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7 / 10
Great first family holiday abroad!!!

"Me and my family really enjoyed our stay and Sahara beach ,the animation team and waiters were amazing!! good entertainment really friendly and a great laugh!!!

Although i feel that the lobby decor should be updated/modernized as it feels disappointing at the arrival of the hotel.

Also the food was very good for the amount of people the hotel was catering for. Again the waiters were excellent fast service for drinks and great with the children!

and i suggest you should have a go at using the go carts! great fun!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: modina was amazing
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
Holiday 18/3/2015-25/3/2015

"This is a supplementary review from recent one.To add to our wonderful holiday experience, a guest was involved in a serious incident, which will be elaborated on at the persons own time scale. During the week, several guests,including ourselves had to have our allocated restaurant tables moved due to leaking roof in certain restaurant area following heavy rain. The standing water on the restaurant floor was never cleared properly,creating a serious health and safety risk. The only two positive things about this hotel was our own jovial and funny restaurant waiter Karmel and the regular bar waiter in the piano bar.

This hotel has many stars to be elevated to the Royal Kenz in Port el Kantoui

which is now in the Thomson platinum brochure!!!

To conclude, food mostly cold,needing reheating in microwave.No idea at all how to make proper pancakes!!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2015, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Don't stay there.
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
No One Responsible When things go wrong. Unbeleivable attitude for handling complaints!

"My husband and I just returned from our Tunisia holiday. Stayed at the Sahara Beach Hotel for a week. The staff at the reception looked miserable and when you try to speak to them in English they would pass you from one person to another where you have to explain several times to get the message across.

However the other staff at the bars, restaurants were so friendly I must say and were really smiley and welcoming. The beach area was good. The entertainment team makes a real and a genuine effort to keep everybody entertained, but it wasn't great. 2 of the 7 nights had good entertained. Day time there was nothing going on.

The rooms were small, very old scrappy furniture. It was 3* hotel, so we didn't expect a lot. So there was no television, Kettle or iron etc in the room. But I didn't know this and didn't carry an iron with me. I asked one from reception and the reception staff would say to me you can't get everything inside the room, and advised me to ask the cleaner to get my cloths ironed but I'll have to pay some money. So I asked the cleaner but he doesn't iron cloths apparently. So there was no laundry service and we had to wear cloths as they were. The bath did not drain so water was gathering, but this was sorted about a day later. What was unacceptable even for a 3* was the state of the towels and bed linen. It was cold around this time of year there, and I was amazed how old and dusty and worn out the bed linen was. I felt such a shame we didn't carry our own towels because they were really worn out and in an unbelievable state with strings hanging from everywhere.

The indoor pool, Gym and Spa is situated together in one area. My husband used the Gym and some machines were not working. They charge prices similar to the UK, but the Spa deals are very dodgy. The spa advertises of teeth whitening and various other messaging deals. My husband went for massage and treatment package for skin and I went for teeth whitening deal which we were really promised of an excellent service by well trained professional staff with genuine products. The teeth whitening was a total scam,did absolutely no difference, not even a single shade whiter. The staff in the Spa were unprofessional but wearing a uniform, that's all. Professional processes is something beyond their minds.

We complained but when we did, they passed us from one person to another over 3 days, all of the sudden even those who could speak English couldn't understand English. We were asked to meet the manager, who won't come to the reception area to speak to us, rather would call the clients into his office outside the building. He appeared to be listening but would say they can't please every customer since thousands of people come to the hotel. He was telling us we were comparing everything with UK standards!

They were talking as if we were at fault, and do not have the attitude that the customer is the priority. Then the management said the hotels Spa does not belong to the hotel! It's owned by someone else so they can't ask for a refund.

It was our first time in Tunisia and certainly will be the last time at this hotel. I would say anyone who travels there to enjoy the cheap hotel deals, but be warned that there is no law or respect to the customer, these people can get away with day light robbery should something happens to you or if anything goes wrong.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Carry towels and dovets and cleanig stuff with you!
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
Pooir Hotel great Staff

"My family and I have just returned from two weeks at the Sahara Beach Hotel. The hotel is very, very big - 2300 people (would have been nice if this was advertised in the Thomas Cook brochure) - and very, very dated.

The rooms are small but clean; the reception area very noisy and usually packed with people arriving and leaving.

Some communal rooms smell very musty and look like relics from the seventies. The worst place is the food hall: the queues are endless, it is incredibly loud and busy and the food is repetitive. The pizzas and pancakes are yummy but the queues for those are extra long.

Our rooms were facing the reception entrance and we were kept awake most nights with coaches arriving and leaving, sometimes letting the engine run for twenty minutes, we have been informed that the rooms facing towards the entertainment area was no better as the noise made it hard to fall asleep as well.

The pools were nice but got very dirty towards the end of each day (due to the sheer amount of people staying at the hotel).

The reservation of sunbeds each morning is just ridiculous: people get up at 4am to reserve beds.

The entertainment is dated and incredibly repetitive its set up for the very young and so so noisy, at times they played the music so loud your ears did hurt.

The one thing we found pleasant were most of the staff. The guys at the reception are miserable but most other people working at the hotel are very friendly, speak good English (amongst many other languages) and try to help.

We felt two weeks far too long and would not ever return and neither will I ever use Thomas Cook again as their brochure is completely miss-leading.

Unfortunately, smoking is permitted almost everywhere; our room stank of smoke and there are cigarette butts littered around the grounds. Altogether a very disappointing experience!

Be aware that there are no beach towels supplied by the hotel, which considering this is a ALL Inclusive holiday is a joke.

This is at best a 2 star hotel

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Go when your Children are youn and only for a week

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1 / 10

"Hotel/food/rooms and services provided were all absolultely awful, a member of bar staff attempted to steal my hand bag and when caught and confronted he told me to ssshhh and tried apoligising, had to pay to stay in a barely livable room after been placed in a room NOTHING like the hotel photos on Thomas Cook website, 70% of the services mentioned on the website were closed, staff were rude demanding tips, indoor pool had missing panel in the roof letting rain water in, birds were flying around the restaurant and feaces on the tables chairs on floor, sickening!!! DO NOT GO ON THE SAHARA EXPLORER TRIP we were on the bus for 9 hours the first day and 10 the next and harrassed from start to finish from locals, the pictures attached are of the '4*' hotel pool!! and yes it smelt as bad as it looked. This is the first review we have ever written and have travelled around the world but have never experienced such an awful holiday experience. The country is disgustingly dirty everywhere you go not bars restaurants or ANYTHING to do out of the terrible hotel. Numerous complaints to Thomas Cook have resulted in copy and pasted reponses with no real answers to the awful holiday we paid to experience."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2013, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: DO NOT GO

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2 / 10

"just returned from a 7 night stay at the sahara beach and im very dissapointed to say the least.This was supposed to be our honeymoon and it was also my first time in tunisia,we should of had flowers and a fruit platter in our room because of it being booked for our honeymoon but when we checked in no such items were in our room we had to go tell our rep which resulted in having a dead weed and a plate with a few oranges on it plonked in the room the next day.The room was not very clean,grubby walls,the bathroom flooded everytime u had a shower and the bath was always blocked,our door to the balcony didnt lock or shut properly so we reported to reception who said they would get someone to look at it but that never happened,we asked to be moved to another room and we were given a key to go look at another room,this room was filthy and stunk of piss so we declined that room and the guy on reception was rather rude when we said we would just stay in our orignal room. Food wise not much choice,same stuff day after day,i lived on salad pretty much all week. Not much to do all day either,the waterpark was closed as was the zoo and entertainment/games room and the entertainment in the evening was really crap tbh. Cocktails were not really proper cocktails and were more froth than anything else,i stuck to hot choc for the rest of the week and the juice,coke and even the booze was rank. Got sick of having to tip for stuff that i didnt need to tip for and got tired of being collered by the shop guys everytime u went down to breakfast,lunch and dinner......the list is endless but one things for sure i wont be going back there EVER!!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2013, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
Great value for money

"We visited Tunisia for the first time & really enjoyed it. The hotel was basic but clean. The male staff were charming,yes I was asked on several occasions if I was married & was told how beautiful my 14 year old daughter was, but never felt intimidated or in danger!! The pools were great,there was a noisy one & 2 quieter ones all were clean & never crowded with a fab onsite water park. We always managed to find sunbeds what more could you ask for!!!! Yes I will be honested & say, at first we were a little disapointed by the food which came from not knowing what to expect!!! There is no full english but still plenty of nice appetising choices. Freshly cooked omeletes & pancakes for breakfast as well as the usual toast & pastries. We never went to the main restaurant for lunch so cant commment, we ate at the pool or beach bars which offered pizza, burgers etc. Dinner was the usual meat in sauce that you get at most hotel buffet restaurants abroad as well as freshly cooked pizza & pasta dishes. You just need to remember that this is an international hotel not just english. Tunisia is not a place to visit if you will only eat plain english food!!! We love trying nrw things so ate well all week. There are also plenty of bars to drink at with in the complex, the drinks are ok, small tip the coke is made from concentrate so not very nice so ask for diet which is proper coke.

We loved Tunisia & will be returning in 2013.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
wot a dump

"Went to Sahara Beach Hotel in June 2012..its the worst holiday I have ever had.

since coming back i feel so let down we set up a Facebook group,to rant about our crap holiday and share experiences with other unhappy holiday makers of Sahara Beach ,please join us

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomas Cook

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4 / 10
A duty of don't care

"we set off looking forward to a safe holiday but little did we know that staff employed by the hotel and under the instruction of thomas cook company did we expect to have our 11 year old son slapped in the face.

Complaint made to the hotel made us feel that it was our fault our son ran INTO THE HAND of a member of staff.

The reps only answer was to keep asking is he ok,rather than meaningful solutions.

Since being back no concern from the travel agents has been made or contact until i posted the incident on holiday reviews,so is this concern from the company or is damage limitation from the company.

Even so they have not even said sorry to my son direct.

They bleat about duty of care,which means don't care about anyone and that they have a duty not to upset the hotel staff.

I leave the final word from thomas cook's phone call "at least he is not having nightmares'.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: go else where
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
excellent holiday!!!!

"i went to sahara beach hotel in skanes tunisis on the 11th of july 2012 for 14 nights with the family. the food was lovely and catered for everybodys needs, hotel was brilliant, very well maintained and kept to a high standard of cleanliness.Staff very polite and always ready to help should we need it.The main thing that made the holiday was having our photos taken by Hatem, he took 600 photos and we came home with most of them!! This year he did some funny photos.. one example beind myself ironing the clothes my husband was wearing at the time.. also a rare occassion of my husband with a mop and bucket in his hand!!very enjoyable and memorable experience."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: have your photos taken by Hatem
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
A Slimmer's Dream!

"I have just returned from a weeks holiday at this hotel. The only holiday I have had where I have lost weight! I rate the food 4/10,the entertainment 4/10.I had cous cous every evening as it was the best thing on the menu.The childeren lived on pancakes,omelettes and pizzas.The staff were very friendly and rooms basic but clean. Couldn't work out how to get a sunbed with an umberella as it was very hot! After reading the reviews we went to the pool with towels at 6am,no free umbrellas.So tried at 4am (lots of people scurrying around in the dark with towels)no luck. Finally got it sussed, you have to find a man who gives out the sunbed mattresses and tip him and ask him to save you a sunbed with umberella each day.The pools are lovely. The sea is very warm but you do have to walk through seaweed first.Weather was very hot but lovely.Daughter was ill on return with D&V which first started two days before return.I wouldn't go back to this hotel again only because of the poor food and entertainment."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Get an umbrella!

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2 / 10
Not quite 'Butlins meets Faulty Towers' - Butlins food is better!

"Just returned from one week at Sahara Beach Hotel. Rooms were basic, shabby but clean also, cleaned daily. Aircon didn't work in both rooms, it blew hot air instead. Outside temperature was around 45 degrees, so we needed it. Hotel reception said it was 'too hot for aircon'. After 7 increasingly angry visits over four days to reception they visited one room, washed out a pipe and one worked!

Food must have changed from earlier reviews as the latest review was exactly what we found, plenty of chips, burgers, pancakes but definitely no salads (unless you count yesterdays cooked carrots re-served cold. I went to Butlins in June and the food was much, much better.

Plates were frequently dirty and often ran out and we saw the waiters tipping out slops from glasses, wiping them with serviettes and putting them back on other tables as if they were clean. Three out of 6 of us had vomiting bug badly during one week and most people we spoke to were also ill.

Agree with other reviewer that meals were a bun fight. Although meals are Self-Service, the Holiday Rep suggested at the beginning to tip your waiter to ensure good service helping you get plates/drinks. We gave him £10 after 3 days and he barely picked up a dirty plate before or after although most people didn't find this so (perhaps it wasn't enough money?)

On the plus side, the pools were great, the bar staff and life guards were friendly. There was the usual morning fight for sunbeds with shade, but that's standard most places. There was evening entertainment shows plus quiet pool bars.

The hotel is on the beach which is sandy and clean and there's a small-ish roped off area for swimming in the sea and a larger area for jet-ski type activities.

The hotel is about 20 mins taxi from Monastir (only £6 each way).

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by lesleyasale

    " African Dream a must. Noddy train an experience!! "

  • by lgoalby1989

    " Zulu evening was good, pirate boat trip was extremely dissapointing. "

  • by Win & Karen - Essex

    " Seeing the Roman Ampitheatre and Mosaic visits "

  • by Shakira

    " Horse riding fantastic, paragliding brill beach brill, locals not friendly at all. sun brill. "

  • by don't think so

    " It might be for you but not for me take plenty of tummy tablets "

  • by southern

    " be firm, get up early and ask about everything because you wont get told by the hotel "

  • by Jayteam

    " THis Hotel is situated practically on the beach, but it is in a slightly isolated position so if you like lookjing aroud shops,... "

  • by JO ET

    " Be friendly to staff and they will bend over backwards to help . "

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