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8 / 10
Good value for money

"We recently stayed at the hotel for one week. For the money we paid the hotel was very good value. It is very dated, but our room was large and clean with a nice area outside to sit and watch the sunset. All rooms are bungalow style.

The hotel is sited in an ideal position, right on the Nile and in the middle of town.

For us, the downside of the hotel was the restaurant service, which was terrible. The food was good, but we had to wait....

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007

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4 / 10
Isis Hotel - not 4 star

"We stayed at the Isis Hotel in Aswan for only one night.

It is rated as a 4 star because it is right on the Nile, but the bungalow type rooms are 2 star. The rooms were clean but so dated., the bathroom was OK. The pool area was lovely with a terrace overlooking the Nile and the Island across the way. The pool bar was also very good with cold drinks and dips etc on order. We had to leave

early in the morning to catch the plane to Abu Simbel and we were given a breakfast pack from the Hotel to take with us to eat on the way in the van.

There is an Italian restaurant there also that we had lunch in and that was ok also. The small jewellery shop was nice too.

It is in a very good position with banks and exchange places right across the road and is a short walking distance to the Bazaar. It has

a few restaurants along side it on the river. The Mona Lisa and the Aswan Moon where we ate one night.

They could totally refurbish this Hotel and it would be great.

Because we were only there for one night of our tour, it was ok but if you are staying longer, I would definitely stay at a 5 star.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007

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7 / 10
Fabulous location - right on the...

"Fabulous location - right on the banks of the Nile River.

We booked 2 rooms independently for 4 nights and were warned by the agent in Cairo that he had received complaints from American guests 2 weeks before our departure. He wanted to move us to the Basma Hotel but as we had stayed in Aswan previously we knew this to be too far out of the resort for our short visit. After asking if the complaints were regarding cleanliness or about the food and being advised no - it was service issues, we decided to stay with our choice.

The hotel was great, the pool was right by the Nile with a raised verandah to have our evening drinks before setting off out to try the local eateries.

However, breakfast service was laughable and could take anything up to 90 minutes for 4 of us to choose from a choice of 6 things from the menu, be served and eat. Service meant bringing the coffee / tea, the choice of fruit, cereal, eggs or croissants. We were lucky to get the right cutlery on the table let alone finding we had all the necessary crockery!

All in all, we had a great time and spent most of our breakfast times - by taking the relevant crockery and cutlery from the surrounding tables.

The staff are lovely and the hotel was almost empty apart from us and a few other couples. Probably most of them had been moved to the Basma.

We would certainly go back again, for the location alone....

It was clean, the linen was changed everyday and the rest of the service within the hotel was fine.

Most of all - it was cheap for us. We paid $25per person per night to be able to sleep by Egypt's main artery and to watch the sunset every evening. Awesome!

  • Holiday details: May 2007, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently

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2 / 10
Broken Aircon

"I stayed there for two nights. The rooms aren't bad, the pool is nice, and the location is good. However, the aircon was broken, and no apology was forthcoming - in high 30s degree heat! They also lied to one of my tour party and said they'd send an engineer to fix it. Two hours later, no engineer. After a further inquiry, they admitted it couldn't be fixed that night. Go elsewhere."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007

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2 / 10

"Awful hotel. They are apparently 4 star but the staff at the reception are unfriendly, the service is practically non-existent and the building is falling apart.

Our room was made up but was filthy. The floors were dusty and there was hair on out fresh sheets. The bathroom door was broken and couldn't even be shut. There was no soap in the bath and the shower curtain was riddled with mildew.

We were coerced to leave our bags at the reception at check-in and only received it at our room more than half-an-hour and 2 phone calls later.

The so-called room service requires you to sit outside your room and place your orders with a waiter. We had to wait 45 mins for our drinks and more than an hour for our spaghetti. It was a pathetic dish with hardly any sauce and was partly cold because they probably just microwaved some ready-made / old food!

Don't stay here. It'll ruin your holiday. It's more like a 1-star motel - NOT a 4-star hotel.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007

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4 / 10
Hotel Staff Are Racist

"the security staff practise discrimination against asians.

our bags were thoroughly searched while all european guests entered without their bags touched.

then they tried to shove me and my family in a cramped backroom even though we had paid for two room.

i pointed this out to the manager who i think couldnt read english and then put matters right. be careful, they are all racists.


  • Holiday details: Dec 2006

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2 / 10
Terrible Hotel

"My travel agent booked me into this hotel the night before my Nile River cruise. It is the worst hotel I have stayed in - in recent memory. It was old and dated, unkept, poorly equiped, bad bed - I could go on and on - and it was only for one night - THANKFULLY. The breakfast was TERRIBLE (Arab breakfast mostly) - I walked in and walked out after looking at it. Unfortunately there are not many decent hotels to stay in Aswan since the country's President does not want anyone to compete with his family owned hotel (The Old Cataract). Apparently according to a local who fearfully told me this "secret" that construction was stopped 5 years ago on one new hotel because of it's threat to the The Old Cataract. It now sits as an unfinished eyesore on an island on the Nile in Aswan because of this - what a pity."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2006

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8 / 10
Problems with frontdesk people

"I booked two nights at Isis Hotel through a well known hotel reaservation website, at a cost of €49 per night, on halfboard basis, for two persons.

My original plan was to travel by bus to Abu Simbel after these two nights, and to stay there overnight. Since my wife was too tired, I decided to go there by plane and fly back to Aswan. Therefore, I asked at the reception desk for an extra night. It's important to point out that the hotel has about 100 rooms and no more than 3 or 4 were occupied (we rarely see any other guests at the dining room or at the swimming pool).

When I asked for a third night, I was told that the cost would be €80 on B&B basis, progressively reduced to €60 after I argued that I had paid 49 for the previous nights, with half board. I was also advised that payment should be in cash.

Therefore I decided to try to book again with the travel agency through Internet, which I considered was difficult due to lack of time. The Website initially accepted my request but advised me, some hours later, that "after submitting the room request to the Hotel, they advise us of an unexpected overbooking". This, while the hotel was practically empty !

Finally, I took the option to move to another Hotel, realizing that the reception people of Isis Hotel was trying to make some private business on myself. What was the reason for requesting a CASH PAYMENT ??. A four stars Hotel always accepts Credit Cards, even in Egypt.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006

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4 / 10
Lovely position but otherwise not great

"The location of this hotel was fantastic but it is tatty and it may be coincidence but it was after staying here that quite afew of our party came down with stomache problems. I would avoid the salad if I were you. Also my son slipped by the pool on very sharp steps and bruised himself very badly. The credit card machine did not work which could have been disastrous as we checked out at 2.30 in the morning before a trip to Abu Simbel. Breakfast was good though and Aswan is a lovely place to visit"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2006

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8 / 10
A vacation from the 5 star hotels

"My frist reaction was "what a dump". However the location was right on the Nile in an excellent location for walking around Aswan (which is a great experience) and there was not a tour group in sight. The hotel has undergone some renovations but is still pretty shabby. The rooms have been painted, new tiles have been installed in the bathrooms but the plumbing is still questionable. Still, after my initial shock, I came to love my stay here. For one thing the entire staff could not have been more friendly. Also, the restaurant food was excellent in a "down home" way.

During the night I discovered a huge black bug walking around the rim of the bath tub. My first reaction was to search for a club but I decided that this was really his space and I was the visiter. Sadly, in the morning I found him dead lying face up in the tub. I suppose he either died of old age or jumped from the rim to his death.

Finally, when checking out I discovered that the credit card connection was down so I had to pay in cash. This was no problem as I was prepared for most glitches.

Now, if you want the 5 star treatment don't stay here but if you want some adventure and lots of fun at a give-away price give it a try. I frankly loved my stay at the Isis.


  • Holiday details: Nov 2005

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6 / 10
Pretty Shabby, more 2 star than 4!

"Officially this is a 4 star hotel, but in reality is a 2 star standard. Which is ok, as long as you can get a good deal on the room. Our beds had no spring, hot water wasn't working on night one, the curtains broke, fridge smelt off. Breakfast was sparce, service is VERY slow, plates and cups were't clean. Location is great on the nile, but this is about it. Satellite TV is only BBC and CNN, channel two reception was full of haze. Not a disgusting place, just be aware you are not getting a 4 star hotel here!! :>"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005

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