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The Kempinski Hotel Bahia Estepona is...

"The Kempinski Hotel Bahia Estepona is located on the Costa del Sol, the ‘Sunny Coast’ of Andalusia, just outside the pretty town of Estepona and only 15 minutes from Marbella.

The resort lies within spacious tropical gardens and boasts one kilometre of beautiful beach.

There are panoramic views over the coast of Malaga, the rock of Gibraltar and the African coastline.

8 / 10

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lovely hotel shame about the location

"we stayed here for a week in August 2006.

Our main criteria were comfort and relaxation, and the hotel certainly provided these, with comfortable rooms, and lovely outside pools and sunbathing areas.

The facilities were excellent and the service was impressive.

However we felt that it was overpriced compared to other similar hotel we have experienced, and in particular in our opinion the hotel restaurants did not generally represent good value for money.

Another disappointment was the hotel's location, some considerable way outside the town of Estepona, on a busy dual carriageway, and there were almost no attractions or facilities within easy walking distance of the hotel. A hire car was a necessity, and we could certainly see why the holiday package included one.

6 / 10

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Very nice holyday stay

"Really nice hotel, and certainly one of the best of the area (marbella). The pool is great, there is a lot of space between the matresses and the garden is really beautiful. Staff is very helpful.

One drawback though: the food. the quality/price ratio is one of the worst I have ever seen (around 20 € for a sandwich on the pool) and the service is incredibly slow (50-60 minutes to get your 20€ sandwich...).

In conclusion, i'd really recommend this hotel, but prepare to get out at night for dinner, it's much better outside !

10 / 10

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Great Family Holiday in a Quality Resort

"I stayed with my Wife and Teenage family for one week in early August and must say we had a great time. The Hotels main asset is its fantastic staff who are extremely friendly and efficient. The service in all the restaurants is extremely good also. The only time things can get streched is at the pool bar food wise between 2 and 3pm.

The rooms were very comfortable with great bathrooms. They are serviced well although the turn down service can get forgotten. The Air Conditioning is great.

If possible when booking ask for rooms away from the road as this can be very noisy.

All the restaurants serve excellent food and they are never too crowded. The entertainment laid on occasionaly in one the the restaurants is also good.

The beach as already stated is a bit dissapointing but the hotel have got around that by creating their own little beach. But I agree if you want to go swimming in the the sea it is difficult with all the stones.

The gardens and grounds are well maintained, there are plenty of towels, sun loungers and staff around for make for a relaxing break.

We didnt use the spa so cant comment. One negative is that the gym is non existent and poor and should be avoided.

All in all a Hotel to be recommended.

8 / 10

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so boring

"I have to say I dont understand all the fascination with this hotel. In my opinion it is so mediocare.

I normally aim for the beach holiday and their beach was an utter disappointment -you cant get into the sea. The sea entrance is covered with stones and sea itself is very very wavy and dirty.

The staff is all right, I guess the the way staff treats you depends on how you treat them, but I had my biggest laugh there ever.

My friend and I ordered a lobster for room service, which is not on the room service menu, but they do have it in the taverna for lunch.

At first they said ok, twenty minutes later when they realised its not on the menu thay called us to say that they cant do it. I ahd to explain to them that all they ned to do is to walk next door to another restaurant and get it. Only then they agreed to cook it.

They can be very slow there so you just have to make them work.

Rooms were nothing special, and grounds were not that spectacular, if you can go to marbella club.

6 / 10

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The best holiday I've ever had

"I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend whisk me away here for nine wonderful days. I had the most wonderful holiday of my life, the hotel was perfect, I could not fault a single thing. The staff were friendly and concierge very helpful. The views from our balcony were magical and it was a very romantic setting. The pool, lawn and grounds were beautiful and the food was divine. We went to two of the hotels events - the seafood buffet and the flamenco. The food at both was exceptional and I tried many things I had not had before including lobster.

The room was always really well tidied and everything replenished. I liked the fact that it was out of town - there was enough to do at the hotel including the gym, to keep us occupied and we did not need to get to other restaurants as the food in the hotel was so good. There were not all that many children which was also good for us but the place is very child friendly with its own activity club. We are 21 and 23 and both thoroughly enjoyed it - very romantic.

I would recommend Nikki Beach for the Amazing Sundays beach party, get there from around 4pm, and the catamaran ride with Dolphin (or something like that!) around Marbella, leaving from the lighthouse - it was absolutely gorgeous!

There was also a really nice Swedish restaurant in Fuengirola along the strip where there are countless restaurants including some rather questionable looking ones! It served the most amazing duck I have ever had! It is a family run business and the service is second to none.

Try and enjoy a bottle of the Kempinski's Cava - its extraordinary!

10 / 10

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Great IceCream selections!

"We stayed at Kempinski Estepona through the week of July 4th and really enjoyed ourselves.

Room was lovely - great view, great air conditioning and comfy bed - BUT soundproofing was a bit lacking - luckily weren't next to very noisy people.

Beach and pool area is fantastic - loads of room, loads of loungers, good service, nice towels and comfy loungers.

Food - Very expensive BUT great - they really need to look at their lunch prices - you couldn't eat a decent lunch for less than $60, We had a package that included the buffet breakfast which is fabulous - however if its not included then i believe its 30 EURO's per person, still you can drink as many mimosa's as you want!

The place is full of kids as expected - but we found that sitting in the beach area was quiet- kids were by the pool and noises were drowned out by the lovely sound of the waves.

You definately need a car if you stay here as you really can't walk to anywhere as the hotel is just off a busy road - not that you'd know in the rooms as they all face the sea.

The only thing we didn't like were the arrogant British people that seemed to be staying there - this isn't a cheap hotel and you could tell that these people felt they should have special treatment and they particularly enjoyed bragging loadly about their business deals - all the other nations seemed fine it was just a few Brits (i'm allowed to comment on this being British myself) who seemed to think they owned this part of Spain.

Nearly forgot - the spa was fab - i had massages, facials, body scrubs and a very fun mud body pack where myself and my husband were covered in mud and then sat in this little steam room (it was shaped like a little temple) with heated seats, soothing music and rain!! We thought the spa was very well priced - especially compared to a lot of US resort and spas we've stayed in.

We'll be back to the Kempinkski Estepona - we have family in the area and its by far and away the nicest place to stay on that side of Marbella.

8 / 10

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Gorgeous grounds with high class service

"We stayed here from July 2-5 on a package which included a rental car and a wonderful buffet breakfast. This was perfect. We were able to go into Puerto Banus in the evening for dinner and take in some of the sights of the Costa del Sol as well. The grounds and pool area are spectacular with comfortable lawn chairs set up on grass. Showers are set up all around in little enclaves covered with flowering bushes. The only downside is the beach. It's rocky. This is the place to go to feel pampered."

10 / 10

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A little heaven in the Costa del Sol

"My wife and I have just returned from 5 glorious days at the Kempinski.

Below are the good and bad points as we saw them:-


The breakfast is the best I have ever had, bar none, anywhere (which is extensive!) - you will not want a lunch after this... Rooms are well-appointed, and (well) cleaned regularly. Facilities (beauty-salon, sauna, gym, pools etc) are excellent. We attended one of the theme nights (Seafood) and the food was really excellent. Also, the views, especially at night, are wonderful. The staff were very helpful. Full marks.


Its not cheap - this is 5 star luxury at 5 star prices... The private beach is very stony. poor quality sand; unsuitable for kids. This is true of most beaches in the area... No tea/coffee making facilities in the rooms; a small issue, but irritating... You need a car to go anywhere - e.g. Puerto Banus is 15 minutes drive... Most good restaurants are at least 5-10 minutes drive away... (Try El Carnicero in Costalita - the lamb is superb!)


This is a wondeful hotel, and we highly recommend it. Cant wait to return.

8 / 10

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Lovely hotel, but a few things to note.

"We stayed at the Kempinski recently and had a lovely holiday. Here is a brief review:

On the positive side:

- The room was lovely, just as described. Rooms are large and we had a double sink in a marble bathroom. The bath was double ended and huge. The power shower was great. The bed was king size.

- The standard of dress amongst guests in the hotel is high; gentlemen tended to wear collared shits and ladies were always very well turned out - (think classy Parisien hotel standards) this helped to keep the riff raff out!

- The spread at breakfast was impressive - almost everything you couild think of and was amongst the best we had seen anywhere. The terrace at breakfast has beautiful views.

- Staff were well trained and keen to help

- The pools were beautiful (if somewhat chilly!)

- The gardens is lovely and has a wide variety of flora

- The sunbathing area has fantastic grass and is like being on a golf green

Things to be aware of:

- The hotel is away from any urban areas and is only accessible via a dual carriageway - having as car is an absolute MUST

- Good restaurants are typically 10 - 20 minutes drive from the hotel

- Food and drink at the hotel were very expensive, even by 5 star standards. A bottle of local mineral water was 5 Euro and lunch for two (of one course) was typically Euro 40 or more

- The restaurant recommendations made in the Estepona forums were good; the hotel concierge's reccommendations let us down twice. Stick to the forums on Trip Advisor!

- The hotel is built into a hillside - be aware if you have kids or are unfit!

4 / 10

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Great Hotel!

"We visit the kempinski with my family at easter 2006!

Friendly and helpful staff, the rooms (we had the normal ones) were spaceous and clean. The restaurants were really perfect. This hotel is a perfect place for a short stay for, let's say 3-4 days. The only negative points are the bad quality of the beach and the fact that the hotel lies along the coast road. All the activities must be done by car. At this easter weekend there were a lot of actvities for kids and there is a great swimmingpool.

6 / 10

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