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Hotel was clean, rooms were clean and...

"Hotel was clean, rooms were clean and all had good air conditioning.

Drinks were good, all named brands for fizzy pop with all inc. Breakfast was terrible, only went 3 mornings wasn’t worth waking up for. Lunch was ok, dinner was better, desert was appalling - just fruit and jelly. No cakes or variety

Pool was nice and clean but must be an 18-30's for Germans, so pool was not relaxing, very noisy, and full - get your towels on sun beds early at 8am if your staying round pool

Rooms were very small for families, my sister had a family room - 3 beds all next to each other and a cot at the end of the bed, no room to move, and not enough storage for clothes if your in a family room.

Entertainment was terrible! Non existent! Only kiddies dancing at 9pm. Not many English there were a lot of German and Italians!

Calella itself is lovely and lots of shops, beach is nice but its grit and hurts your feet. We saw a lot of jellyfish as well!

I wouldn’t go back to this hotel again, only unless i want a really cheap holiday again.

6 / 10

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wouldnt go again!

"hotel was clean and tidy, rooms were clean and good air conditioning

food was terrible only went to brekfast 3times - wasnt worth getting up for

desert was appauling - only fruit and jelly no cakes etc..

pool was nice but packed, get sunbeds early if your staying around thepool,

must be an 18-30's for germans, so very noisy. especially at night!

entertainment was terrible only kiddys disco at 9pm every night.

beach is nice but its sand is grit and hurts feet, calella itself is lovely and lots of shops to look around. lots of night life

wouldnt go back to the same hotel again.

4 / 10

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Wouldn't recommend this hotel to...

"Wouldn't recommend this hotel to people. The hotel itself was clean & tidy, walls are paper thin though and the staff were rude & unhelpful.

The food is really poor, I know you can't cater for everybody but you at least expect to find something edible for dinner, we ended up eating out a few times as the food was that bad, or we couldn't get a table for over an hour! The pool area is nice & the daytime bar staff are friendly, but the rest of the staff are really rude!

The entertainment is pretty basic, but it kept some of the kids occupied for a bit. The all inclusive bar ends at 11.30pm, but the bar staff prefer to serve paying customers before all inclusive guests from around 11.00 & then tell you, you can't have a drink-really good customer service!

Having said all this, it's a cheap holiday & if you want England in the sun & you can cope with rubbish food, you might enjoy it.

3 / 10

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All of my family had one of the best...

"All of my family had one of the best holidays at the Bon Repos hotel in Calella. The hotel was very clean and the maids came in every day to clean your room.

The food was good and it varied every day, something for everyone! The kids especially loved the snack bar. We were on an all inclusive basis and it was brilliant for the food and alcohol, the bar staff were very friendly.

The entertainment could have been better but we made our own and had a great time! I would go back again and anybody else who has booked to go to the Bon Repos you will definitely have a great holiday!

9 / 10

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Hotel was very noisy and I could even...

"Hotel was very noisy and I could even hear the snoring coming from the other rooms surrounding us. Walls were paper thin but I found it clean and friendly.

We had no trouble with any of the staff and everybody was very friendly. Food was OK but then I expect to get European food when on holiday not English food. All I can say is if you want English food, stay in England or go to a hotel specifically for the British.

The resort was clean with plenty to see. Went to Barcelona for the day and train was on time and only 6 euros return.

All in all, apart from the noise, I have no complaints whatsoever. Well worth the money.

6 / 10

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I work myself for a travel agent and...

"I work myself for a travel agent and got a really good deal to stay here for 1 week with my young family.

A lot of people go away and winge about the holiday that have just been on and looking at the reviews on this holiday put me off slightly but at the end of the day your holiday is what you make it, if you go away with a negative mind you will think negatively all your holiday.

I really enjoyed my holiday it was the first time I went all inclusive which was a big change for me as I like to go self catering, I like my variety of food and that what I had got the travel operator never feed me any false information so when I got there I never got expected anything that wasn’t there when I arrived.

The staff were all very friendly and I was happy with the entertainment that was provided through out the day to keep my children happy while we sat around the pool the weather was acceptable but after been away to Greece previous to this the weather was a bit cooler!!

I got what I paid for and was happy with it would definitely go back again for a week or two in the summer.

8 / 10

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Myself and my friend stayed at hotel...

"Myself and my friend stayed at hotel Bon Repos in Calella August 06. Where both in our early 20's and had a fantastic time, and have both said would we love to return.

Although we missed the meeting with our rep, the hotel staff were helpful and of a nice nature. A range of different activities occurred every day and night of our holiday, for both the children and adults (I was crowned Miss Bon Repos during my stay.....!).

Well done I say to the 2 entertainment reps Sandra and Neil, who arranged the activities and worked hard to entertain all and get everyone involved. Plus there were lots of other things to do out of the hotel, Barcelona was only a short train ride away and a water/sea life park just 5 mins by bus.

The rooms, pool and the hotel in general were clean. Yes there was some noise, but the hotel was full and only a stone throw away from busy noisy bars. The food wasn’t the best but a good range was available, hotels cant be expected to cater for every nationality.

During our stay we made friends with loads of the other guests, and never heard any complaints.

10 / 10

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I went with my partner, our first...

"I went with my partner, our first holiday alone together in 5 years so we were expecting to really enjoy it, however the accommodation on a whole was very nice apart from when it went to going to bed which was very noisy, the walls were extremely thin and you could hear everything that everybody was doing.

Staff were fantastic and very helpful, very good for children and kids with there kids club, not much for adults though. The food was not very nice.

4 / 10

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We were kept awake most nights by...

"We were kept awake most nights by children and people making lots of noise in passageways.

Coach was held up for over an hour by police on way in and came 2 hours late to collect us.

Hotel was ok itself but pool was never cleaned in the fortnight we were there and fire alarms kept going off but nobody told us what was happening and fire brigade never attended once.

Food was very low quality so we spent all holiday eating at papa's bar across the road

It did not help that the weather was atrocious but we have decided never to return there again.

2 / 10

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Hotel rooms were very clean (the only...

"Hotel rooms were very clean (the only good thing about this hotel), as for the food I would not have fed it to my dog it was that bad and the entertainment (what a joke), we were there for 4 nights and it was the same thing every night "the mini disco" alright if your under ten.

Spent most of our time walking and eating out, could have saved money going room only, I would not recommend this hotel to anybody who wants good food and entertainment.

2 / 10

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The room was clean, the pool area was...

"The room was clean, the pool area was ok, but the hotel as a whole needs to be completely re-furbished. Cash deposits were demanded for the room safe, TV control and we never could find how to use the AC. Non working lights were never repaired.

In the four days we were there, the hallway carpets were not vacuumed, resulting in a very dirty walk to your room.

Also the public wc's were out of use all the time.

Calella is a very tired, dirty and un-friendly resort, still residing in the 60's Costa Brava boom, and it hasn't moved forward since then.

Do not stay in the Bon Repos and avoid the town altogether.

Portugal a much nicer place and better value.

1 / 10

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Me and my girlfriend had a great time...

"Me and my girlfriend had a great time at the Bon Repos! Do not be put off with some of the reviews posted by other holiday makers!

The hotel and pool were always kept to a high standard and the restaurant was large and hygienic. The food was not fantastic, although from where we were sitting no one was complaining and everyone went back for seconds (or thirds!) The food was often repeated, but there were always different options.

We went half board and we think this is the best way to stay at the Bon Repos. HB gets you breakfast and evening meal, we were told lunch was often the same as dinner!! The drinks and bar snacks were cheap so you don’t pay over the odds if you decide to have a night at the hotel.

Our only fault for the hotel was the entertainment, it was poor!! However, callela is open every night and only a short walk away your in the town centre, we found lots of things to do and lots of pubs to drink in.

Make sure you go to PAPA'S BAR just across the road from the hotel.

Calella has lots to offer and I think for a couple or family it is a great place to go. Barcelona is very easy and affordable to get to on the train. Bon Repos offers good value and we were not disappointed.

8 / 10

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