Kiotari Bay Miraluna Hotel

Kiotari beach South Rhodes, Rhodes 85109, Greece
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one of the best holidays

" we was very impressed with the hotel, we had a superior room with a sea view. its was very clean, maid service daily, so clean sheets and towels each day. food was top quality. lots of choice for all nationalities!

staff were very helpful and curtious. 4 different pool areas to choose from, the entertainment team, Animation were brill, made our holiday.

There was lots of things for chidren as well, as well as their own pool area, where parents could keep an eye and sunbath and relax too. There was also a kids club daily

to keep them occupied!

our experience at the hotel was second to none, Rhodes is a beautiful island. car hire at the hotel is provided, at very good rates, i would recommended hiring a car, as the bus service is not great!

you can not change your monies at the hotel, as a service is not provided for this, and there is no where near to do this, the euro is very bad there to change and commission is charged!

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with JetlineTravel
  • Advice: a currency changing service in the hotel!
  • Good For: Beach
9 / 10

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"Me and my family really enjoyed our 2 weeks at the Miraluna village! The staff we so helpfull and friendly and always made an extra effort.The food was 5 star, a buffet restraunt, 3 tavernas( for all day snacking!), a chef preparing speciality pastas at the buffet, a la carte restraunt and another smaller buffet restraunt ( perfect for a more quite relaxed dinner).The room was cleaned daily and the maids put in extra effort to tidy the room.Fresh sheets and towels every day.The air con was good and cool, although the second room (in the family room) did not have its own box therefore we had to leave the door, that seperated the rooms, open during the night to keep both rooms cool.The balcony was lovely with spectacular views.There was 8 clean pools with plenty of sun loungers around and space, with small water falls, and in one pool a large pirate ship - great for the kids, also there was fancy shower sprayers in one pool - great too cool down under as the temperature regulary went over 40 degrees celcius!You can also book a room with a small private pool. The entertainment team were superb, with many water and dry activities during the day and shows on in the evening there was also a guitarist/ singer in the cocktail bar who was very good!Activites during the day included-

aquagym, darts, water volley, beach volley, kids club, mini golf and lots more. The beach ( a minutes stroll away) was stone, but beautiful with a watersports club on the shore.Sunbeds were also available on the beach.Overall the holiday was really enjoyable for the whole family! Perfect for familys or couples, something for everyone.Would definatley recommend!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: The perfect holiday for anyone.
  • Good For: Beach
9 / 10

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Brilliant holiday

"We arrived on July 4th and left on 11th. Only drawbwack was nothing but pay bar was available on arrival after midnight and we were hungry!

Room was huge and clean. Food, drinks, wine, beer available 7am - midnight. No restriction. Children can help themselves to ice-cream all day. Choice of restaurants on all-inclusive. Wide choice of food at each meal, all very good. Daily ethnic meal. Children's entertainment appeared to be good - did not manage to find adult evening entertainment, though. ( World Cup?)

Lots of swimming pools.

No shops or restaurants in the vicinity spart from small hotel shop.

Gym available, as was spa and hairdresser.

Lovely holiday- would recommend.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Recommended.
8 / 10

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i had an amazing time

"this resort was lovely everyone was so nice and friendly they had lots of activities there and i was really happy to be there we stayed in a lovely hotel which i so amzin"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: this resotrt is fab
  • Activities: the bar was lush
  • Good For: Beach
10 / 10

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A Fantastic Holiday

"We arrived at the Kiotari Bay / Miraluna hotel in the middle of the night excited but also apprehensive to what laid in wait at the "hotel" I had read lots of reviews a week before the holiday and could not find one good review. The reviews in the past were obviously out of date,the hotel was great the food was good,the entertainment was good the room was not amazing but was clean and had all that we needed, the balcony we had to share which was not a problem because the other family were out most of the time, but if they weren't the balcony's are not that big and may of been a pain to share. In the past a lot of bad reviews stated that the Kiotari and The Miraluna Bay were run as to different Hotels with different restaurants and so on, the hotel is now ran as one and we didnt experience any of the "them" and "us" that other reviews from holiday makers had experienced in the past of a divide in the two hotels.The bad points which were a pain were having to wait for tables for food we were a big party and went on holiday together and we wanted to eat together so in the second week when the hotel was a lot busier this could be a pain. The hotel also could of done with a few more staff also to serve drinks and to clear tables as it was really busy. Over all we had a really good holiday and it was a good four star if not plus hotel we have been too five star hotels in the past that have not been so good."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
9 / 10

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Hot and bothered!!!!

"My husband, two boys (10 & 15) and I, arrived at 11.30pm. At reception we were handed a poorly photocopied map of the site and pointed in the general direction of our accommodation - there was no offer of help with the cases. After 20 mins of walking round a rather large site, with extremely poor lighting we admitted defeat and returned to reception. At this point, the receptionist did come out and guide us to the correct block. After managing two suitcases up two flights of stairs - we were delighted to find a lift as our room was situated on the third floor - however....the lift didnt work! Infact the lift worked on and off throughout our stay. We eventually got to the room, which was clean and basic but unbelievably warm - it was very apparent that the air conditioning was not working. Deciding it would all be better in the morning, we tried to get some sleep - but the oppressive heat was too much - my husband went to reception to let them know and we had a very concerned night receptionist come to experience the non-operating air conditioning unit, whilst he agreed it wasnt working (gee thanks!)we were told nothing could be done until the next morning. Unsurprisingly, none of us got any sleep that night. After much hanging about the next day we were offered 'an upgrade' which would cost us an extra 10 Euros per day, on visiting the new room - the only difference we could see was that the air con worked and there was a dvd player! After a bit of a fuss an engineer was despatched to fix our air con unit. At least it worked after that, but it wasnt great - it certainly wasnt a large enough unit to cool the two rooms meaning we had to drag a mattress into our room for the boys to sleep top to tail, we then closed the other room off leaving a smaller area to be cooled - it was at least tolerable after that. On speaking to other holiday makers, a vast number experienced similar difficulties with their air con. Clean towels and bedsheets were regularly changed.

The food was varied, hot snd there was something for everyone - even the fussiest of eaters. As with every all-inclusive holiday, it all gets a bit 'samey' after about 5 days, but thats to be expected. The catering and waiting staff are very professional and hard working. The drinks were poor, orange juice was no more than cordial, the other soft drinks were of a low quality. The selection of alcoholic drinks was at best uninspiring.

The animation team work really hard, they're young and enthusiastic. However, the entertainment in the evening was poor but you make the best of it as you're a bit of a captive audience there! Not too many alternative venues around.

The pools were good, the children loved that side of the holiday. The nearby beach was shingle/gravel, but was a nice alternative to the pool.

On the whole a reasonable week in the sun, you're a bit captive on the site, with very little around - we could have done without the air con issue which ruined our first night and took quite a bit of persistence on our part to get it resolved!

7 / 10

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Greatest Holiday Yet

"My family and I returned home from Miraluna Hotel on the 22/7/09. Our time there was fantastic. During the day there were activities such as Aqua Gym, Volley Ball and water polo and more. The room I stayed in with my Parents was lovely (the air conditioning could have been better). Also the ride to the room is funny. One bad thing about the room was that cockroaches got up through the toilet pipes. But we killed them afterwards. At mealtimes the food was lovely I kept going back for seconds. The food isn't all greek there's lots of variety. At Dinner the greek corner is open at the top of the restaurant. Some nights we went to the snack bars. The snack bar beside the water park there isn't anything appetising but don't worry because there is another near the entrance which is great. You can get chips burgers and ice-cream. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays there is a disco on at the club which is for children and adults. The entertainment there is great my Favourite was "40 minutes" where they only have a certain time to change into a different costume which is hillarious. Also the entertainment crew are fantastic especially Judith as she gets people involed in the different activities. This resort is great for the beach as it is only a 5minute walk. If you fancy going shopping Pefkos and Lindos are great places to visit. We went to Lindos for a whole day which was lovely. This Hotel is definately based for families. It is fantastic and we are wanting to go back next year. It was "The Greatest Holiday Yet"."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Great place but no shops in the place.
  • Good For: Beach
9 / 10

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A friend and I have just returned...

"A friend and I have just returned from our Holiday at Kiotari Bay Hotel. Having read reviews on this hotel before we left I was a little worried. We were booked into Miraluna which is supposed to be the 5* but we were put into Kiotari 3* although we had bands on and could use both hotels.

We did think about asking to be moved but we enjoyed where we were, we had a ground level room close to the pool so was handy during the day and we worked out that Miraluna was prodominantly Germans, where as Kiotari had English, Russian, Polish and other nationalities, who were all very friendly.

The food was ok, did get a bit repetitive but there was always something we would eat, and there was always plenty of fresh fruit.

The Animation team were good fun and got us involved in daily activities, Stretching, water gym, water polo, darts, etc but at the same time they were not too pushy, so if you want lazy days you can (we did for the first couple of days!)

The evening entertainment was ok, they had a couple of very good acts on while we were there and we didnt go down every night as didnt start till gone 10pm.

From what we saw and heard, the kids entertainment was great and there was a pirate pool which looked fab.

The hotel had plenty of pools and none of them ever got too crowded. There was always plenty of sun loungers so you could move around during the day if you wanted to.

My friend and I went for a relaxed holiday and thats what we got. I wouldnt recommend it if you want to party every night although we did find a nice bar locally and am sure there are a few local bars around and Falaraki is about an hours drive away.

I would recommend this hotel to anyone and I would consider going back if i wanted another relaxing holiday.

9 / 10

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Kiotari Miraluna

"We had a good stay at this hotel and really enjoyed ourselves. The staff were lovely - quite happy to chat and to teach us some greek too.

Rooms - 5 of us were in a family room - the kids slept in the bedroom and husband and I slept in the 'lounge' so we could sit out on the terrace in the evening when the kids were in bed.

Rooms cleaned daily, cheery little maid we had, and always cleaned well.

Pools - cleaned every morning. Me and my daughter were always waiting for it to be cleaned to dive in, and the cleaner went out of his way to come to our sunbeds and announce 'in the pool!' - nice touch! Pools got busy but not over-crowded. Sunbed booking was an issue: I was always up and on the bed by 7.30 (peace to read!) and nearly all the beds were booked by then. people frequently did not appear until noon...

Food -was fine. Sometimes not hot but I would just wait until a new hot plate was taken out and then go up. Good selection with pasta and chips daily, but veggies rotated and main dishes changing daily. yes if you ate the saem thing every day it could get repetitive but those intelligent ones would take different stuff every day (including my very fussy kids and my vegetarian self) and so not have that issue. We also ate in the a la carte (unlimited visits) and that was very nice with the starters and desserts changing - although mains were fish, beef, or veg moussaka all the time. Loved the late night pizza!

Drinks - the cola was not good but the wine (on tap) was okay, the orange juice and fizzy orange nice, water on tap and the local beer was cold and fresh! Local brandy also went down a treat.

Entertainment: Animation Team were great fun. Christina did water gym, stretching, salsa lessons while the boys did water polo, water volleyball, football, beach volleyball, crazy games and quizzes. Lots of fun and always the same people joining in, so made some new friends. Jo did the kids animation and they had darts, football, table tennis etc.

Evening entertainment not spectacular. Little ones liked mini disco and the shows which followed were entertaining - just not fabulous or world class.

First Choice Kids Club - excellent! Oldest went to Wavelength and made lots of friends and had fun activities. Little ones were SuperStars and again loved it - also did educational stuff so we learnt about bugs, hawaiian traditions and superheros.

Overall would say this was a 3 start rather than 4 star. Make the holioday fun, go with a good attitude and enjoy! I have read so many mixed reports and went with a 'holiday is what you make it' attitude. Would I go back? Yes I would as loved the entertainment, layout, cleanliness and the lovely friendly staff.

8 / 10

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Fabulous holiday

"Myself, husband and 3 children have just returned from a 14 night stay in the miraluna hotel, Kiotari. We had the most amazing time. We booked through First Choice, and had read reviews about the 2 different hotels. The Kiotari Bay hotel is adjacent, and we were able to use facilities for both. Both hotels were fantastic, however the Miraluna facilities (snack bar, pools etc) appeared a better class, hygiene was definately better at the miraluna. The food provided in all areas was plentiful, and lovely. The children could always find something they liked. Food was always nicely presented, fresh and hot. The coctail bar (miraluna only) was brilliant. It is managed by Manos, who makes the best cocktails ever!. We had a fabulous room, our king size bed was upstairs, the 3 kids singles downstairs. We had a private pool out the back with fantastic sea/pool views. The staff were all very friendly, the First choice kids club reps were worth their weight in gold. A great group of qualified stars who provided endless fun for all the kids!!. We managed some 'peaceful' meals as a couple in the knowledge the children were being very well cared for, and enjoying meeting new friends.

The weather was VERY HOT...which we loved! The beach was beautiful, shingle, but we didn't mind as we went on a trip to a beautiful sandy beach one day in nearby Sambuki.

The hotels never seemed busy, amazing as it was 13th-27th august. We've been on alot of holidays over the years, and this by far was the best!

10 / 10

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Not What You Would Expect!

"Swearing staff, bugs in beds, double booked rooms, slippery floors, poo in the pool, left over food.

Everything you don't expect in a 5 star Hotel- but be aware, it is like this.

We arrived on a plane at 3am and expected a room as soon as we got to the Hotel. Nope. There are two hotel complexes. We were sent from one to one to one to one. Then we were told we could not have a room even though we booked. At about 6am we were offered 2 rooms- we went to one and it had germans still in it and anothor one had 3 beds. Theres 5 of us.

2 days later we had an extra small room with crammed in beds.But they gave us free trips.

Also- The kids club- Wavelenght- ruled. Niki and Dave made the bad holiday better with their constant fun.

Please do not expect a 5* hotel! Because it's not. It's 2* and expensive- watch out for white knuckle coach, bus and taxi rides!

4 / 10

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Don't book with First Choice

"Don't book with First Choice, you will not get the rooms you have paid for.

The Resort in two halves a 2 star and a 2.5 star. The food at the Miraluna the 2.5 star is pretty poor we actually found the food to be fresher and more varied in the Kiotari Bay.


The Miraluna rooms are OK, the Veranda option has to be taken when booking otherwise you will end up in the Kiotari. This is a First Choice speciality assuring you you will be in the Miraluna and the sticking you in the Kiotari when you get there, despite all the reassurances they give before you travel. You have been warned.


Forget it, its rocky, my daughter cut her foot on the first day needing 3 stitches. I must say the staff were very helpful


you have to pay for cocktails and drinks on the Beach. The included drinks are rubbish all the soft drinks are the correct colour but taste nothing like coke, lemonade or tonic etc. Same for the spirits.

If you are sticking to beer you will be OK. Wine on Draft is a novelty.

We were there for the forest fires, hello to all my fellow evacuees. First Choice were poor on this one, The German holiday makers were evacuated and in their new hotels by 6.00 PM. First Choice dumped us at Bubbles bar in Faleraki at 11.00 pm we were left there (we being 84 people, all families with young kids and babies) until 1.30am. The bar Man George who was not informed that we would be coming, was a star giving out beach towels to cover the kids as we were all outside and it was very windy.

First Choice assured us we would be reimbursed for all expenses due to the evacuation, we have written to them on our return and received a reply stating that no compensation will be given.

4 / 10

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