Riu Hotel Luca Costa Lago

Obispo Juan Alonso, 4, Torremolinos 29620, Spain
6  / 10
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9 / 10
Costa Lago is an excellent hotel....

"Costa Lago is an excellent hotel.

Rooms were spotlessly clean, swimming pool and surrounds were also kept clean, pool was overseen by lifeguard, children’s pool and a deep enough pool for adults.

The snack bar and drinks were self service during the day for AI. I found the meals great, and getting a coffee pot at breakfast that holds six cups was handy it did not make you look a glutton going for the second cup.

Breakfast was the usual toast cheeses, ham, fruit, cereals, eggs (hard &fried) then you had bacon and sausage that was slightly different to our own, but very good. In May the restaurant was not crowded.

Staff were very helpful all of them spoke English and about six other languages. At the Hotel there was a mixture of Spanish, Germans, Dutch, French, A good crowd having fun and no idiots causing bother.

Outside the hotel is the bus stop that takes you into Torremolinos centre for one Euro ten centimes it is about a mile, to a mile and a half away.

If you want to go to anywhere along the Malaga -Fuengirola railway route there is a station La Colina about 10mins from the hotel out the door turn right up the hill for five mins turn right at the roundabout another 5mins and your there, the trains are every half hour and always on time.

But leave a few mins early, it’s a tickets machine and you can get people making a queue with not being used to working it.

Close to the hotel is the beach, restaurants, bars, Taxi rank Chemist. Thomas Cook Rep was pleasant and very helpful.

We had a wonderful holiday.

  • Holiday details: May 2007, All Inclusive, booked with JMC Holidays

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5 / 10
Booked to stop at the Costa Lago for...

"Booked to stop at the Costa Lago for ten nights during May 2007 for myself and my wife, a quick getaway. The hotel is classed as a four star but I would put it more at a three. On the whole, the stay was enjoyable but there were down points.

The hotel itself is located in fantastic surroundings which are well kept and clean. There are plenty of bars and restaurants nearby the hotel if you do want to have a wander out and about of a low key nature.

The hotel is in the quieter part of town and around a thirty minute walk from the town centre. If you are looking for the more upbeat bars, then Benalmadena is around a fifty minute walk along the sea front which is a very nice stroll.

Unfortunately the food and drink at this place certainly let the hotel down. It seemed that the chef only knew how to cook very tasteless fish, pork or chicken if you were lucky.

Food was served buffet style with everyday being the same old same old. After seven days of eating the dross served, I was ill and could not even handle the smell of the restaurant. This along with a foriegn body being found in scrambled egg one morning by my wife, resulted in us eating out after this.

Couldn't fault the waiters though, very friendly and helpful. Pity they could not do anything about the food.

If you book to go to this hotel half board then the standard of the drinks served is much higher than those for the all inclusive guest's and also has a waiter service. Cocktails for the half board guests would be served with all the trimmings and would be made in front of you.

Those for the all inclusive guests however were poured behind the scenes at the back of the bar and a Pina calado which was ordered by my wife can only be described as bile. Again very disappointing.

The bar area at the pool side along with the pool were very nice and clean The only thing that let it down were again, the facilities for the all inclusive guests. All Inclusive drinks are served from a separate self service bar area, with shorts being served from the main pool bar.

Unfortunately the only unclean area of the pool area was this all inclusive bar area with a very strong smell of what can be described as vomit coming from it, due to stale beer being left around the pumps etc which had not been cleaned properly. Snacks at the pool side bar were again in favour of half board guests.

The snack bar for those all inclusive consisted of cooked meats and cheese with bread rolls and a cake. However, after seeing the local sparrow population also pecking and helping themselves to it, this area along with the all inclusive pool bar was avoided by me.

Can't fault the staff at the hotel though who were very friendly. Reception staff were helpful and hard working. Rooms were very comfortable and clean and the maid service was second to none.

If this place got its act together on its food and drinks policy then it would be a very nice hotel. Unfortunately until this happens, I will not be visiting again.

  • Holiday details: May 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Great Hotel

"Hi me my husband and 11 month old daughter have just got back from staying at the Luca Costa Lago and we had a fantastic time. The staff are very welcoming and speak good english. The food was really nice and there was plenty to choose from. The rooms we thought where a good size and they where very clean.We would definately go back again."

  • Holiday details: May 2007

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4 / 10
not for british

"Hotel not a four star as advertised. Hotel very clean Rooms have lounge area aswell as bedroom but basic. We arrived on sat night 28th April 2007 We had arranged transfer with agent but did not turn up for us. After trying to telephoned transfer company without any success and 1 hour at the airport we had to get a taxi to hotel. Luckily hotel only 3miles from airport we had to pay 20euros. we were offered a cold buffet on arrival as evening meal had finished. We were all inclusive

There is only one restaurant breakfast between 7.30am-10am lunch 1-3 and evening meal 6.30pm or 8pm meals basic and restaurant layout very unorganised eg, plates and cutlery not in serving area. alot of congestion. Meals were basic ;they did improve as week went on but repeated. One meal was small pieces of pork When I cut into it meat was rare in the middle !!!!. The drinks were self service too. in restaurant /pool area. There was snacks on a cold plate in pool bar with cheese,meats and cake between 12-6pm.

There was no daytime enterainment There is a ping pong table and pool table. Night entertainment not every night. and sometimes only 1/2hour shows eg parrot show/reptile show. Not many british guests staying at hotel More popular with German/Spanish guests

Would not return to this hotel

  • Holiday details: May 2007

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10 / 10
Fantastic staff

"Just got back from the Luca Costa Lago,which despite many bad comments on this site we found it excellent a 4* plus!!!! It is great for a relaxing break ( only saw one child ).The food is well above average and with plenty of fish and meat being cooked on the counter without a long queue.Lovely pool area and gardens and the whole of the hotel was spotless.No daytime activities but good live entertainment in the evenings.ALL the staff were extremely polite and helpful.The room had a seperate lounge area with sofa , bureau, T.V. and large sideboard.Not many English guests but everyone was friendly - Dutch, German, French and of course Spanish."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007

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8 / 10
I paid a great price for a great hotel!

"Two females of differing ages[me and my mum aged 60 and 37]stayed here at the beginning of january.At this time of year it is absolutely fantastic but i presume it would be a different story at the height of the season.

As the hotel was quite empty we had the pool area and terrace etc to ourselves,so plenty of spaces for seating.Our room was clean and a nice view on the third floor.Food lovely and so was the drink.

I have nothing to complain about,only praise!but like i said that is because we went out of season,i would not consider going at any other time,the pool and surrounding area would be too small for the size of the hotel.

Outside of the hotel quite a lot of amenities were closed but this was fine as we just wanted a cheap quiet break.Weather was very hot[bonus],beach lovely and clean but on the streets there was a lot of dog mess[disgusting].

If you are a smoker going at this time of year can be hard work,as it was too cold to sit outside and have a puff,there is a smoke room attatched to the bar/entertainment room but it is more like a works smoke room and everybody just talked about smoking!

  • Holiday details: Jan 2007

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6 / 10
The hotel should not be a 4 star, as...

"The hotel should not be a 4 star, as the rooms are fair size the fittings are old and in poor repair. The hot water runs out at peak times and the a/c is very noisy. The food and staff are average, there was little change in the menu, from day to day. Only the carvery choice altered.

On the plus side the grounds are lovely, and well maintained. Bar is ok but the loo is two flights of stairs and 100mtrs away. It was quicker to go back to our room than the public area loos. Entertainment poor and predictable overall we enjoyed our stay at the luca, but was disappointed with the 4 star rating.

Also we paid sixty pounds extra for a room upgrade but when we checked out the other rooms there was no difference we are not saying avoid this hotel as it has its good points just don’t expect it to be four star because its not.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2006, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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4 / 10
crash diet hotel

"well where do i start is that what they call all in clusive well'. the reception staff was very good on arrival.the food was terrible for an allinclusive the meals was cold what bit they had to offer any wayand snacks it consisterd of cheese ham and a roll and they was left out side in the bar where all wild birds was pecking at. the only bar that was open was outside until 6pm weather it was warm or cold remember its december not the hotest time of the year. i can honestly say i would never stay there a GAIN .the hotel in its self was clean alittle dated but sleepable i payed to go superior and the standard rooms was just as good as i asked to have a look ."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2006

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1 / 10
Only reason I gave this a 1, the maid...

"Only reason I gave this a 1, the maid service is great and it does have 1 bed apartments of a good size!

Apart from that this is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in on all inclusive there is nothing for children to do here. I paid extra to go to a 4* but this was less than a two. Children are not catered for at all. And other guest are less than pleased if there are children! Don’t know if some sell as an adults only? Meal times are a joke- except the bread and salad, but you can’t always eat that! Lunch and dinner.

Breakfast is ok, but can you ever fry an egg wrong. There are no sausages just eggs streaky very streaky bacon and toast machines, cheese and meat. Cereal. Again children are not catered for at any meals. The hotel is very clean and a plus point is the "entertainment lounge" it is a nice room and you are actually served real glasses and no restrictions to the amount ordered (within reason).

However, just the "entertainment" is on the whole appalling! There are two good shows. Spanish dancers and the Motown night is great

Staff attitude ok.

But when I checked in, we had been overbooked and had to stay in the belplaya rui

This is an excellent hotel, just wish they would have left me there! Will never return, would never advise to go.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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4 / 10
Not a 4 star Hotel

"We only stayed here by misfortune as the Hotel Riu Playa where we originally booked bumped a party of 36 of us to Coata Lago (their sister Hotel ) at very short notice and no amount of protest would help.

Most of us were given BASEMENT rooms and we spent all week protesting at the treatment we had been given until SOME of us were moved to better rooms,. There was apparently another large party who were also 'moved' without their consent

Reception staff at Costa Lago were also unhelpful and the food was like a canteen with very little choice for evening meals and reminded us of school dinners.

One tip is to INSIST on good quality rooms at Costa Lago ( the suites on floors 3 and 4 are very good) and also make sure you are ungraded to all inclusive

In fairness the pool area is very good ( except the swimming pool is unheated) but there is a VERY limited buffet in the pool bar.

If you use the Internet , the connection is very cheap (1 Euro for 12 minites or 2 Euros for 33 minutes) with a good Broadband Connection

The Hotel Shop surprisingly has some decent goods at fair prices and the Lady in the Shop is very helpful

Overall this is not a 4 star Hotel

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006

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4 / 10
Very disappointed with the food

"Stayed A/I for 8 days and that was enough. The food was the same every day. Pork, pork and more pork. Travelled with my wife and three young children. The rooms were adequate but kept clean. The pool is very small for the size of the hotel. I only went in once as there were young children who were "dive bombing" and it was very dangerous. You are about a 5 minute walk from the beach. The centre of the town is a car drive away. Parking is horrendous as the hotel only have about 15 carparking spots so it is a case of driving round the one-way system trying to find some where to park. People even park on the roundabouts. Visited the Aquapark which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Get there early then you can sit on the grass under the shade then you will not have to pay for a lounger/shade. As soon you get there go and hire a rubber ring as they go very quickly. If you do not get one it will mean queuing at the rides to get a ring and then queuing again for the actual ride,"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006

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8 / 10
Worth the money

"After reading reviews on this site about this particular hotel some good advise was given, now I have landed back home I thought I would write my own review.

Landing at Malaga airport my boyfriend and I got a taxi to the hotel which cost 15 euro which is alot cheaper than paying transfers so if you don't want to be stuck on a coach then I suggest a taxi.

Arriving at Hotel Costa Lago we were greeted by the receptionist staff who gave us our room key and safe key (which was a deposit of 10 euro). As we went All Inclusive we had to wear a band throughout the stay which wasn't a problem.

Room: We were on the first floor of the hotel and this is definatley in the 4 star rating. The room was spacious, enterering the room there was a lounge area with a sofa and TV and the bedroom was big too. A lot of draws and wardrobes to put your clothes in. The view from the balcony was excellent, overlooking the pool area which was lovely. The room was very very clean but if you like your pillows high I would suggest asking for another one as there was only one for each person.

Pool Area: The pool area was very spacious, there were plenty of sunbeds so you never had to run down to save any. The pool was very large and suitable for children with a constant lifeguard on watch.

Food and Drink: The food and drink where not 100%, breakfast was not very appealing with not much choice, and 9 times out of 10 it was always cold which was annoying. Lunch was ok for choice at the beginning of the holiday yet after the 5th day it was gettting tedious, it was the same food every single day and evening meal was the same.

You can only have so much pasta and rice. Also, food was not labeled so you didn't know what certain things where so if you do have an allergy to certain foods then this could be tricky. Drinks were available at all times yet the alcoholic drinks where awful. I know that you are in a different country and things taste different but this was beyond a joke. You had a choice of cocktails (which tasted awful) and spirits (which where bearable) the only things that tasted nice where the soft drinks, apart from the non-alcoholic cocktails which tasted worse then the alcoholic ones. I would give the food and drink a 2/3 star rating.

Location: The location of this hotel was ok, it is a 2 minute walk from the beach and a 10 minute walk from the train station. The beach is lovely and clean, and plenty of sunloungers which cost around 3 - 4 euro each to hire. The train station is ideal if you want to go out for the day. It cost 1 euro and 20 to get to Malaga centre which was lovely with plenty of shops yet is very very busy. They do have an open top tour bus but was 15 euro each to go on!!! If you are looking for something for both you and the kids to enjoy then aqua land water park is ideal, it costs 6 euro in a taxi from the hotel and is a great day out. A bit on the pricey side of 18 euro each (for adults) but the rides are good. There are 8 in total with a wave machine.

The entertaninment / nightlife: The entertainment in the hotel was not very good, a parot show, a keyboard player and flamenco dancers was all that was offered and sundays was a day off so nothing was on in the bar not even music. Depending on what sort of holiday you want I feel the this hotel was more ideal for older people and possibly for other languages. There were a lot of German and French people and only 30 English in the hotel so it was difficult to have a conversation with anyone. Outside the Hotel there where a few restaurants and bars but where very quiet and would appeal to holiday makers looking for a relaxing quiet holiday. My boyfriend and I went to 24 hour square in Benalmadena on a night out which cost 12 euro in a taxi. This place is excellent for people wanting to have a good night out, this may not be ideal for families as it was more for clubbers.

Suggestions: If you do go to this hotel it is very quiet so if you want to venture out of the area Torremolinos centre is a bus drive / taxi away which holds markets every week and has other shops to look at. Also if you want to go on a jet ski the nearest one is an hours walk, which seems far but is a nice walk along the beach and you get to see the tourist area of Torremolinos which has gift shops and restaurants.

Overall I think that the Hotels cleanliness was to a high standard, the food and drink could of been better and the location is ok for people looking for a quiet holiday.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006

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