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3 / 10
We will never be old enough for this hotel!

"Stayed over Christmas and New Year, 2015. Lovely hotel, great location, room lovely.

BUT, dear me, we are a couple in our mid sixties but we will thankfully, NEVER be old enough for this hotel - even if we both get telegrams from the queen!

The staff are lovely, reception ,waiting staff, bar staff and chamber maids. I just don't think that they should be expected to clean round people who don't feel up to leaving their rooms. I also found it beyond their call of duty to have to go round plating up dinners for elderly folk so that they don't spill on route to the table.

After breakfast , a huge majority of the residents, sorry, guests ,go into the front lounge for a sleep. Mind you, they are probably saving themselves for the sequence dancing which takes place every evening in the main area.

Now that I am home, have booked a rejuvenating spa for tomorrow as I feel I have aged 25 years over the festive season.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Go to the pub across the road every evening to get away from the sequence dancing.

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3 / 10

"Stayed for 2 weeks. Left at airport at start of holiday with Thomson, apart from paying for transfers. Rep rude and unhelpful. Avoid this place if you are younger than 65. The food awful, I'm sure the same food was left standing from lunchtime through to the evening, we ate every day in the adjoining cafe. Entertainment a complete joke, and extremely fat singer, who loves himself, and line dancing.

I had a stomach bug for the first 3 days, and we didn't eat anywhere else.

The rooms are clean, but tired. Reception staff are icy, the female has difficulty making eye contact. The waitress in the dining room rude in the extreme.

You can safely say, we will not be going back.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Be over 70
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10

"Booked the hotel as a adult only hotel only to find children booked in, told by rep that children were in the small print.On arrival dropped off 200yds from hotel with no porter assistance for luggage.The pool was a joke, far to small for the number of guests. 20 people in the pool and it was crowded. Had to queue for over half an hour for a sun beds only 30 parasols and 100 sunbeds for 500 guests.No daytime activities at hotel, some evening entertainment quite good but all ended at 10.30pm. Surrounding area crowded heavy sewage smells. food was good and rooms average. will not be returning. Hotel is not 4 star standard, at best only 3star."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013
  • Advice: Find alternative

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9 / 10
Great Hotel - pity about the 'Moaners' !

"Having just returned from our 10th visit to the Angela, I am at a complete loss as to the comments in the previous review! The staff at the Angela are the friendliest we have ever come across (and that includes 5 star establishments in Mexico and America!) - all you need to do is be polite and you will get whatever service you require.

Yes, the pool is small (it is one of the older hotels in Los Boliches) but it is being up-graded over the winter period. Also, the pool is cleaned EVERY morning before it opens at 9am.

Don't blame the Hotel for the cost of excursions - it you are unwise (a carefully chosen word) enough to book through the Tour operator (presumably Thomsons) before you check with local companies - one of which operates from an office withing 200 mtrs walk of the Hotel - then I'm afraid you only have yourself to blame if you feel ripped off!!

As far as the sunbeds are concerned, there are over 150 available around the Sun Deck, swimming pool and garden area. If these are full, there are very cheap rates available for the 'cabanas' on the beach opposite.

Agreed, the hotel is in need of a face-lift (the rooms have already been upgraded since last year with walk-in showers and FST televisions)but as the hotel is always so popular with it's regulars it need a complete 'closedown' to get the work done - and this is just what is happening between )October '12 and March '13.

Finally, the Restaurant is open from 7.30am to 10.30am for Breakfast and 5.30pm to 9.30pm for Dinner, so again it's not the Hotel's fault that guests choose to go for meals at the same time - apart from having set meal times, what do you expect the Hotel to do about it?

The number of people returning year on year are a testimony to how satisfied the majority of guests are and most of them, I'm sure, will be pleased that those who enjoy moaning will choose not to return - it leaves more space for us!

Graham - Stockport

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: make an effort to engage with the staff, and they will do all they can to make your holiday a happy one.
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
most boring hotel that I have ever experienced,

"From the moment we arrived ,i knew we had made the wrong choice. the hotel was in such need of refurbishment, so outdated. we have stayed in three star all inclusive hotels and payed less. we feel we have been completely ripped off by what it cost us. the trip to gilbralta 26 euros each, after booking it we noticed that we could of gone for 15 or 16 euros with other companies.

the pool area was awful , we could never get sunbeds, the pool was tatty and very small and poorly matained- never saw it been cleaned once.

the dining room was at a cattle market at times!!, best to go for breakfast at 10 am and evening meal at after 9.30pm. Then in the entertainment room we could never get a seat, the whole experience was a drag!, never thought i would say this about going on holiday but i couldnt wait to get home!!. we go on holiday at least twice a year , but never again to hotel angela fuengirola, AWFUL!!.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently

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7 / 10
Lovely hotel, great location, Friendly staff, clean rooms and good choice of food

"Had a great time here with my husband, on our first trip to costa del sol. Hotel right on top of beach, there is a great little cafe on beach.Plenty of shops and bars. Recommend going up the side streets for night out rather than on sea front, some good karoke bars around.We would come again.They also have a new terrace cafe on the first floor which was lovely bright airy with good food and great service. our only moan was the entertainment is catered mainly for over 70! dated. If your over 60 and and like waltz dancing then this is for you.Hotel needs to vary their entertainment for all tastes."

  • Holiday details: May 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Angela Hotel

"We have just returned from the Angela Hotel, can not fault this hotel, we went with 2 friends, the location is perfect, the food is buffet style and something to suit all tastes, rooms cleaned to a good standard, the entertainment was good, we will definately return. Our ages range from late 50s to late 60s, the hotel is geared more to our age group rather than for families or younger folk. English TV Channels BBC1 ITV1 and several more english channels."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, Half Board, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"After reading the reviews was alittle concerned, but on arrival receptionist was helpful. Room was cleam with great seaview. Always plenty of sunbeds, food was great with loads of choices.

If you go to the beach and want sunbeds go to the beach opposite the sister holel Yaramar where you can have 2 sunbeds and a sangria for 5euros for the two!

We didnt really eat out much as we went half board and it was ample for us.

local travel shops are alot cheaper than booking with a rep, we went to Gibralter shopping for a day and it cost 14 euros whereas it you go with the rep it cost 25 euros!

Cigarrettes range between 28 euros and 39 euros,

Take the little train it cost 5euros to go all aroung Fuemgirola and you can get off and one part and get on again with the same ticket in that day.

All in all we had a great time at the Hotel Angela and would reccommend it, although most of them did seem to be over 60 it did not bother us at all.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, half board, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
worst holiday in spain ever

"on arrival met by rep full off flue coughing and sneazing over every body water flooding dinning room food was terrabul but the cockroches liked it we both had upset tums for 3 days flue fore 2 weeks 4 days in bed thanks to rep in her words should have stopped at home but cant afford to gala meals a total joke moved tabeles four times fore christmas meal then spit from wife in the end went to indian accross the road best meal of holiday wife then just wanted to go home still not recieved appoligy for this total cock up new years eve got meal but not impessed this holiday was a total wast of £1.800 will never go with thomsons again ps how they rate this hotel as 4 star ??????more like 1"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2009, half board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: stay well clear
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
We have only just returned from our...

"We have only just returned from our holiday to the Angela Hotel in Fuengirola, but unfortunatily it was not Brilliant. The service was not the problem, ANTS that's the problem, Nightly entertainment yes if you're 70 plus. The air con didn't work very well in tempatures that are reaching 38c. For those of you that read this we really do not enjoy telling you how it really is."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Half Board, booked with Portland Direct

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8 / 10
The Hotel Angela is quite good in...

"The Hotel Angela is quite good in most respects, the location is excellent with our (extra cost) full sea view balcony looking right down on the beach road and promenade. Lots of things to look at and the traffic was no bother at all really. Access to the hotel and rooms would be easy for less mobile guests as there are ramps everywhere and even the lift buttons are set lower down, nice touch!

Being early in March the wind was quite keen sometimes and you often needed a sweater in the day-time let alone the evenings. We didn't use the pool (because of the cool wind) but it looked lovely and clean and was presumably heated as some folk were in it for quite a long time. Even this early in the year the most favourably located sun-beds were snapped up early by some die-hards, lying there in their coats and scarves! The guests were mostly quite elderly, although generally of good humour and several seemed to have been there many times before.

Our room was neatly furnished and had air-con/heating if you needed either and was kept reasonably clean, apart from under the beds which looked as though they hadn't been swept for days. Towels were changed every day even if you chose to save the planet, as requested by a notice in the well-equipped bathroom. Hot water was noticable by its absence at some points during the day, around 9-10 am and 5-6 pm seemed to be the critical times. Coffee and tea in the room was replaced each day as was the shampoo and shower gel in the bathroom. The bedroom had an electronic safe which was free of charge. We didn't use the locked mini-bar so no comment on that.

Now the down side - the food! There was plenty of it but we both thought that it was absolutely tasteless. There was (allegedly) beef which they called veal or ox, pork, chicken and turkey on varying days but they were all quite tough and all tasted pretty much the same. One thing you could taste was the salt; whatever happened to herbs and spices? As for serving fillet of sole in gravy, come on...! On one occaision a curry was on offer, well it looked like curry but that's as far as it went. There were loads of hors d'houvres type salads (which were the same every day) and fruit, most of which was tinned with a couple of fresh choices, notably melon and pineapple. The vegetables were an absolute disaster! I have never seen so many tinned carrots, tinned mushrooms, tinned runner beans, tinned everything; they even served Smash type mashed potatoes!

But it's not all bad news! We found an absolutely delightful little bar/restaurant run by a charming and helpful English couple, Neil and Louise. The Hacienda Bar/Restaurant is on the Paseo Maritimo (the sea-front road) pretty much opposite the harbour entrance and breakwater. Give them a try, they serve good wholesome TASTY food and drink at reasonable prices, the tables are clean and the chairs comfortable - they deserve to do well.

That's pretty much it, we are not moaners but we have been all over the world and have stayed in all sorts of hotels and apartments so we think we know what we're talking about. Two further points. First, in our opinion the 'free' Blanket trip is a total waste of a day and second, the day-long trip to Gibraltar and the World War 2 tunnels should not be missed. (For the smokers among you, a packet of 20, yes 20, cigarettes at Fleet services on the M3 cost £5.17 more than the same product in Gibraltar!!!)

Finally, credit where credit is due, the Angela, in our opinion, is generally a good hotel badly let down by the mundane and tasteless food

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomson

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7 / 10
We have just returned from a week at...

"We have just returned from a week at the Angela Hotel.

The hotel was very well located for the beach. The room was very clean and the maid service first class. The food was plentiful but of average quality (especially the red meat dishes). The room has good air con and a fridge (15Euro a week). Nice bath/shower too.

It was quite noisy (outside in the street) from 7am to midnight.

The pool is small and has very few sun beds (about 20) this caused some friction. More sunbeds in the garden and sun terrace.

The hotel was built in 1973 and has had 2 refurbs but it really needs another one ASAP.

The entertainment was excellent 2 shows a night and a late disco.

Mainly elderly guests but some young couples too (no kids thank God!).

We would go back again if persuaded. I gave it a 3 star+ rating.

It took us over an hour from the airport and the roads/drivers are quite mad.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Half Board, booked with Thomson

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  • by 4 wiltshire friends

    " Bus ride from Bus Station 1 euro 25 each way to Mijas ten minute bus journey, lovely Spanish village, stunning views of... "

  • by sandyelstree

    " Take a trip to rock of gilbraltor, Brilliant day out.And talk to the reps ( very helpful) "

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