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1 / 10
Good Points: Bus out of the complex...

"Good Points:

Bus out of the complex was the only good point.

Bad Points:

Flies on food, stinking bathrooms

General Comments:

Just returned (Thank God) from 1 week at Summer Palace. We have stayed at many 4 & 5 star hotels around the globe and this just doesn’t deserve anything above a 3 and that’s being kind.

The room we had allocated at 12.30 am was right over the reception area, coaches pulling in three times a night and the receptionist assured us it would only happen for the one night diesel fumes came into the room and the reception couldn’t give a dam. This happened every night until 4.00am

We ate in the restaurant one night out of the week flies running about my food and on the table etc is not my idea of a 5 star hotel. Chicken was off the menu due to an outbreak earlier of a serious food poisoning outbreak so I was told. No sight of any traditional Greek food, lots of pasta.


My husband booked this for our wedding anniversary and the Italian Restaurant until we found out the menu consisted of no starters pasta or pizza sweets choice of ice cream.

We hoped that this would not be a find the bed on the beach without the towels on type of holiday but yes there they were at 6am gathering everyone’s towel that they were with and keeping the beds occupied for the towels all the day.

Reps at the hotel were not in the least bit interested and that went for all the reps I didn’t even bother approaching one.

Management were a joke, as for the two smiley bouncers on the restaurant door wondered if they were installed there to catch anyone stealing the flies.

So glad we had plenty of extra cash to get taxis to the restaurants in town.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2004, All Inclusive, booked with Media Travel

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9 / 10
A Great Hotel, good food, friendly...

"A Great Hotel, good food, friendly helpful staff, I would recommend it to anyone seeking a relaxing holiday.

Not ideally suited to those with teenagers, who may find it a bit quiet!

One of the best holiday hotels I have stayed in around Greece and the islands.

Don’t miss the trip to Turkey, but consider booking via the travel agents in Kardamena

  • Holiday details: Jul 2004, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours

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2 / 10
holiday in hell

"This place is hell on earth, if you have booked to go cancel quickly. I have read that people who went last year became ill with sickness and dioreah, well we got back last week 25th June 04 and we both came down with it and so did most of the hotel."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2004

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4 / 10
Its just my opinion...

"This is certainly not a family resort as described in some holiday companies literature. We stayed at the Summer Palace 29/05/2004 - 12/06/2004 with another family (4 adults 4 children ages 6, 6, 2.5 and 1.5) all inclusive. We were quite pleased when we first arrived with the location right by the sea with great views of Turkey and surrounding Islands. We were allocated our rooms which were accessible from the main reception, dining, bar ice-cream, shop, pool, (I think you get the picture) area by means of a steep hill or through a labyrinth of villas and many many steps. We opted for the hill having two large cases, a buggy and 2 young children however, you need to beware of coaches if you walk in the road as the tiled pavements are slippy to say the least. This didn't seem so bad on the first day but after 2 weeks at least 8 times a day in 40 degree heat, you soon get a little bit disheartened to say the least. There are smaller quieter pools by the rooms however, there are no bars, ice creams or dining facilities. In fact it is at least a quarter of a mile trek down through reception, then down a steep flight of steps (unless you are lucky enough to happen upon the lift when it is working) to an area where there is a 12 foot deep pool and limited beds (Marvellous place to put the ice cream area).

Now then lets see, entertainment? kids disco 21:00 to 21:30 and that about sums it up for the kids...

This consisted of a few records, sat down on plastic patio furniture (which had a tendency to collapse) located next to the indoor pool (great for the toddlers!!!) After that, maybe a game of bingo which we played on the first night. 20 euros for 4 tickets and we won hooray!!! a 2 euro 30 cent bottle of plonk from the local supermarket. The game itself was hosted by a guy who loved his self, had to announce each number in about 5 different languages (my isn't he talented) which made it as exciting as the Eurovision song contest, and would get a right snotty on if the children made a noise. His stage name was mario or something and he made out he was Italian to get the girls however we found out he was really Tunisian or something. I suspect his name was really Juan Kerr... (You will recognise him, he looks like the child catcher out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Chiiiildren! You know the one, pretends he likes kids)

Now then, the food. Nice I suppose if you are Belgian, German or Italian. 4 out of 4 adults with food poisoning within 3 days, you do the maths.

We actually moved to the Norida beach the second week upon our request and met quite a few other people who had been moved due to an outbreak of Gastric Flu which was news to us. Naturally we had the 85 euro transfer admin fee waived as a gesture of good will!!!.

The Norida Beach was much better for families however we still had to climb that hill! The children's entertainment was slightly better until mario (Juan) decided for each of his "sketches" (I use the term sketches lightly) consisted in him taking his clothes off to his underpants (great for the kids).

The beach is OK if you like cat litter. We hired a jeep to get away from the resort for a few days however and found some beautiful beaches (Paradise, Bubble and Summer to name but a few).

Check out the Chinese in the Norida Beach, its lovely grub and a great alternative to the monotony of the dining room cuisine.

Sorry to bore you all but I feel that families need to be warned as you work all year to take your kids away and the travel companies cannot always be relied on to give you the full picture.

We did try make the best of a bad situation and yes it could have been a lot worse but it could have been a hell of a lot better. Back to Florida next year.

My scores out of 10:-

Staff friendliness 8

Entertainment 1

Facilities 5

Location of services a big zero!

Leg muscle workout 10

Mosquito infestation 10

  • Holiday details: Jun 2004

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2 / 10
holiday from hell

"You know what its like, when you have kids under 5yrs old! You would rather pay a little more, and get more comfort and more importantly...peace of mind. Unfortunatly that wasn't the case with the Summer Palace! Our front door was directly onto the main road which brings Taxis and Coaches, by the dozen every hour! Open the patio doors (with force) and you have a small table and chairs and then there is the pool, exactly 4ft from the patio doors,not exactly safe to let you chidren play. The rooms were dirty with no hot water in the 10 days we were there! The food was bad and the thousands of flies inside the restaurant didn't help. With drinks being expensive as well, we ended up mainly catching the free bus into town (though because of only 2 free buses going into the town for the entire complex, you had to book in the morning to stand any chance of a seat) Taxis would cost £15 for a round trip! If you wanted to go to the private beach, then you have a choice between the 250 stairs or the lift. Unfortunatly the lift didn't work in the entire duration of the stay! My opinion is the food was bad and the drinks expensive because they knew you were isolated from the town! I wouldn't recommend this place for anyone!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jan 2004

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