you need when you are self catering. room nice and very clean clean bedding and towels the only thing i would say is the bath is very small. we was asked if we needed any towels. but we was ok.

never used the pool because it was to cold

i would go back again but i would arrive in the day so there are no problems with getting the keys.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
1 star maximum!!

"Firstly i will say 11 of us went on a stag party and stayed in this place so you can really imagine how poor it was if a stag party say its poor.

These apartments are at best a 1 star development, on arrival we found the only pool in Benidorm to be drained!!!

The rooms are very dated in decor and on the small side,

I stayed in 11h and it had 2 single beds in a room that was tiny.

I chose to sleep on the couch bed which was known as the slab!!

we were there 4 days and not once did we see a member of staff so that answers next question about the housekeeping, there isn`t any!!

To be honest to sum this up if i had tane my wife and son to aquarium 2 i would have paid to just go somewhere else, the next block up aquarium 3 looks alot nicer but was never in it.

in short keep away from these digs you have been warned even by a non fussy stag group!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently

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2 / 10
Not For Kids,

"Thought id write a review on my opinion as we all see things differently, Well to be honest i was actually dreading going as i read the reviews about Acuarium 2.

When we got to the airport we where meant to get a bus, but we just got a taxi to be on the safe side, as alicante is a good bit away from benidorm! We First Arrived After Paying 65 Euros for a taxi, We went in the door and finally realised that you go next door to the reception, the staff actually speak really good english, only had to give 100 pound for the deposit, we were given two keys and hadnt a clue what the other one was for, we then realised it was for the door/gate fing downstairs, as its normally locked at night time.

We stayed on the 21st floor, think it was 21f the one before last, i looked at are door and didnt even want to open it, it was chipped and grubby looking, so my bf opened the door, which took alot of time, are door was always stuck.

We went inside to expect a sofa bed, but we had two single beds, inside are apartment it wasnt that bad to b honest, was cleanish,had are towels changed twice :/ and sheets werent changed at all. Water was always roasting. First three nights were actually quite scary for me as im only 16 and it was only me and my bf staying there,Spanish people above me and beside me were partying, dis went on for all hours and you cant even lock your patio doors. Are last night we were in late, so we stayed up as are bus was early hours of morn, Someone kept trying to open are door at 5 in morning, isnt the safest of places, other apartments/hotels i seen had guards there 24/7. If your wise you'd pay a wee bit more and go else where. Also there was no air conitioning so was uncomfortable sleeping at night. If you like your sleep your best not coming here,

I know it seems as if i keep going on, but i just want people to know what there in for.

Apart From all the bad points i loved benidorm, the view from are apartment was lovely, will be coming back but staying else where,

Places to eat, i recommend the grill house, little bit exspensive tho, subway and burgerking is just like ares! Hated Mcdonalds.

Entertainment at night,(VALETINES), its brill! , went here alot,you need to be thick skinned tho, really good crack, Morgans tavern round the corner, Not bad.

Havent nothing else to say,

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
a disgrace !!!!!!!!!!!

"i stayed here for 2wks had 2 rooms and within 30min asked the rep to get me !!out of here !!it was a sheer disgrace.the rooms was filthy and the cutlery well enough said the fridge leaked in both apartments lived out of suitcases for 2weeks wardrobes was filthy.the beach towels we had to use to cover the dirty was unreal.the hotel should be on the life of grime.we needed danger money as the apartments from above was full of young lads they was throwing chairs/bottles/glasses down on to the tennis court??umm i would say tip !!! but decribed as a tennis court???.i am so annoyed that the travel companys are allowing this apartment to be on there taking legal action.against my travel cost me as much as it would of to have gone all inclusive as the self catering side of it was a shambles and trufully i dont think i could of used the dirty disgusting pans/plates ect.and as for the bathroom well you needed another bath/shower after using it.please think twice i have submitted photos they dont lie.the photo is of the cutlery draw"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Room Only, booked with coop travel
  • Advice: benedorm a must

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  • by xXx

    " Pay Abit More For A Safer Apartment "

  • by jazzy

    " keep away as its only fit for stag nights! "

  • by mgholidays

    " a family friendly bar called the mad munk "

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