Vacanza Mayve Apartments

Calle Londres 18 Rincon de Loix, Benidorm 03503, Spain
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This place is the closest place to...

"This place is the closest place to hell you shall find!!

We had no idea what to do when arrived, luckily there was an english man who had the same problem the day before so he was able to take us to the reception office which was no where near the resort (at least a 30 min walk!). The staff were non existant, that was until they came and took our deposit on the room from us for a problem which had nothing to do with us at all!

To be honest I definitely wouldnt recommend this hotel at all - I wouldnt even send my enemy there!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Self Catering, booked with king world travel

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4 / 10
Do not book at these apartments there...

"Do not book at these apartments there is no reception, and you have to walk 20 min's into the town centre with your suit cases to collect your keys for the apartments.

There was no maid services all week.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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There was 4 of us travelling to...

"There was 4 of us travelling to Benidorm altogether on 17th July 2007 for this years summer holiday. We had booked everything by ourselves and decided to go with the Vacanza as it was very cheap and the apartments looked beautiful.

About a week before we were due to fly out we came across some of the reviews people had wrote in to say about the Vacanza and became increasingly worried. The reviews seemed really bad with only a few people actually liking the apartments! We also found out only from the reviews that the Vacanza does not have a reception and that you were to collect the keys from "Palm Beach Hotel".

Anyway when we finally arrived our transfer coach just dropped us off outside the Vacanza with our 4 cases. At the front of the building there is a rather high blue security gate which has only a few doors.

The trouble was to enter the door you either needed a key to open it or use a code! We stood outside for around 10 mins trying to work out what to do or to get somebody’s attention to open the gate for us!

There seemed to be no staff anywhere and what was support to happen with no reception! We finally found the signs for Palm Beach Hotel which the reviews told us we were meant to collect our keys from so we hauled all 4 cases up this steep hill in the boiling heat!

We were all knackered from flying and were becoming increasingly frustrated. When we eventually got outside and into Palm Beach reception we were told by a very arrogant man that he could not give us the keys as his time for handing them out had finished! He gave us a small and very unuseful map and told us to go to the Vacanza Office. About 20 away from the actual Hotel near the beach front.

We couldn’t possibly all pull the cases around so we went to the Palm Beach Bar. Whilst a member of our party agreed he'd like to go and see where the office is to get the bloody keys! After another 1hour wait he finally returned so we took straight back off again down the "Cardiac Hill"!!

So here we were again back outside the Vacanza Gates only problem was this time the key wouldn’t go in the lock! And we never got told a code for the entry system. Just as we were about to go mad this very kind and helpful group of young Irish lads got out a taxi and told us that they had the same problem when they arrived and after a week of living there still didn’t know how to get in at night!

When they found a guard with a key they held the door open and we eventually got inside! Only to be told that the writing on the key keying didn’t match any of the floor or room numbers in the Vacanza!

The one and only worker in the Vacanza told us that the keys we had were for the Capri Apartments 5 mins along the road. This only got our temper higher so in a very rushed exit out the Vacanza we had to pull all the cases once more along a road for about 10 mins! And the sun was still boiling!

With each of us all very annoyed I began to wish we were in another hotel and was starting to feel like coming home! When we eventually found The Capri the gate was already open so we got inside easier. There was another door to get into the apartments which was locked. You could either open it with your key or there was an entry system on the wall but once again we didn’t have the code for it! Our key did fit in this door however so we knew we mush be in the correct place now! The Key Had 16F On It so we gathered we were on the 16th floor.

Once we found the door we waited outside it for the rest of our party to pile out the lifts with there cases. Just as I was beginning to feel better we couldn’t get the key into the lock!

Another disaster so we all went back downstairs up the 30 steps next to the pool up some more sets of stairs and to the lifts in the back block(also referred to as San Marino) only to find out that this time that building only when up to 12!!

With 4 cases to pull around again the stress of it all took its toll and I desperately wanted to go home on the next flight. An English man could tell that I was very distresses and by looking at our cases asked if we had found our room yet I showed him the key and he told us that it was the 1st block the one where we went to start with.

He also said that the door had a double lock and you had to wiggly the key in before you could unlock it. We once again and for the very last time! Lifted all our cases down the steps and back up to the 16th floor!

We just prayed that the door would open and on our last attempt it finally did and the apartment was absolutely beautiful!

Very big and it was well decorated and supplied you with all the things needed there was even a washing machine which was very useful!

The Balcony was massive and we had the most amazing view of Levante beach. In The End the struggle to get there was well worth it and the apartments I can truthfully say were the best I have ever stayed in.

They would be even better though if only they had a reception and some staff to inform you or tell you where to go! I have now been home a day and found out on the internet 5mins ago that the Capri is actually named Vacanza 2 on most websites and was actually must more expensive so in a way we got the better hand. So people who have booked for Vacanza 2 the apartment is not called that at all! It’s Capri!!!

Make sure you take note of this as there is absolutely no one there to help you or to inform you of this when you arrive!

All in all we ended up having a very good family holiday with the entire entertainment close by. The only down points I found were the no reception, no staff to show you around, no bar by the pool (we used to take our own things), and the kids aren’t supposed to have lilos or balls in the pool! I just rebelled though and done it as there was no one there to tell you off just a sign of do's and don’ts on the gate and the last was that there were no sun beds by the pool so we just bought a 2euro lilo and lay on that.

Overall we did have a truly amazing time in Benidorm even though we had a large hiccup at the beginning all made up for itself and I can gladly confirm I would defiantly go back to the Capri!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Self Catering, booked with Alpha

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4 / 10
Our flight was delayed so we arrived...

"Our flight was delayed so we arrived at the Vacanza apartments after the reception had closed.

We had read reviews that advised reception was in the centre of Benidorm and the travel company who booked our flights and accommodation advised us that out of hours you collect your keys from the Palm Beach Hotel (next hotel along from Vacanza).

We got off the bus, bags taken off and just left - not advised by driver where the hotel was. We stood outside the locked gates for about 15 minutes until an English family who had arrived a few days earlier came, let us in to block while two of my friends went to the next hotel to collect keys.

We had arrived on the Saturday and along with the room keys we were given instructions that we must go into Benidorm centre to reception to pay 100 Euro security deposit within 24 hours or we would be removed from property with door lock changed.

On the info we were given with the keys it did state the reception was closed on a Sunday, so we were left worried at to if we went out would we come back and not be able to access room!

We received a map with our room key to find reception so we went on the Monday to pay deposit and request key for safety deposit box - the lady in reception very unhelpful, she advised she could not find key but would contact colleague and call me on my mobile - still awaiting the call!!!

We also asked about keeping our room on and paying extra as we weren't going to be picked up on our return until 16.30 and room needed to be vacated at 10.00am - the lady in reception advised it was not possible and did not seek any alternative options for us.

The room itself was lovely and clean, two bedroom, one with en suite, very spacious for the 4 of us. Pool was nice and clean, though no lilos allowed to be used. Whilst speaking to an English lady round the pool she advised all UK tour operators have now pulled out of these apartments, hence the snack bar not being open and no sunbeds to lie on.

ADVICE: Take or buy a lilo or your beach towels get really dirty lying on the grass! You can wash them in the washing machines in the room providing when you try and turn it on it doesn't trip the lights and plugs - nothing done to repair this.

Complex had very few English tourists, looks like quite a lot of the block has been sold off to Spanish maybe why the UK tour operators have pulled out. Please make sure you shower before entering the pool to avoid the lifeguard blowing her whistle and shouting at you! After midnight don't breathe too loudly on your balcony or your risk having a torch flashed in your eyes from security that patrol the grounds.

Benidorm town centre only ten min walk down a hill, not too far and has some good pubs, walking back up can be a nightmare so would not recommend to families/elderly.

On our last day we vacated room, and as on the complex there are no toilet/shower facilities near pool area, we got a taxi to airport and waited 4 hours for check in to open.

We wouldn't have minded just sitting round the pool if we could have got to it as it the Vacanza block, you come down stairs/lift to ground floor then need your key to get round the pool area, - and silly really they should only have locked access on the external gates!

Even if we were able to get round the pool area having to sit 6 and half hours without the use of a toilet would not have been possible - and if we had left the complex to go to a pub to use the facilities we would have not been able to get back in and would've had to trail our cases round all day.

I won't be going back to the Vacanza apartments.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
5 of us went here aged 19-23. Had the...

"5 of us went here aged 19-23. Had the worst time of my life and 2 of us flew home 3 days early.

Bath was leaking and the toilet was blocked on the 1st night. There was no reception so we couldn’t make a complaint. There was an office somewhere but we weren’t told where this was.

The place was an absolute ghost town and we only saw 5 English people the whole time we were there and they weren’t in our block.

To top it all off the pool was closed.

We have stopped in dumps as we are not fussy but this place took the mick!

If ya want to enjoy yourself and meet other people don’t go here. But if you are a loner and like crap rooms this is definitely the place for you.

  • Holiday details: May 2007, Self Catering, booked with Alpha Rooms

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8 / 10
We were wary about staying here after...

"We were wary about staying here after reading some of the bad reviews.

We (5 blokes) stayed at the Monaco Apartments within the Vacanza Apartments and could not fault them apart from that the balcony door would not lock and we had to improvise to lock it, as it still did not get fixed after we had reported it.

We were £190 for 9 nights for 5 adults which I thought was very reasonable. We arrived at 10.30pm but knew to collect the key at the nearby Palm Beach Hotel.

I had to go to the office to pay 100 Euros deposit but had no problem getting it back.

The apartment had 2 bedrooms, one en-suite and all the facilities. Although there was no maid service for the 10 days, it doesn't take 5 minutes to throw washing in the machine or give the floors a quick mop, after all you are self-catering.

There was a supermarket along the road and about 10 minutes away was the indoor market where food was cheaper. If you did not want to eat in there was a few British pubs just down the road.

The Yorkshire Pride II was great value. A main meal there was about 5 Euros and it was a large helping. I like my food but still had to leave some. A security guard roams the complex at night and we were told a few times to keep the noise down but saying that we were a bit loud coming in at all hours of the morning.

The pool seemed to be getting repaired and it was massive and if filled we would have stayed there more during the day.

The beach was about 20 minutes away.

All in all we would have no problems going back to these apartments.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007, Self Catering, booked with Holidayrooms Direct

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8 / 10
After reading the reviews on this...

"After reading the reviews on this apartment, we were not looking forward to our holiday and we were so close to trying to cancel/change.

When we got to the complex we were dropped off at the main gates and the rep was not there to meet us. Eventually the rep came and had been waiting for us at a different set of gates.

We had to pull all our luggage up the hill to the side entrance and with having a one year old this was not enjoyable!

Eventually we got into our apartment and we could not fault it. We actually stayed in the Vacanza building (there is San Marino and Monte Carlo also).

There were 5 adults in our group and a one year old. The apartment was spacious, had 2 bedrooms and one was en-suite. We had a good living space with dining table and TV and the kitchen had good appliances including a washing machine (very handy!)

The balcony was very spacious and we had a great view of the two lovely pools.

The pools were really clean and it cost 10€ to hire a sun lounger for the day.

The complex reception was in the town, but it was a nice walk along the beach front to get to it, but not a nice walk if you just need to go for an enquiry.

Benidorm itself was lovely and there was plenty of entertainment!

The only downside to the accommodation was the long walk up the hill back to the apartment after a long day/night out!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, Self Catering, booked with First Choice

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5 / 10
Well where to begin. No reception....

"Well where to begin.

No reception. Luckily we had read reviews and people had pointed out where to get the key from, but quite often we would go out at night and people would be standing on the pavement having no clue what to do, and not able to get through the security gate. Apartment fab, there were 6 of us, we had a big 2 bed 2 bathroom apartment. However, it was never cleaned, we had to use the same towels for a whole week, and we had to buy our own loo roll.

The pool had been drained the day before we got there, we had no notification of this from our agent. It was a shame as it was beautiful looking, and huge.

The security guard shouted at us every night, followed us to our room one night and kicked the door when my friend tried to shut it. Nightmare.

As I say the apartment was nice, it was about a 15 min walk into the town/beach.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Room Only, booked with Lowcost beds

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3 / 10
I have just arrived back after...

"I have just arrived back after spending 1 week at the Vacanza apartments with 5 of my friends (that is a party of 6 ladies), luckily 1 day before we arrived one member of the party happened to read a review which informed us of where we had to collect our keys from (we saw many groups arrive after us with no idea at all how to gain access to the complex), there was no reception in fact we didn't see 1 member of the staff the whole time we were there, apart from a security guard at night who one night marched up to our room to tell us to be quiet where he was very abusive and intimidating towards us threatening to get the police to evict us (we were 6 girls in Benidorm having a good time of cause we are going to make a little bit of noise coming in at night!!!)

The apartment itself was a very good size, We never had our apartment cleaned once or any change of linen, the pool was out of order which we weren’t informed about before our stay!!

While we all had a very good holiday that was down to the company we kept rather that down to Vacanza apartments I definitely wouldn't recommend anyone to stay here!!!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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2 / 10
Apartments are fully equipped but no...

"Apartments are fully equipped but no shelves or mirror cabinets in bathroom. You need to provide your own matches for the cooker hob. Maid service only comes about every 9 days useless.

No telephones within complex, no reception. Every night the main gates are locked from 12.00am. Not able to sleep at night due to too much noise from main street and nobody seems to care or take notice.

The beach is about 15 min walk but that’s if you want heavy rocks and stones in the sea, very dangerous. If you want sandy beach the walk is about 1 hour there and back in the heat.

The hill leading down from the apts is not to bad, but going up the hill is a killer. Not good for elderly or families. In some of the apts they have got the old style boilers which are very dangerous you need to keep the door closed in case of fumes. These boilers do not exist in this country any longer. You need to pay a breakage deposit of 100 euros to the main office which is about 30 min walk. We will never go again.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
The rooms cannot be faulted, ours was...

"The rooms cannot be faulted, ours was for seven and was easily big enough with two decent bathrooms and a good sized kitchen. The balcony was huge as well!

Admittedly the place to pick your keys up is not at the hotel but it only cost us about 6 euro for a taxi to the place and back, not exactly a fortune! And the hill is only about 200yards long so not really much of a problem.

The pool is probably the best I’ve ever seen in a Spanish hotel, again the only downside was not being allowed lilos and balls in the pool!

Overall, the rooms are flawless and so long as you don’t mind not having a receptionist and staff running around all over the place the Vacanza is perfect.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
I thought this hotel was great. I...

"I thought this hotel was great. I went with 5 girl mates but its suited for both families and younger ones however can be noisy in the height of the season. There are a lot of gates which can be good for security but bad because if you have lost keys you can’t get in. It’s on a slight hill but nothing to hard work it’s not that bad.

It has a supermarket across the road which is really handy, in this hotel it has public phones makes it easier. Everything is a ten minute walk i.e. beach, town centre etc However all the way down to the beach and town centre there is shops, bars, cafe's, restaurants and everything you need even a place to get your photos done.

The only thing I could fault is the reception, if you are in desperate need to speak to your rep the reception is a walk down to the main street However there are cleaners and security men at night they help you with anything also if something in your room has broken people are there right away to fix it.

Overall the rooms were clean (not with 5 girls sharing though) outside the hotel was really clean and pool was the cleanest and biggest I’ve seen. Would definitely go again!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Self Catering, booked with First Choice

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