Mediterranee Hotel

Lassi, Kefalonia 28100, Greece
7.5  / 10
Average rating (29 reviews)
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8 / 10
The hotel room we had was newly...

"The hotel room we had was newly painted, fresh and in generally good repair. The bathroom looked newly tiled and fitted out as well. Room was spacious enough with two beds and fridge etc. We needed the air con on as it was in the 80's most of the week! Maids did the room every day and it was spotlessly clean.

Couldn't really fault the food as some others have, a good selection of starters and several different fish/meats plus a big selection of salads and desserts similar to what you would find in 4* Louis hotels we have been in. Everything seemed properly cooked also. Not suitable for chip/burger lovers though and there weren't any special meals for kids.

The only downside as far as we were concerned was that the walls were thin between the rooms and you could sometimes hear other peoples TV's and doors banging. The usual ceramic floor tiles mean you can hear people above if they drag chairs etc (we do like it quiet!).

Smoking is permitted in the foyer and a small corner of the restaurant. It seems smoking is practically compulsory for most Kefalonians.

Would have expected a better attempt at entertainment of some sort as one night of bingo and some bloke on a piano was all there was whilst we were there and the hotel seemed pretty full for the time of year. In general I would recommend this hotel

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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10 / 10
Just got back from Kefalonia a few...

"Just got back from Kefalonia a few weeks ago with my 2 friends. It was a great holiday and just wouldn't have been the same if we didn't stay at the Mediteranee! But it just didn't seem to be our luck in the first week. My friends luggage didn't arrive at the airport and the Libra rep really didn't seem bothered and was more worried about us not delaying the coach!

The room was really clean and fine to suit what we needed. The staff were really nice and made us feel welcome especially Chris, Sophia & Stellios. The only problem we had with the hotel was the maids. One afternoon we came up to our rooms for a bit and came back to find the maids in our room. We didn't think any of it just thought they were cleaning it, but then we realised all our stuff was gone! It turns out they thought we had requested to move rooms and packed up all our stuff and sent it off to another floor! They were rude to us calling us rude names in greek but we didn't let this ruin our holiday.

The pool and beach are really nice but at the pool the rules are definitely not allowed to be ignored. Step one foot out of line and Alex the Lifeguard will be straight over. You can't jump in, use floats, swim in lanes... the list goes on at one point it didn't seem like we were allowed to even breathe in there!

The food in both of the restaurants was really nice. There is the beach restaurant for lunch time which has the loveliest chef! If you are half board and you want to go out for a meal at night you can swap to having you lunch in the hotel as long as you give them notice. The hotel has a small supermarket to stock up on the pre-night-out drinks!

The nightlife in Lassi is really good. I wouldn't recommend Aqua Marina (just up the hill from the hotel) unless you like men playing accordions! We really loved Odysey Bar which is further up on the way to Argostoli. Tuesdays are the best their its karaoke & its always packed! Drinks are really cheap compared to everywhere else & they sell english makes like WKD & Strongbow. Another good place has definately got to be So Simple, it gets really good after 12 as they shut the doors and turn up the music! Drinks are quite expensive there though. Exclusive Bar is the place to go if you want a quiet atmosphere but good 90's - now music!

Overall our holiday was amazing and we are hoping to go back next July! I would recommend The Mediterannee to everyone!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Select, booked with Libra Holidays

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7 / 10
First visit to Kefalonia and was not...

"First visit to Kefalonia and was not disappointed. Very nice island with much to see. Our journey home was pretty vile though, as the airport is so small. I hate to think what it is like in the high season.

The hotel was very comfortable with a very good service from all staff. I dispute that this is a 4 star hotel though. We have stayed in 4 star hotels all around the med and the accommodation/food have been to a much higher standard.

The rooms were comfortable but tired looking, and the restaurant, albeit efficient and clean; let itself down with the quality of the food.

I was surprised at the price of alcoholic drinks which seemed a little too expensive. I think they were London prices. There was not much in the way of entertainment in the hotel but I assume this changes in high season.

Was not too keen on Lassi - thought it was a little bland.

All in all though it was a relaxing stay and the staff could not have been friendlier. The scenery was spectacular (we had a sea view). But as I could see it, the mountain view was pleasant in its own way.

I do not know if I would re-visit the island, or the hotel, as we try not to repeat holidays as it is a big world out there and much to see, but I can see its appeal and why people return.

  • Holiday details: May 2007, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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8 / 10
Well where do I start, I had heard so...

"Well where do I start, I had heard so much about the hotel from friends who had been there 5 years running, so my family decided to go there this year.

When we arrived I couldn’t believe the views the beaches and sea were so pretty and the lush green mountains really gave it a paradise feel. When we arrived at the 'Med' I was overwhelmed by the reception and lobby as it is so big! Like everyone else has been saying, the room decor is old-fashioned and looks a bit shabby, but the maid service is excellent so it is always clean.

The food is another excellent aspect, with lots of traditional Greek dishes. I would say the pool is also a bit old-fashioned on not that attractive, along with the beach cafe which looks horrible, but the beach is great and really safe. The people couldn’t be any nicer, and that is including the Greeks and the tourists, everyone seemed to be very laid back and friendly.

The resort of Lassi is ok, a few souvenir shops and many bars/restaurants, but not much night life for teens! I wouldn’t recommend this hotel for families with young children as there is no entertainment, activities or food for them, so they would be bored.

This place is ideal for couples of families with teens, as there were a lot when I went who seemed to be enjoying it. This is a very laid back type of holiday, which is really all you can expect if you want to go to a place like kefalonia. Long beach, which is not far from the Med, is busier with water sports and the nearby town of argostoli offers more shops, restaurants, bars etc as it is the capital and this is a short bus ride away.

Overall I think I would come here again and definitely have a sea-view room again as the views are gorgeous!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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4 / 10
Wouldn't stay there again

"We booked the hotel expecting a 4* and thinking that the standard of accommodation would be thus but... though the common areas and facilities were of a good standard and the staff great, the rooms were terrible. Really old furniture, the bathroom was tacky and the floors were really worn, and there was really no sound proofing between the rooms. I am really not one to complain (if I was I would've demanded from our agent that we change hotels) but the rooms really lower the level of the hotel to a 2*. I wouldn't stay there again - the island is lovely and so we had a great holiday (as I said, I am not one to complain) and would definitely return which is why whilst we were travelling around the island I had a look at a couple of other hotels and took their contact details for future reference. Beautiful beaches, each with its own landscape, charm and character but the holiday would've been so much better if we had other more comfortable upgraded accommodation. If you are willing to pay for 4* and you pay 4* you should get that."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006

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4 / 10
if you like 70's MFI you'll like this

"I read the reviews here after booking so was not expecting to love the place but nothing prepared me for the horror of the rooms. This hotel is supposed to be 4* but all people say is yes greek 4*, I wouldn't give it UK 2*. Staff lovely, helpful and friendly, first choice rep great, public areas quite nice but the rooms... eek! 70's MFI chipboard office furniture, small rooms, 2 people cannot walk around at once, double bed 4 foot so in hot climate a little snug!, air con very noisy but worked, bathroom functional though if over size 14 you wouldn't be able to sit down in bath, towels thin and frayed, room kept clean and towels/sheets changed every other day by freindly cleaners, cotton throw stained. View varied - we had car park described as mountain view..Assured that all rooms the same and 1 of the best hotels on the island! Pool area ok but long drop between top and water so not a pool to sit on the side of. nice beach, about the only real sand beach we could find (most seem like fine grit). Food - least said, very average mass prepared buffet style, lunch seems like v cheap beach cafe from 20 years ago at 2006 prices. prices in hotel mainly same as outside so don't feel ripped off in bar or shop. Very disappointed.. but if you don't intend to spend time in your room other than shower and sleep and eat outside then not a bad choice. Don't forget your beach towels, hotel doesn't supply and no home comforts you'd normally expect of 4* eg tea/coffee"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006

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8 / 10
Great Location

"Just returned from 1 week here. The hotel is what I would expect from the brochure ratings. It's not fantastic and its not lousy. It's very clean and the staff are all friendly. The food is of good quality and there is a varied selection although it gets a bit similar after a few nights. The rooms are functional but nothing fancy. Go for a sea view, its worth the extra to look over the clear blue waters.

My only real negative is that the bar is a bit boring in the evenings. There is entertainment a couple of nights a week but its not what you would call foot tapping. There are however plenty of good tavernas just up the hill. Its also just a short taxi ride to Argostoli

The big plus is the lovely beach which the hotel sits on, with its soft sand and clear waters for swimming.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006

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9 / 10
Kefalonia is a beautiful island. You...

"Kefalonia is a beautiful island. You can travel from one side of the island to the other by car in an hour. It has turquoise blue sea, golden sand and also wonderful quaint fishing harbours.

Usually we holiday in the Caribbean and America so we were dubious about going to Greece but both me and my partner were amazed at how beautiful it was, and it only took 3.5 hours to get there! It really is worth taking one of the island tours, you get to see so many wonderful places and stop of for lunch along the way. Our tour guide Tony was very funny and made the whole day even more enjoyable.

The Hotel Mediterranee is nice. Although the decors old fashioned to be honest, but it has a lovely feel to it and it's very clean. It's off the main 'High Street' where the restaurants, bars and shops are, down a hill, and set right on the beach. It has 2 restaurants. one for lunch/day time and another for dinner. The food was really nice and the service is excellent. All of the staff are welcoming, helpful and friendly.

The pool is quite small really, although really deep, and there's a pool bar where you can get alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks (including a cup of tea if you fancy one), they also serve crisps. The hotel was 90% full of older people but my partner and I didn't mind this as everyone was so friendly and chatty and we'd already had a lively holiday and just wanted to relax. Nearly everybody we met was on their 2nd or 3rd trip back. It's true, once people have been to Kefalonia they do want to keep going back.

I would say this holiday is for couples wanting a nice relaxing holiday, nice beeches, good local restaurants and bars, good excursions, and also for older people. There's not a nightclub in sight there, or a burger King, or Arcades. There's not a single tacky, touristy thing about Kefalonia, it really is an unspoiled part of Greece. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Michelle. Cambridge. UK. Age 27

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
This hotel is lovely, friendly,...

"This hotel is lovely, friendly, spacious, even if the rooms are a little tired and could do with a splash of paint to really make it 10/10, they are exceptionally clean. Everything from the pool to the bar, the entertainment, twice a week, the service, the beach was excellent.

The food was really good at lunch and breakfast, the dinner was very acceptable, but i would recommend going to the other restaurants on the Lassi strip, to taste the fantastic sea bass at the Monte Nero and the superb food and welcome at the Sirtaki restaurant. There is also a great little Italian pizzeria, off the side road, which did the best pizza I have ever tasted (a bit of a wait to get it, but worth it.)

The great thing about the hotel is that you swap your dinner for lunch and then try out the others restaurants in the evening. The Mediterranee has the best beach ever and Rosie the sun bed lady is really friendly and welcoming.

However, be warned if you have children! This is mainly a hotel for couples and older children. There isn't anything apart from the beach, pool, a table tennis table for the children. And if you children eat adult type food, then you will be fine, because they don't have anything separate for the children! We spent two weeks with our two children (ages 2 and 5) and had a great time, but I felt that they do need to start providing something for children (both entertainment and food wise) if they want more families to stay there.

We have been to Kefalonia 5 times and stayed at other hotels, if I was to go back again with my children (I would stay at the Mediterranee regardless of the more older clientele, simply because of the beach and the reception we got, which was excellent) Fortunately my children eat most things, and were quite entertaining to the other guests, but my son did get a little bored with just the beach every day!

  • Holiday details: May 2006, Half Board, booked with Thomson

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10 / 10
This is simply the best holiday...

"This is simply the best holiday anyone could wish for! Situated in Kefalonia (where the film, Captain Corelli's Mandolin was based), Lassi, the Hotel Meditarranee has everything you need on a holiday.

This four star plus hotel is right on a long sandy beach which has its own beach restaurant and watersports. Lassi itself is beautiful with lots of other beaches only a few minutes away as well as shops, restaurants, bars and a few clubs. What stood out for me about this holiday (because at the moment it is sounding a lot like any other) is the hotel.

Hotel meditarranee is simply the nicest, most friendly and relaxed hotel I have stayed at. The staff are lovely, the food provided at breakfast and evening is plentiful and varied, and the daytime and evening entertainment is lively and fun (but the entertainment team are not pushy if you do not want to get involved - which i always hate!)

This holiday was brilliant when i first went (5 years ago) and though I have always tried other holidays in the summertime, I always end up coming here as well because nothing meets up to my expectations this holiday has set. I shall be going again in 2006!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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6 / 10
Fairly Average

"Whilst this hotel is clean and pleasant enough, we were glad that we had managed to book our week break as a last minute deal and at a much discounted price than quoted in the brochure. The staff at the hotel despite the time of year (right at the end of the season) were very friendly and helpful. Our room was very clean and there was a good shower in the bathroom.

However the hotel would benefit from being updated as the decor is very seventies; from the dated furniture in the rooms (very uncomfortable beds) down to the tired and dull general areas. That said the other guests at the hotel whom were mostly much older (50+) did not seem to mind. Our room was on the third floor at the front of the hotel and the kitchens must have been located below as each morning and evening great wafts of cooking would perminate through the room.

We were on a halfboard basis but mostly ate out as the food was fairly average. In addition the guest seemed to enjoy table hopping and bantering about their shared trips earlier that day, not really my idea of a relaxing evening meal but we were very much in the minority

As for places to eat we particularly liked Casa Greco in Argostoli and the Chinese Dragon in Lassi (A strange choice I know, but the choices in Lassi are fairly limited with each place practically having identical menus.) Also worth a mention is the Dolphin Taverna in Sami were we had some great fresh sardines, octopus and squid for lunch.

Don't bother with the pool or the hotel beach, just down the road is the Makris Yialos beach which was great. Two loungers and an umbrella were only EUR7 a day. There's a snack bar which had good food and nice ice cold Amstels.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005

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6 / 10
some improvements needed

"I am quite puzzled by the rave reviews of this hotel on this site. I have just returned from Kefalonia and while I had a really good holiday, it's down to the beauty of the island and its people rather than the hotel itself I felt it was in need of a number of improvements for it to come anywhere near a 4 * even in Greece. So while I would recommend going to Lassi and staying in the Mediterranee it is really because there's nowhere else that's better there.

Let me tell it like it is and then you will be prepared for what's on offer.

The Lassi area is just a strip of road with a couple of supermarkets and bars and restaurants- but I would say that it is a really good place to stay because it's near the airport and there are a number of places you can visit from there without a car. Agostini is within walking distance or there's a bus every hour from near the hotel which is no hassle to catch. Plenty to see in Agostini. From Agostini you can catch a ferry to Luxori. It runs every half hour and costs only 1.40 euros, also hassle free.

The hotel has a nice bar and a large dining room. The pool is an ugly rectangular concrete one which takes me back to pools decades ago. Certainly not the kind you sit by and dangle you feet in when the weather gets too hot, but it was clean enough and never crowded. You never needed to book your sun bed as there were always plenty available around the pool however the beach sun beds were occupied by 11 which wasn't too bad either.

The beach itself is beautiful - water clear as crystal and gently sloping. The view from the beach restaurant was wonderful.

Food was just bearable- overcooked veg, nothing freshly made like they do in the Carribean. Certainly glad to come home for a decent meal. Hotl staff were very friendly and there was prompt service in the restaurants and bars.

The rooms were my main cause for compaint. They were spartan to say the least and definitely not what you'd expect in a 4*. The double bed was small the furnishings basic but we didn't spend much time there so after the initial shock we got use to it. At the first meeting with the rep we complained about the room, she said they were all like that and that people kept coming back so there was no real motivation to improve it. I feel that there should be more standardization of hotel classification so you would know what to expect anywhere in the world.

Another niggle - there was a real key to the hotel room and safe with the room number on both! It would have been so much better to have a safe with a combination lock so you didn't have to worry about leaving it around or losing it. Mind crime is very low there so we had no problem leaving things on the beds unattended. Also there were no pool towels provided.

My criticisms are all minor really I suppose but therefore they could easily be dealt with and greatly improve conditions at the hotel.

I feel the success of the holiday was due to the beauty of the island - the hotel needs improvements but I would go back again inspite of the annoyances as there doesn't appear to be anything better available in such a very good position.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005

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